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Olivia Munn photographed by EMILY SHUR
Still-life photographs by DAN FORBES

                                                                                                      Meet the Men’s Health Tech Girl
    This year’s cover model, Olivia Munn, has an intimate relationship with technology. How intimate? “I sleep with my laptop these days,” she says. “I’m
 single, so I’ve got the space.” Munn, 30, hosts G4’s Attack of the Show. But she has other gigs, too: She’s a correspondent for The Daily Show and part of
  the cast of the new NBC series Perfect Couples. And, befitting her role in the Men’s Health Tech Guide you’re now holding, she Tweets like a pro, curses
     like a sailor, and pines for her first Game Boy. She has dressed as Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, and a host of
    other sultry nerd-baiting vixens. All that, and she “has a weakness for a man who knows his way around a first-person shooter.” Is it any wonder why
     we’ve asked her to unleash her technology talents in a feature we’re calling “Ask Olivia”? Read on, and take notes. And don’t forget to log on all this
                                           month to where Olivia will be answering your most pressing technology questions.

TECH 2011
 GUIDEMen’s Health

                                                                maintain their independence         experience most sets lock
                                                                to provide softer cushioning.       you into when you try jump-
                                                                $130,             ing on the 3-D bandwagon.         BIOLITE
                                                                                                    This 1080p cinema display,        CAMPSTOVE
                                                                                                    however, is the first to pack a    Campfire cooking hasn’t
                                                                                                    2-D down-conversion button        changed much since our
                                                                                                    into the packaged glasses so      Neanderthal ancestors spit-
                                                                                                    they can reprocess the image      roasted mastodons. It’s still
                                                                                                    to remove the 3-D effect.         inefficient and messy. The
                                                                                                    That might not seem like a        world’s first forced-air rocket
                                                                                                    big deal at first glance, but it   stove (originally designed for
                                                                LEMOND FITNESS                      eliminates potential debates      use in developing countries)
                                                                REVOLUTION                          over how the big game should      represents Fire 2.0. It burns
                                                                TRAINER                             be viewed and provides relief     wood, twigs, brush, and
                                                                A realistic ride on a traditional   to bugged-out eyes. $3,900,       pinecones—almost anything
                                                                indoor bike trainer is harder                      you’d find on a trail—and
                                                                to obtain than a clean urine                                          converts a fraction of the
                                                                sample on the Tour de France.                                         heat to electricity using a
                                                                That’s because rollers lack                                           thermoelectric module. This
                                                                the friction necessary for          T-MOBILE G2                       juice runs a fan that sucks
                                                                calf-swelling power cadences.                                         oxygen into the stove, creat-
       Canon                                                    And magnet, fluid, and other
                                                                                                    Power without speed is
                                                                                                    pointless, which is why we’ve     ing a hotter and cleaner flame
     PowerShot                                                  mechanical trainers can make
                                                                you feel like you’re grinding
                                                                                                    passed on geeked-out phones       that can bring a liter of water
                                                                                                                                      to a boil in 4 minutes. It uses
                                                                                                    neutered by creaky networks.
        S95                                                     through a sandbox. This pro-        The slide-out QWERTY-             50 percent less wood and
                                                                proven trainer uses a large         equipped G2 puts up               reduces smoke emissions by
                                                                flywheel in place of the back        respectable specs, such as        more than 95 percent. Price
          Most compact       BROOKS                             wheel to match the inertia of       a 5-megapixel camera with         not set,
       cameras tremble       GLYCERIN 8                         a rolling bike. Sure enough,        LED flash, 720p video record-
         in the dark. This   Brooks promises that these         we felt the deceleration as         ing, and 4GB of internal stor-
        low-light blaster    shoes, unlike your ex-footwear,    we eased off the pedals, and        age. That’s nice. But what’s
     revels in it like Rob   are willing to change for you,     rip-roaring resistance as           noteworthy about the G2 is
       Zombie thanks to      depending on speed and             we shifted up gears. $500,          that it’s the first handset with
      a high-sensitivity,    terrain. These sole savers are                    an HSPA+ chipset that can
      10-megapixel sen-
                             equipped with cushioning near                                          take advantage of T-Mobile’s
         sor and a smart
                             the heel and ball of the foot.                                         new network. While HSPA+
        image processor
      that automatically     As you run, Brooks claims, the                                         isn’t technically 4G (it’s more   CONTOUR GPS
     boosts the camera’s     molecules in the fluid bond         SHARP LE925                         like 3G on meth), it does         FULL HD CAMERA
       dynamic range to      together to harden on impact,      SERIES 3-D HDTV                     sport theoretical download        The most extreme thing about
      eliminate noise. In    providing a slightly firmer, more   An evolving technology like         speeds up to 21Mbps that          a wearable video camera is
      fact, it takes some    responsive surface that returns    3-D television shouldn’t be an      come extremely close. $200        getting the friggin’ footage off
       of the most stun-     more energy. On warmups            all-or-nothing proposition, but     with a 2-year contract,           the device, edited, and online.
        ning stills we’ve    and cooldowns, the molecules       that’s exactly the tyrannical                      This 5.2-ounce, 1080p version
      seen, day or night.
     Pixel perfectionists
       will also love the
       full set of manual
     controls. $400, usa.
                    SPLURGE! Center Channel Speaker
                                       Whether you’re building a sound stage from the ground up or looking to upgrade your existing setup, don’t cheap out
                                       on the center channel speaker. Why? Because 50 percent of a movie soundtrack comes from here, so its impact won’t
                                       be denied. If you need a quick fix for drowned out dialogue, try selecting the sound menu from the remote and increas-
                                       ing the center channel so it’s +3dB to +5dB louder than the front and rears. Then go directly to #63.

    33 M O N T H 2 0 1 0
TECH 2011
 GUIDEMen’s Health
                                                      Men’s Health
                                                  GADGETS IN THE
                                                      YES OR NO?

                                                  Absolutely! I sleep
                                                 with my BlackBerry
                                              and myTouch plugged
                                                in on my nightstand,
                                                my laptop in my bed
                                               next to me (now that
                                                   I’m single, I have
                                               plenty of room to let
                                               my electronics sleep
                                                 next to me), and my
    Longboards are stable; short-
                                              Universal remote that
    boards are easier to maneuver.
                                                controls my Blu-ray,
    It’s always been that way. But
                                                     DirecTV, TV, and
    a former Apple designer-
                                                   Xbox. I don’t think
                                                    there’s a problem
    shaping-renegade recently
                                                  with gadgets in the
    stormed onto the scene with
                                              bedroom. I have a lot
    this slyly shaped remix. Its
                                                going on and I work
    hourglass figure channels the
                                                  hard. And my work
    best of both configs by mixing
                                              fulfills me and makes
    the wide nose of an easy-riding
                                               me happy. And listen,
    longboard with the shaped
                                               when someone really
    tail of a spry shortboard. The
                                                 grabs my attention,
    slender waist shifts the mass
                                                    I don’t even think
    back to the tail, helping the
                                                     about my phone.
    rider turn on a dime by keeping
    only the rear of the board in the
    water. $800,

    Digital single-lens reflex cam-
    eras inherited a genetic default
    from their analog ancestors:
    The mirror that bounces light
    from the lens to the viewfinder
    has to flip up and out of the
    way when the shutter is
    released to feed light to the
    image sensor. This takes mere
    milliseconds, but it blinds the
    focus. Sony’s genius solution: a
    translucent mirror. Instead of
    flipping, the a55V’s prism plays
    peacemaker, splitting the light
                                                                                                                                                                     Apple iPad
    between the sensor and view-
    finder. Since the focus stays
    alert, the subjects stay sharp—
    for up to 10 frames per second      tethering for 3G Internet ac-      enable full-body 3-D motion         iPad’s successor, the original       The iPad’s impact transcends
    at a full 16.2 megapixels.          cess, dual cameras with 1080p      capture that can detect 48          here would still be our top tech     its category, too. As sales grow,
    $750,                 video recording, micro-HDMI        points on each player’s body,       product of the year. It’s the        service providers play keep-up,
                                        and USB ports, Adobe Flash-        facial recognition, and voice       godfather of a category that         fast-tracking the evolution of
                                        friendly brains, and, of course,   recognition. Which is just          materialized on April 3, 2010;       more-robust data networks.
                                        BlackBerry Enterprise support.     geek-speak for kick-ass gam-        we won’t know the true extent        AT&T dumped up to $19 billion
                                        Price not set,             ing—literally. No controllers, no   of the iPad’s sonic boom until       into improving its network
                                                                           buttons, just absolute immer-       2011 when more than 50 other         this year, while Verizon and
                                                                           sion as your body’s movements       manufacturers compete for a          T-Mobile have each invested
                                                                           are translated onscreen. Our        slice of the market. Even those      billions in faster 4G and HSPA+
                                                                           favorite new game, naturally,       not among the millions of iPad       networks, respectively, over the
    BLACKBERRY                                                             is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved,     owners know the feature list:        past few years. The real winner
    PLAYBOOK                                                               which features workouts from        apps, Internet, books, video,        in 2011: us, as the thrilling
    Research in Motion’s business-                                         Men’s Health and Women’s            music, e-mail. Tablet comput-        reality of an “always on” future
    minded 7-incher boasts bells                                           Health. $150,              ing is altering the way we           finally unveils itself. $500,
    and whistles that will incite       MICROSOFT KINECT                                                       connect, work, and entertain.
    envy in iPad owners, beginning      FOR XBOX 360
    with its 1GHz dual-core proces-     Microsoft delivers the first true
                                        motion-controlled video-game       APPLE IPAD                                                               @TECHLUST ONLINE
    sor and 1GB of RAM. Other                                                                                         Find more gadget and gear intel at
                                                                                                                                                                                        H&M corset

    bragging rights: the ability to     platform. Together, an RGB         Even if a turtlenecked Steve                     Your tech problems, solved • Gear reviews and how-to’s •
    run multiple applications simul-    camera, infrared depth sensor,     Jobs appeared to us in a dream                                 25 best apps for men • Bond-worthy tech •
    taneously, BlackBerry handset       and a multi-array microphone       and spilled the beans on the                                     Your best home gym • And . . . giveaways!

    40 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 0

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