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									                                                                                BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                           NAME                                              TITLE                                              Organization                                        Telephone                  Confirmation    Registeration Type
Mr. Abdel Fattah El Gibali              Head OF Economic Studies Unit                                        Al- Ahram Centre For Political & Strategic studies   37703843                                      Confirmed            FREE
Dr. Adel Gazarin                        Chairman                                                             Egyptian Businessmen's Association                   35723020 / 35736030                           Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Alaa Arafa                          Chairman & Chief Executive Officer                                   Arafa Holding                                        (20)15410662                                  Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Hazem Hassan                        Chairman                                                             KPMG Hazem Hassan                                    35362323                                     Not Attending         FREE
Mr. Helmy AbouLeish                     Managing Director                                                    Sekem Group                                          26564141                                      Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Khaled Abdel Menaem El Mikkati      Chairman                                                             The Egyptian Young Businessmen Association           (010)3432666                                  Confirmed            FREE
Dr. Laila El-Khawaga                                                                                                                                              33035019                                      Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Mohamed Abd El Fattah El Masry      Chairman                                                             Federation Of Egyptian Industries                    27953677                                      Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Mohamed Barakat                     Chairman                                                             Banque Misr                                          23914239                                     Not Attending         FREE
Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud El Dakrory                                                                                                                                    27944205                                      Confirmed            FREE
Dr. Mohamed Taymour                                                                                                                                               33361299                                      Confirmed            FREE
Dr. Moharram Helal                      Chairman                                                             Tenth Of Ramadan Investors Association "TRIA"        24512262                                      Confirmed            FREE
Dr. Ziad Bahaa El Din                   Chairman                                                             Investment Board Of Trustees                                                                       Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Yasser El Malawany                                                                                       EFG- HERMES                                          33381110                                      Confirmed            FREE
                                                                         Board Of Directors Member
Mr. Hussein Sabbour                     Chairman                                                             AL-Ahly For Real Estate Development                  25792960                                      Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Sherif Samir Samy                   Board Of Directors Member                                            GAFI                                                 33053161                                      Confirmed            FREE
Dr. Samir Mohamed Yassin Radwan         Board Of Directors Member                                            GAFI                                                                                               Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Tarek Zakeria Tawfik                Board Of Directors Member                                            Farm Frites                                          (015)411470                                   Confirmed            FREE
Mr.Mohamed Adel Ghannam                                                                                                                                           4619301                                       Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Kamel Magdi Saleh                   Partner                                                                SBA- Deloitte                                      4172756                                       Confirmed            FREE
Eng. Mohamed Ayman Kamal El din Korra   Chairman                                                               Consukorra                                         5930001                                      Not Attending         FREE
Ms. Neveen Hamdi El Tahri               Chairman                                                               ABN-AMRO DELTA                                     3472177                                       Confirmed            FREE
Mr. Mohamed Naguib Ibrahim              Chairman                                                               INCOLEASE                                          3366808                                      Not Attending         FREE
                                                                                     Governmental Organizations
                     Contact Person                                          Title                                                Organization                                        Tel                      Confirmation    Registeration Type
Amr Asal                                Chairman                                                             Industrial Development Authority                     27944984                                                           FREE
Khaled Makhlouf                         Chairman                                                             Touristic development Authority                      35703491                                                           FREE
Mohamed Abden                           Advisor                                                              Information Technology Development Authority                                                                            FREE
Ashraf Dewidar                          Advisor                                                              Industrial Development Authority                                                                    Confirmed           FREE
Shamel Hamdy                            Advisor                                                              Ministry of Petroleum                                26706437                                                           FREE
Maaheb Abou El Azm                      Chairman                                                             EEAE                                                 25256452                                                           FREE
                                                                                                                                                                  27921177                                                           FREE
Ali Awny                                Advisor                                                              Ministry of industry & trade                         27948025                                                           FREE
Wael Ewidah                             Advisor                                                              Ministry of transportation                           26288880                                                           FREE
Mohamed El Demerdash                    First Under Secretary                                                Ministry of Housing                                  27952272                                       Confirmed           FREE
Ali Tawfeek                             Chairman                                                             Federation Automotive feeding industries             26248548                                                           FREE
Mamdouh Sabry                           Chairman                                                             Commercial offices                                   3342155133424030                                                   FREE
Amin Kheir El Din                       Advisor                                                              Information Technology Development Authority         3534 5103                                                          FREE
Amin Sabry                              Head                                                                 Commercial offices                                   33421538                                                           FREE
Ahmed Talaat                            Head                                                                 Commercial offices                                   33424017                                                           FREE
El Sayed El Anani                       Head                                                                 Commercial offices                                   33424017                                                           FREE
Mohamed Soliman El Aref                 Head                                                                 Commercial offices                                   33424049                                                           FREE
Mohamed Ali Hussien El-Kaliouby         Chairman of Textile Industries                                       Federation of Egyptian Industries                    2575652225774329, 25774425, 25793289                               FREE
Nabil Farid Hassanien                   Chairman of Engineering Industries                                   Federation of Egyptian Industries                    2574862725774334                                                   FREE
Ali Hassan Hefzy                        Chairman of Metallurgical Industries                                 Federation of Egyptian Industries                    257786752577466725797896                                           FREE
Hady Samir Fahmy                        Chairman of Petroleum & Mining Industries                            Federation of Egyptian Industries                    273562842735294127351534                                           FREE
Reda-Allah Helmy                        Chairman of Wood Working & Furniture Industries                      Federation of Egyptian Industries                                                        25797896 Confirmed             FREE
Mamdouh Thabet Miky                     Chairman of Leather Tanning                                          Federation of Egyptian Industries                    2575933225765404                                                   FREE
Galal El Zorba                          Chairman                                                             Federation of Egyptian Industries                    25796590/2, 7730007/8/9                                            FREE
Yehia Said Mohamed Zalat                Chairman , Leather                                                   Federation of Egyptian Industries                    2575933225765404                                                   FREE
Mounib Mahmoud Shafie                   Chairman ,Cinema                                                     Federation of Egyptian Industries                    2578511125783999                                                   FREE
Hamdy Harb                              Chairman , Leather                                                   Federation of Egyptian Industries                                                        25759332                       FREE
Commercial Chambers                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FREE
. Mr. Ali Mostafa Moussa                                                                                     Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         7958261 – 4546023                                                  FREE
 Mr. Hassan Soliman                                                                                          Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         7958261 – 4546023                                                  FREE
 Mr. Ahmed M. Al-Wakel                                                                                       Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         034808355 – 034809339                                              FREE
Mr. Mohamed Maher Hefny                                                                                      Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         034808355 – 034809339                                              FREE
 Mr. Mohamed A. Fatah El-Masry                                                                               Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                            2686464                                         FREE
Mr. Ali El-Aswad                                                                                             Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           643911663                                        FREE
 Mr. Farouk Metwaly                                                                                          Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           623331351                                        FREE
 Mr. Abdel Aziz Mostafa El-Salab                                                                             Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           502312720                                        FREE
 Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoud Awara                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           403304090                                        FREE
Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahim El-Zan                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           473234191                                        FREE
 Capt. Reda-Allah Helmy                                                                                      Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           552349744                                        FREE
Dr. Mohamed Attia El-Fayoumy                                                                                 Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           133252177                                        FREE
 Mr. Abdallah Ghourab                                                                                        Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                       5721761 – 5699965                                    FREE
 Mr. Fathy El-Sayed Mosry                                                                                    Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           453340207                                        FREE
Mr. Ragay Abdel Fatah                                                                                        Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           822322094                                        FREE
 Mr. Magdy Taha M. Gab-Allah                                                                                 Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           846332148                                        FREE
 Mr. Mohamed Safwat Hashim                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                                           932323036                                        FREE
 Mr. Ibrahiem Abu El-Aioun                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         882332082                                                          FREE
Mr. Ahmed Shihatta Ahmed                                                                                     Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         0862363266 – 0862356885                                            FREE
Mr. Ismail Youssif Wishahy                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         965332690                                                          FREE
 Mr. Mohamed Abu El-Kassem                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         972303084                                                          FREE
 Mr. Ali El-Harrif Mohamed                                                                                   Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         927921528                                                          FREE
 Mr. Sidi Ahmed Ibrahiem                                                                                     Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         653549298                                                          FREE
. Mr. Kassem Taher Eissa                                                                                     Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         464935864                                                          FREE
. Mr. Mohamed Basher Shaker                                                                                  Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         683354827                                                          FREE
 Mr. Gamal Abdel Wahab Omar                                                                                  Egyptian Commercial Chambers                         0693661237 – 4145630                                               FREE
                                                                                                      Businessmen Assosiations
Ali Moussa                              Chairman                                                             Egyptian French Business Council                     27368283                                                           FREE
Sherif Al Gably                         Chairman                                                             Egyptian Korean Business Council                     3381571/2                                                          FREE
Eng. Ahmed Abdel Azim               Secretary General                                 Japanese Business Committee            37488503
                                                                                                                                                                            Confirmed   FREE
Abd Moniem Seoudi                   Chairman                                          Japanese Business Committee            37488503
Hoda Badran                         Chairman                                          Arabic woman Association               23928153                                                   FREE
Abd Al Fatah Ragb                   Chairman                                          Egyptian Businessmen, Alex.            03/ 4872411--4872206                                       FREE
Farid Khamis                        Chairman                                          Arabic German Chamber                  2672241/2                                                  FREE
Hisham Fahmy                        Chairman                                          Egyptian American Commerce Chamber     33381060                                                   FREE
Mohamed Nosseir                     Chairman                                           (Businessmen British Committee)                                                      Confirmed   FREE
Liala Al Maghrabi                   Executive Manager                                  (Businessmen British Committee)       37606083                                       Confirmed   FREE
Mohamed Youssef                     Secretary General                                 Egyptian Businessmen assosiation                                                      Confirmed   FREE
Amany Asfour                        Chairman                                          Efgyptian Businesswomen Assosiation    37495670                                       Confirmed   FREE
Ahmed El Swedy                      Chairman                                          Egyptian Chinese Business Council      By hand                                                    FREE
Mr. Hisham Ramiz                    Chairman                                          Suez Qanal Bank                        37940460 - 37940737                                        FREE
Mr. Mohamed Ashmawy                 Chairman                                          Egyptian United Bank                   27920141 - Switch: 27920146 - Ext. 1103-1104               FREE
Mr. Mohamed Ozalb                   Chairman                                          Misr Banque                            3916562                                                    FREE
Mr. Omar El-Sisy                    Chairman                                          Egyptian-Gulf Bank                     37606594 - 37606968 - 33375818 - 33373578                  FREE
Mr. Alaa Sabae                      Chairman                                          Blton – BMG Financial Advisors         27926610                                                   FREE
Mr. Abdel Salam El-Anwar            Chairman                                          HSBC                                   27396262                                                   FREE
Mr. Hassan Abdullah                 Chairman                                          Arab African Bank                      27953255                                                   FREE
Mr. Hisham Ezz El-Arab              Chairman                                          CIB-Commercial International Bank      37472302 37472000                                          FREE
Mr. Khalid El-Gebaly                Chairman                                          Barclays                               23662600                                                   FREE
Mr. Mohamed Younis                  Chairman                                          Concord International Co.              27923656                                       confirmed   FREE
Mr. Aly El-Shaker                   Chairman                                          National bank for Development          23921529 - 23925286                                        FREE
Mr. Gamal Moharram                  Chairman                                          Piraeus                                25748024                                                   FREE
Mr. Badr Islam                      Chairman                                          National Investment Bank               25780610 - 25748521                                        FREE
Mr. Hussein Abdel Aziz              Chairman                                          Egyptian National Bank                 25746000 - 999                                             FREE
Mr. Mohamed El-Deeb                 Chairman                                          National Societie Generale Bank        27707835 - 30                                              FREE
Mr. Hisham Hassan                   Chairman                                          Egyptian Bank for Export Development   3761-9001 - 33382386 - 33385944-66                         FREE
Mr. Fathhy El-Sebaei                Chairman                                          Arab Real Estate Bank                  33368079 - 33383693 - 4 - 5                                FREE
Mr. Omar Tantawy                    Chairman                                          Misr-Iran Bank                         35727311                                                   FREE
Dr. Hala El-Saied                   Chairman                                          Banking Institute                      24039177                                                   FREE
Neveine El Shafie                   Vice Chairman                                                             GAFI                                                          confirmed   FREE
Nabil El Geddawy                    Advisor                                                                                                                                 confirmed   Free
2- Promtion Dept.
Hazem Al Wesimy                     Head of Promotion Sector                                               GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Ahmed Shamah                        Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Tarek Hashem                        Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Nagi Abu Al'ala                     Head of Facilitation Department                                        GAFI
Eman Gamal                          Head of Governmental Relations Department                              GAFI
Mohsen El Tounsy                    Promotion Specialist                                                 Confirmed
Ahmed Zoheir                        Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Noha Abd Al Megid                   Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Hany Yehia                          Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Abeer Ahmed                         Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             confirmed   FREE
Mahmoud Al Mahgoub                  Promotion Specialist                                                   GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Eva Seddik                          Head of Conferences And Exhibitions Department                         GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Mohamed Attef                       Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Abeer Fouad                         Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Hassan Ismail                       Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Nehad Rasmy                         Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Mahi Al Jazzar                      Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Nourhan Azzab                       Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI                                                             Organizer   FREE
Riham Mahdy                         Conferences And Exhibitions Department                                 GAFI
3- Free Zones Dept.
Adel Abd El Megid Masoud            Head of Free zones Sector                                               GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Essam Abou El Wafa                  Head of Alex. Free Zones                                                GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Farouk Baraket                      Head of Nasr city free Zones                                            GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Magdy Abaza                         Head of Port SaidFree Zones                                             GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Wafaa Omar                          General Manager (Free Zones)                                            GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Maha Hussien Abou Zaid              Researcher (Free Zones)                                                 GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
4- Policy Advocacy Dept.
Mona Aboul-kheir                    Vice-Chairman Advisor                                                   GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Karima Abd El Moneim El Nayal       General Manager (Police Advocacy Sector)                                GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Hanaa Hesham Abd El Aziz Dakroury   General Manager (Economic Performance Sector)                           GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Mohamed Ghazaly                     Head Policies Dep.                                                      GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Mahmoud Abd El Razek                Head of Economic Analysis Dep                                           GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Ahmed Hasseb                        Head Economic performance Dep.                                          GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
5- Investing in Governrates Dept.
Alaa Omar                           Head of Investing in governrates Sector                                 GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Nahed Kandil                        Under secretary Investing in governrates Sector
Ali Atef                            Under secretary Investing in governrates Sector                         GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Moatsem Rashed                      Under secretary Investing in governrates Sector                         GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Sabry Emarah                        Under secretary Investing in governrates Sector                         GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
6- One Stop Shop Dept.
Hassan Fahmy Mohammed               Head Of One Stop Shop Sector                                            GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Thouraya Al Sayiah                                                                                          GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Ahmed Seddik                        Researcher                                                              GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Heba Abd Ala'l                      Researcher                                                              GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Rania Nasr Farid                    Researcher                                                              GAFI                                                            confirmed
7- Technical Office Dept.
Salwa Iskander                      Head Of Technical Office        Sector                                  GAFI                                                            confirmed   FREE
Mohammed Hassan                                 Researcher- Technical Office                                                    GAFI                                                              confirmed     FREE
8- Law Affairs Dept.
Neffissa Saleh                                  Head Of law Affairs Sector                                                      GAFI                                                              confirmed     FREE
9- Quality & Performance Control
Azza Hamdy                                      Head Of Quality Sector                                                          GAFI                                                              confirmed     FREE
             Ministry of Investment Affliates                                                                                                       25766603 - 35370040                                         FREE
Dr. Ahmed Saad                                                                                       Capital Market Authority                                                                     confirmed
                                                Chairman                                                                                            25758581- 25758423 - 25758807               Vice Chairman
Dr. Adel Mouneer                                Chairman                                             The Egyptian Insurance supervisor Authority    35737179                                                    FREE
Mr. Osama Saleh                                 Chairman                                             Mortgage Finance Authority                     23928698 / 23921402 / 23921447                              FREE
Mr. Maged Shawkiy                               Chairman                                             Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges             3352765                                       confirmed     FREE
Dr. Ashraf Gamal AlDien                         Chairman                                             The Egyptian Institute of Directors            23786562                                                    FREE
Mr. Al Sayed Maowed                             Chairman                                             Business Sector Information Center              33377731 - 37600404 - 374941                               FREE
Dr. Aly El Melagy                                                                                    The Leadership Management Development Center   7918229-27918439
                                                Chairman                                                                                            23920068-23920018
Mahmoud A. Allah                                                                                     insurance Holding Co                           22662973-2662971
                                                Chairman of insurance Holding Co.                                                                   22687236
Ahmed El Said                                                                                        holding Co. for Construction                   7962699-7954006
                                                Chairman of holding Co. for Construction                                                            27964597
Adel El Moozy                                                                                        Holding Co. for Chemical Industries            3905153
                                                Chairman of Holding Co. for Chemical Industries                                                     3953447
Mohsen El Gillany                                                                                    Holding Co. for textile                        27957221
                                                Chairman of Holding Co. for textile                                                                 27954833
Mohamed Zaky Bassiouni                                                                               Holding Co. for Metal Industries               7960804-7940036
                                                                                                                                                    279213333                                                   FREE
                                                Chairman of Holding Co. for Metal Industries
Ali A. Aziz                                                                                          Holding Co. for Tourism & Cinem                22842620-2845571
                                                Chairman of Holding Co. for Tourism & Cinema                                                        2845573
Ahmed El Rakeby                                 Chairman of Holding Co. for Food industries          Holding Co. for Food industries                5885830-25916866                            Not Attending   FREE
                                                                                                                                                    03-4870401                                                  FREE
Magdy Hassan                                    Chairman of Holding Co. for Pharamceuticals          Holding Co. for Pharamceuticals                2595762/63
Mohamed Youssef                                 Chairman of Holding Co. for Martime transportation   Holding Co. for Martime transportation         25746293
Hady Fahmy                                      Chairman of Holding Co for trade                     Holding Co for trade
                          Others                                                                                                                                                                  confirmed     FREE
Hassan Tantawy                                                                                       State Security                                                                               confirmed     FREE
Yasser El Melegy                                                                                     State Security                                                                               confirmed     FREE
Hisham El Basiouny                                                                                   State Security                                                                               confirmed     FREE
Bahaa Tolbah                                                                                         State Security                                                                               confirmed     FREE
Hazem El Adel                                                                                        State Security                                                                               confirmed     FREE
Maadawi Hassan Ali Kretna                       Managing Director                                    Misr Amrya for Real Estate                     03-2020398- 012-7607695                       Confirmed
Hala Hussien Fayek                              General Manager                                      Bank Misr                                                                                                  FREE
Ali Dorgham                                     Advisor                                              Ministry of Investment                                                                       confirmed     FREE
Ahmed Galal                                     Manager                                              Perious Bank                                                     22917563                                  FREE
Loula Zaklama                                   President & Managing Director                        (Rada Research & Public Relations Co.)                           37610776                                  FREE
Thouraya Helmy                                  Owner                                                (Silk in Silk)                                                   33472180                                  FREE
Naveen El-Tahri                                 Chairperson                                          (Delta Securities)                                           37492544-3382397                              FREE
Randa Ibrahim Abdu                              Chairperson                                          Marketing Mix                                                28641212-8441212                              FREE
Amira Boshra                                    Chairperson                                          (Quali-Beauty)                                                                                             FREE

Tarek Azmy                                      Manager                                              Coropolice                                                                                   confirmed     FREE
Genhard Krause                                  Program Manager                                      EC                                                                                           confirmed     FREE
Mona Ali El Hadidi                              Professor                                            Helwan University                                                                            confirmed     FREE
Ahmed El Homosani                               Investor relation Dirc.                              El Swedy Cables                                                                              confirmed     FREE
Ahmed Moh. Moufid                               Chairman                                             pibic Group                                                                                  confirmed     FREE
Laila ElBekaly                                  Prof                                                                                                                                                            FREE
Ghada Moustafa                                  Program Manager                                      EC
                   Embassies in Egypt                                                                                                                                                27940859                   free
Sir Derek Plumbly                               Ambassador                                           British                                                                         27352132
Jose Lorenzo                                    General Coordinator                                  Spain                                                                           25745236
Charles Edouard Held                            Ambassador                                           Switzerland                                                                      7350790                   free
Antonio De Alemeida Riberioi                    Ambassador                                           Portugal                                                                        37611238                   free




Dal Ho Chung                                    Ambassador                                           Korea                                                                            7485892
Mr. Pavel Kalina                                Commercial Attache                                   Czech Republic                                                                              Confirmed
Mr. Jirt Slavik                                 Deputy Head of Mission                               Czech Republic                                                                   7355170
Hannu Halinen                                   Ambassador                                           Finland                                                                          7943110                   free
Philip MacKinnon                                Ambassador                                           Canada                                                                           5781638                   free
Robert Bowker                                   Ambassador                                           Australlia                                                                       7396588                   free
Christian Hoppe                                 Ambassador                                           Denemark                                                                         7370709                   free
Thomas Hauff                                  Ambassador                                                              Norway                                                                    3355810                free
Peter Zsoldos                                 Ambassador                                                              Slovakia                                                                  7958110                free
Safak Gokturk                                 Ambassador                                                              Turkey                                                                    7365249                free
Tjreed Zwaan                                  Ambassador                                                              Netherlands                                                               7963540                free
Kaoru Ishikawa                                Ambassador                                                              Japan                                                           7957136 - 7957148                free
Philippe Coste                                Ambassador                                                              France                                                                    7943147                free
Daniel Leroy                                  Ambassador                                                              Belgium                                                         7358648 - 7370018                free
Tibor Peto                                    Ambassador                                                              Hungray                                                                                          free
Dr. Klaus Eber mann                           Ambassador                                                              European Commission                                                                              free
Rene Wilson                                   Ambassador                                                              New Zealand                                                                                      free
Bernd Erbel                                   Ambassador                                                              Germany                                                                                          free
Claudio Pacifico                              Ambassador                                                              Italy                                                                                            free
Jaime Nualare                                 Ambassador                                                              Mexico                                                                                           free
Francis Joseph Ricciardone                    Ambassador                                                              U.S.A                                                                                            free
Stig Elvemar                                  Ambassador                                                              Sweden                                                                                           free
Jan Natkanski                                 Ambassador                                                              Poland                                                                                           free
Thomas Nader                                  Ambassador                                                              Austria                                                                                          free
Panayotis Vlassopoular                        Ambassador                                                              Greece                               27366605- 27366612                                         FREE
H.E. Amb Khalil Ibrahim                       Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Bahrain                   27361520-273685257                                         FREE
H.E. Amb. Abd El Qader Haggar                 Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Algeria                   27622732-27622731                                          FREE
H.E. Amb Saad Mohamed Reda                    Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Iraq                      37485566-37486169                                          FREE
H.E. Amb Omar El Refai                                                                                                Embassy of Jordan                    37602661-37602663                                          FREE
H.E. Amb . Dr. Rachid Hamd Al Hamd            Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Kuwait                    27382823-27382824                                          FREE
H.E. Amb. Dr. Khaled Ziadah                   Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Lebanon                   27351269 -27367863                                         FREE
H.E. Amb. Saleh Omar El Drewky                Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Libya                     27359677 -27359849                                         FREE
H.E. Amb. Mohamed Farag El Doukaly            Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Morocco                   27373182 -27373181                             confirmed   FREE
H.E. Amb. Abd El Aziz Bin Abdullah            Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Oman                                   33384761-33384762                             FREE
H.E. Amb . Monzer Azz El Din                  Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Palestine                              37604694 -37604693                            FREE
H.E. Amb Mohamed Bin Hamd Al Khalifa          Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Qatar                                  37607722-37490775                             FREE
H.E. Amb Sheikh Hesham Mohi El- Din Nazer     Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Saudi-Arabia                           27949661-27949667                             FREE
H.E. Amb. Mohamed Mabrouk                     Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Sudan                                  33358805-33358806                             FREE
H.E. Amb. Youssef Ahmed                       Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Syria                                  37609722 -37766909                            FREE
H.E. Amb Ahmed Ali Nasser                                                                                             Embassy of UAE                                    37614224-37614225                             FREE
H.E. Amb. Abd El Waly El shemiery             Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Yemen                                 33366436 -33366434                             FREE
H.E. Amb. Moussa Mohamed Ahmed                Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Djibouti                              37368962 -37354940                             FREE
H.E. Amb. Abd El Hafiz Al Aghrakam            Ambassador                                                              Embassy of Tunis
                International Organizations                                                                                                                575-0444                                                   FREE
Hugh Robilliard                               Third Secretary                                                         Australia                            794-7495                                                   FREE
Ivan Feys                                     Counselor                                                               Belgium                              300-1666010-1702843                                        FREE
Amina Jaheen                                  Programme Manager, Youth                                                British Council                      2365-4567                                                  FREE
Amal Gamal                                    Director                                                                CEDPA                                739-6518                                                   FREE
Bente Schiller                                Counselor Development                                                   Denmark                              739-6519                                                   FREE
Dina Hamed                                    Development Officer                                                     Denmark                              794-4680012-1713859                                        FREE
Catherine De-Borchgrave                       NGO & Civil Society Programme Manager                                   EC Delegation                        338-0731/ 2                                                FREE
Max giger                                     Executive Director                                                      Egyptian Swiss Development Fund      331-6000                                                   FREE
Mohamed Albraithn                             Assistant Director General/ Regional Representative for the Near East   FAO                                  737-1376                                                   FREE
Saara Frestadius                              Project Assistant                                                       Finland                              795-2121                                                   FREE
No replacement yet                                                                                                    Ford Foundation                      567-3200/ 570-3918                                         FREE
Jean-Marie Safa                               First Secretary of Press Service                                        France                               567-3211                                                   FREE
Mervet Kassem                                 Program Officer                                                         Friedrich Ebert Stiftung             735-9750012/2492576                                        FREE
Mona Abou Zeid                                Advisor                                                                 GTZ / NWRO                                                                                      FREE
Shaheen Sidi                                  Consultant                                                              IFC                                                                                             FREE
Nihad Gohar                                   Senior Program Officer                                                  ILO                                                                                             FREE
Luca Brucheri                                 Program Officer                                                         Italian Cooperation
Katsuhiko Ozawa                               Resident Representative                                                 JICA                                                                                            FREE
Hayashi Nobue                                 Program Officer                                                         JICA                                                                                            FREE
Andreas Holtkotte                             Director KFW Office Cairo                                               KFW                                                                                             FREE
Hoda El Tahawy                                Director of Gender & Development                                        NCCM                                                                                            FREE
Samiha Abou Steit (Amb.)                      Secretary General                                                       NCW                                                                                             FREE
Amina Abdel Aziz                              Consultant                                                              NCW                                                                                             FREE
Gielan El-Messiri                             Senior Policy Officer for Gender & Development                          Netherlands                                                                                     FREE
Tor Engen                                     First Secretary                                                         Norway                                                                                          FREE
Abeer Salem                                   Development & Communication Officer                                     Population Council                                                                              FREE
Jose Lorenzo                                  Coordinator General of the Spanish Cooperation in Egypt                 Technical Cooperation Office Spain                                                              FREE

Enas Magdy                                    Administrative Assistant                                                Technical Cooperation Office Spain
Inés Royo Aspa                                Technical Assistant                                                     Technical Cooperation Office Spain
Karin Fyrk                                    Regional Program Officer                                                SIDA Sweden
Caroline Alcock                               Regional Advisor                                                        UK                                   380-1732                                                   FREE
Maha Aon                                      UNAIDS Country Officer                                                  UNAIDS                               380-1732016-3931628                                        FREE
Umberto Bernardo                              Technical Officer                                                       UNAIDS                               578-4846                                                   FREE
Naglaa Arafa                                  Programme Analyst                                                       UNDP                                 578-4846                                                   FREE
Simona Galbiati                               Programme Officer                                                       UNDP                                 577-2253                                                   FREE
Mona Mustafa                                  Program Officer                                                         UNFPA                                762-1570                                                   FREE
Ashraf Azer                                   Assistant Community Services Officer                                    UNHCR                                526-4212                                                   FREE
Hanan Sulieman                                Deputy of UNICEF Representative                                         UNICEF
(replacing Sahar Hegazi)                                                                                                                                   792-1184                                                   FREE
Paul Makin                                    UNIDO Representative & Head for Regional Office                         UNIDO                                574-5572                                                   FREE
Maya Morsy                                    Coordinator                                                             UNIFEM                               522-6565522-7000                                           FREE
Soad Saada                                        Development Program Specialist                       USAID
                                                                                                                                                                    528-1730                                              FREE
Khaled Chatila                                    Program Officer & Gender Focal Point                 WFP                                                          528-1730                                              FREE
Larra Fossi                                       Head of School Feeding                               WFP                                                          670-2535                                              FREE
Joanna Vogel                                      Technical Officer- Woman & Health Development Unit   WHO                                                          574-1670/ 1                                           FREE
Sahar Nasr                                        Senior Financial Economist                           World Bank
                    Private invitations                                                                                                                                                                       Confirmed   Fees
Emad Ramzy Shenoda                                Owner                                                Nile Towers Co.                                                                                        Confirmed   Fees
Rania Afifi                                       Senior Financial Consultant                          Allianz                                                                                                Confirmed   Fees
Mamdouh Ramzy Shenoda                             Member in Qena Chamber of Commerce                   Qena Chamber of Commerce                                                                               Confirmed   Fees
Amr Bn Fahd                                       Member board of directors                            Green Towers For real estae Development                                                                Confirmed   Fees
Mohamed Abdeen                                    CEO                                                  Union National Bank                                                                                    Confirmed   Fees
Neviene Wafky                                     General Manager                                      Corporate Banking                                                                                      Confirmed   Fees
Hany Abd El Monaim                                Export & Import Specialist                           Misr El Nour for Marbels                                                                               Confirmed   Fees
Mahmoud Fahmy                                     Chairman                                             Fahmy Law office, legal consultation                                                                   Confirmed   Fees
Hamada Mohamed Kamal El Din Ahmed Abou El Enini   Chairman                                             Sharm dreams co.                                                                                       Confirmed   Fees
Ahmed Naim Badr                                   CEO                                                  Naeem Holding                                                                                          Confirmed   Fees
Laila Mohamed Said El Khouli                      General Manager                                      EEAA Suez RBO                                                                                          Confirmed   Fees
Farid El Toubgui                                  Chairman                                             Bavarian Auto Group                                                                                    Confirmed   Fees
Hamada Mohamed Abou El Enien                      Chairman                                             Sharm dreams co.                                                                                       Confirmed   Fees
Mohamed Zaki El Sewidy                            Executive Board Member                               Industrial Trading council                                                                             Confirmed   Fees
Hisham Ahmed Hassan                               Chairman                                             Export Developemt Bank                                                                                 Confirmed   Fees
Hany Hafez                                        Advisor                                              Egyptian Industrial Federation                                                                         Confirmed   Fees
Mohamed Ali Abd El Fadeel                         Chairman                                             Venous International                                                                                   Confirmed   Fees
Ali Mohamed El Sharkaa El Hamady                  Chairman                                             United Eastren Group                                                                                   Confirmed   Fees
Ahmed Hamdy Saeed                                 Business Developemnt Manager                         Al Meratkhi Trading est.                                                                               Confirmed   Fees
Mohamed Abd El Samee El Shamsy                    Chairman                                             New trend                                                                                              Confirmed   Fees
Fathi El Sayed Moursi                             Chairman                                             Behera Chamber of Commerce                                                                             Confirmed   Fees
Nahedah Abd EL Gabar Ziedan                       Iraq Investor                                                                                                                                               Confirmed   Fees
Samir Yehia Abd El Ssalam                         CEO                                                  Capital Securities                                                                                     Confirmed   Fees
Dora Faiani                                       CEO                                                  Kompass                                                                                                Confirmed   Fees
Saad Hanah                                        CEO                                                  Saad HanahSons                                                                                         Confirmed   Fees
Gilan El Siginy                                   Director                                             Commercial International Bank                                                                          Confirmed   Fees
Mohamed Oman El Dib                               Chairman                                             National Societe General Bank                                                     7926471                          Fees
Mr. Hisham Ahmed Youssef                          Executive Manager                                    Suez Cnal Bank                                                                3910656 - 3914239                    Fees
Mr. Mohammed Barakat                              Chairman                                             Misr Bank                                                                         3916562                          Fees
Mr. Mohammed Ouzalb                               Vice Chairman                                        Misr Bank                                                                     3955266 - 3955477                    Fees
Mr. Maged Shawky                                  Chairman                                             Cairo & Alex Exchange                                                         3955266 - 3955478                    Fees
Dr. Ahmed Saad Abd Ellatif                                                                             Cairo & Alex Exchange                                                             3050260                          Fees
Dr. Ahmed Raga`ai Anis                            Profrssor (Concrete Structure)                       Faculty of Engineering-Cairo Univ.                                          5362323 - 5362200 / 11                 Fees
Mr. Hazem Hassan                                  Cairman                                              Egyptian Accountants & Auditors Association                                                                        Fees
Mr. Alaa Sabea                                    Head of Credit & Finance Committee                   Egyptian Businessmen Association                                           5723020 - 0105384604 - 05               Fees
Mr. Mohammed Abdel Fattah Ragab                   Chairman                                             Alexandria Businessmen Association                                            7978661 - 7923875                    Fees
Mr. Hassan El-Khateeb                             Board Member                                                                                 ‫جمعية شباب االعمال‬                                                         Fees
Mr. Waheed Rahmy                                  Chairman                                             Red Sea Investors Association                                                                                      Fees
Mr. Hassan Rateb                                  Chairman                                             North Sinai Investors Association                                                 62333612                         Fees
Chemist. Laila El-Khouly                          Regional General Manger                              Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency                                              4149944                         Fees
Mr. Osama El-Sherif                               Chairman & Managing Director                         El-Sokhna Port                                                                     4188894                         Fees
Mr. Wahid Abdallah Jabu                           Director Adm. Public Relation Dept.                  Arab Intrernational Investment Co.                                                 7926788                         Fees
H.E. Ahmed Elmaghraby                             Minister                                             Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Dev.                                        4588022                         Fees
Mr. Hassan El-Gebaly                              Head of Housing Utilities                            Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Dev.                                        4619140                         Fees
Mr. Micheal Essex                                 Director, Middle East & North Africa                 International Finance Corporation                                                 50011607                         Fees
Mr. Salah Eddin Fayoumi                           Chairman                                             Egyptian Iron & Steel Co.                                                       (012) 7902514                      Fees
Mr. Abdou ElDabe Barbary                          Manager                                              Abdou ElDabe Company & Co.                                                      (015) 2975971                      Fees
Mr. Tareq Tawfik Abdel Fattah                     Managing Director                                    Farm Frites Egypt                                                               (010) 3443976                      Fees
Mrs. Abeer Essam Eldin                            Deputy President                                     Association of Aswan Investors                                                  (010) 9557768                      Fees
Mrs. Nahed Abdel Razik                            Manager & Owner                                      Hathor Company for Development                                   FF

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