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menu one buffet shared


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									menu one
buffet shared
   Two mains, three salads and bread @ $36.00 per person plus GST
   Three mains, four salads and bread @ $43.20 per person plus GST

   One desserts @ $9.00 per person plus GST
   Two desserts @ $18.00 per person plus GST
   Three desserts @ $23.00 per person plus GST

  Main Selection (all served cold)
        Baked ocean trout fillet with dill aioli and fresh citrus slices
        Thai style prawns with a lime and coriander dressing served on a bed of vermicelli
         noodle salad
        Springs smoked salmon served with fresh lemon, dill and cucumber
        Whole Atlantic salmon fillet with a light lemon sauce on a bed of blanched
        Whole Atlantic salmon fillet served with an avocado, tomato and caper salsa
        Chicken breast with a honey mustard sauce
        Chicken in a light curried cream sauce
        Chicken breast stuffed with fresh basil, sun dried tomato pesto and brie cheese
        Prosciutto wrapped chicken thigh fillets stuffed with roast garlic, thyme and
        Chermoula lamb fillets with spiced apricot chutney yoghurt
        Sliced rosemary, lemon and garlic lamb fillets with a minted tomato jam
        Sliced beef fillet with bowls of horseradish and wholegrain mustard sauce

  Vegetarian dishes
        Parmesan and leek roulade with a corn, ricotta, spinach and chive filling
        Caramelised onion, goats cheese and black olive tart

  *Assorted breads rolls and butter

                                                                                February 5, 2010
menu one
buffet shared

  Salad Selection
       Baby potato salad with basil pesto cream
       Baby potato salad with mustard dressing, prosciutto and chives
       Thai noodle salad with carrot, red capsicum, coriander, baby corn and sweet chilli
       Chargrilled zucchini, asparagus, pea, fetta, mint and preserved lemon risoni salad
       Roasted butternut pumpkin salad with baby spinach, fetta cheese, caramelised
        onions & toasted pinenuts
       Rocket salad with pear, croutons, blue cheese and a sticky balsamic glaze
       Green salad with snow peas, sprouts and lemon pepper vinaigrette
       Chickpea salad with fresh corn, tomato and red onion with mint, coriander, lemon
        juice and sweet chilli dressing
       Green beans, squash and asparagus with toasted almond and basil pesto
       Fresh tomato, cucumber, fetta, basil, olive and Spanish onion
       Asian style julienne vegetable salad with mixed capsicums, bean shoots, carrot,
        snow peas, mint, coriander, lime juice and a touch of sweet chilli.

  Dessert Selection
       Individual blueberry sponge flans with fresh strawberries and raspberries
       Chocolate nougat meringues with mascarpone chocolate shavings
       Lemon sponge roulade with a citrus curd
       Cheese platter with a blue, brie and cheddar, assorted nuts, crackers and dried fruit
       Fresh seasonal fruit platter

   Minimum number of guests is 15 and on all jobs the caterer’s time is charged at
   $36.00 per hour, and or a delivery charge of $50 is incurred

                                                                              February 5, 2010
menu two

  *All menus are subject to availability of caterers

  $38.00 per person plus GST
       o   Choice of two main course dishes
       o   Choice of three salads
       o   Selection of crusty bread
       o   Dessert an additional $16.00 per person plus GST
       o   Cheese and fruit platters are priced on numbers & market price (POA)
       *   Delivery $25-$50 (if function is out of Adelaide extra travel fee will be

  Main selection
      Chargrilled Atlantic salmon skewers with a herb & macadamia nut crust
      Grain fed chicken breast stuffed with semi roasted tomato & spinach stuffing
      Fresh Coffin bay oysters with wedges of lemon & lime
      Moroccan spiced lamb with a cumin yoghurt
      Chargrilled beef fillet with a beetroot & horseradish relish
      Ginger glazed leg ham with grainy mustard
      Turkey breast roll with a sage & cranberry stuffing
      Chargrilled Quail rubbed with lemon, garlic & parsley
      Chicken breast stuffed with an apricot & pistachio nut stuffing
      Seared Atlantic salmon with a dill & lemon mayonnaise
      Pork loin with fig & fennel chutney
      Fresh SA King prawns with lime aioli
      Gremolata crusted lamb cutlets with a minted yoghurt

  Salad selection
      Caesar salad with crispy bacon & shaved parmesan
      Greek salad with vine ripened tomatoes, fetta & kalamatta olives
      Risoni pasta salad with chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables & pesto dressing

                                                                             February 5, 2010
menu two
      Vine ripened tomatoes and bocconcini topped with fresh basil
      New potato salad with a creamy mustard mayonnaise dressing with crispy pancetta
      Asian green salad with crispy noodles with a sesame, chilli dressing
      Wild rocket salad with fresh pear, parmesan shavings & a sticky balsamic dressing
      Leafy green salad with fresh asparagus, orange & crispy shallots with citrus dressing
      Slow roasted Roma tomatoes with sea salt, rosemary & olive oil
      Roasted baby beetroot with goats curd & crispy spring onion
      Vietnamese glass noodle salad with a coriander & chilli dressing
      Fresh asparagus with shaved parmesan drizzled with olive oil & balsamic
      Baby spinach & leafy green salad with a verjuice dressing
      Moroccan cous cous salad

  Dessert Selection
      Tiramisu layered with fresh raspberries
      Lemon curd tarts
      Summer fruit skewers with honey yoghurt dipping sauce
      Chocolate & almond torte
      Lime & coconut tart
      Chocolate espresso cake
      Vases of fresh strawberries with Alexandra jersey cream
      Summer berry fruit tart

      Selection of cheeses with quince paste & lavosh

                                                                                February 5, 2010
menu three

      Dishes are served to the table and shared tapas style.
      Choice of 3 mains & 2 sides @ $38 per person plus 10% GST
      Choice of 4 mains & 2 sides @ $48 per person plus 10% GST
      Cheese & fruit, dessert @ $10 per person per selection plus 10% GST
      Bread included with all mains
      Minimum number of guests is 20 and caterer’s time charged @ $38.00 per hour

     Tea and spiced smoked salmon with marinated cucumbers and Japanese pickled
     Seared scallops with crispy prosciutto, cauliflower puree and cress salad
     Seared tuna with smoky eggplant and chilli cherry tomato1 salad
     Spiced scallops in their shell with fried shallots/garlic served with coconut dressing
     Grilled tuna with green olive relish
     Pea, ricotta and smoked trout tart with cress salad
     Crispy skin duck breast with spiced quince and winter salad
     Red curry of duck and pineapple
     Sichuan green beans with pork and chinese pickled vegetables
     Quail saltimbocca with pears and apple glaze
     Quail or chicken breast coated with cumin, fennel and coriander seeds served with
      kumara and lemon/marjoram dressing
     Lemon chicken with braised baby fennel, grapefruit, oranges and green olives
     Chinese b.b.q pork with steamed eggplant and tomato chilli sauce
     Roast lamb rump served with caramelised onion, oven baked tomatoes and jus
     French lamb cutlets with roasted eggplant strips, oregano and chilli
     Grilled beef eye fillet with green olive and pinenut tepanade served with mash and
     Seared beef fillet with lemongrass, ginger and pickled green papaya

                                                                                 February 5, 2010
menu three

  Side dishes
     Roasted cinnamon pumpkin with pinenuts, chilli and yoghurt dressing
     Salad of roasted peppers with anchovies and basil
     Fennel, prosciutto, parsley and parmesan salad
     Salad of radicchio, rocket, blood oranges, raisons and pinenuts
     Lentil salad with red peppers, Spanish onion, fetta and mint
     Beetroot, orange and walnut salad
     Rosemary smashed baby potatoes
     Zucchini, fetta, lemon and mint salad

     Citrus tart with vanilla mascarpone and citrus salad
     Baked pears filled with prunes, chocolate and almonds served with vanilla ice-cream
     Soft meringue roll with lemon curd mascarpone and seasonal berries
     Sticky date cake with butterscotch sauce and ice-cream

                                                                            February 5, 2010

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