Dear Parents and Carers_ We have had an exciting half term and the

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had an exciting half term and the children have settled well into Year Five. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank you all for your support this half term. Once again next half term I will be available
before and after school so please feel free to make an appointment if you need a chat at any time.

There are again lots of exciting, but challenging, lessons planned for next half term. During Literacy we will be
looking at Film Narrative and Instruction Writing. For more information please take a look at the website:

During Numeracy we will be covering handling data, measures, understanding shape, securing number facts
and calculating. I will be happy to go through any of the methods and strategies that we use so please feel
free to ask, and if you need any more information please take a look at the website:

We have a very exciting topic planned for this half term; we will be studying a history based project called
‘The Jenkins Family’ where the children will be looking at life in World War Two and taking on the role of
different members of the family during that time. They will be experiencing different events of the war through
the eyes of the particular family member they are in role as, for example the Blitz, rationing, evacuation and
we will even be learning to Foxtrot and Jive for the VE day celebrations!

There will once again be a home learning project, this time based on World War Two. It is an open-ended
project, similar to our space projects, which will explore the children’s understanding of life in World War Two.
It will be due in the week commencing 7th December, ready to share with the class week commencing 14th
December. More information will be shared with the children next half term.

As a celebration of our learning, we hope to arrange a visit to Duxford War Museum, the cost of this will be
approximately £10 each and details and final costings of this trip will follow shortly.

During our Core Learning Skills sessions we will be looking at developing independence and responsibility. The
children will take part in many exciting learning experiences that focus on improving these skills. We will be
specifically focusing on the following targets:
    • I can keep to the class code of conduct for the majority of the time.

    •   I can demonstrate various ways of caring and looking after those around me, my immediate
        environment and my belongings.

    •   I can take responsibility for a job and maintain it over time.
   •   I can plan the sequence of my activities with confidence, allocating time and resources as necessary.

P.E. will be on a Tuesday and Thursday and can I please remind parents that Norwood has a policy regarding
safe and appropriate clothing in P.E. Children will need to wear black shorts and white t-shirts where possible
for indoor P.E sessions, and will require a tracksuit and trainers for outdoor sessions. Please be aware that
children are not permitted to wear jewellery for the P.E session and will be asked to remove their earrings if
they are wearing them on P.E days. If they cannot remove their own earrings, they will need to cover them
with a plaster supplied from home. Could I also please remind parents that girls wearing tights will need to
bring socks with them for outdoor P.E. sessions.

In response to a number of enquiries I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the schools policy
on pencil cases. It is a school rule that pencil cases are not allowed in class until your child reaches Year 6. We
allow them in Year 6 to help prepare the children for what will be required at Secondary School. We do
provide all stationary and there are enough provisions for each child. I would like to thank you for your
continued support in this matter.

I once again look forward to an exciting and busy half term.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Benson,                   Mrs. Mee                           Mrs. Locke – The Year Five Team

Mrs. Reynolds
Head Teacher

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