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launceston's takeaway menu - Me Wah Take Away Menu - TAKEAWAY MENU


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									BEEF                                                      VEGETARIAN SELECTIONS
RAINBOW EYE FILLET STRIPS                         21.00   VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLS (4pcs)                          7.00
sautéed with bamboo shoots, celery, carrots,              VEGETARIAN SANG CHOY BAO (2pcs)                        11.00
shitake, red and green capsicumsin Peking sauce           diced bamboo shoots, shitake, corn kernel,
EYE FILLET STEAK CANTONESE STYLE                  21.00   Chinese broccoli stir fried with vegetarian oyster
eye fillets of steak sautéed in oyster sauce              sauce served in iceberg lettuce leaves
on a bed of steamed broccoli                              MIXED VEGETABLES                                       12.00
EYE FILLET STEAK WITH PEANUT SATAY SAUCE          21.00   stir fried in garlic or steamed with vegetarian
SAUTÉ EYE FILLET STEAK                            21.00   oyster sauce
with Szechuan chilli                                      VEGETARIAN SAUTÉ EGGPLANTS                             14.00
HONEY PEPPER EYE FILLET STEAK                     21.00   with fresh tomatoes, pickled radish & spicy
                                                          vinegar sauce
SHANGHAI BEEF                                     18.00
                                                          BUDDHIST’S FAVOURITE                                   15.00
crispy flour battered beef tossed in wok with
                                                          chef’s selection of 10 vegetables and bean curd
leeks, onions & vinegar spiced sauce
                                                          stir fried in vegetarian oyster sauce
                                                          MONK’S DELIGHT
                                                          fried bean curd & shitake mushrooms braised
                                                                                                                 16.00       TAKEAWAY MENU
                                                          with vegetarian oyster sauce on a bed of                           ❋ 2008 AUSTRALIA’S BEST ASIAN RESTAURANT ❋
                                                          steamed broccoli                                                                       •
                                                          GARDEN FRESH CHINESE VEGETABLES                        14.00   ❋ 1999 - 2010 TASMANIA’S BEST ASIAN RESTAURANT ❋
OMELETTE                                                  stir fried in garlic or steamed with vegetarian                                        •
                                                          oyster sauce (choose from one of the seasonal                         ❋ 2007 TASMANIA’S BEST RESTAURANT ❋
PAN FRIED PRAWN OMELETTE                          20.00   selections - Chinese broccoli, bok choy or choy sum)                                   •
PAN FRIED COMBINATION OMELETTE                    18.00   VEGETARIAN SINGAPORE NOODLES (spicy)                   14.00           ❋ 2010 TASMANIA’S BEST WINE LIST ❋
prawns, bbq pork, chicken & seasonal vegetables           green pepper, onions, bean sprouts, carrots
PAN FRIED CHICKEN OMELLETE                        15.00   & eggs stir fried with rice vermicelli noodles
                                                          VEGETARIAN FRIED RICE             (small) 8.00 (large) 10.00
                                                          diced mixed vegetables, shitake, bean sprouts,                             TRAdINg HoURS
                                                          corn kernels & eggs with Jasmine rice
NOODLES                                                                                                                                     LUNCH
SEAFOOD CHOW MEIN                                 22.00   RICE                                                                 Tuesday - Sunday 11:30am - 2:30pm
prawns, scallops, fresh fish fillets, squid               CANTONESE FRIED RICE              (small) 5.50 (large) 7.50
& seasonal vegetables                                     prawns, ham & shallots                                                             DINNER
PRAWN CHOW MEIN                                   22.00   DELUXE FRIED RICE               (small) 8.00 (large) 10.00           Sunday - Thursday 5:00pm - 9:30pm
CHICKEN FILLETS CHOW MEIN                         15.00   prawns, chicken, beef, bbq pork & shallots                           Friday - Saturday 5:00pm - 10:30pm
COMBINATION CHOW MEIN                             16.00   STEAMED RICE                      (small) 3.00 (large) 4.00
(chow mein dishes are served with fried crispy            BUCK BOW FARN                                        16.00
                                                                                                                                       CLoSEd MoNdAYS
noodles or you can choose our authentic pan               prawns, chicken, beef, bbq pork & mixed vegetables
fried egg noodles)
                                                          in oyster sauce topped with steamed rice                       	        Ph 6331 1308
prawns, bbq pork, bean sprouts, onions, green
pepper & roasted sesame stir fried with rice                          BONUS SPEND OVER                                   	        Fax 6334 6866
vermicelli noodles
                                                            $30 and receive free large bag of Prawn Crackers                        www.mewah.com.au
HOKKIEN NOODLES                                   15.00
                                                            $40 and receive free serve of 4 Steamed Dim Sims
bbq pork, shitake mushrooms & cabbages stir                                                                                           39-41 Invermay Road
fried with soft Hokkien noodles                             $50 and receive free large Deluxe Fried Rice
                                                                                                                                    Launceston, Tasmania 7250
ENTRÉE - APPETIZERS                                      SEAFOOD                                                       DUCK
BEEF SPRING ROLLS (4pcs)                          7.00   SEAFOOD SUPREME                                       22.00   PEKING DUCK (6pcs - 2 courses)                       48.00
PORK DIM SIMS – fried or steamed (4pcs)           7.00   king prawns, scallops, fresh fish fillets and                 an internationally famed dish from the capital of
                                                         squid sautéed with seasonal vegetables                        China - the delicate crispy skin of duck wrapped
CURRY BEEF PUFFS (4pcs)                           9.00
                                                                                                                       in mandarin pancakes, with strips of spring onion
MIXED ENTRÉE (3pcs)                               6.00                                                                 and cucumber accompanied with exotic Hoi Sin
spring roll, dim sim, chicken & ham roll                                                                               sauce. The second course - tender duck meat
STEAMED PRAWN DUMPLINGS (6pcs)                   14.00
                                                         FISH                                                          offered finely diced in Sang Choy Bao (4pcs)
dumplings with finely diced prawns                       FRESH LING FILLETS SAUTÉED                            20.00   ROAST DUCK – A CANTONESE CLASSIC                     23.00
& bamboo shoots                                          with ginger & shallots
                                                                                                                       STEAMED DUCK FILLETS                                 25.00
FANTAIL KING PRAWN CUTLETS (4pcs)                10.00   SAUTÉ LING FILLETS WITH FRESH SNOW PEAS               20.00   with braised shitake mushrooms
KING PRAWN COCKTAIL                              10.00   DEEP FRIED LING FILLETS                               18.00   DUCK FILLETS WITH COMBINATION                        25.00
DUCK SANG CHOY BAO (2pcs)                        12.00   with sweet & sour sauce                                       steamed duck fillets with sautéed prawns, beef, chicken,
diced breast of duck with shitake, bamboo                WHOLE FLOUNDER                                        22.00   bbq pork and seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce.
shoots & onions stir fried in hoi sin sauce              pan tossed with spicy salt & five spices
served into iceberg lettuce leaves                       WHOLE FLOUNDER CHINESE STYLE                          26.00
PRAWN CRACKERS                                    3.00                                                                 CHICKEN
                                                                                                                       MOUNT BUDDHA CHICKEN                                    19.00
                                                         SCALLOPS (Tasmanian)                                          roasted crispy skin chicken filleted, combined with
SOUP                                                     SAUTÉ SCALLOPS WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLES 22.00                 freshly diced coriander, garlic and ginger in vinegar
CHICKEN & SWEET CORN SOUP                         6.00                                                                 dressing,garnished with strips of sugar coated fried
                                                         SAUTÉ SCALLOPS WITH FRAGRANT CURRY      22.00                 bok choy leaves
diced chicken & corn in velvety broth
                                                         DEEP FRIED SCALLOPS                     22.00                 SPRING CHICKEN                                          19.00
CRAB & SWEET CORN SOUP                            7.00   with sweet & sour sauce
diced blue swimmer crab meat and corn                                                                                  roasted crispy skin chicken filleted with sautéed
in thickened broth                                                                                                     ginger, shallots dressed in supreme soya
WONTON SOUP                                       7.00                                                                 SAUTÉ CHICKEN FILLETS                                   17.00
Chinese ravioli wrapped with diced prawns,
                                                         PRAWNS                                                        with fresh eggplants & spicy vinegar sauce
pork & shitake in chicken broth                          PRAWNS COMBINATION                                    22.00   CHICKEN FILLETS WITH CASHEW NUTS                        16.00
HOT & SOUR SOUP                                   7.00   prawns stir fried with chicken, beef, bbq pork &              SAUTÉ CHICKEN FILLETS                                   16.00
a Szechuan Classic – rich broth with bbq pork,           seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce                           with Szechuan chilli sauce
winter bamboo shoots, black fungus, shallots             PRAWNS WITH CHINESE VEGETABLES                        22.00   LEMON CHICKEN                                           16.00
& silky bean curd                                        SAUTÉ PRAWNS WITH SZECHUAN CHILLI                     22.00   breast fillets fried served with lemon sauce
COMBINATION WONTON SOUP                          12.00   SAUTÉ PRAWNS WITH GARLIC SAUCE                        22.00   HONEY GLAZED FRIED CHICKEN FILLETS                      16.00
prawns, beef, chicken, bbq pork & seasonal
                                                         PRAWNS PAN TOSSED WITH SPICY SALT                     22.00   SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN (stir fried or deep fried)         16.00
vegetables in oyster sauce poured over a
wonton soup                                              HONEY GLAZED FRIED PRAWNS                             22.00   SAUTÉ CHICKEN FILLETS                                   16.00
                                                         PRAWNS WITH CASHEWS NUTS                              22.00   with peanut satay sauce
SUPERIOR SHARK FIN SOUP                          13.00
loose form of fine shark’s fin with shreds of            PRAWNS SAUTÉED WITH FRAGRANT CURRY                    22.00   GOLDEN FRIED CRISPY SKIN CHICKEN                        16.00
blue swimmer crab meat in rich broth

                                                         LAMB                                                          PORK
SQUID                                                                                                                  TENDER FRIED PORK CHOPS                                 16.00
                                                         IMPERIAL LAMB (4 pancakes)                            20.00
FRIED SQUID PAN TOSSED WITH SPICY SALT           18.00                                                                 with aged vinegar & spices
                                                         fillets of lamb sautéed with garlic & mildly spiced
SAUTÉ SQUID                                      18.00   savoury sauce served in Mandarin pancakes                     SAUTE BBQ PORK FILLETS WITH VEGETABLES                  16.00
with chilli, fresh & sun dried garlic                    SAUTE LAMB FILLETS WITH MONGOLIAN SAUCE               16.00   CRISPY PORK FILLETS IN PLUM SAUCE                       15.00
SAUTÉ SQUID WITH PEANUT SATAY SAUCE              18.00   & fresh sugar snaps, leeks, onions                            SWEET & SOUR PORK                                       15.00

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