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					Business Exception Management – BDEx for Banking

        of business
        Of the many challenges
        endured by banks; enabling
        the cost-reduction of business
        processes in the face of
        changing regulatory social
        and customer charters is
        critical. Replacing custom
        processes with SAP industry
        solutions is a path to
        efficiently supporting
        customer retention and
        satisfaction strategies for
        new sources of competitive

        BDEx, for use with SAP IS-Banking, extends
        capabilities in managing costly issues
        impacting business processes. Exceptions
        emerge during the business processes
        required to support frequent, complex trans-
        actions between multiple parties and varying
        parameters. When issues occur customers
        complain and regulators take note. BDEx
        removes lengthy investigation time by
        specialist teams that negatively impacts
        both profitability and customer loyalty  .

        Read on to understand how BDEx enables
        Banking Institutions to lower costs in both
        front-office and back-office functions by
        dramatically increasing the speed with which
        business process issues can be resolved.

“   BDEx guides the user to find and resolve business
    process issues with a complete customer focus instead
    of a data driven focus. It also allows us to drive down
    cost by aligning customer support teams to efficiently
    and proactively resolve problems before they
    manifest as customer issues.
    The solution provides an extensible architecture for retrieving, analyzing, resolving
    and reporting upon business process issues. BDEx explores all functional and tech-
    nical exception repositories in real time for a given customer significantly reducing
    the search effort and dependence on specific system and process knowledge.

    Business users can easily find and resolve business exceptions without expert back-
    office involvement. BDEx performs root cause analysis to identify the underlying
    source of the issue, business process or particular exception, and then guides the
    user to resolve the exception. Self-learning actions can be adopted based on
    recommendations to further increase efficiency Your business can then spend less
    time recovering revenue and reallocate more time to growing revenue.

    Some key benefits of BDEx include:

✔   Increased Productivity – All information
    is immediately available so exceptions
    can be addressed quickly

✔   Increased Visibility – Complete visibility
    of all exceptions affecting a single or group
    of customers or business process

✔   Faster Problem Resolution – Rapid
    identification and resolution of business
    issues thereby reducing the processing

✔   Increased Efficiency – Related exceptions
    can be handled in a single place by
                                                     Become a more
                                                     profitable and
    non-expert users
                                                     customer focused
                                                     organization today!
✔   Improved Customer Satisfaction and
    Retention – Customer problems are
    identified and resolved faster reducing
    complaints and regulatory intervention           Contact Us

✔   Enhanced Business Exception Reporting
    – Root Cause analysis helps to identify

    underlying issues that are causing
    exceptions                                       London Philadelphia Paris Melbourne

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