The Land of Promise-Jos.1

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					“The Land of Promise”-Jos.1:1-9
Ephesians…victory..inheritance in Christ..Canaan is not a pict-
Ure of heaven..victorious Christian life….Egypt-the world,the
Bondage of sin(natural man)…the wilderness-the defeated
Christian life-wandering(carnal man)….Canaan-victory,claim-
Ing the inheritance by faith(spiritual man)…..abundant Christian
Life…I Cor. 10:11-12

I-A Place of Commitment (v.1-2a)
A-Joshua in a place of prominence
 1-a generation died (Joshua and Caleb)-faith
 2-“go in and possess the land”
   a-***Baptists-committee;majority-no!(giants,big walled cities)
      grasshoppers in their sight….minority-go;grapes need a
     forklift to pick!….backhoe –potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   b-voted (wandered 40 years in the wilderness)
   c-****Baptists-gripe,grumble,growl,& gossip***************
   d-***couldn’t move their letter**”We where better off over there
     with Pharoah!”************
    e-2,000,000 backsliders just going in circles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 B-Joshua in a place of pressure (v.2a)
   1-Moses was a legend!!!           - - -Gen. 4:1-4 - - - -- - -
    a-plagues….death angel thru Egypt and killed the first born
    b-took the hysop of faith and went out there and dipped it in the
      blood of the sacrificial lamb and put it up over the lentel
     c-no fear as they heard the screams thru out Egypt
     d-******there’s power in the blood************
     e-***Red Sea-go to whining*****
     f-split the Red Sea and drowned Pharoah’s army**************
   2-God buries the workman but the work goes on
     a-Moses is dead, but God is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********
   3-****my first church (“A New Beginning”)
   4-depend on the unchanging person,power,& presence
     of Almighty God!!!
   5-Joshua and Caleb just a remnant
II-A Place of Conflict (v.2)
  -no picnic folks!!!battles and there are blessings….never easy
  -Moses(law)-bring them up to the promise land(TO Jesus)…..
   Joshua is going to lead them in(“Jehovah’s salvation”)………
   Hebrew word for Jesus……law brought them up to the river;
   A picture of death…..Jesus was baptized(death,burial,& ressur-
   Ection of Christ…….Victorious life is by grace thru faith!!!!!!!!
   A-conflict with self (v.2)
     1-no boat,nor bridges…..(committee)*************
   B-conflict with Satan (v.3)
     1-God blesses to the point you step out in faith
      a-******good ole days*************
      b-***opportunity****Canton,Candler,West Asheville,Oakley,
       Fairview,Black Mtn;Leicester,Alexander
      c-***how’s your vision**********

III-A Place of Courage (v.5)
   -victory ovet the world,flesh, and the devil!!!!!
   A-call to claim the land(v.1-4) have confidence in the Lord(v.5)
   B-companionship (v.5b)

IV-A Place of Contentment (v.8-9)
   -find out what you have in Christ and claim it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CLOSE:Wish I had joy,peace,power,ethusaism,excitement
       :you’ve already got it Freedom:10-8-00 s.m.

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