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									Cyber Bully Be Gone!
      ] Modern age anti-bullying strategies [
                                    In response to numerous requests for a presentation that
                                    addresses bullying issues of the 21st Century, TIE presents
                                    Cyber Bully Be Gone. This performance refreshes tactics for
                                    protection against bullies raised in our original, enormously
                                    successful show, Bye Bye Bully, as well as strategies
                                    against phone-text and internet bullying.

A young person, confronted by problems with bullies, approaches
the wisest wizard in the land, in the hope of learning a few tricks.
The wizard shows that no hocus-pocus is required, but a few simple
techniques can work magic. Students participate in role-play and
exercises to inspire confidence that there are ways of dealing with
every situation and every bully.

Cyber Bully Be Gone is a highly entertaining way of
instilling practical anti-bullying strategies in students.
Comedy, music, and theatre, make the vital lessons
easily digestible. Teachers’ notes are provided to
make classroom follow-up effective and easy.

TE                              Ph. 1300 851055
Suitable:                            K/Prep - Yr 6/7            Duration:           50mins
Cost/student:                        $5.00 + GST                Min students:       120/session

                                Book on-line or find out more at:
 Quality Theatre In Education
                                GPO Box 1495 Canberra ACT 2601 Fx: (02) 61006198 E-mail:

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