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					      An Exciting Future…
                     • The Government has just announced a further investment of over half a billion
                       pounds between April 2006 and March 2008 on PE and School Sport . This

                       investment is given as a direct result of evidence form the 2003/4 survey of School
   Success is          Sports partnerships. The model is working and things are beginning to change.

a Journey not        • The PESSCL (PE and School Sport Club Links) targets remain unchanged –
                       By 2006 - 75% of 5 – 16 year olds – taking up entitlement to 2 hours quality PE
                       and school sport per week.
a Destination          By 2008 - 85% of 5 – 16 year olds – taking up entitlement to 2 hours quality PE
                       and school sport per week.
We are beginning
a journey to
transform the
                     New target
                       By 2010 – All children offered 2 hours provision at school and then an additional
delivery of PE and     2 – 3 hours per week beyond the school day.

school sport…          Details of the new provision will be posted on the website early in the spring term. is exciting,    • The Kingsbury Partnership as been asked to expand to include new schools.
                       The plans for expansion must be completed by February 11th 2005.
challenging and
will require all
our very best
                     • CPD Programme begins delivery on January 4th 2005 . An exciting part of the
                       PESSCL progression.

efforts!             Calendar of Forthcoming Events
                       28th January – Backing the Bid – A Dance Festival to allow the pupils to
Sue Campbell 2004      demonstrate their support for the Olympic Bid. Family Festivals will identify
                       final dances to be shown at the Brent Town Hall.

                       8th February – Leadership Conference –
                       “Leading the Leaders- looking forward to 2012!”
                       Sports Leaders from the partnership secondary schools will organise and
                       manage a leadership conference for year 6 pupils.
                       To be held at the Burnt Oak Leisure Centre.
Partnership                   P2

Introduction                  P3
                                         The Kingsbury School Sport Coordinator               The partnership currently includes 6 secondary
Sharing Good Practice P4                 Partnership was formed in September 2002.            schools and 26 primary/junior/infant schools.
                                         The partnership was part of the phase 5 rollout      Each secondary school hosts a School Sport
                                         of this exciting initiative from the DFES and        Coordinator (SSCo) and each primary hosts a
Leadership                    P5         Youth Sport Trust. All Brent primary and             Primary Link Teacher (PLT) . The partnership
                                         secondary schools were invited to be part of         is managed by the Partnership Development
Raising Standards             P6         this partnership, those that responded were          Manager (PDM) based at the hub school –
                                         clustered into ‘families’. The detailed structure    Kingsbury High School.
Positive Playgrounds          P7         of the Partnership is shown overleaf.
                                                                                              The partnership has undertaken a thorough
                                         The partnership exists to enable young people        audit of provision and need with all of the
An Exiting Future             P8         to have more opportunities to experience high        partnership schools, the resulting development
                                         quality PE and Sport both within the school          plan is available to view on the partnership
                                         curriculum and through activities which              website.
                                         happen “Out of School Hours” (OHSL).
                                                                                              The School Sport Coordinator programme has
                                         The vision of the partnership is xxxxx xx            reshaped the PE and School Sport and has
                                         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                              made it possible to create wonderful
                                                                                              opportunities for students, teachers and other
                                         A grant of £600,000.00 was awarded to the
                                                                                              members of school communities.
                                         partnership for its work over three years. This
                                         newsletter summarises some of the
                                         achievements to date.

                                      Roe Green                                                   Wykeham

                                                              Oliver                                                  Anson
                   Fryent                KHS                Goldsmith            Chalkhill     Preston Manor

                             Kingsbury          Roe Green                                      Oakington Manor
                               Green              Infant

                  Uxendon                                                                                            Lyon Park

                                                                   PDM                              Lyon Park                           Barham
Stewart         Claremont                                               AT                           Infants          Alperton
Juniors                                Park

               Mount Stewart
                                                                   KHS                                                  Elsley
                                   Sir Robert                                                         Wembly
                                   Southwell                                                          Manor

               St Joseph’s                             St Mary                        Byron
                                St Gregory’s                                                        Wembley             Sudbury
                 Infants                               Magdalen                       Court

                        St Joseph’s       St Margaret                                             Wembly Manor
                          Juniors          Clitherow                                                Infants
                         Sharing good
                         Primary Link Teachers have all received training from national trainers from the Youth Sport Trust. The 6
                            modules are aimed at helping primary colleagues fulfil their roles as subject leaders within their
                              schools. Five modules have been organised within the Partnership with the final module planned
                                 for January 28th 2005. Teachers completing these modules receive a qualification from the TTA.
                                   Training has taken place at Kingsbury High School and Southgate Hockey Club.
                                       A large number of       term 2005.                            Netball was delivered by Lynn
                                       INSET courses have                                            Gunson – Former England netball
                                        been provided by the   The major INSET opportunity for       coach
                                       partnership, most       2003 was provided in the form of
                                       have these have been    a high quality PE Conference for      Basketball was deliverd by Brani
                                      aimed at primary         all PLT’s and all secondary PE        Bazani – Former National
                                    teachers seeking ideas     specialists.     Organised      at    basketball coach
                                 and expertise in particular   Kingsbury High School on
                                                               November 10th 2003, this event        Hockey was delivered by John
                              activity areas. Courses run                                            Shaw – Ex GB International and
                         include TOPS football, Tag            proved to be one of the most
                                                               successful events with regard to      International netball coach.
                         Rugby, Primary Tennis, High
                          Fives Netball, HOWZAT Cricket.       "making a difference". All
                                                               delegates were offered practically
                              These      courses     have      based courses by expert
                                provided at no cost to the     practitioners, all courses were
                                 delegates, all primary        tailor made to the needs of the
                                  teachers have been           audience. INSET was given by
                                  invited    to   attend.      very high calibre individuals and
                                  Funding for these            all found the day extremely useful.
                                  courses     has    been      In addition to these practical
                                 provided by the SSCO          courses, delegates were given a
                               programme and by Beacon         choice of a range of mini
                             funding from Kingsbury High       workshops focussing on current
                          School.                              initiatives    within     Physical
                         Coaching for Teachers Courses
                         are planned for secondary and         Gymnastics was delivered by Mr
                         primary teachers in the spring        Val Sellars

                         A Conference for Headteachers and Governors
                         October 21st 2004
During November
                         This major event was held at          heard her speak were left in no       Recognising quality provision,
the national training
                         Kingsbury High School, hub            doubt as to the power of this         Providing the Extra – the
team for ZONE PARC
                         school of the Partnership. All        subject as a tool for whole school    contribution of OHSL to whole
came to Brent and
                         Headteachers and Governor             improvement and individual            school improvement.
gave INSET to a          representatives across the            inspiration.
team of local trainers   Borough were invited.                                                       The Conference provided an
who will be able to                                                                                  opportunity for us to launch the
cascade this training    We were privileged to welcome as                                            National CPD programme for
to all Brent Schools     our keynote speaker Sue                                                     Physical Education. All secondary
with ZONE PARC           Campbell, Chief Executive of the                                            PE teachers and all primary
developments.            Youth Sport Trust , Chair of UK                                             teachers are to offered a
St          Josephs      Sport and non political advisor to                                          programme of quality INSET
Wembley,            St   the DFES in PE and School Sport.                                            delivered locally by a team of
Margaret Clitherow,                                                                                  tutors. All delegates received
Chalkhill Primary        Sue provided delegates with           Delegates were invited to select      information     regarding    this
will all receive this    much to consider regarding the        from a variety of workshops.          exciting programme which begins
training during the      potential of PE and School Sport      These included an introduction to     on January 4th 2005.
spring term 2005.        to really make a difference to        Brain Gym, Positive playgrounds,
                         young people. Those of us who
                                  Sports leadership is a key platform in the work of the Kingsbury
                                partnership. Many leadership opportunities are given to a wide
                              range of pupils. This is a real strength of the current work and a
                           source of great satisfaction to all concerned.

The schools in the Kingsbury Partnership offer a wide range of leadership
courses to their pupils. Top Link Festivals, Junior Sports Leadership Awards
,Community Sports Leadership Awards, Millennium Volunteers using PE
and sport as a vehicle to volunteer, Step into Sport awards, Table Cricket
leadership Awards, Governing Body Bolt On Awards in a variety of sports.

                                    JSLA students from Kingsbury
                                    High School – running festivals
                                    for pupils in Key Stage 1

                                    JSLA students from Wembley
                                    High School
                                    14 July 04 019
                                    14 July 04 023
                                    21st Jan 012

                                                                         CSLA students from Claremont
                                                                         High School running a festival for
                                                                         Uxendon Manor
Top Link Festivals – KHS
Top link 30,
Top link 34,
Top link 35,
Top link 55                                                              Tag Rugby festival run by
                                                                         students from Kingsbury and
                                                                         Claremont . All these students
                                                                         have successfully passed
                                                                         the      Bolt     On
                                                                         leadership of the
                                                                         R u g b y

                                    KHS       students      attend
                                    Loughborough        University
                                    Leadership Camp. They have
                                    embarked upon the Step into
                                    Sport Awards programme.

               Top Link Festivals have been run by pupils from:-
          Claremont, Wembley, Kingsbury, Alperton, St Gregory’s,
Preston Manor.
All students on the management team of the Top Link programme are
selected to attend a Leadership Conference at St Mary’s College,
Twickenham. This year’s event is due to be held in February 2005.

We look forward to the Top Link festivals which are held in the summer
term. This year they will be for Key Stage 1 pupils.
 Primary Schools get glowing                                           Students from Kingsbury High
                                                                       School invited to run the Olympic
 report for PE from OFSTED.                                            Torch on its journey through

           The subject is well led by an enthusiastic and recently

 experience for pupils. Pupils have games available at
           appointed coordinator. There is effective liaison with
 other schools to promote PE and sport, including joint training
 for subject leaders. Resources at the school are very good. The
 curriculum is planned well to achieve a balance and range of
                                                                       Move It!
                                                                       Year 7 pupils in four Brent Schools
                                                                       are receiving 2 hours extra Sport
                                                                       each week.
                                                                       Claremont, Kingsbury, Wembley
 play and lunchtimes. The school uses coaches from                     and Preston Manor.
    outside to support pupils’ learning.                               Marlon Devonish comes to the
                                                                       launch of the programme.
        Extract from Roe Green Juniors’ Ofsted report October 2004     Brent Champions in their age

             Paralympic project
            A project sponsored       members of the GB Paralympic
           by the NASUWT              bronze medal winning came to
          aimed at increasing         speak to the pupils from the
       awareness of disability        pilot primaries and KHS.
     sport was piloted in a           Unfortunately only St Joseph’s   Preston Manor – year 8 Cricket
  number of partnership primary       could attend.                    2003
     schools,           Barham,
        Kingsbury Green and St
          Joseph’s.         The
            culmination of the
             project pilot was
             held at Kinsbury
             High School on Dec
             13th 2004. Two                                            Kingsbury High School year 11

       From January to April 2004
    John Shaw (Level 4 coach) and a   High Level Coaches invited to work
  team of other hockey coaches
     worked alongside teachers to     with pupils from the partnership-
      raise standards of hockey
        teaching in primary and
         secondary schools.

       As a result of this work –
       pupils from KHS attend
      regular training on Sunday
     mornings      at   Southgate
   Hockey Club.
                                 All Partnership primaries were given equipment to implement
                                 Huff and Puff into the playground management strategy. This has
                                 been highly successful. All schools have received
                                 training and have implemented the programme.
                                 Pupils are enjoying playing with equipment,
                                 activity levels are up and
                                 behaviour problems are down.
Leaders for Huff and Puff have
usually been selected from
year 6.

A range of promotional
material, certificates and
rewards have been developed
for this scheme – I have been

Kingsbury High School
Playgrounds transformed
In May 2003 Kingsbury opened its refurbished playground.
This consists of wall mounted boards, playground markings
and an equipment cabin. Students
from        the       Millennium
Volunteers        programme
issue equipment and run
playground games for
younger students. As
with      the     primary
initiatives activity levels
are up and poor
behaviour is down.

Zone Parc
comes to Brent
 New improved playgrounds will
 provide lovely play areas for

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