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All of the sections below are controlled by Luton AC_ All except


									  All of the sections below are controlled by Luton AC, All except Sections 11 and 14 may be fished by BADAC
  members. Make sure you have your BADAC membership card with you otherwise you will be asked to pay for a
  day ticket. We have several bailiffs who all carry ID Cards. Lots of information and more detailed maps can be
  found on our website at

1. Bridge 102 (Lay-by) to Lock 23, Stoke Hammond                                                9a.Lock 29, Church to Power Line Bend. (20 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         No Night Fishing
2a. Lock 23 to Bridge 105 Swing Bridge (12/15 pegs)                                             9b. Power Line Bend to sharp (willow) bend (30-35 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         Night Fishing Permitted
2b. Bridge 105 to Bridge 106, Turnover Bridge (15/20 pegs)                                      9c. Willow Bend to Bridge 118, Iron Bridge (30-35 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         Night Fishing Permitted
3a. Bridge 106 to Southern end of Tall Poplars. (20 pegs)                                       10a. Bridge 118 to Power Line Crossing,(30 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         Night Fishing Permitted
3b. Southern end of Tall Poplars to Lock 24 Three Locks (20 Pegs)                               10b.Power Line Crossing to Lock 30, Slapton (10 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         No Night Fishing
4a. Bridge 107, Three Locks(upper) to Bridge 108 (15 Pegs)                                      11. Bridge 120, Slapton to Bridge 121, Horton (4 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         Luton A.C members only stretch (no fishing for BADAC members)
4b. Bridge 108, Chelmscote to Railway Bend. (25 Pegs)                                           11. Rest of Section 11
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         No Fishing by anyone due to Overhead Power Lines
4c. Railway Bend to Bridge 109, Broad Oak. (25 Pegs)                                            12. Lock 31 Horton to Lock 32, Ivinghoe Lower
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         No Fishing by anyone due to Overhead Power Lines
5. Bridge 109 to Bridge 110, Old Linslade (20 Pegs)                                             12a. Lock 32 to Bridge 122 (5 Pegs)
Night Fishing Permitted                                                                         No Night Fishing
6a. Bridge 110 to Power Line Crossing (20 Pegs)                                                 13a. Lock 33 Ivinghoe Lock Upper to Golf Range Gate (20 pegs)
No Night Fishing                                                                                No Night Fishing
6b. Power Line Crossing to Bridge 111, Globe Lane (25 Pegs)                                     13b.Golf Range Gate to Bridge 123, Ivinghoe (15 pegs)
No Night Fishing                                                                                No Night Fishing
7. The Globe P.H. to Lock 27 Leighton Lock (20-25 Pegs)                                         14a. Bridge 123 to Lock 34
No Night Fishing                                                                                Luton A.C members only stretch (no fishing for BADAC members)
Town North Lock 27 to Bridge 114, Leighton Bridge                                               14b. Lock 34 to Power Line Crossing
No Night Fishing                                                                                Luton A.C members only stretch (no fishing for BADAC members)
Town South Bridge 114 to Lock 28, Grove (60 Pegs)                                               14c. Power Line Crossing to Lock 35 Middle Seabrook
No Night Fishing                                                                                Luton A.C members only stretch (no fishing for BADAC members)
8. Lock 28 to Bridge 116, Grove Church                                                          15. Lock 35 to Railway Bridge No.118 Pitstone (20 Pegs)
No Night Fishing                                                                                No Night Fishing

                                                                             Canal Do’s and Don’ts
DON'T Cast your tackle so that it lands on the deck or against the hulls of boats moored on the offside bank, Chipped paintwork can be expensive to repair and hooks snagged in mooring
lines can present a safety issue to boat owners.
DON'T Allow loose feed to land on boats and DO use a pole cup whenever possible.
DO Keep Noise to a Minimum.
DO Be as discreet as possible when answering the call of nature, Your umbrella can be used as a screen.
DO Be polite to boaters if they speak to you for whatever reason, being abusive or rude gives anglers a bad name and can result in complaints against the Club.
DON'T Fish closer than 25 yards from the approach to Bridges and Locks.
DO Try to fish at least 15 metres away from moored boats that have people on board and respect their privacy.
DO Choose a location away from the outside of sharp bends as these are where deep draughted craft need to travel close to the towpath and could come into contact with your gear.
DO Remember that boaters will navigate in the centre of the canal, DON'T ask them to vary from this. If you are fishing the boat channel you do so knowing that boats may pass over your
DO Withdraw your line in good time when a boat approaches and keep it well clear of the craft and anyone aboard. Pole users should ship in their poles in good time and not raise them to
allow boats to pass underneath as suspended tackle could cause injury to the occupants of the craft.
DON'T Block the towpath with your tackle.
DO Look out for others when casting. Especially when using an umbrella which may restrict your view.
DO Take all of your rubbish home.
DO Remember that Boats have priority at official mooring points so you must be prepared to move.
DO Remember that other anglers do not like to be crowded by latecomers. Please choose a spot at least 20 yards from other anglers unless it is mutually agreed that you may fish closer.
DO Remember that Club rules prohibit Glass Bottles or Sweetcorn and Luncheon Meat Cans being taken on to the towpath
DO Park Considerately and DO NOT cause any obstructions.
DO Show consideration to other users of the canal and towpath.

DON'T fish within 30 metres of Overhead Electrical Power Lines.
LOOK OUT! & LOOK UP! - Electricity kills!
How to Get There

Sections 1-7 are accessed via
the Old A4146 which runs from
Leighton Buzzard through to

Sections 8-13 are just off the
B488 which runs between
Ivinghoe and the A505

For Section 15 Head out of
Dunstable on the B489 go
through Ivinghoe and you will
come to a roundabout take
Cheddington Road and follow to
a T junction turn right and follow
the road until you go over a
hump back bridge the car park
for SC 15 is directly after the
bridge on the left hand side.

Street Maps, aerial views etc are
available on the Luton AC
website at

                                     PARKING ARRANGEMENTS

                                     For Section 1 parking is in the lay-by on the Old A4146 between Fenny Stratford and Stoke Hammond.

                                     Section 2 + 3—Parking is available either side of the canal bridge down a small road called Bragenham Side in Stoke
                                     Hammond (Do Not Obstruct Gates) Nearest Postcode for Sat Nav Users MK17 9DB

                                     Section 3 & 4a— For Section 3 pull off the road just North of the Three Locks P.H For Section 4 Parking is available in
                                     the Picnic area car park just south of Three Locks P.H. Nearest Postcode for Sat Nav Users MK17 9DD

                                     Sct 4a, 4b & 4c parking is available next to Chelmscote Bridge No 108 take the second left hand turn travelling South
                                     after passing the Three Locks PH signposted Great Brickhill.

                                     Sct 5 & 6a parking is available in a small car park next to the canal on the Old Linslade Road

                                     Section 7—Parking is available in Globe Lane at the bottom of the hill park just before the bridge on right verge not in
                                     the pub car park. Sat Nav Users LU7 2TA

                                     Town North—Parking is available in Vimy Road Leighton Buzzard please park considerately as this is a residential
                                     street. Sat Nav Users LU7 1FQ

                                     Town South—Parking is available in the Mentmore Road Recreation Ground this car park is covered by CCTV Sat Nav
                                     Users LU7 2PA

                                     Section 8 + 9—Park by Grove Church off the B488 Sat Nav Users LU1 0QU

                                     Section 10—Parking is off the B488 a lay-by just before the bridge as you go towards slapton

                                     Section 13—Secure parking at the Golf Range (a key is required to access the car park at a cost of £4.00 and it is £1
                                     per vehicle per day to park here) or you can park just after the canal bridge by the side of the road but make sure both
                                     wheels are off the road or the police will “book you” for obstruction Sat Nav Users LU7 9DY

                                     Section 15—Parking is in the Cooks Wharf Car park near to Bridge 125 also used by Tring Anglers, No fishing between
                                     bridge 126 and railway bridge 118.
Waters Reserved For Matches 2008/2009

You should not fish reserved Sections/Venues on the dates listed below. This will avoid unnecessary friction with peggers-out of visiting clubs.
Additional bookings may be taken for dates after 1st October 2009 . Every effort will be made to post closure notices on reserved sections in
advance as reminders . Please check the website for any last minute changes to any of the fixtures detailed below.

Where [Flood] is used this means the section will be used if the river is in flood check the website for latest info.

Key to Abbreviations :
(M) = Dawn to Noon                                                    (M - time) = Dawn until specified time
(M - A) = Dawn until Mid Afternoon                                    (A) = Dawn to Late Afternoon
(A - E) = All Day                                                     (E) = All Day
Number of Pegs reserved can be found in square brackets [xx Pegs], absence of this indicate whole section is closed
All Reservations during GMT (winter) period are all day closures.

                            Date               Venues/Sections Reserved
                            7/6/2009           Sc 6a,6b & 7 [72]; Sc 13a &13b (M-A)
                            13/6/2009          Sc 14a,14b & 14c (A-E)
                            14/6/2009          Sc13a & 13b (M-A)
                            20/6/2009          Sc 9b & 9c, Sc 14a, 14b & 14c (A-E)
                            21/6/2009          Sc 3a (M-A);Sc 9b & 9c (M)
                            28/6/2009          Sc 8, 13a & 13b (M-A)
                            5/7/2009           Sc 2a,2b,3a,3b,4a & 4b[72];Sc 10a (M-A)
                            12/7/2009          Sc 5 [Flood];Sc 9a (M-A)
                            18/7/2009          Sc 6b & 7 (M-A)
                            19/7/2009          Sc Town South & 10a[72];Sc 13a & 13b (M-A)
                            26/7/2009          Sc 14a,14b & 14c (M-A)
                            2/8/2009           Sc 2a,2b,3a,3b,4a & 4b [72];Sc 6b & 7; Sc 9c & 10a (M-A)
                            9/8/2009           Sc 5 [Flood]
                            16/8/2009          Sc 8;Sc 10a [15] (M-A)
                            23/8/2009          Sc 2a,2b,3a ,3b & 4a [64]; Sc 9b (M-A)
                            30/8/2009          Sc 2a & 2b;Sc 15 (M-A)
                            6/9/2009           Sc 2a,2b,3a & 3b [42];Sc 4b;Town South & 10a, Sc 15 (M-A)
                            13/9/2009          Sc 10a & 10b[42];Sc 13a & 13b (M-A)
                            20/9/2009          Sc 10a [M-A]
                            27/9/2009          Sc 3a & 3b, Sc 6b & 7 (M-A
                            4/10/09            Sc 4a,4b & 4c [50];Sc 10a & 10b [42] (M-A)
                            11/10/2009         Sc 6b & 7; Sc 10a & 10b [42]; Sc 13a & 13b (M-A)
                            18/10/2009         Sc 4a; Sc 6b & 7; Sc 8 (M-A)
                            25/10/2009         Sc 6b & 7 (M-A)
                            1/11/2009          Sc Town South [42]
                            8/11/2009          Sc 2a, 2b & 3a [42]; Sc 6b; Sc 10a
                            15/11/2009         Sc 2a,2b,3a & 3b [50];Sc 6b; Sc 7; Sc 8
                            22/11/2009         Sc 2a & 2b;Sc 6b & 7 [42]
                            29/11/2009         Sc 3a & 3b
                            6/12/2009          Sc 6b
                            13/12/2009         Sc 6b & 7; Sc 13a & 13b
                            20/12/2009         Sc 6b & 7
                            27/12/2009         Sc Town South [40]
                            3/1/2010           Sc Town South
                            10/1/2010          Sc 6b & 7
                            17/1/2010          Sc 13a; Sc 14a, 14b & 14c
                            24/1/2010          Sc 6a & 6b
                            31/1/2010          Sc Town South
                            7/2/2010           Sc 14a,14b & 14c [Flood];Sc Town South[42]
                            14/2/2010          SLGN; Sc 4b; Sc 6b
                            21/2/2010          Sc 3b, Sc 14a,14b & 14c
                            28/2/2010          Sc 4b; Sc 10a
                            7/3/2010           Sc 3a & 3b; Sc Town South [42]
                            14/3/2010          Sc 6b & 7; Sc 9a
Finally, lots of news and information can be found on our website at and also our press officer would appreciate
reports of how you get on if you fish our canal stretches.

Please phone/text your catch reports to 07704462635 or email and if you have pictures taken on your phone
send picture messages to 07876331180.

Luton AC Fisheries Manager: Dave Murdoch 07735 337341
Canal Bailiff Team Co-Ordinator:Steve Sharp 07704 462635
Environment Agency 24hr Emergency Hotline: 0800 80 70 60
British Waterways 24hr Emergency Line: 0800 47 999 47
Luton Angling Club Office: 01582 728114

Please report any problems as soon as possible to either the bailiff team or the fisheries manager.

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