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					                                                                    FLAKED STUD BULL MIX
          PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                                                NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS (continued)
            RIVERINA FLAKED STUD BULL MIX is suitable for feeding                               ENERGY ME                           MJ/KG   :      11.00
            to stud cattle in conjunction with roughage.
                                                                                                VITAMIN A                           iu/kg   :   7,200.00
              A palatable mix of roasted grains and quality protein meals,                      VITAMIN D3                          iu/kg   :    860.00
              including full fat soybean meal.
                                                                                                VITAMIN E                           mg/kg   :     30.00
          COMPOSITION                                                                           IODINE                              mg/kg   :       0.50
          •	 Base grain as depicted seasonally, and therefore proportions                       COBALT                              mg/kg   :       0.50
             may vary.
          •	 Barley, maize, oats, sorghum, chaff, soybean meal , full fat                       COPPER                              mg/kg   :     14.00
             soya meal, cottonseed meal, molasses, limestone, sodium                            FERROUS                             mg/kg   :     52.00
             bentonite, sodium bicarbonate, dicalcium phosphate, salt,                          MANGANESE                           mg/kg   :     45.00
             lasalocid sodium, Riverina ruminant vitamin & mineral
             premix.                                                                            SELENIUM                            mg/kg   :       0.10
                                                                                                ZINC                                mg/kg   :     45.00
          •	 THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE FEED. It has been designed                               SPECIAL FEATURES
              to supplement hay and/or pasture feeding.                                      •	 Palatable mix for introducing cattle to grain feeding.
          •	 Roughage supplied should be supplied ad-lib and with a                          •	 Includes rumen buffers and modifiers to enhance
              minimum not less than 20% of their total intake.                                  performance.
          •	 Ensure that there is ample access to clean water.                               QUALITY PRODUCT
          •	 Introduce cattle to this ration gradually over at least a 14                    •	 Manufactured to strict quality control standards.
              day period. The optimum feed intake is 1% of bodyweight.                       PRECISE FORMULATION AND MIXING
              Always feed with good quality roughage. Provide cool, clean                    •	 Formulated in accordance with current research into
              water at all times.                                                               ruminant nutrition and mixed using a variety of quality raw
          •				For grain feeding of cattle the intake of high grain feeds                       materials.
              should be gradually introduced to the cattle, to allow the
              rumen to adapt and to avoid Acidosis/grain poisoning. Small                    WITHHOLDING PERIOD
              amounts should be fed at first, slowly increasing over a 3                       Nil.
              week period. The following table gives an indication of a
              suitable introductory period for the cattle.                                   WARNING
                                           Level of Intake                                     Do not feed to horses or other equines as it may prove
              Days on Feed
                                      Grain             Roughage                               fatal.
                   1-5                40%                  60%
                  6 - 10              50%                  50%
                                                                                               Cool, dry conditions away from vermin.
                  11- 15              60%                  40%
                 16 - 20              70%                  30%                               EXPIRY AFTER MANUFACTURE
               21 and over            80%                  20%                                 3 months from the date of manufacture.

          VETERINARY CHEMICALS                                                               PACK SIZE
          This feed contains the following veterinary chemical:-                               20kg woven polypropylene bags.
          •	 Lasalocid sodium at the rate of 30 mg/kg.                                         Bulk load details available from your sales representative.

            Lasalocid sodium is added to this feed to improve feed
            efficiency, weight gain and aid in the control of coccidiosis.

              PROTEIN                    %            MIN:               14.00
              EQUIV. CP                  %           MAX:                  3.50
              CALCIUM                    %            MIN:                 0.90
              PHOSPHORUS                 %            MIN:                 0.40
              C FIBRE                    %            MIN:                 7.00
              FAT                        %            MIN:                 3.00
              SALT                       %            MIN:                 0.50

                                             This feed is scientifically formulated for the intended species of animal and should
Food Safety                                  not be fed to any other animal. It may contain medication and ingredients that may
                                             prove harmful if fed to other species.
                                             Ver: 4.0                                                      Issue Date: July 2009