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									        PILIHAN GANDA

        1.    When you’re cooking and your hands get hurt out a knife and a loot of blood
         a.   I’m so happy and relief
         b.   Yes I won’t
         c.   I’m delight to hear that
         d.   Ouch ! that hurt

        2. Jasper      : What are you doing now?
           Bell        : I reading a novel
           Jasper      : A novel ?
           Bella       : yeah, and I enjoy it, because this novel very interesting.
            The bold typed expression expresses
           a. Pain              c. relief
           b. Pleasure          d. advice

        3. Damar        : Will you come to my birthday party to night ?
            Sandy       :………………. I have to accompany my mother to doctor.
         a. I don’t have any objection
         b. No I can’t
         c. I’d love too, but I can’t
         d. I’d love too

Dear Dita,

Come to my home with your sister on Sunday 22, at 4 p.m. I have small party to selebrate my



        4. The name of the text is ……..
        a. An instruction    b. an announcement c. a message d. an invitation
       5. people write this kind of text …………. To other.
       a. to give information b. to write a note c. to give message        d. to invitation

       The dialogue for number 5-8

JACK   :let’s go to cinema

ANNA : (5) _____________________

JACK   : How about going to the theatre, then?

ANNA 6) ______________________

JACK   : An Agatha play

ANNA : (7)_________________________

JACK   : At the Theatre Royal

ANNA : (8) ______________________

       6. a. I’d love too cinema           c. I’m sorry but I don’t like film
          b. great                         d. yes ok.

       7. a. that would be wonderful       c.. thank you I’d love to
          b. yes ok, what’s on ?                   d. no, thank’s

       8. a. where’s is on ?               c. great
          b. what time ?                   d. yes thank’s.

       9. a. really!                       c. wonderful
          b. why not ?!                    d. great

       The text for number 9-14

                                           Putri kemuning
          Putri kemuning and her mother lived in a jungle. They were poor. Putri kemuning
helped her mother collecting woods in the jungle and sold them to the market.
          In the jungle, putri kemuning had animal friends. One day, putri kemuning’s
mother was ill. Putri kemuning was very sad because she did not have enough money to
buy medicine. Then she collected many woods and planed to sell them. She wanted to
spend to money to buy medicine.
          While she was collecting the woods, putri kemuning met her animal friends, the
rabbit. He was worried because putri kemuning look very sad. Putri kemuning told the
problem to the rabbit.” I can help you. Take this ring and than sell it”. say the rabbit. “ is
this your ring?” asked putri kemuning. “ No. this is the king Ngarancang koncono’s ring.
It fell when he was hunting here. “ putri kemuning hesitated. She really needed the
money but it was not her ring. Finally she said, “ No, I have to return this ring to the
          Putri kemuning then went to see the king at the palace. “ what is your name and
what is your purpose here? “ said the king. “ My name is putri Kemuning. I want to
return your ring, “ said putri kemuning. “ Thank you very much. Now, I want to give you
something. What do you want?” “ I don’t anything. I just want to go ome. My mother is
ill, “ replied Putri Kemuning. “ you are very kind girl. Now, take this gift, “ said the king.
          Putri kemuning went home. When she arrived, putri kemuning told her mother
about the king’s ring. Her mother was very proud of her. When they opened the gift,
they saw a bag full of gold coins. They were very happy because they could buy

10. Where did putri Kemuning live?

a. In a jungle         c. in a castle
b. In a park           d. in a mosque

11. Why did Putri kemuning said ?

a. Because putri kemuning was ill
b. Because putri kemuning live in the jungle
c. Because putri kemuning ‘s mother was ill and she did not have enough money to buy
d. Because putri kemuning ‘s was ill and did have enough money to buy medicine

12. What did the rabbit do to help putrid kemuning?

a.   Rabbit to give ring to putrie kemuning
b.   Rabbit give gold coins to putrid kemuning
c.   Rabbit give money to putrid kemuning
d.   Rabbit give to medicine to putrid kemuning.
     13. Why did putrid kemuning’s go to the king’s palace?

      a.   Because she want to return king’s ring
      b.   Because she want to meet king’s
      c.   Because she wants to help king’s
      d.   Because she need money to buy medicine

     14. What did the king give to Putri kemuning?

      a.   Bag gold
      b.   Medicine
      c.   Money
      d.   Gold coins.

     15. The type of the text is
          a. Narrative       b. Recount          c. Procedure d. descriptive

Complete the blanks.

      Bart               ; hello berbind

      Berbind            ; hello bard, Where are you from?

      Bart               : I am from the …… (14)

      Berbind            : What did you buy? Your baskets are full of vegetables, fruits, chicken,
                         meat and other things.

      Bart               ; Yes, I help my mother preparing I party to. It’s my sister’s birthday.

      Berbind            ; Oh, it’s your sister birthday. Will she invite her friends?

      Bart               : Yes, and I have an invitation for you…………..(15)?

      Berbind            : Oh, I’d love to but……………………..(16)?

      Bart               : Oh, Never mind. She will understand why you are not coming.

      Berbind            : I’m sorry I have to go now. By Bart

      Bart               : bye berbind
      16. a. mosque           c. supermarket
          b .home             d. park

      17. a. will you come          c. yes I will
          b. didn’t you come        d. of course

      18. a. could you come to my house         c. would you like to come to my house
          b. would you like to come to my house d. I have I don’t promis

  L ook at the following advertisement, then, answer the question

Beautiful Hotel

Jalan Sisingamangaraja 35-37 Denpasar, Bali

Phone : (0361) 255578

Room Rate

                  Economy    Rp 180,000.00

                  Standard   Rp 210,000.00

                  Suite      Rp 270,000.00

Children Under 12 Sharing With Parents Free


Air Condition – Telephone – Swimming Pool

Bar & Restaurant – Large Parking Area

Chek Out Time : 12 Noon
19. What kind’s of the facilities in hotel?
    a. Air Condition – Telephone – Swimming Pool, Bar & Restaurant – Large Parking
    b. Air Condition – Swimming pool, bar & Restaurant – Large parking Area
    c. Air condition – large parking area – swimming pool, bar & Restaurant.
    d. Telephone – Swimming Pool Bar & Restaurant – Large Parking Area

20. there are …. Kinds of room?
     a. 5       c. 3
     b. 4       d. 2

21. Mr Nasution will spend the night with his son (10 years) at this hotel. His son will be
    charged ……. %
     a. 5%     c. 0%
     b. 10% d.3%

22. Jasper      : What are you doing now?
    Bell        : I reading a novel
    Jasper      : A novel ?
    Bella       : yeah, and I enjoy it, because this novel very interesting.
     The bold typed expression expresses
    c. Pain              c. relief
    d. Pleasure          d. advice
23. Sari : would you like to have lunch at my house?
    Nia : …………. I will come.
     a. No I can’t       c. I’d love to, but I can’t
     b. Forget it        d. I’d love too

24. The correct generic structure of the text is
    a. Resolution – Orientation – Complication
    b. Complication -- Resolution – Orientation
    c. Orientation – Resolution-- Complication
    d. Orientation -- Complication -- Resolution

25. The following are the expressions of relief.
           a. That’s too bad         c. How terrible
           b. How awful              d. I’m delight to hear that.
           c. Esay

1. Give a report using a picture of an animal, a plant or thing

             What is it?
             Mention parts of the body
             Habit or behavior

2. Dialog 2
   Situation : the Sun and The Moon invited the Ocean to their cottage. The Ocean asked
   them whether be could come with his friends because it was impossible to leave his friends.

   The Ocean : my I go with all of my friends?

   The Sun     : ____________________________________________________

   The Moon : ____________________________________________________

   The Ocean : ____________________________________________________

complete the following dialogs using the expressions of asking/giving/denying permission

3. in the office
   Paul        : terry, do you have a ruler?

   Terry       : Yes

   Paul        : ___________________________________________________?

   Terry       : __________________. But don’t forget to return it to me.

   Paul        : And, uhm …. Do you have a calculator, too?

   Terry       : yes

   Paul        : __________________________________________________ ?

   Terry       : ________________________ . I’m using it this moment.

   Paul        : Never mind, then

   Read the following text. Then, answer the questions

                The Importance of English language                Title

    Personalyy think that English is the worlfd’s most Thesis
    important language. Why I do say that?

           Firstly, English is an International language. It is
    spoken by many people all over the world, either as a first Arguments
    or second language.

         Secondly, English is also the key which opens the
    door to scientific and technical knowledge, which is
    needed for the economic and political development of
    many countries in the world.

          Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking
    jobs. Applicants who master either active or passive
    English are more favorable than those who don’t.

         From the fact above, it is obvious that everybody
    needs to learn English to greet the global era.


4. Why is it so important to learn English?

5. What is the purpose of the writer in this text?

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