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					                       Fertilisers and Chemicals
For further detailed information on all the products listed below please refer the
manufactures website.

Winter Grass Killer
100ml (Amgrow Chemspray)
A selective post-emergent spray to control winter grass in couch bent and buffalo
lawns. Note: can not be used on fescue lawns.
More information.      www.amgrowgardenking.com.au
Winter Grass Killer
125g (David Grays)
A selective pre and post emergent weed killer to control winter grass in fescue, couch,
and buffalo lawns.
More information.      www.davidgray.com.au
Pennside Lawn Grub Killer
250ml (Colin Campbell Chemicals)
Controls mole cricket, African black beetle and grass- eating caterpillars in domestic
More information       www.campbellchemicals.com.au.
(Use Munns Lawn Grub, Lawn Beetle Grubs and Slater Killer in conjunction with this
Munns Lawn Grubs, Lawn Beetle Grubs & Slater Killer 1kg (Munns)
For the control of lawn grubs, lawn beetle grubs, mole crickets, slaters, millipedes,
ants and earwigs in lawns and garden beds.
More information       www.munns.com.au
Tri-Kombi Lawn Weeder
250ml (Colin Campbell Chemicals)
For the control of broad-leaved weeds such as clovers and creeping oxalis pearlwort,
chickweed, mouse-eared chickweed, lambs tongue, dandelion, catsear, fat hen,
mallow, stagger weeds, fumitory and bindi-i in the home lawn.

Caution: Not to be used on buffalo lawns.
More information       www.campbellchemicals.com.au.
250ml (Amgrow Chemspray)
For the control of Bindii (Jo-Jo), Catsear, Clover, Creeping Oxalis, Cudweed,
Dandelion, Plantain and Thistles in established couch, bent kikuyu, paspalum, buffalo
fescue, rye lawns and turf.
Not this product is the only selective broad-leafed weeder-side safe to use on buffalo
More information      www.amgrowgardenking.com.au
Munns Bindii and Broadleaf Weed Killer
250ml (Munns)
For the control of Bindii, Clover and Broadleaf Weeds including Paterson’s Curse
(Salvation Jane) in lawns and turf.
More information      www.munns.com.au
Crab Grass and Clover Killer
200ml (David Grays)
For the control of Crab Grass, Paspalum, Mullumbimby Couch, Nutgrass, Clover and
other weeds in domestic lawns.
Selectively controls Paspalum in couch, fescue, bent kikuyu and buffalo lawns.
Caution: Spot spray only on buffalo and kikuyu lawns as some damage to lawns is
More information      www.davidgray.com.au
100g (Chemical Recovery)
For the pre-emergence control of Crabgrass, Winter Grass and other broad-leafed
weeds in lawns and turf.
More information      www.chemro.com.au
No Grow 450
250ml (Chemical Recovery)
A systemic weedkiller for the control of Soursob, Nut Grass , Couch, Kikuyu,
Paspalum and other weeds and grasses in the home garden.
Caution: This product is non-selective and will kill any plant that comes into
contact with it.
More information      www.chemro.com.au
Munns Golf Course Green
Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser® greens quickly, supplies essential nutrients
(including trace elements), promotes healthy growth without extra mowing
and contains unique Weta - Lawn (Wetting agent to reduce dry spots). Golf Course
Green Fertiliser® is ideal for all lawn varieties and also reduces the amount of water
usage your lawn requires. Golf Course Green Fertiliser® has an NPK of 12-.5-5 Golf
Course Green Lawn Fertiliser® is an organically advanced Quality Lawn Fertiliser
that is used and recommended by Professionals.
More information       www.munns.com.au

Size                          Coverage
2.5kg                         covers 50m2
5kg                           covers 100m2
10kg                          covers 200m2
20kg                          covers 400m2
40kg                          covers 800m2

Munns Greenup
Greenup contains Munns unique Weta-Lawn & Garden which will help your lawn
grow thicker and greener for months without extreme growth as the Weta-Lawn &
Garden helps slow down the release of the fertiliser, hence less mowing. It has an
NPK of 12-4-8.For a beautiful thick green lawn throughout the growing season,
Munns recommend three applications of Greenup, one in early Spring, early Summer
and again in late Autumn.
More information       www.munns.com.au
Size               Coverage
 5kg               covers 100 m²
 10kg              covers 200 m²
 20kg              covers 400 m²
 40kg              covers 800 m²
Munns Buffalo Booster
  •     Rapid Results
  •     Suitable for warm season grasses i.e. Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu.
  •     Contains organic wetting agent
  •     Promotes healthy growth

  More information www.munns.com.au

Size            Coverage
5 kg            Covers 100m²
10 kg           Covers 200m²

Munns Superstart
Superstart Lawn Starter® has the following benefits:
  •     Attractively packaged;
  •     Munns guarantee of quality;
  •     Ideal to use prior to laying instant lawn;
  •     A lawn fertiliser which promotes even distribution of the seed and encourages
        fast germination;
  •     A supply of essential nutrients for seed germination

  More information www.munns.com.au

       Size             Coverage
       1kg              10 m2
       2.5kg            25m2
       5kg              50 m2
       10kg             100 m2
       20kg             200 m2