Polyhedron Globe


                                             Polyhedron Globe

For centuries people have made varying representations of the world. There are many different maps and
globes to represent the physical, political, economic, etc. characteristics of the world in which we live.
Some of these various representations are very familiar to us, while others are not. The globe you are about
to make contains a perspective that is uncommon to most.

Steps to completing your globe

1.   Identify and color all bodies of water. (If you are unsure ask for help. Colored pencils do not erase

2.   Identify the following places on the various sheets. (Notice that the sheet numbers are different than
     the page numbers.)

     Sheet 1
     Pacific Ocean                                              Sheet 3
     Arctic Ocean                                               Atlantic Ocean
     North America                                              Mediterranean Sea
     United States                                              Rome (City) mark it with a dot
     Canada                                                     Italy
     Mexico                                                     Red Sea
     Europe                                                     Arabian Peninsula
     Asia                                                       Greece
     England                                                    Africa
     Ireland                                                    Sahara Desert
     North Pole                                                 Egypt
                                                                Cairo (City) mark it with a dot
     Sheet 2                                                    Nile River
     Indian Ocean
     Australia                                                  Sheet 4
     Indonesia                                                  Antarctica
     Philippines                                                New Zealand
     India Japan                                                South Pacific Ocean
     Arabian Peninsula

3. Cut out each of the four sheets on the SOLID LINES. DO NOT CUT DOTTED LINES.

4. Fold (Crease) the sheets along every dotted line.

5. Match like tabs together and glue them together. Tape may help for some, especially the last few areas.