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					Working with the Community –
 Sport, Exercise and Health

             Bob Reeves
             Director of Sport
             University of Bristol

                        Centre for Sport, Exercise
                        and Health
   Sport, Exercise and Health-
Ideal for Community Involvement
It can involve every body. Sport does reach all parts of the
community. It is cultural
CSEH Sports Development programme has had an important
strand focusing on the community since 2004
It is linked closely with University policies on Widening
Participation and Community Engagement
    To be effective, it needs those delivering it to be really
 enthusiastic, innovative and talented. Sarah Troke and Karen
  O’Donohoe are two such colleagues. Let them explain what
                   they are doing. It is their story!
Children’s Vacation Sports Camps
•To provide children with a fun and safe environment to
learn sport
•To supply high quality progressive coaching in a number
of sports
•To give opportunity for local children to experience the
quality of the University facilities in Easter and Summer
Vacation periods.
•To introduce children to
sports they may not have                         Centre for Sport, Exercise
played before or to enable                       and Health
them to improve in sports
they already enjoy.
Children’s Vacation Sports Camps
 Summer 2005 Feedback
  – 30 feedback forms returned covering 44 out of the 103
  – 97% of parents rated the camp as either a 4 or a 5 score
    out of 5. There were no ratings of below 3.
  – “The coaching camp is an excellent idea and precisely
    what the University should be doing in terms of outreach
    and promoting sport. Well done! “
  – Also in conjunction with PWE. Pilot scheme so
    successful that now regular part of the University’s
    community sports programme and a fantastic service for
Children’s Vacation Sports Camps

 Summer 2006 dates:
 –   Mon 7th Aug - Fri 1st Sep

 Sarah Troke, Sports Development Manager
 –   0117 331 1167

                                     Centre for Sport, Exercise
                                     and Health
                                                      Centre for Sport, Exercise and

Aims of the CSVS
For Students and Staff
   Develop a wider social perspective, enhance skills and gain
   qualifications, confidence and experience.
For the Community
   Provide qualified, passionate volunteers to a variety of after school
   clubs, sports projects and events. This increases participation
   opportunities and positive experiences for young people in local
For the University
   Enhance links between the Centre for Sport Exercise & Health
   and local communities, supporting the Centre’s aim to promote
   participation in sport and healthy activity for the whole community
   and the University’s “Widening Participation Strategy”.
                                           Centre for Sport, Exercise and

Staff on the CSVS

 In conjunction with the University’s Positive
 Working Environment agenda
 –   Addressing levels of stress, workload and work-life
     balance among some staff groups
 –   Aligning training and development with team and
     University goals
 –   Highlighting career development opportunities
                                           Centre for Sport, Exercise and

The Community
Sport Volunteer Scheme (CSVS)

Community Sports Leader Award (CSLA):
•Gives people the skills needed to lead groups in safe
sporting and recreational activity
•Enables participants to take responsibility for others
•Develops organisational and communication skills
•Builds confidence in people for whom leading groups n
sporting activities is a new experience
•Is practical in nature with an emphasis on learning
through doing, rather than through written work.
Community Sport Volunteer
Scheme (CSVS)
                       CSLA Breakdown





  03/04 - 23 community volunteers
  04/05 - 30 community volunteers
  05/06 - 38 community volunteers
                                                    Centre for Sport, Exercise and

Staff enjoyment
 “I chose to take part in the CSVS as I have
 been in my present job for 18 years and
 whilst I work well at what I do, I needed to do
 something that felt more rewarding.
 Admittedly I found it daunting as the scheme
 is very different to my normal day to day role.
 I knew I would manage in terms of the
 paperwork side of things but was concerned
 as to how I would cope in terms of confidence
 and leading people. It took a little while for
 those skills to come through but now I really
 do feel that my ability to provide motivation
 and leadership to different groups has
 developed quite radically.”
                                                     Centre for Sport, Exercise and

Examples of Placements

 Young Bristol
 –   18 youth clubs across Bristol
 Bristol Active Life Project
 –   Providing sporting opportunities for patients with mental health
 Bristol Union of Disability Sports
 –   Joining group outings, club sessions and events for children
     with disabilities
 Sport specific placements through Sport Development
 Officers and Community Coaches.
                                Centre for Sport, Exercise and

Panathlon Challenge
 Organisation set up in 1996
 supported by the government
 to run sporting events for
 inner city school children.
 Over 100 schools across the
 UK compete to win a place in
 the National Final
 Also have special school
 events with Disability
 Reduced funding each year
Panathlon Challenge
 Bristol Panathlon Challenge, used to be 12 schools
 and now due reduced funding, 8 schools in both able-
 bodied and disability event
 7 sports plus grand indoor athletics finale
 Money for event from Panathlon, UoB, BCC, Corporate
 Sponsors (Bristol International) and Sportsmatch
 5 days supported by CSVS volunteers – key element of
 our CSVS
 Panathlon Challenge looking to set up more
 partnerships with Universities to make use of high
 quality facilities and volunteers
Sport Volunteering Fair

 Bristol Sport Education Forum – Bristol HE’s, FE’s,
 specialist sport colleges/hub clubs, Bristol City Council
 Bridge the gap between the supply and demand of
 sport volunteers in Bristol
  –   Community and sport specific SDO’s with connections to clubs
      and groups, city-wide sports events, health projects, youth
      groups, disability sport etc.
                                        Centre for Sport, Exercise and

Sport Volunteering Fair

 –   Focus on Step Into Sport,
     Sports Leaders UK candidates
 –   Those at BSEF institutions
 –   Those signed up to
     Volunteering databases that
     have shown an interest in sport.
 –   Attract brand new volunteers
Sport Volunteering Fair Stats
   Over 100 people attended, 68 of which registered

   Have you ever had any volunteering experience?
Yes 64%                     No 36%
   If so, was the experience in sport?
Yes 67%                     No 33%
   Do you have any coaching or volunteering qualifications?
Yes 38%                     No 62%
   Are you part of a sport volunteering programme (e.g. CSLA)
Yes 22%                     No 78%
Sports Leadership Seminar

•July 10th 2006 at Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health
•Over 150 community organisations invited to attend
• Raise the awareness of sports leadership courses
and qualifications across a range of organisations in
• Support personal, professional and community
                                        Centre for Sport, Exercise
                                        and Health
Sports Leadership Seminar
Overview of Sports Leaders UK and Courses - Rob Guy
Regional Development Manager, Sports Leaders UK
Skill Development, Self Esteem and Social Responsibility –
Geoff Palmer, Regional Development Officer, Sports Leaders UK
Corporate Leadership and Volunteering Programmes –
Roger James, Community Affairs Manager, Rolls Royce
Community Strategies and Sports Leadership - Graham Jones
Senior Development Manager, Sport England
Young Bristol’s Experience - Lee Williams, Director of Operations,
Young Bristol
Sports Leadership Course Workshop - Darren Gillett, Coach DO,
Staff Volunteering Policy
•Volunteering is an important part of the University’s wider
Community Engagement and Outreach programme.
•2002 Staff Volunteer Survey conducted to assess the
level of volunteering by University staff in the local
community and to identify if any barriers exists.
•Lack of time and information were the two main barriers
to volunteering.
•University implemented a policy granting each member of
staff one day’s paid leave per year to volunteer
Young Bristol and the University of

 Friday, 28th July at Coombe Dingle
 Club Sports Day and Family BBQ
 Morning programme - Netball, Ultimate Frisbee, Table
 Tennis, Football, Rounders
 Afternoon – Club v Club Fun Athletics

 Managed by CSEH Staff using their Staff
 Volunteering Day
                                            Centre for Sport, Exercise
                                            and Health
                                           Centre for Sport, Exercise
                                           and Health

Sports Medicine Clinic

60% of our clients are the Bristol Public (non-students) =
  270 appointments per wk

200 community members attending 12 specialist exercise
  classes = 140 visits per week

Bi-annual educational sports medicine open day and
   monthly talks/workshops for local clinicians, coaches,
   doctors, exercise instructors etc.
Sports Medicine Clinic

 Send a Sports Medicine to support local
 supporting events
 Bristol Half Marathon (3 years)
 Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride
 British Heart Foundation Harbour Run
 Race for Life
 Bath Triathlon                   Centre for Sport, Exercise
                                          and Health
Contact Details

          Karen O’ Donohoe
   Community Sport Development Officer

             0117 331 1166

                              Centre for Sport, Exercise
                              and Health