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WILLIAM HAZLITT William Hazlitt_ The Complete Works_ ed. P.P. Howe


									                               WILLIAM HAZLITT

William Hazlitt, The Complete Works, ed. P.P. Howe (21 vols, London, 1930-
William Hazlitt, Selected Writings, ed. Duncan Wu (9 vols, London, 1998)
      [prohibitively expensive].
William Hazlitt, Essays of the Principles of Human Action, on the Systems of
      Hartley and Helvetius, and on Abstract Ideas (1835), with intro. by J.V.
      Price (facsimile ed., Bristol, c.1990).
William Hazlitt, Lectures on the English Poets (1818) and The Spirit of the Age,
      Or, Contemporary Portraits (1825), with intro. by C.M. Maclean
      (Everyman Library; London, 1910 and reprinted); The Spirit of the Age
      (1825) also in facsimile (Menston, 1971).
William Hazlitt, My First Acquaintance with Poets (facsimile, Woodstock,
      Oxford, 1993) [orig. pub. The Liberal, Vol. 2, 1823]; see also William
      Christie, 'Reading: William Hazlitt, 'My First Acquaintance with Poets',
      in Nicholas Roe (ed.), Romanticism; An Oxford Guide (Oxford, 2005), pp.
William Hazlitt, 'Coriolanus' in his Characters of Shakespeare's Plays (1817),
      reprinted in his Complete Works, ed. P.P. Howe (21 vols, London, 1930-
      4), Vol. IV; see also Jonathan Bate, Shakespearean Constitutions;
      Politics, Theatre, Criticism, 1730-1830 (Oxford, 1989); also Jonathan
      Arac, 'The Media of Sublimity: Johnson and Lamb on King Lear', Studies
      in Romanticism, 26 (1987), 209-20.
Hazlitt (William), 'Character of Mr. Wordsworth's New Poem, The Excursion',
      The Examiner (1814), reprinted in his Complete Works, ed. P.P. Howe
      (21 vols, London, 1930-4), XIX; compare Thomas De Quincey, 'On
      Wordsworth's Poetry', Tait's Edinburgh Magazine (1845), reprinted in
      J.E. Jordan (ed), De Quincey as Critic (London, 1973), Chap. 28.
Hazlitt (William), Liber Amoris: Or, The New Pygmalion, ed. G. Lahey (New York
      and London, 1980); or facsimile of 1823 ed. (Woodstock, Oxford, 1992);
      best edited text in Wu's Selected Writings (see above); see also Marilyn
      Butler, 'Satire and Images of Self in the Romantic Period; the Long
      Tradition of Hazlitt's Liber Amoris', Yearbook of English Studies, 14
      (1984), 209-225, and Duncan Wu,'Hazlitt's 'Sexual Harrassment',
      Essays in Criticism, L (2000), 199-214.
William Hazlitt, The Letters, ed. H.M. Sikes, W.H. Bonner & G. Lahey (New
      York, 1978).
William Hazlitt, Metropolitan Writings, ed. Gregory Dart (Manchester, 2005).

Jones (Stanley), Hazlitt: A Life; from Winterslow to Frith Street (Oxford, 1989).
Grayling (A.C.), The Quarrel of the Age; The Life and Times of William Hazlitt
      (London, 2000).

Hayden (John O.) (ed.), Romantic Bards and British Reviewers; A Selected
     Edition of the Contemporary Reviews of the Works of Wordsworth,
     Coleridge, Byron, Keats and Shelley (London, 1971).
Bromwich (David) ed., Romantic Critical Essays (Cambridge, 1987).

O'Neill (Michael) (ed.), Literature of the Romantic Period; A Bibliographical
      Guide (Oxford, c.1998 and reprinted).
Keymer (Thomas) and Mee (Jon) (eds), The Cambridge Companion to English
     Literature, 1740-1830 (Cambridge, 2004).
Roe (Nicholas) (ed.), Romanticism; An Oxford Guide (Oxford, 2005).

Barrell (John), The Political Theory of Painting from Reynolds to Hazlitt: "The
      Body of the Public" (Hew Haven, 1986).
Bromwich (David), Hazlitt: The Mind of a Critic (New York, 1983).
Cook (Jonathan), 'Hazlitt: Criticism and Ideology', in David Aers et al. (eds),
     Romanticism and Ideology; Studies in English Writing, 1765-1830
     (London, 1981).
Devlin (D.D.), 'Power and Knowledge', in his De Quincey, Wordsworth and the
      Art of Prose (London, 1983), Chap. 4.
Kinnaird (John), William Hazlitt: Critic of Power (New York, 1978).
Natarajan (Uttara), Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense; Criticism, Morals, and the
     Metaphysics of Power (Oxford, 1998).
Park (Roy), Hazlitt and the Spirit of the Age: Abstraction and Critical Theory
      (Oxford, 1971).
Schneider (Elizabeth), The Aesthetics of William Hazlitt (London, 1933).
Whale (John), 'Hazlitt and the Limits of the Sympathetic Imagination', in his
     Imagination Under Pressure, 1789-1832; Aesthetics, Politics and Utility
     (Cambridge, 2000), Chap. 4.

J.H. Prynne, April 2006

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