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                     Double (Glaze) Your Home's Salability

One sure way to add value to your home is to install attractive double glazed units; these will
lower your heating bills which will increase the desirability of your property.

It may also get you into the 'green home' section, and then the environmentally aware will be
interested and more buyers will come to view your house.

Double glazing is also commonly referred to as IGU which stands for Double Glass (or
Glazing) Unit. In Europe they are called DGU and referred to as double glazed units, or double

There is no mystery about the way insulating or double glazing works; we could liken it to the
way that a feather duvet works! Between the body temperature warmth in a bed and the cold
air in a room is a layer of feathers. The secret is that the feathers are holding a layer of air
between you and the room. This air has a buffeting effect, and keeps the warm air and the cold
air separated.

This is how double glazing works, the glass is just ordinary glass, but there are two sheets of
glass and the buffeting air layer is contained in between the glass sheets. In very cold places
there is such a thing as triple glass units!

In these days of energy and environment concerns, it may be worth mentioning that solar
radiation can still be encouraged with IGUs. For this you have to order special glass called
Low-E glass. Low E stands for low emissivity and it allows solar radiation to enter through the
glass. Inside the unit, there is a thin coating that reflects thermal radiation and allows solar
radiation to enter the room. This means the heat loss is protected but your room can still be
warmed by sunshine.

It may surprise you to know that in some areas, the Government may be interested in your
double glazing ideas! For instance, if you have sash windows, or live in a conservation area,
you may need permission to change your windows.

If you live in a sunny area you can install IGUs that are tinted to cut down on sun glare. The
tint is not enough to darken your view, but it will save on your air conditioning bills.

The cost of installing insulated windows is not cheap, but if you approach the change with
prudence, you could actually offset the expense over time by saving on your future heating
and cooling bills. As a possible 30% of heat loss can be escaping through your windows, some
of this expense could be re-couped pretty quickly!

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