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									Traffic Building - Social Bookmarking Service

When you enter the online business, your first job is to create a website and generate traffic to it. Every business
whether it is small or medium or large needs to create traffic to the site. If you browse in the internet you will come to
that the traffic generating methods are lined up in plenty. While few methods are really good and cost effective, some
traffic building methods have faced failure. In this article you will come to know about an effective and sucessful traffic
building technique called “social bookmarking service”.

Social bookmarking is an effective method that is used by the internet marketers to build people who show interest on
a similar subject. These sites should be wisely used to develop friendly and cordial relationship with your customer.
You should first know what they are expecting and try to give solution to their problem to the maximum extent. These
sites works on trust and the webmasters who can create trust in their customer that their product or service is best
through bookmark will generate more visitors. Social bookmarking sites can also be used to create backlinks. After
every bookmark, the webmasters will be allowed to add their domain link. The links created through social sites are
quality links, so you should try to create more links in a single day. Try to create backlinks through sites that have high
PR. This will generate more traffic to your site.

Social bookmarking sites offer various advantages. By bookmarking an article or any other content in these sites, the
web page is indexed automatically. You can also access the bookmarking sites from anywhere and any place if you
have a personal computer. It is not necessary that you need your own computer to access these sites. When you
bookmark a page you are also allowed to tag sites using keyword concept. So, social bookmarking sites are important
concept of search engine optimization also.

The website traffic can be improved by bookmarking a valid and informative content. You all know that search engine
spiders always look for fresh content while the sites are crawled. So, try to give best content that is also useful to the
audience. The information you bookmark should be something unique and which is not in your website.

You should first identify the right people, find out what they are searching for and bookmark the content that can help
them. You should be ready to share and bookmark the contents from other websites also. Some webmasters always
bookmark their webpage to promote their product or service. Such people will be called as “self promoters” by the
search engines and their account gets cancelled from these social sites.

If you want to generate high traffic, choose social bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious and bookmark strong
content. The website you choose should use “do follow” link. By choosing the right traffic generating concept any
businessman can achieve higher sales in the internet market. First they need some audience or visitors to view their
product. And this role is effectively carried out by the social bookmarking sites.

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