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Company Background

Suit Recruit Ltd. was set up by an Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and the Internal
HR/Recruitment Manager of one of London’s busiest contact centres. They have a combined experience
of over 25 years within this industry.

Suit Recruit Ltd was formed and established because most of our recruiters were over promising and
under delivering. The calibre of candidates we were receiving was far from impressive. Over time the
results showed that candidates were never properly vetted, consultants did not take the time out to
understand our organisation, our culture and our core competencies.

Staff and Management felt extremely unsatisfied with recruiters providing such average services we
decided to exploit this gap in the market and set about implementing a winning solution for the market
- including high volume contact centre and sales recruitment amongst other industries.

Since inception we have grown at a steady rate and enabled expansion into other markets and areas we
recruit into. We at Suit Recruit Ltd. are a close knit team with 2 Directors, 2 Business Development
Managers, and an Account Manager. The team also consists of Resourcers and Consultants who have a
Sales background and worked in the contact centre industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of roles do you specialise in?

We specialise in a number of areas within sales and support these include:

        Business Development                                      Customer Service
        Account Management                                        Administrative Personnel
        Cold Calling (B2B or B2C)                                 Data Entry
        Field Sales                                               Debt Recovery
        Marketing                                                 Response Handling
        Market Research                                           Street Sales
        Appointment Setting / Lead                                Rec to Rec
        Generation                                                Technical Support

However we are not bound to recruiting solely for these roles. Requisitions for QA and IT staff with
various skill sets are not rare for a number of our clients.

What level of candidates do you supply?

First and foremost Suit Recruit Ltd. aim to supply you the client with a candidate that matches your
requirements and are competent at completing all necessary duties required within the job role.

Suit Recruit Ltd. supply permanent and temporary staff and will always aim to provide the best
candidate for the position available at the level required.

How do you source your candidates?

Suit Recruit Ltd. source candidates a number of different ways including: -
Referrals – On-Line Job Boards - Local Press and Headhunting.
What is your registration process?

Candidates can either register via our website or fill out a registration form by visiting our offices. All
candidates will be qualified either over the phone / face to face. Once passed qualification candidates
who have been qualified over the phone will have a face to face meeting with one of our consultants.

We ask out candidates to agree to two weeks exclusivity. Citizenship checks are made and relevant
photocopies of identification is taken.

We ask for two references during the registration process to ensure that we can supply references when
the candidate has been placed.

CRB checks are made if requested and implemented at extra cost to client.

How do you know if the candidate has got the correct experience? How do you validate the CV/skills?

We question previous job roles without the aid of their CV in front of them, question dates and check
references are valid. We will make intentional mistakes when questioning their past and wait to be
corrected. This usually highlights if a candidate is being honest about the roles on their CV. We also
make sure that the CV is complete and question all gaps in dates between education and employment.

How many CVs do you normally look to submit for a vacancy?

We will normally send three to five quality CV’s per position, this may vary depending further
instruction from client. We believe it is our job to shortlist the best candidates rather than bombard you
with every CV we receive. We do not just forward you all the candidates that apply!

How do you minimise the risk of duplicate CV’s?

We ask all candidates if they can agree to two week exclusivity working with us, we also try to find out
what other roles and agencies candidates have applied to in order to minimize the risk. Once the
candidate is interested in the role and has been in to register, we will tell them the companies name to
check they have not been submitted before sending on the CV.

What testing that you administer within the agency? What can offer us as part of a PSL service?

All interviews with candidates are structured with numerous tests including verbal, basic spelling and

We test the candidate’s sales / customer service skills with structured role plays testing key skills
needed. The role play will normally indicate to us which role the candidate will be most suited to.

We can also administer further tests such as touch type speed, MS-Office Fluency and psychometric
analysis. However these will be at cost to client due to time consumption. However if we are exclusive
suppliers for the given role and it is high volume, this can be done for free.

Communication is key in the industry, and although candidates CVs state experience people that speak
too fast or have very coarse accents maybe difficult to understand. So as a value added service and a
USP we can take a 10 – 30 second sound clip (length down to client request) of the candidate for our
clients to pre-screen our shortlist. Cost additional to the client.
What is your process when submitting a new candidate for a role?

Firstly we conduct a telephone interview this entails an in-depth interview. This technique as a first
interview allows us to judge the most important quality to our clients: the candidate’s phone manner
and their ability to communicate coherently over the phone. We cover their qualifications, synopsis of
availability, location, previous work experience and expected salary. If a candidate fills the clients basic
requirements we invite them for a face to face interview where our 3 tier selection process takes place.

We will question our candidates on their previous roles. Do the aforementioned tests and role plays.

What additional services does your agency provide?

         CV writing techniques.
         Interviewing technique.
         Contingency and retained services.
         In-house recruitment training.
         Fixed price resourcing campaigns where we will take the whole recruitment process from you
         and send you candidates for final interview.
         We can come in and work on site with you at busy periods as long as we have exclusivity.
         We can hold interview days for you at our premises or organised outsourced premises for you
         at cost to client.

How do you brief the candidate on the role?

We will give the candidate a brief introduction to the role, omitting client’s name. We will explain in
detail the core competencies of the company and sell the role and company to the candidate. We
always make sure we put emphasis on the company and the culture of the company, selling the
company to maintain candidate loyalty is key. In addition we highlight required shifts, hours, location of
work, minimum commitment period etc. so your candidate is fully briefed before they come to the
interview, avoids the situation of the candidate being unsuitable due to one of the above reasons not
being qualified.

When submitting a candidate to a client, what information do you send in addition to the CV?

In addition to the CV we provide:

                  WMA sound file – Optional.

                  Brief profile of the candidate – work history, targets achieved, availability and rate
                  References if requested

Who would be our contact and how would this relationship work?

 Suit Recruit is a close knit team with regular team sales meetings so we all know each others work
loads, clients and important roles. In addition to this all your company details are uploaded onto our
central database. This will include candidates interviewed or scheduled, contact details within the
company etc. This will mean you can be confident that even if your given consultant is on annual leave
or off sick a member of the team can deal with you competently. However this does not mean that you
will have different people contacting you at every given point.

If you deal with different roles, how do your consultants maintain communication about the client?

All communication between consultants and client is logged on the database and can be accessed by any
of the consultants. However to reiterate the above we have daily meetings to discuss our agendas.
Do you check Right to Work in UK and whether you would be able to submit a copy of this with the CV?

Yes we take a copy of passport or drivers’ license and any work permit documents required by law. If
they are on a student visa but have completed their education we require them to supply a letter from
their educational institution to confirm that they are able to work in excess of the permitted 20 hours.

How do you monitor Equal Opportunities?

Most of our clients have equal opportunities questionnaires that candidates are required to fill in. They
usually send us their own forms, which we get candidates to complete. We do not ask candidates for
their, nationality, age or sex, on any application but we do ask them to clarify their citizenship.