RHS Banksian Medal Most Points – Horticultural W W Howarth E by dfsiopmhy6


									RHS Banksian Medal              Most Points – Horticultural       W W Howarth

E Tomlinson JP                  Most Points in Show               W W Howarth
Perpetual Silver                Most Points in Classes 1-78       W W Howarth

E Tomlinson JP                  Best Exhibit 4 Roses              R Rimmer
Preston                         Best Exhibit 2 Roses              R Rimmer
Wilson                          Best Exhibit 1 Hybrid Tea Rose    M Flemington
G.U.M.                          3 Floribunda Roses                W.W.Howarth
AE Hobson                       Rose Cycle                        P Shenton
H Roy                           3 Miniature Roses                 W W Howarth
CB Hudson                       Novices – 3 Roses                 M Whitehead
RNRS Medal                      Best Rose Bloom                   M Flemington

Sweet Peas
E Tomlinson JP                  5 Vases Sweet Peas                W W Howarth
Mrs WK Osborne                  4 Vases Sweet Peas                W W Howarth
R Wood                          3 Vases Sweet Peas                W W Howarth
Bertrand Travis                 2 Vases Sweet Peas                W W Howarth
NSPS Bronze Medal               Best Vase Sweet Peas              A Cadwell
NSPSBronze Card                 Best Exhibit Sweet Peas           W W Howarth

TH Russell                      3 Vases Garden Flowers            W W Howarth
Russell Hewett                  Posy – judged by blind person     E Rimmer
Glyn Elias                      Best Delphinium Exhibit           W W Howarth
Flower Show Badge               Most Points – Classes 16-40

BFS Crested Spoon               Most Points – Fuchsia Classes     R Barnes
BFS Blue Rosette                Best Fuchsia Exhibit              J Baldwin

Pot Plants
VR Vyner-Brooks                 Display of Plants                 W W Howarth
Hortex                          Best Pot Plants Exhibit           N McKay
Flower Show Badge               Most Points in Classes 47-72      P A Williamson

Cacti And Succulents
Allison                         Best Exhibit in Classes 62-72     W W Howarth

Pelargoniums and Geraniums
BEGS Gold Card                  Best Exhibit – 2 Geraniums        W W Howarth
BEGS Silver Spoon               Best Regal Pelargonium
KM Christian                    Best Exhibit in Classes 73-78     D & S Shea
Timberlake and Flower Show      Most Points in Classes 79-101     W W Howarth

Fruit And Vegetable
DS Davies                       Best Exhibit – Fruit Classes    P Williamson
Fort Knox                       Best Exhibit – Vegetable Class- W W Howarth

Perpetual Challenge             Best Exhibit – Floral Art         R Taylor
Village                         Runner Up – Floral Art            S Bray
Walter Gleave                   Most Points – Floral Art          S Bray
Bleasdale                       Best Exhibit – Class 103          S Bray
Timberlake                      Best Exhibit – Class 104
Bamber                          Best Exhibit – Class 105          R Taylor
VR Vyner-Brooks                 Best Exhibit – Class 106          S Bray
Ainsdale                        Best Exhibit – Class 107          S Bray
Leeming                         Best Exhibit – Class 108          R Taylor
Birkdale                        Best Exhibit – Class 109          J Greenwood
Graham                          Best Exhibit – Novice Class 110   E Rimmer

Home Made Preserves & Confec-
Ainsdale YM Club                Mother’s Special                V Howard
Flower Show Badge                                               P A Williamson
Councillor Yates                Best Exhibit in Classes 111-113 D Atkinson
Peggy Tillott                   Most Points in Classes 115-129 P A Williamson

Peggy Ratcliffe Memorial        Best Exhibit in Classes 130-134   B A Miller
Barclays Bank                   Most Points in Classes 130-148    G Skinner
TWG                             Best TWG Exhibit in Classes       B Cowell
Young Mothers                   Best Exhibit in Classes 135-136   None Awarded
Ronnie Horner Memorial          Best Exhibit in Classes 143-146   S & I Kingsford
Moorman                         Best Exhibit in Class 148         Not Awarded

Artists’                        Best Exhibit in Art Classes       A I Groves
Christel Rothwell Memorial      Most Points in Art Section        S C Thompson

Strange                         Best Photograph                   D E Wood

Special Class Group Entry
Abbeyfield                                                        Southport Society
Vina                            Best Bottle of Red Wine           Not Awarded
Jeffries Goblet                 Most Points in Wine Classes       Not Awarded
Ainsdale Vintners               Best Half Bottle Liqueur          Not Awarded

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