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									So if you are to present Gods word - How do you approach it? The bible is made up of these 66
books written by 40 authors over 1500 years. Is there a coherency to these books and one central
message. If you could summarize the message of the bible – what would it be?

Let’s look at how God allocated the space in the bible – That maybe a clue to what He considers

Gen 1 – He Spoke the universe out of nothing but He takes the time to form man in His own
likeness and breathes His own life into Him. Cost him nothing – took a week.

Chapter 2 He plants a garden and puts man in it – and created his wife from part of
Adam…Together they live naked in paradise. Pretty good so far.

Chapter 3 Here Sin enters – Our parents end up Hiding from God when He comes to walk with
them In the cool of the day. So then they tried to cover their nakedness with their own works by
stitching leaves together.

But it was God who introduced blood sacrifice as a way to cover the fallout of sin. Gen 3 v 21 -
The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. So the LORD
God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.

God drove man out of paradise for a Holy God will never make peace with sin. It is God who set
out the path back to Fellowship with Himself and ultimately back to Paradise.

Lets go to the end of the book. The very last two chapters of the bible describe - Everything man
lost in Fellowship with God is finally restored. Rev 21 v 1 Now I saw a new heaven and a new
earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.
………..3 And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, ―Behold, the tabernacle of God is
with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be
with them and be their God. 22 But I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the
Lamb are its temple.

GENESIS. the book of beginning.The          REVELATION , the book of the end.Earth
Earth created                               passed away

Sun by day                                  No need of the sun

Darkness night                              "No night there"

Waters called seas                          "No more sea"

Entrance of sin.                            End of sin

Curse pronounced                            "No more curse".
Death entered                                "No more death"

Tree Life barred .                           ―Tree of Life Open"

Sorrow Enters                                No more sorrow .

We see Revelation finish what Genesis started. That tells me the story we have is complete.
Great bookends to one story.

So of 1189 chapters tell the story of God’s work to Redeem Mankind and restore the Fellowship
He had with His children in the Beginning. Of the 1189 - 3 in Genesis that start the story and 2
in Revelation that end the story – 1184 chapters tell the story of God redeeming His children.
They come and Go—He remains weaving the story.

What God created in 6 days cost Him nothing. He spoke and it existed. What man lost in
refusing to walk in Harmony and obedience with that God, would take 7000 years and Cost God
His beloved son to restore.

My summary of the bible is = The Story of the bible is of the Holy God in Fellowship with
His children, then Separated by their Rebellion, and His efforts to Redeem them to
Himself, to again enjoy Fellowship

Usually reconciliation demand that two aggrieved parties compromise --- and we find a middle
path of compromise – not so with God. The bible is to explain Gods Point of view – and while
He says come let us reason together – His Holiness and his Truth is not negotiable.

The way back to Fellowship is outlined 1) In the cycle of the Feasts of God and His calendar 2)
The story of the nation of Israel – 3) The very design of the Temple, the House of God.4) The
Story of the Church -- All these describe the process of God Redeeming Man and God
providing a way back to Himself for fallen man.

It is my hope Gods Spirit in you will recognize these truths as self-evident. Please consider this
theme of Historical Redemption in scripture and a framework within which to understand all
the subjects of the Bible.

So where does one start?

Where would God start His story. Well He started the bible with Genesis Not Matthew –Why
would you start anywhere else?

Even - Yeshua also started His story with Genesis ….The first day alive as a resurrected Savior
Yeshua takes the afternoon off to cheer up two dejected travelers traveling to Emmaus. Their
incomplete knowledge of scripture could not make sense of what had just happened in
Jerusalem. Yeshua had been crucified and their hopes were dashed. Now they were leaving
town. So He joins two Travelers who have lost hope ….and opens up to them the scriptures.
Luke 24 v 25 He said to them, "How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the
prophets have spoken! not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?" 27
And beginning with 1) Moses or The Law 2) all the Prophets, he explained to them what was
said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.

So Jesus describes scripture as two parts 1) Law what we call Torah and 2) the Prophets. So
let us look at he two sections and how they are designed…Beginning with Moses and all the

The Law = Narrative and a Revelation of Gods will to Moses

The Prophets = God correcting his people and calling them back to obedience to the Revelation
given Moses.

Why would a New Testament Jesus –who came to do away with the law of Moses -- give a bible
study out of Moses AFTER He is resurrected…

He started with Genesis and the 5 books written by Moses. He did not start with His own
biography as the gospels do Nor did he do a miracle. He started with the Word of God and the
books of Moses.

He answers their discouragement with a Bible Study and when He is done their hearts burned
within them. To a Spirit born believer the Word of God is the Life of the believer and will
strengthen and revitalize His people. God’s spirit in us will resonate with the word of Scripture
and will revive our spirit from despair and discouragement.

Lets open the First book of Moses

No doubt Jesus - He took them back to Gen 3 v 15 – First prophecy given Eve. 15 And I will put
enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your
head, and you will strike his heel.

You see Satan and Mankind were content together -- It was God they Hid from. But God puts
hostility between Man and the offspring of Satan. He also promised a human Saviour that would
be bruised, but He would crush Satan.

Perhaps Yeshua took them to Gen 22 When the word love is first used in scripture to describe an
Fathers love for his son == Where God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac a son whom He loved.

Perhaps they discussed Isaac – who carried the wood up a mountain and lay himself down in
obedience on it - to fathers wishes that He be a living sacrifice.

Perhaps Yeshua explained the rejection of Joseph by his brothers the sons of (Israel) as type
Messiah Ben Joseph – How he too was betrayed and sold for silver to the Gentiles in Egypt by
his own people and cast into the prison. There He met the bread and wine in the form of the
baker and butler of Pharaoh. Then exalted by the Lord of all the land and placed at his Right
hand. He is given a mysterious gentile Egyptian bride by Pharaoh himself and is exalted by all
the Egyptians to be 2nd to sit at the right hand of Pharaoh.

There Joseph could offer the bread of life to the starving world and to his brothers who finally
come to buy bread. He stays hidden from them until their 2nd visit could show Himself to his
family Israel as their glorified ruler?

The story of Redemption is How God Called a man Abraham and Sanctified his son Isaac and
Justified Jacob with all his troubles and Glorified Joseph as ruler.

…. Does that process sound familiar?

As those discouraged travelers walked the Road to Emmaus He opened their eyes to see Him in
all the words and the types in scripture. The whole plan of God was revealed to them –
unchanging – constant – from the Gen 3v 15 – Nothing had changed. His death and resurrection
– His ascension - a soon to be selected gentile bride --- all these truths were tucked away in the
scriptures of our Old Testament.

In the 2nd book of Moses – The Exodus story …

So after 400 years of silence …. between Joseph a Type of Messiah …..comes Moses and the
Exodus story … There a people was saved by God – called out of Egypt and the blood of a
Passover lamb saved them from the death angel. There Moses baptized them into the Red sea –
and led them into the desert.

They had no calendar – and did not even know this Gods name but over time He introduces
Sabbaths and a calendar to them and He feeds them Living Bread – Manna and Water from that
Rock Paul says was Yeshua. God brings them to Sinai and there He introduces Himself in
Exodus 20.

Then God spoke all these words: Ex 20 v 1 I am the LORD your God, who brought you out
of the land of Egypt, out of the place of slavery. I am the God who saved you – now enter into
covenant (agreement) and my principles of law is how you are to live. The code of conduct did
not save them out of Egypt, but because they were a saved people already.

So God called a nation – So he calls a people like you and I today. We were in slavery to world
our nature and Satan. Who of us really knew the God who called us out of slavery to Satan? Did
we know God when we were first confronted by God? For many of us we were in crisis, and
Yeshua was a way out of our Egypt. We accepted His Blood as deliverance, out of our own
personal Egypt?

Then we were baptized and He led us into a period of learning as we began to feed on the Word
of Life and the process of cleaning up our lives by the washing of the Word. Like Israel we
entered into agreement with the Great God who had saved us. Now His words, became the
instruction of how we were to live.
The center of the 5 books of Moses is the Leviticus –The 3rd book is about the Tabernacle.
This was Gods house to live with his children.

Like at Creation - There the Spirit of God created --- so again God gifts a man to build his house
by the Holy Spirit.

EXODUS 35 v 30 And Moses said to the children of Israel, "See, the LORD has called by name
Bezalel of the tribe of Judah; and He has filled him with the Spirit of God, (not just in Acts)
in wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship, to design artistic
works, to work in gold and silver and bronze, in cutting jewels for setting, in carving wood, and
to work in all manner of artistic workmanship.

They build a house for God …to live with his children ….

God tells them the process and what the furniture items are …itemizes the 7 furniture items
which mirror this process of redemption again.

Just like the Exodus – The process starts with the blood at the Altar of Sacrifice which was the
first item of furniture by the gate of the outer court of the tabernacle and then the Brass Laver
to Wash like the Red Sea -- At the Brazen Altar - FORGIVEN; At the Laver - CLEANSED
entering the Holy place lit by the Candlestick and the Shew bread of Communion with Yeshua –
  Bread of Fellowship and the Lamp stand is the only light. The altar of incense –the aroma of
prayer fills the house of God. All the noise of trumpets and singing is outside. Prayer is what is
inside. ( Pay attention worship leaders) Then inside the Holy Of Holies --there is no light –
Only God. There you are in the presence of God alone.

The furniture from Tabernacle to Temple did not change – Repentance and acceptance of the
blood offering greets you on your journey to fellowship with God as you come into the outer
court of the temple. The Temple Follows the same pattern as Exodus did to save a people and
approach God at Sinai --- so and it is still the pattern to God for you and I

The whole process was God explaining to man, the way back to the Father.

Strange that 1500 years later - In the book of John, Jesus claims to be all 7 these things but
you have no idea what they mean unless you have read Exodus. The Gate//door - Sacrificial
Lamb – The water of Life – the Bread of life – all the implements of the Temple and the way
back to the Father.

Well the nation of Israel does enjoy a land and nationhood and a successful time under David
and Solomon and build a great temple to God. They later backslide go back into idolatry this
“saved’ people called the ―people of God. So Israel end up as God found them, back into
captivity to the empires and Kingdoms of this world. Egypt - Assyria and Babylon. Ever gone
back to a bad habit after you were saved??

The Prophets are Gods emergency men for crisis hours --- They are messengers calling His
people calling them back to their agreement at Sinai, and to the Law or Way of Life – He
expected. They were not there to tell the future but they were there to correct the Present
and in their darkest warnings they always told that one Day God would be among his people and
Yeshua would reign on the earth again.

The people sinned and Exiled from the land – just like from Eden and servitude to the Gods of
this world followed and then Restoration as He restores His Chosen people back in their land and
they rebuild Gods house on the Foundations of the Temple.

The people of God now are delivered again form Captivity by Cyrus and go home to restore the
Temple. The leaders Ezra and Nehemiah cleaning up the people of God – making them separate
from the nations (sanctifying) around them - after their stay in Babylon captivity. The Old
Testament closes with the Post Exile Prophets Rebuilding the House of God with the promise
Messiah will again fill that wooden house with His Glory.

And again He does show up after 400 years of silence…..Between Malachi and
Jesus…….appearing into the Gospels and what we call the new Testament

We commonly divide it into an old and New Testament. The origins of the idea of an Old and
a New Testament come from a heretic called Eusebius of Caesarea – who concluded the
Hebrews told lies about their God and the Greeks like Plato go his ideas from the Hebrews. He
tagged the name Old Testament to Gods Holy Word and it stuck.

By the very name we relegate the Old Testament we think it Replaced by the New or in this
throw away society as OLD is NO good.

I have news - for you – God has not traded in an Old Way for a New Way. Jeremiah 6 v 16 Thus
saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good
way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk

We are so busy doing away with the OLD testament and we are ignorant of 2000 years of an
Eternal Unchanging Gods voice to His people – We get our theology without a context and from
only 1/3 of the scriptures….No wonder we have reduced the whole plan of God and Salvation
to mental ascent to allow “Jesus into you heart” a phrase or belief that is no-where found in

The New Testament writings open with Matthew and the 4 Gospels and the book of Acts = 5
books of Narrative of the New Lawgiver.

Like the 5 books of Moses they are a narrative of the Torah in the Flesh Interesting that the
Book of John opens with The Word become flesh and Tabernacled among us … which
sounds a lot like Exodus and Leviticus. The book of John we love to handout to evangelize,
follows the Exodus story in its design.

Yeshua upholds the Law of Moses
Matthew 5 v 17 "Think not that I have come to abolish the 1) law and the 2) prophets; I have
come not to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass
away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished.

In fact He expands the law – Adultery was wrong – Now Jesus says even Lust is wrong.

In John - Jesus offers the Samarian woman living waters like Moses turning bitter waters at
Mara Sweet - and the feeds the multitude Bread and Fish in the same order that Moses gave them
manna and quail from heaven, as He travels to Jerusalem to clean out the temple. Jesus Miracles
are laid out as a Salvation message …So that we may believe. John 20.

Like the 5 Books of Moses the 4 Gospels + ACTS are a narrative and law in the for the first 5
books as God selects a people and Moses and Yeshua are lawgivers.

He selects 12 men to make followers and invites men – Jew and Gentile into the Assembly or
Family of God. Yeshua tells Peter - I will build my church, or my assembly – and in that context
He continues what was started in the Garden as God still seeks Fellowship with man and is again
building a House to live with His children.

In Acts the Holy Spirit - Just as in Exodus empowers men to Temple build – To build a
House for God - this Assembly of God - So that He now dwell inside His people.

Then the Prophets and the epistles are letters of Correction and hope and instruction to the
Assembly of God as they prepare a temple for the Coming Messiah. Paul carries on the Theme
of Temple – This house for God to live among His people …. This time Paul says – Do not you
know you are the temple of God – Indwelt by the very Spirit of God.

Paul calls himself a master builder – Like Ezra and Nehemiah -- building the Temple of God
(the people) on the foundation of the prophets - and getting them ready for the Messiah to again
come a 2nd time.

The Epistles of Paul and the book of the Revelation of Yeshua are the Prophetic r
corrective writing to churches. Like the prophets of old Paul again the prophetic word of God –
calling His people back to the original truth He taught, as he followed Yeshua’s teachings in the

He fought heresy in Galatians and false teaching in Corinth just like the prophets fought idolatry
in Israel. The epistles are corrective works reminding the Assemblies, what they were originally
taught out of the only scriptures he had – The old testament. Like Isaiah and Jeremiah and
Habakkuk, of old, Paul corrects and encourages and builds up the people of God – exhorting
them to live by Faith and to follow him like He followed Yeshua as lived in the 4 gospels.

The Old Testament ended with a Restored Temple and the leaders cleaning up the people of God
after their stay in Babylon captivity -- to a promise that Messiah will come back to this assembly
of God and He will never leave. So the NT ends with a Tabernacle being built made up of you
and I – An Assembly who was called out of Babylon and our leaders preparing us for the soon
coming Messiah – to live among us.

And so the New Testament ends with a message from Messiah himself in Revelation 2 to the 7
congregations to hold fast…He is coming soon.

So the main parts of the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible are really similar to the New Covenant
writings or New Testament. No Surprise they both had one author – GOD with one subject on
His mind.

The OT had Moses Story and instruction followed by the prophets telling the people to return
to the instruction of Moses. The NT has Jesus Story and instruction followed by the Epistles
--- Apostles telling the people to return to the instructions of Jesus

The bible ends as it started…With God again among his people and Sin is banished and what
started in a garden ends in a garden.

It is God that calls from Eden to Abraham to Egypt to now - He is always previous – and he does
not do the right thing – Whatever He does is right thing.

He identifies Himself as ―I am‖ …and the moment you put a word on the end of it –You have
just limited God. He does not finish the sentence “I AM……”

So what can we learn from this bible that are actually two identical sides or designs with
Jesus in the middle.

1) Salvation and Redemption is NOT a New Testament Doctrine. It is the whole story of the
Bible - Everything Yeshua and Peter and Paul had to say - they proved out of the Old
Testament. There was no NT when the church started.

2) The bible is a story of Redemption – Where man has pawned himself to Satan for a few hours
of pleasure and cannot pay the free Himself ---So God has set a plan from the beginning to
redeem Him from death and the wages of his sin - and will put Him back into a Garden as it was
in the beginning.

3) We do a disservice to the church and insult a holy God by handing out just a NT or
Book of John.

Old Movies had an intermission – Cecil de mille 10 commandments – an hour and half into the
Movie Moses heads into the desert.

Imagine being asked to review a movie and showing up at intermission to catch the last
part…….. Walking into the movie "The 10 commandments" at intermission

You think he was a Hebrew Shepherd from the desert in the 2nd half - back to save his people and
you missed the Prince of Egypt part raised in Pharaohs house..
If we would not watch half a movie – Why treat do you treat the word of God with less
respect -- Why would we even print a New Testament alone? The words of God deserve a full
telling. Do not tell an incomplete story – an incomplete story is a lie!

All our doctrines and understanding of God must embrace the Old Testament and New
Testament its entirety. If you cannot find Yeshua on every page you are NOT reading it right for
He said the whole book is written about me.

Ps 40 v 7 – Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me, Repeated in
Heb 10 - You cannot understand Yeshua’s mission or work unless you study the role He played
as defined by the Old Testament. If the Volume of the book is about Jesus – what part of Jesus
did you decide was unimportant and not relevant to your life today.

                               Now I have two questions for you:

1) How can you follow a theology, or a church that says the Old Testament is done away

Yeshua said until heaven and earth passed away – Not a word would change. Nothing changes
till Revelation 22 and that has not yet happened. Paul said every word of the Old Testament was
written for our benefit today who are part of God s assembly now. Would the God you serve
have given really bad advice to Moses and David and Abraham for 2000 years?? Did He teach
them a flawed way to live, Something less than perfect? Did they get less than you and I? I
thought He was perfect and unchanging?

So if He is Perfect – why would He need to change and toss out 2000 years of His dealings and
all His commands to man, to do a new thing? Is the way back to Him different now than now?
If Abraham is the father of all the faithful in Heb 11 and our role model…. Why are we doing
and believing things totally different from him?

You cannot follow a theology that disregards the truths of the Old Testament – for that is ALL
Paul and Peter, had to establish the biblical basis for the doctrines they taught the early church.
There was No New Testament written. Modern Christendom has abandoned the Whole Written
Word of God – Relegating 2/3rds of it as ―done away with.‖

Now the other extreme –

2) How can you follow a theology that ends at the Old Testament? Judaism never
recognized Yeshua was the Messiah the Word of God in the Flesh?

That is like telling me ―Gone with the Wind‖ is a book about the weather. If that is your
conclusion – you missed the whole point. So why should the Messianic Believers and Hebrew
Roots Movement look to traditional Judaism for understanding of the Messiah – which they do
not even recognize as Messiah.
He happens to be the focus of the whole book – You miss that, you missed it all. The Jewish
faith has missed their Messiah They have an incomplete view of scripture, and largely follow the
traditions of men.

In Conclusion

I would like to encourage you to embrace the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation and realize
One God spoke through men over 1500 years – and the message never changed. He never
changed. Sin never changed. God has not improved with age.

So embrace all of Scripture - Now if that means you have to make sense and understand of the
God of the Old Testament and Temples and sacrifices – I suggest you do. We will see these
themes explained as the whole counsel of God and they must be substantiated in the context of
the whole bible.

My hope is in the coming weeks we can address some of these themes as the early church would
have --- and follow them thought the context of the whole bible.

So consider your ways – and examine yourselves –These words were written to a church of
believers. So look at how you view scripture and can you reconcile all the Old Testament and
all the New to your concept of God the Holy One of Israel.

An incomplete understanding of Scripture can hurt you. Like the men on the road to Emmaus,
will the “unexpected” persecution of His church, have you leaving town in
discouragement. Or did your review the scripture starting with Moses, and see what the
treatment of all the witnesses of God were throughout history.

If you cannot reconcile scripture to your concept of God – or to your theology – I suggest You
have a problem. Just assuming, ―it was done away‖ or that “God gave really bad advice for
2000 years ― not even worthy to print is a dangerous theology and no explanation at all.

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