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Build and maintain valuable relationships and partnerships


									Build and maintain valuable
relationships and partnerships

SBS shall strive to build and maintain relationships
with key external stakeholders from Government,
the community sector, creative industries and business.
SBS Corporate Plan 2007-2012
Objective 4.1
Raise awareness of SBS within
all areas of Government

SBS maintained regular contact with relevant            SBS made submissions to the following
Ministers, Members of Parliament, Ministerial           Government inquiries:
offices and Departments during the year including:
Department of Broadband, Communications and             •	   A
                                                             	 ustralian	Law	Reform	Commission	Review	of	
the Digital Economy (DBCDE) (formerly Department             Australian Privacy Law – Discussion Paper 72
of Communications, Information Technology and                (November 2007).
the Arts – DCITA); Department of Finance and            •	   	 BCDE	Discussion	Paper	on	Access	to	
Deregulation (formerly Department of Finance                 Electronic Media for the Hearing and Vision
and Administration); Department Immigration and              Impaired (June 2008).
Citizenship (formerly Department of Immigration and     •	   D
                                                             	 CITA	Discussion	Paper	on	Digital	Conversion	
Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs); Department of         of Self-help Television Retransmission sites
Prime Minister and Cabinet; the Attorney-General’s           (August 2007).
Department and Treasury.
                                                        •	   	 SW	Law	Reform	Commission	Consultation	
SBS representatives continued to have high level             Paper 1: Invasion of Privacy (September 2007).
contact with government and industry bodies             •	   	 SW	Standing	Committee	on	Law	and	Justice	
particularly in relation to major broadcasting policy        Inquiry into the prohibition on the publication of
developments, media reform and digital television            names of children involved in criminal proceedings
and radio policy.                                            – joint submission with ABC, Commercial Radio
                                                             Australia, Fairfax Media, FreeTV Australia and
SBS attended Senate estimates hearings in February           News Limited (December 2007).
and May 2008 (the hearings planned for October
2007 were not held due to the Federal Election).        •	   	 enate	Standing	Committee	on	Environment,	
                                                             Communications and the Arts Inquiry into the
                                                             Effectiveness of the Broadcasting Codes of
                                                             Practice (May 2008).

                                                                                   SBS Annual Report 07-08    71
Objective 4.2
Strengthen links with communities
and other stakeholder groups

SBS Board community functions                            in those areas, including the needs and opinions of
                                                         small or newly arrived ethnic groups.
The SBS Board hosted a community function in
2007-08 in Adelaide on 9 August 2007, addressed          Members of the Community Advisory Committee
by the Chairman and Managing Director. There were        are appointed on the basis that they have an
approximately 53 attendees including representatives     understanding of Australia’s multicultural society
of multicultural organisations, ethnic community group   and, in particular, have interests relevant to, and an
leaders and independent film and television producers.   understanding of ethnic, Aboriginal or Torres Strait
                                                         Islander communities.

Community consultations                                  The SBS Community Advisory Committee discussed
                                                         a range of topics during 2007-08, including:
The SBS Managing Director met a range of community       •	 SBS	Corporate	Plan	2007-2012;
representatives throughout 2007-08 to discuss            •	 Australian	citizenship	test;
community projects and matters of community              •	 SBS’s	participation	in	the	Australia	2020	Summit;
concern in addition to attending the Federation of       •	 Prime	Minister	Kevin	Rudd’s	apology	to	Australia’s	
Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA)            Indigenous people;
Conference in Hobart. The representatives included       •	 Changes	to	the	SBS	commissioning	structure;
Ethnic Community Council leaders, cultural community     •	 SBS’s	new	brand	identity;
leaders, Members of Parliament and international         •	 SBS	Radio’s	language	clusters	and	staffing	
ambassadors. The Managing Director also hosted              restructure;
various community functions for SBS including two        •	 SBS’s	upcoming	role	as	broadcaster	for	World	
events at Parliament House in Canberra.                     Youth Day.

SBS attended regular meetings with representatives       The Community Advisory Committee provided the
from FECCA to discuss potential collaboration            following advice to the Board:
on a range of upcoming projects. Planning was            •	 supported	the	importance	of	commissioning	
undertaken for community consultations on SBS’s              Australian content and felt SBS needed to focus
plans for the future, to be conducted in the second          on what differentiated it from other broadcasters;
half of 2008.                                            •	 noted	that	local	content	which	reflected	
The manager of SBS’s overseas news services                  multicultural Australia and imported foreign
– WorldWatch and the World News Channel                      language content, both fulfil SBS’s Charter;
– continued to consult community groups and official     •	 suggested	SBS	explore	the	use	of	different	
country representatives in order to balance the              platforms to reach a younger audience;
needs of various language and cultural communities       •	 supported	new	approaches	to	multilingual	content;
within Australia with the availability of services and   •	 recommended	that	the	Australian	citizenship	test	
to ensure that any new services are appropriate for          be considered as a topic to be further covered in
broadcast in Australia.                                      SBS programming as it is an important issue for
                                                             the SBS audience;
                                                         •	 suggested	that	the	Board	explore	SBS’s	critical	
SBS Community Advisory Committee                             role in reflecting contemporary Australian society
                                                             in relation to the Federal Government’s social
The SBS Community Advisory Committee is                      inclusion agenda;
appointed by the SBS Board under the Special             •	 drafted	a	submission	to	the	Australia	2020	Summit	
Broadcasting Service Act (section 50). Its function          on the social inclusion benefits of multilingual and
is to assist the Board in its duty to be aware of, and       multicultural media and advocating for greater
responsive to, community needs and opinions on               Government support for SBS.
matters relevant to the Charter by advising the Board

72   SBS Annual Report 07-08
SBS Community Advisory Committee                            work particularly as it applies to women’s issues.
                                                            She has frequently given lectures to various
Chair: Ms Elleni Bereded-Samuel (Vic)                       institutions and community groups on the general
                                                            topic of Islam and women, and is active in interfaith
Has a profound commitment to working with
                                                            dialogue. Ms Hussein edits a multifaith webzine,
communities in an inclusive manner and has
                                                            Shalom Pax Salam, and writes regularly for media
experience working closely with a range of
                                                            outlets, including The Australian and New Matilda,
communities in her position as Community
                                                            on issues relating to Islam, gender and South Asia.
Partnerships Officer at Victoria University. She also
volunteers in the Horn of African Communities
Network, the Victorian Immigrant Refugee Women’s            Adjunct Associate Professor Annaliza Jackson
Coalition and the Western Region Refugee Pathways           (WA) (from September 2007)
Committee. She is currently completing a Masters            Annaliza Jackson is an Australian of Southern Italian
in Education and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma              origin who has worked extensively with people of
in Counselling from Victoria University as well as a        multi-cultural backgrounds. She is an Adjunct
BA from Addis Abada University, Ethiopia. She also          Associate Professor with the John Curtin Institute
has a range of Certificates in Workplace Training,          of Public Policy, Curtin University of Technology in
Computer Software Operations, and French and                Western Australia. Aside from teaching at Curtin,
Dutch Languages from the Catholic University of             she runs her own consultancy providing advice and
Lauven, Belgium and Victoria University.                    education on leadership, ethics, communication,
                                                            change and improving international understandings
Mr Nicholas Carè (NSW)                                      across the corporate and public sector. During her
                                                            30-year career, Prof. Jackson has been appointed to
Born in Italy, Mr Carè has more than two decades’
                                                            numerous organisations and committees, including
management experience and is currently Secretary
                                                            the WA Equal Opportunities Tribunal, the Australian
General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and
                                                            Institute of Multicultural Affairs and the Domestic
Industry in Sydney. He has a Degree in Engineering
                                                            Violence Task Force. She was the inaugural President
and a Diploma in International Business Management
                                                            of COEMIT WA (Comitato Emigrazione Italiano) on
and Trade. Through his professional roles, Mr Carè
                                                            behalf of the Italian Department of Foreign Affairs.
maintains close relationships with ethnic communities
                                                            In WA she led the establishment of the Ethnic Child
around Australia and liaises extensively with
                                                            Care Services Association, the Migrant Women’s
community welfare and advocacy organisations.
                                                            Interest Committee and was founding president of
He worked with Indigenous communities on an
                                                            the Italo-Australian Women’s Association WA. As
international exhibition ‘L’Artigianato in Fiera’ in 2000
                                                            Woman Deputy Chairwoman of FECCA, in the mid
and 2001 and is keenly interested in issues affecting
                                                            1980s Annaliza together with a committed team of
the Italian community’s second- and third-generations.
                                                            women across the nation, with representatives from
                                                            the FECCA women’s network and other ethnic women
Mr Nick Hatzoglou (Vic) (from March 2008)                   representatives founded the Association of Non English
Mr Hatzoglou is an Australian-born Greek with               Speaking Background Women of Australia. Annaliza is
a passion for sport. As the Multicultural Project           author of numerous papers, reports and book chapters,
Coordinator for the Australian Football League,             including the prize winning story for Forza e Corraggio
Mr Hatzoglou aims to bring Australian Football              – Give Me Strength. She has more recently written
opportunities closer to people from non-English             papers on diversity, ethics, integrity and leadership.
speaking backgrounds. He has a strong interest
in reaching out to new immigrants and developing            Ms Joanne Jousif (NSW) (from September 2007)
new ways of communicating with these diverse
                                                            Ms Jousif was born in Iraq and grew up as part of
ethnic groups.
                                                            the Assyrian community in the western suburbs
                                                            of Sydney. She currently represents the NSW
Ms Shakira Hussein (ACT) (from September 2007)              Department of Corrective Services on the NSW
Ms Hussein belongs to a multi-ethnic and multi-religious    Parole Authority and has extensive experience
family and has experience working with a range of           working in the justice system. Additionally, Ms Jousif
community groups. Ms Hussein is currently completing        has worked voluntarily in East Timor for the Catholic
her PhD at the Australian National University, focusing     Education Office providing training to East Timorese
on encounters between Muslim and Western women,             English teachers. She has also worked as a volunteer
and her studies have taken her to Pakistan where she        teaching English to Afghani adult refugees in Sydney
spent time with Pakistani and Afghan women’s groups.        and as an English teacher in India. She continues
Ms Hussein is an active member of the Canberra              to act as an advisor to the Catholic Education
Islamic Centre where she is involved in community           Organisation mentoring program in East Timor.

                                                                                       SBS Annual Report 07-08      73
Mr Alex Lew (VIC) (from March 2008)                       in 1978 along with his wife Bagia a registered nurse.
Australian-born Mr Lew recently graduated from            They have two sons, Aswhin and Ahkash.
Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring
in European Studies and a Bachelor of Laws with           Dr Krishna K. Shrestha (NSW) (from March 2008)
Honours. While at university, Mr Lew was the Political    Born in Nepal and fluent in Nepali and Hindi, Dr.
Affairs Director of the Australasian Union of Jewish      Shrestha has background in socio-environmental
Students and participated in several youth interfaith     justice issues and the politics of community
dialogues on campus. In 2006, Mr Lew worked for           participation in environmental management. Dr.
the British delegation to the European Parliament         Shrestha is a Human Geographer who received
and currently works for a law firm in country Victoria.   his PhD from The University of Sydney where he is
He also works as a tutor for the Deakin University        currently a lecturer. His key academic interests are in
Institute of Koorie Education, providing assistance to    the political ecology of collaborative natural resource
Indigenous law students from remote communities           policy and management, and equity/equality issues,
who are studying by distance education.                   particularly in a comparative context of Australia,
                                                          Nepal and India. One of the fundamental elements of
Mrs Evelyn Pereira e Robertson (Tas)                      his research is community participation of ethnic and
(from March 2008)                                         other minority communities to policy development
Mrs Robertson was born in Goa, India and is of            and implementation, which focuses on how
Indian-Portuguese descent. She lived in Oman              cultural and social relations and values shape our
for 10 years before moving to Australian, and now         perceptions and actions. Dr. Shrestha has an ongoing
calls Tasmania home. Mrs Robertson has a rich             involvement with various multicultural groups such as
and diverse background living and working with            the Australian-Nepalese Organisation, South Asian
people from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds.          Association Australia and the International Students
She has extensive experience working with migrant         Association. He has active links with various cultural/
communities through the St. Vincent de Paul Society       ethnic individuals and groups through professional
and the Catholic Refugee Support Group (CRSG).            memberships of Institute of Foresters Australia,
Mrs Robertson is currently the District Registrar with    Institute of Australian Geographers and Nepal
the Civil Division of the Magistrates Court and the       Foresters Association. Dr Shrestha is also a Justice
Registrar for the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. She        of the Peace (Qualified) (Qld).
continues to work voluntarily for the CRSG through
the Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Program            Mr Biko Syong’oh (NSW) (from September 2007)
which is involved in the settlement of new migrants in    Kenyan-born, Mr Syong’oh has a communications
Australia. Mrs Robertson has also recently become         degree and is currently in the final stages of
involved in the establishment of the Global Vaddo         completing a law degree at Newcastle University.
Charitable Trust which provides free education to         He is on the Executive Council of the Hunter African
underprivileged children in India.                        Communities Council, a position which has exposed
                                                          him to a diverse range of African cultures. As part
Mr Ramdas Sankaran (WA) (from April 2008)                 of his work with the Council, Mr Syong’oh assists
Ramdas is a professional social worker with               migrants negotiate their new lives in Australia by
substantial senior managerial experience within           helping provide accommodation, facilitating access
Commonwealth and State public services and                to services such as banking and healthcare, and
the community services sector. He has extensive           lobbies government agencies on the community’s
experience in implementing a range of projects            behalf. Mr Syong’oh has also recently been
and has advanced the cause of human rights,               contracted by the Northern Settlement Services to
multiculturalism, Aboriginal reconciliation and           produce a radio program in Swahili, and will also
substantive equality for thirty years. He is the          be overseeing the production of similar programs in
Executive Director of the Multicultural Services Centre   Dinka and Arabic on the University of Newcastle’s
of WA and the President of the Ethnic Communities         2NUR radio service. Mr Syong’oh has a strong
Council of WA. Ramdas has convened FECCA’s                interest in the media, having worked as a producer
Welfare Reform and Multiculturalism, Racism and           in Kenya prior to moving to Australia. He is keen to
Reconciliation Networks and has represented               explore innovative ways SBS can communicate with
FECCA on the Australian Transcultural Mental Health       ethnic communities.
Network. He represents FECCA on Centrelink’s
National Community Reference Committee and                Mr Abderraouf Adel Ziani (Vic) (from September 2007)
its National Multicultural Reference Group. He is a       Mr Ziani grew up in Algeria and lived in Europe before
member of the Australian Institute of Management          recently settling in Australia with his family. He is
and the Australian Association of Social Workers.         active in the Algerian community in Melbourne and
Ramdas was born in India and migrated to Australia        visits the UMMA Mosque and Islamic Centre on a

74   SBS Annual Report 07-08
daily basis. Mr Ziani has worked in customer services     Mr John Payne (NSW) (to September 2007)
for the last eight years. His work background includes    Australia-born, Mr Payne was formerly the Deputy
working as a journalist in the United Kingdom. He         Principal of Bathurst High School. He has taught
is currently studying Broadcast Television. He has a      English and History in secondary schools in rural
strong interest in the role of television in community    NSW, Britain and Canada. His interests include
building and how broadcasting can be used to              creative and performing arts, multiculturalism,
represent multicultural Australia.                        public broadcasting, Indigenous culture and sports.
                                                          As Chairman of the SBS for Bathurst Committee,
Retired Community Advisory Committee members              he helped bring self-help SBS Television to Bathurst
in 2007-08                                                in 1994 and SBS Radio in 2002.

Mrs Beryl Mulder (NT) (to June 2008)                      Mr John Roe (ACT) (to September 2007)
Born in the Netherlands, Ms Mulder is a Past              Born in Darwin, John’s family extends from Broome,
President of the Multicultural Council of the Northern    all the way across the top of Australia, to the Torres
Territory and currently the Senior Deputy Chair of        Strait. He has recently rejoined SBS’s Living Black
the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of         team as supervising producer, after almost two years
Australia. She lived in Surinam (3 years) and Zambia      away. During that period, John was Centrelink’s
(11 years) before migrating to Australia in 1982.         Indigenous Account Manager and Indigenous
Ms Mulder has worked in multicultural affairs for         Ambassadors’ Programme Manager and before that,
25 years, including for the Office of Multicultural       he worked for Aboriginal Hostels Limited in Canberra.
Affairs. She completed a BA degree in the Social
Sciences as a mature age student and is a founding        His career, for the last 16 years, has been in
member of the Association of Non-English Speaking         indigenous policy and service delivery in media,
Background Women of Australia (ANESBWA). Beryl            events, and sport. He has worked with, and travelled
was awarded an OAM in 2005 for her advocacy work,         extensively, to dozens of communities around
as a volunteer, with immigrants and refugees and with     Australia. He is a previous indigenous scholarship
women’s organizations.                                    holder through the Indigenous Sports Program at
                                                          the Australian Institute of Sport and also a two-time
                                                          recipient of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Mr Phong Nguyen (Vic) (to April 2008)
                                                          Coach of the Year Award for American Football.
Having arrived in Australia in 1979 as a refugee from
Vietnam, Mr Nguyen was the first Vietnamese to
                                                          Mr Paulo Vieira (Qld) (to September 2007)
join the Jesuits in Australia in 1980 although he left
the Order five years later to study at the University     Born in Zimbabwe of Maltese-Egyptian-Portuguese
of Melbourne where he obtained his B.A, Grad. Dip         parentage, Mr Vieira is Director of Studies at the
and M.A in Linguistics. He has been as passionate         Central Queensland University Language Centre
advocate and champion of multiculturalism and             in Rockhampton. A graduate in Political Science,
social justice in Australia since university and was      Mr Vieira has held several political advisory positions
FECCA’s Inaugural Ethnic Youth of the Year in 1986.       including Senior Policy Adviser to the NSW Minister
Phong is currently the Director of the Springvale         for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs.
Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association
(SICMAA), a not-for-profit community social welfare
agency. He volunteers in many other community
organizations including: the Ethnic Communities
Council of Victoria (Chairperson), Vietnamese
Community in Australia (Vice-President), Vietnamese
Community in Australia-Victoria Chapter (President),
Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Centre - Australia
(Chairperson), Leadership Victoria (Alumni member),
Myer Foundation’s Beyond Australia Committee
(Member). Phong is currently involving in a number
of ministerial and community advisory committees
related to Gambling, Drugs, Police, Interfaith, Health,
Disability and Ageing. For his commitment and
service to Multiculturalism and Australia, Phong was
awarded with the Centenary Medal in 2001.

                                                                                     SBS Annual Report 07-08    75
Community events

SBS Radio outside broadcasts

SBS Radio continued to use outside broadcasts (OBs) to engage with different local communities. SBS Radio in
Melbourne and Sydney mounted many OBs during the year utilising the SBS OB vans located in each centre.

OBs were conducted at the following locations:

•	   N
     	 SW	–	African	Festival	(Sydney);	Armenian	Festival	(Sydney);	Auburn	Festival	(Sydney);	Bairro	Portugues	
     Food and Wine Festival (Petersham); Brazilian Festival (Sydney); Cabramatta Moon Festival (Cabramatta);
     CeBIT Australia 2008 (Sydney); Children’s Festival (Bankstown); Chilean Festival (Fairfield); Dancehall
     Queen Finals 2007 (Sydney); Diversity in Health Conference 2008 (Sydney); Filipino Festival (Sydney);
     Greek Festival (Sydney); Greek National Day (Sydney); Haldon Street Festival (Lakemba); Lebanon Carnival
     (Sydney); Multicultural Eid Festival (Fairfield); NAIDOC Week (Alexandria); Sydney Royal Easter Show
     (Homebush); Strathfield Lunar New Year Festival (Strathfield); Tamil New Year (Pendle Hill); Uruguyan
     Festival (Fairfield); Vietnamese Tet Festival (Warwick Farm); Youth Harmony Festival (Sydney); Youth X
     Festival (Wiley Park). Victoria – Buddha’s Day and Multicultural Festival (Federation Square, Melbourne);
     Chanukah in the Park (Caulfield Park); Chilean Festival (Sandown Racecourse); ‘Diwali’ Festival of Lights
     (Melbourne); Dutch Orange Day (Melbourne); Emerge Festival (Melbourne); Festival Indonesia (Docklands);
     German Day (Melbourne); Japanese Festival (Box Hill); Jewishaid Harmony Day Festival (Melbourne); Lunar
     New Year Celebrations (Springvale); Moon Festival (Melbourne); Pako Festa (Geelong); Polish Festival
     (Melbourne); Sinhalese New Year (Melbourne); Taste of Portugal (Melbourne); TET Festival (Richmond);
     Turkish Day (Coburg Lake), Turkish Festival (Melbourne).
•	   	 ueensland	–	Culture	Fest	(Townsville);	Panyiri	Gree	 	Festival	(Brisbane).
     Q                                                    k
•	   South	Australia	–	WOMAdelaide	(Adelaide).
•	   ACT	–	Greek	Glendi	Festival	(Canberra).

76   SBS Annual Report 07-08
Objective 4.3
Strengthen local and
international partnerships

Creative alliances                                       International door

SBS Content (Television and Online) continued            Documentary Series
fostering its relationship with the Screen Producers’    Dead Tired*
Association of Australia (SPAA) and state funding        Who Do You Think You Are (Series 2)
bodies via key cross-state initiatives such as the
Destination Australia series.                            Single Documentaries
                                                         Death of the Megabeasts
The Film Finance Corporation (now part of Screen
                                                         Murder in The Snow
Australia) leveraged more than 50 per cent of
                                                         Once Bitten
commissioned content resources across co-investment
projects, while the state agencies supported almost      Australian Film Commission
100 per cent of the commissioned documentary slate
and generally matched SBS funds dollar for dollar.       Comedy Series
                                                         Bogan Pride*
These alliances (detailed below) ensure that SBS
commissions programs from throughout Australia           Documentary Series
and allows SBS to draw from a wide range of talent
                                                         A Camel Odyssey
and ideas.
                                                         Loved Up (Series 2)
Increased reliance on producer offset net benefit as
a financing tool will lead to the establishment of new   Single Documentary
partnerships over the next financial year.               Alter Ego – Podlove 2
                                                         Kuru: Science and Sorcery
Film Finance Corporation                                 Murder in the Snow
                                                         The Pageant
                                                         Paper Dolls: Pin Up Girls of WW2
Domestic door
Drama Series                                             Interstitials
Carla Cametti PD*                                        Monster Auditions
The Circuit (Series 2)
Saved*                                                   Film Australia

Documentary Series                                       Single Documentary
About Women                                              Community Cop
Great Australian Albums (Series 2)                       Every Family’s Nightmare
Loved Up (Series 2)
                                                         Film Victoria
Single Documentary
Embedded with the Murri Mob*                             Drama Series
Embedded with Nationalists                               Bogan Pride
Embedded With Sheik Hilaly                               Saved*
My America*
My Biggest Fan*                                          Single Documentary
Not Forgotten                                            Alter Ego – Podlove 2
The Pageant                                              Murder in the Snow
Paper Dolls: Pin Up Girls of WW2                         Paper Dolls: Pinup Girl of WW2
The Portrait Painter*

                                                                                    SBS Annual Report 07-08   77
NSW Film and Television Office                                             Partnerships and business opportunities
Documentary Series
                                                                           SBS News and Current Affairs
Taxi School*
Single Documentary                                                         SBS News and Current Affairs has established
Lillian Roxon: The Mother of Rock                                          commercial relationships with Link TV in the USA,
Maverick Mother*                                                           TVNZ in New Zealand and Phoenix TV in Hong Kong
                                                                           for these networks to broadcast individual stories
                                                                           or wholes series of Dateline to their audiences. This
Northern Territory Film and Television Office
                                                                           generates revenue for SBS, but also acknowledges
Documentary Series                                                         the high standard and international recognition of
Destination Australia (Series 2)                                           the program and its appeal to audiences beyond
                                                                           Australia’s shores. SBS also has a commercial
                                                                           relationship with National Indigenous Television (NITV)
Pacific Film and Television Commission
                                                                           for NITV to broadcast episodes of Living Black, as
Single Documentary                                                         well as other one-off special events covered by the
My America                                                                 Living Black team during this past year, such as the
                                                                           broadcast of The Deadlys awards.
Screen Tasmania                                                            SBS News and Current Affairs maintains significant
                                                                           program and content supply relationships with
Documentary Series
                                                                           overseas broadcasters for the supply of news
Destination Australia (Series 2)                                           services for SBS’s WorldWatch and World News
                                                                           Channel sources.
South Australian Film Corporation
Documentary Series
Destination Australia (Series 2)

Single Documentary
The Town They Gave Away

Drama Series
The Circuit (Series 2)

Documentary Series
Who Do You Think You Are? (Series 2)

Single Documentary
Death of the Megabeasts
Destination Australia (Series 2)
Kuru: Science and Sorcery
* Commissioned by SBS in 2006-07 but financed by the relevant federal or
state body in 2007-08.

78    SBS Annual Report 07-08
WorldWatch and World News Channel sources

 Country         Language       Broadcaster                                         Origin         Signal
 Chile           Spanish        Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN)                  Santiago       Courier
 China           Mandarin       China Central Television (CCTV)                     Beijing        Sat/Fibre
 Croatia         Croatian       Hrvatska Radiotelevizija (HRT)                      Zagreb         Satellite
 France          French         France Télévisions (FT2)                            Paris          Sat/Fibre
 Germany         German         Deutsche Welle (DW)                                 Berlin         Satellite
 Germany         English        Deutsche Welle (DW)                                 Berlin         Satellite
 Greece          Greek          Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT)                 Athens         Sat/Fibre
 Hong Kong       Cantonese      TVB Pearl                                           Hong Kong      Satellite
 Hungary         Hungarian      Duna Television (DTV)                               Budapest       Satellite
 Indonesia       Indonesian     Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI)                  Jakarta        Satellite
 Italy           Italian        Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI)                     Rome           Satellite
 Japan           Japanese       Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)                            Tokyo          Satellite
 Korea           Korean         YTN News Network (YTN)                              Seoul          Satellite
 Malta           Maltese        Public Broadcasting Services (PBS)                  G’mangia       FTP/Courier
 Netherlands     Dutch          Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS)                  Hilversum      Satellite
 Philippines     Tagalog        ABS-CBN Network                                     Manila         Satellite
 Poland          Polish         Telewizja Polska (TVP)                              Warsaw         Courier
 Poland          Polish         Telewizja PolSat                                    Warsaw         Courier
 Russia          Russian        NTV Telekompania (NTV)                              Moscow         Sat/Fibre
 Serbia          Serbian        Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS)                       Belgrade       Sat/Fibre
 Spain           Spanish        Radio Televisión Española (RTVE)                    Madrid         Satellite
 Turkey          Turkish        Türkiye Radyo Televizyon (TRT)                      Ankara         Satellite
 Ukraine         Ukrainian      MIST Telekompania                                   Lviv           Courier
 UAE             Arabic         Dubai Media Incorporated (DTV)                      Dubai          Sat/Fibre
 USA             English        Public Broadcasting System (PBS)                    Wash. DC       Satellite
 USA             English        Public Broadcasting System (PBS)                    NY & Miami     Satellite

SBS Sport                                                  SBS Online

SBS Sport signed a new five year deal for the Tour de      In conjunction with Film Australia, the NSW Film
France with the French rights agency, ASO (Amaury          and Television Office and the Australian Film,
Sport Organisation). Under the new agreement,              Television and Radio School (AFTRS), the Change
SBS retains exclusive live rights to the event and         the World cross-platform project was conceived
the online rights to produce the official website in       as an incubation project for young film makers
Australia. As part of the deal SBS also secured the        and digital media practitioners in NSW. Nine young
online rights for the Dakar Rally.                         film makers were selected and commissioned by
                                                           SBS Online and Film Australia to create 25 short
SBS also secured the official online clip rights for the   films around sustainability themes. These were
next three seasons of the English Premier League.          published on the Change the World website
                                                           ( In addition, producers
                                                           were also able to take part in comprehensive
                                                           workshops in the AFTRS interactive lab.

                                                           In December 2007, SBS Online licensed search
                                                           technology from Google to power the web based
                                                           search facility on SBS websites. In addition, the
                                                           priority of search as a navigational tool was increased
                                                           with all new sites having a prominent search function
                                                           within their site headers. These two developments
                                                           have led to a significant increase in the use of the
                                                           search function on SBS websites.

                                                                                      SBS Annual Report 07-08    79
SBS Marketing                                            SBS sponsorships

A number of large promotional partnerships were put      SBS is involved in a number of sponsorships
in place by SBS Marketing this year including:           to support industry and community events and
                                                         initiatives that are relevant to its services.
•	   a	major	promotional	partnership	with	The	
                                                         •	   Australian	Business	Arts	Foundation	(AbaF)
     Australian newspaper for The Circuit;
•	   a	national	promotion	with	News	Limited’s	six	            SBS is a Major Media Partner for the AbaF
     major newspaper mastheads across the country             National Awards.
     for Who Do You Think You Are?;                      •	   Bangarra	Dance	Theatre
•	   a	national	marketing	and	promotional	partnership	        Marketing partnership with SBS Television and
     with for Who Do You Think                Radio; SBS brand on all print promotions for
     You Are?;                                                major Sydney premieres; benefit of hospitality
•	   a	national	marketing	partnership	with	The	               and tickets.
     Australian newspaper for the 2007 Tour de France.
                                                         •	   F
                                                              	 lickerfest	18th	International	Short	Film	
                                                              Festival (Sydney)
SBS Technology and Distribution
                                                              Marketing partnership; SBS brand on all print
Considerable work was undertaken by the Division              and online promotions; airing of SBS promotional
during the year in its negotiations with a variety of         trailer at Bondi Pavilion and regional screenings;
vendors for the provision of services and systems for         sponsor of SBS Short Film Award; and benefit of
the non-linear presentation and playout project.              tickets to all screenings.

SBS Technology and Distribution continues to             •	   NSW	Art	Gallery
enhance its innovative and productive partnering              Marketing partnership with SBS Radio;
relationship with Broadcast Australia (BA) (SBS’s             SBS brand on all print promotions for major
major transmission provider). This partnership                exhibitions; benefit of hospitality and tickets.
has now been established for 4½ years. A second          •	   SBS	Youth	Orchestra
Relationship Business Plan is currently under review
                                                              Marketing partnership of major concert; cross
continuing the previous theme of collaboration,
                                                              promotion on website.
transparency, rigour and accountability between the
two organisations.                                       •	   Sydney	Opera	House
                                                              Marketing and commercial partnership for major
Hostworks, the provider of SBS’s outsourced                   Sydney Opera House promotions and events;
online hosting services, was recently purchased               benefit of hospitality and tickets.
by Broadcast Australia and it is expected that the
                                                         •	   Sydney	Festival
existing SBS/BA relationship will extend to include
Hostworks within the partnering activities.                   Marketing partnership with SBS Radio; SBS
                                                              brand on major print campaigns; benefit of
                                                              hospitality and tickets.
                                                         SBS was a media sponsor of the Media
                                                         Entertainment and Arts Alliance’s The Future of
                                                         Journalism conference (May 2008) and a silver
                                                         sponsor for the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery
                                                         Midwinter Ball (June 2008).

                                                         SBS Radio participates in the following events each
                                                         year, primarily through SBS Radio promotional
                                                         support and community involvement.

80   SBS Annual Report 07-08
SBS Radio sponsorships 2007-08

 Organisation / Event                   Community    Sector       Contribution       Region
 AUSIT                                  All          Government   Media Partner      National
 Australian of the Year                 All          Government   Media Partner      National
 Bairro Portuguese                      Portuguese   Community    OB/Media Partner   NSW
 CeBIT                                  All          Business     OB/Media Partner   NSW
 CO.AS.IT                               Italian      Community    Media Partner      NSW
 Cultural Diversity Week                All          Government   Media Partner      Victoria
 Cultural Fest Townsville               All          Arts         OB/Media Partner   Queensland
 Festival Indonesia                     Indonesian   Arts         OB                 Victoria
 German Film Festival                   German       Film         Media Partner      National
 Gift of Light                          Hindi        Arts         Media Partner      Victoria
                                        Japanese     Community
                                        Spanish      Government
 Greek Festival of Sydney               Greek        Community    OB/Media Partner   NSW
 Greek Film Festival of Sydney          Greek        Film         Media Partner      NSW
 Haldon Street Festival                 All          Community    OB                 NSW
 Harmony Day                            All          Community    Media Partner*     National
 Lavazza Italian Film Festival          Italian      Film         Media Partner      National
 La Mirada Film Festival                Spanish      Film         Media Partner      Victoria
 Melbourne International                All          Arts         Media Partner      Victoria
 Arts Festival
 Melbourne International                All          Film         Media Partner      Victoria
 Film Festival
 National Youth Week                    All          Government   Media Partner      National
 Open Road Conference                   All          Government   Media Partner      Victoria
 Senior’s Festival                      All          Government   Media Partner      Victoria
 Spanish and Latin American             Spanish      Film         Media Partner      NSW
 Film Festival
 Spanish Film Festival                  Spanish      Film         Media Partner      National
 Sydney Festival                        All          Arts         Media Partner      NSW
 Sydney Royal Easter Show               All          Community    OB/Media Partner   NSW
 WOMADelaide                            All          Music        OB/Media Partner   SA

* Hosted SBS Youth Orchestra Concert.

                                                                            SBS Annual Report 07-08   81

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