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									Queensland Sangha Association


Address,                          change:
Address, Map Reference and Zoning change:
108 Eric Street
QLD. 4300

Map reference
Google Map:               (Not supplied)
UBD:                      Page 216, M17
Status of approval by local government
Ipswich City Council has approved the Centre as a place of worship subject to conditions.

Description of access, visiting hours
Coming from Brisbane towards Ipswich, take the Church Street exit, turn left into Queen Street,
and then left into Church Street. After say 500 meters turn left into Eric Street. The temple
premises are the last one on the right. It is a steep hill and the monks’ residence is at the top.

Visiting days and hours
Any day between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. Please arrange a meeting by telephone (07-3818
Communications and Banking details:
Telephone (land) lines    07-3818-76634-1347
Mobile                    0488-684-8806
Contact hours             8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Fax                       07-3818-76634-1347
Email address             sugathasara@yahoo.com
Website    s              The temple website is being developed. The following website of the Queensland Sangha
           Association includes a section on this centre. Go to the Directory of Centres, then the name of this temple, and
           then click on Virtual Tour of Centre.
Main contact              Venerable S.Sugathasara, email and telephone as above
Bank account details-Building Fund
      Name of account:             Venerable Soma Memorial School Building Fund
                                   (Donations over $ 2.00 are tax deductible for the donor)
      Financial Institution:       Bank of Queensland
                                   BSB No. 124001
                                   Account Number: 20317025
         Donations made through direct deposits
         Donations from the general public are gratefully accepted. Please send an email (to
         the Abbot as given above) after money is deposited giving your name and address
         to send a receipt and for our records. Please put your name as the reference on the
         deposit slip.

Bank account details-Operating Fund (not supplied)

Name of the association
                     Buddhist Vihara (Temple) of Queensland Inc.
                     ABN:       20 683 886 954

Venerable S. Sugathasara

Other resident monks:
Venerable W. Anandasiri

Theravada, Sri Lankan, Amarapura Maha Sangha Sabha, Dharmarakshita Nikaya

Spiritual director
Venerable Sitinamaluwe Sugathasara thero

Founders and Pioneers
(Sangha and lay leaders who played a key role at the commencement of the association, and when the Sangha came into residence can be mentioned here.)

The Late Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thero

Other related centres:

1. Buddhist Vihara in Melbourne
           125 Homestead Road, Berwick, Victoria 3806, Australia
           Telephone 03-9702-6274
2. Sri Vagiragnana Dharmayathanaya, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Activities of interest to the public and regular programs

     •     Weekly Saturday Buddha Puja is held at 7:00pm, followed by Food Stall serving Sri Lankan for Fund raising.
     •     Dhamma School for children: at 6:00pm for one hour.
     •     Dhamma School over the internat at 7:00pm, in collaboration with web based ‘Savanata Sisilasa Buddhist Radio’.
     •     Fortnightly Sila and meditation program for all: Sundays from 8:30am to 5:00pm.
    •    Annual Katina Puja in November.
    •    Annual Wesak festival in May at the temple.
    •    Annual Wesak Festival at BEMAC, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane City, in collaboration with Brisbane City Council
         and BEMAC.
    •    Annual Posan Dansela (free meal for all) in June
    •    Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony in January to invoke blessings of the Triple Gem
    •    Visiting sick and elderly by the monks to invoke blessings
    •    Provide counseling to families during bereavements
    •    Monks visit the sick at local hospitals when invited

General Information about the centre

The Buddhist Vihara of Queensland is situated on 2.5 acres of bush-land setting in Goodna on an elevated land. Its native
vegetation along with ample wild life creates serene and calm surroundings, with the stone Buddha statue in meditation
posture in front of the main building. The main building houses the shrine room with a beautiful Buddha statue, monks
quarters. Disability access is from the back of the building. Toilet facilities for the visiting public are located at the ground
floor area. The place can easily accommodate 500 visitors during a major festival. The veranda around the upper floor of
the building provides ample space for a quiet sitting for meditation.
Visitors from all walks of life and religious beliefs are welcome to visit the temple. All the residents in the immediate
neighborhood consider the temple as a valuable addition to the forest setting of the area. They all appreciate the harmless,
non-invasive and peaceful life of the monks and the devotees. It recommended that one should visit the temple just to
experience the ambiance of the place.
Sensible attire with white or lighter colours is welcome. While at the temple, speak little and act in a disciplined manner.
Silence is the key thing for the cultivation of mind.
Alms giving for the monks have been arranged for the days of the month. Please telephone the resident monks to organize
alms giving for a special occasion.
A future development plan has been approved by the Ipswich City Council. This includes better parking facilities, access
roads, a meditation hall, Sthupa and a Bodhi Tree Precinct. Donations are welcome to help develop the temple.


The temple has a large collection of books/ audio/ video media for use by earnest students of Dhamma. These books
represent Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Buddhism. There are many books meant for use by children of
all ages. The entire Tripitaka in Pali and Sinhalese languages is available at the Library for reference. Books other than
reference material may be borrowed free of charge for a period of two weeks by arrangement with the resident monks.
Audio recordings of Buddha’s Teachings by learned monks may also be borrowed for study.

History of the Centre

In 1998, a handful of Buddhists living in Brisbane recognized the need for a Buddhist Temple to cater for all Buddhists and
others interested in learning Buddha’s teaching. Under the supervision of late Ven. Gangodawila Soma thero of the
Buddhsist Vihara of Victoria, this temple was inaugurated in a rented house on Pannard Street, Darra, with the leadership
of Ven. Sitinamaluwe Sugathasara thero.

The dayakas and well wishers worked tirelessly towards the progress of the temple which served the greater Brisbane,
Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast communities. There are many Australians who support the temple to listen to
Buddha’s teachings and use the library.

The temple is an incorporated and not-for profit organization run by a Management Committee consisting of President, two
Vice Presidents, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and three Committee Members. The incumbent monk is the
President and leader according to the Constitution of the incorporation.

To cover the cost of running and maintaining the temple a fund has been set up with membership fees. Saturday evening of
every week is dedicated for religious observances. A food stall is run every weekend for fund raising. A Dhamma School
for children is conducted on Saturdays to help them in understanding Buddhist way of life and its values. Dedicated
volunteer teachers help the monks in this task.

Annual Kathina pinkama (Rains Retreat), special offering to past 28 Buddhas, Vesak and Poson celebrations, Precepts
Days, meditation programs and Dhamma talks by respected visiting monks have been some typical activities of the temple.
There are special services performed at funerals according to Buddhist rights. Counseling services are also available to the
community during difficult times of their lives.
In the year 2001, an opportunity arose to purchase a house in Wacol with a long history of Buddhist activities led by Mr
Claas de Jong. This house was known as “Dhammadinna House” with a Bodhi tree (Ficus Religiosa) originating from
Bodh Gaya, India, where the Buddha attained to enlightenment. This house was purchased from Mr De Jong at a very
reasonable price. As the member numbers grew over the years, the temple was found grossly inadequate with space during
major religious events. By 2005, the house was owned by the incorporation with no outstanding debt. As the activities of
the temple expanded to an increasing community of Buddhists, the service of another monk was felt and Ven. Wilagama
Anandasiri thero joined the temple in 2006.

The purchase of a spacious house on a 2.5 acre land in nearby Goodna in September 2006 was a milestone in the history of
the temple. The place was surrounded by tall gum trees with abundant wild life was a truly serene setting for a temple to
pursue and practice Buddha’s teachings. The temple at Wacol was sold to reduce the debt in the new temple. The 25-year
old Bodhi tree was transplanted to the Goodna temple.


To provide a centre of excellence to study the Buddha’s teachings and pursue the practice of the Theravada
Tradition, as taught by the Buddha, by all for the benefit and peace here and now as well as beyond. All
our services are provided to everyone interested in Buddhism free of charge.


The Buddhist Vihara (Temple) of Queensland Inc. was established as a place of worship and practice
according to Theravada tradition of Buddhism.

Our vision is as follows:

1 To provide a traditional village monastery for use as a residence for the Buddhist monks

2. To provide a place of Buddhist worship for all

3. To provide opportunities for all members of the community to become familiar with the Buddhist way of
life by practicing sila (morality), Samadhi (concentration) and Panna (wisdom) through learning of the
teachings and participating in meditation programs

4. To invite erudite meditation monks from time to time for short visits to guide the practitioners of

5. To organize and lead the congregation, worshipping and other traditional religious activities;

6. To organize religious instruction for children and youths so that they may be aware of the ethical and
moral values and so become better citizens of Australia;

7. To provide religious services for the Buddhists and for Buddhists of other nationalities;

8. To be the spiritual body to guide, assist and care for Buddhists in general and aged Buddhists in

9. To promote and safeguard friendship and understanding among Buddhists in general and other
religious organizations

The Abbot
A complete profile of the abbot is given in the directory of monks and nuns in this website. Please click on the Directory of
monks and nuns, and then click on the name Sugathasara, Venerable Sitinamaluwe

May you be well and happy!


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