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									                      Newsletter CVE
                       Christian Values in Education
Issue 22                               [Registered Charity]                          September 2008
                                                          It is a wonderful mercy when we come into
                                                          new circumstances of life through which we
       New Academic Year                                  have not passed before to be able, by faith, to
                                                          plead the Lord‟s precious promises. The
        New Beginnings                                    Psalmist David testified assuredly “My times
In the field of education, September begins               are in thy hand:” [Psalm 31:15] and exhorts
a new year. This brings changes and new                   those that fear God to “Commit thy way unto
circumstances in life to children, young                  the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring
people, parents and teachers. It is certainly             it to pass: [Psalm 37:5]. Such a time as this,
a time to seek the Lord for His help,                     the beginning of a new academic year, is a
wisdom and grace in all that lies before.                 time to seek the Lord, through the privilege of
The holiday season between academic years                 prayer, for His help, guidance and keeping.
is often an enjoyable one where many                      It is the prayerful desire of the CVE
families can spend more time together and                 Committee that each of you, school children,
maybe benefit from a holiday together at the              young people, parents and teachers, will
coast, in the countryside or overseas. For a              know the Lord directing your steps into and
time many children forget about school, the               throughout another academic year and that
prospect of a new class, new teacher or new               you will be able to truly say “The Lord is my
school. In the case of some older children it is          helper, and I will not fear what man shall do
a time for relaxation following important                 unto me” [Hebrews 13:6].
examinations for which they await results. It
is a transition period for certain young people
between school and college, university or
occupation. Many important decisions have
                                                                   A „Broken Society‟
to be taken especially when examination                                 says MP
results are known. For some there is rejoicing            The leader of the opposition party has said
that their choices can be taken up, yet for               that the neglect of marriage and a stable
others there is disappointment and new plans              family unit in Britain is contributing in a
have to be considered.                                    significant way to a breakdown of society.
For parents it can be a time of concern where             This view is very welcome to those of us who
one of their children is to begin school for the          mourn the increased trend of recent years
first time, or maybe change school. It is                 where man and woman live together outside
certainly a time of concern where advice and              wedlock and have children. We mourn the
guidance has to be given to older children in             open rejection of God‟s Holy Word in
taking up further education or on leaving                 society,     encouraged       by    government
education altogether to find an occupation.               legislation to promote ungodly relationships.
Whatever the change, or whatever the                      The Office of National Statistics stated in a
decision, the new academic year brings a time             report earlier this year that married people are
of uncertainty. It brings new acquaintances,              a minority in the adult population for the first
new circumstances and, in some cases, new                 time. Most adults are single (which includes
locations. But it does not change the ever                those living together outside wedlock),
watchful eye of the loving Lord God over His              divorced or widowed. The number of
people. There is never any uncertainty about              weddings has fallen to the lowest level since
that, for He is faithful that promised. To those          1895 and compared to the size of the
who seek to walk in His tender fear He has                population is the smallest proportion since
said “I will never leave thee or forsake thee”            records began.
[Hebrews 13:5].

               Christian Values in Education. P.O.Box 273, Oakington, Cambridgeshire, CB24 5FW
This downward trend corresponds exactly                   During a Religious Education lesson at a
with an increase in juvenile deliquency and               Secondary School in Staffordshire, Muslim
illiteracy among young people. Police records             headgear and prayer mats were given out and
show that the number of persistent offenders              the year seven class (eleven- to twelve-year-
in serious crimes under the age of 16 has                 olds) told to kneel down in prayer to the
increased by over 40% in recent years. Also,              Muslim god Allah. Two boys refused and
in spite of record pass grades at GCSE and                were given detention as punishment for
„A‟ level, the number of young people termed              „being disrespectful‟.
„unemployable‟ by employers has risen                     The local education authority is investigating
significantly.                                            the matter based on complaints received, but
Apparently statistics also point to evidence              included the following phrase in its statement
that almost half of unmarried couples separate            “Educating children in the beliefs of different
before their child‟s fifth birthday, compared             faiths is part of the diversity curriculum on
with a divorce rate (although this is sad) of             the basis that knowledge is essential to
one in twelve.                                            understanding.”
It is these observations which has led the                Whilst there is no basic objection to children
leader of the government opposition to use                gaining knowledge of the principles and
the term „Broken Society‟ and declare that he             practices of various religions, it is a different
would reinstate tax benefits to married                   aspect altogether to be compelled to take part
couples if his party came into power.                     in them as if they are followers and believers.
“Encouraging marriage is essential for                    It is hoped that this is an isolated case, but
building a strong society”. The tax scheme                with certain local authorities limiting the
which allowed married couples to pool there               outward celebration of Christian festivals
personal allowances was removed in the year               (Tower Hamlets Counsellors are this month
2000, but if reinstated would allow a woman,              to respect the Muslim season of Ramadan by
who choses to stay at home to care for the                not being permitted to eat at work in daylight
children, to transfer her £5000 tax free                  hours, yet Christmas is to be termed a
allowance to her husband.                                 „festival meal‟) it is needful to keep a careful
Although nothing is said about overturning                watch on what is being attempted to set
ungodly legislation which has brought                     before the children at school. Strong
abominable things to be openly practised in               objections must be raised at the earliest
our land, we must continue to pray and hope               opportunity with the Head and Governors of
that the Lord will put His reverent fear in the           the school where attempts are made to
heart of every member of our parliament,                  discredit the Christian faith or compel
instilling the desire to return to the heavenly           children to partake in other faith activities.
pattern of Holy Scripture for the governance              CVE is willing to help any parent or pupil
of our land. “Blessed is the nation whose God             who may have to face such a situation. Please
is the Lord” [Psalm 33:12]. It will be most               feel free to contact the Secretary at the
solemn if our children are left to struggle with          address below.
the prevailing powers of humanism and
atheism in society. May our prayers be as
Habakkuk “O Lord, revive thy work in the                        Early Age Curriculum
midst of the years, in the midst of the years             A new curriculum framework for the
make known; in wrath remember mercy”.                     assessment of very young children was
[Habakkuk 3:2]                                            mentioned in the last issue of the CVE
                                                          Newsletter. It comes into force this
  Disciplined for not taking                              Nursery education is to be more tightly
                                                          regulated through requirements to assess
   part in Muslim Prayer                                  young children on how well they perform in
Two schoolboys from Stoke-on-Trent have                   certain activities. There are nearly 70 skill
been punished by their comprehensive                      areas defined by the „Framework‟ for
school teacher for refusing to pray to                    assessment ranging from writing and
Allah.                                                    communication skills to how well they can

               Christian Values in Education. P.O.Box 273, Oakington, Cambridgeshire, CB24 5FW
operate a TV remote control hand set. The                 nevertheless, the promise was tried and
purpose and benefit of this extra assessment              proved.
is not understood but it is hoped that it is not          At the end of the third year, I failed half of
another piece of legislation attempting to                my finals, which was a work-based project
make the upbringing of children more a state              thesis. This took 6 months to complete plus a
education function than that of parents.                  viva interview. I remember feeling very tried
                                                          and rebellious, to the point that I considered
Recently a number of MPs (6 labour; 2                     writing to the exam board, because surely
Conservative, 2 Liberal Democrats) called for             there must be some mistake? However, on
Primary school children to undergo sex
                                                          the following Lord‟s Day, two of the Lord‟s
education regardless of parents‟ wishes. They
                                                          servants in three services spoke of Joseph‟s
also called for sex lessons to be made                    trial and his “two full years” in prison. This
compulsory in secondary schools. At present,
                                                          “two full years” seemed to take hold of me
the law requires that schools teach the                   and I felt persuaded that I would fail again the
biological facts about sex in science lessons
                                                          following year and then pass the third time.
to secondary school pupils. While many
schools do offer sex education lessons,                   I proceeded into another year and seemed to
parents can ask for their children not to be              forget all about this. I indeed failed again that
included in them.                                         year and yet I still did not remember –
                                                          somewhat like the chief butler forgetting
Whilst there is a need for children to be                 Joseph, because it was not yet to be the end of
taught in this area of their development it is            the trial.
best done by loving parents who know their
                                                          The following August, when I was nearing
children‟s needs. It is a great concern that
                                                          the end of my third project, the Lord‟s servant
certain MPs wish to introduce it so early in a
                                                          Mr Short came. He preached from Zechariah
child‟s life as part of state education. The
                                                          4:7.(Who art thou, O great mountain). He
permissive manner in which it is currently
                                                          spoke about Joseph‟s trial and it all came
done at secondary school level undoubtedly
                                                          flooding back with much sweetness into my
leads to promiscuity in young people
                                                          mind. Indeed, I wept that morning. I was
resulting in so many unwanted pregnancies
                                                          enabled to rest in faith throughout the
and dreadful abortions. What the MPs think is
                                                          submission of my project in September, the
needful for young children raises many fears.
                                                          viva interview in November and right through
We can only express again our prayerful                   nearly to the results in the following January,
desire that the Lord will intervene as we take            feeling sure the Lord was in it,
heed to the exhortation of Paul to Timothy                As the date of the results came near my faith
that prayers be made “..for all that are in               began to be tried. But at a prayer meeting,
authority; that we may lead a quiet and                   thirty six hours before I was due to get my
peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”             results, a dear friend gave out hymn 513
[1 Timothy 2:2].                                          (Gadsby‟s) “Jehovah-Jireh will appear” and
                                                          also my eyes were drawn to notice Romans
                                                          4:20-21 both of which were a great strength
   My Times in His Hands                                  to my faith. The results proved that the
When approaching my first year exams, I                   matter was of the Lord. I had passed!. Notes
remember feeling very exercised and                       of real praise rose from my heart over that
concerned about them and looking to the                   weekend. It was my responsibility to choose
Lord for help. The minister Mr Davidson                   and give out the hymns on the next Lord‟s
came and preached from Isaiah 40:26 (last                 day morning. I gave out 959, 667 and 315
clause) “not one faileth” (it was the last time           (Gadsby‟s), which tells you a little of one‟s
he came, just a few weeks before he died).                feelings at the time.
Although it was principally a spiritual
                                                          If you have an experience when young or in
sermon, I believe the Lord applied those three            education which we could print to the honour of
words to me that night in relation to my                  God, then please do let us know. All accounts will
exams and it proved to be so. I passed them               be treated in the utmost confidence unless you
all. I passed one by just 1% or 2%, but                   wish otherwise.

               Christian Values in Education. P.O.Box 273, Oakington, Cambridgeshire, CB24 5FW
              CVE Issues                                   THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT
Publications                                               Fill in the missing words, then find them in
The CVE Booklet on Euthanasia has been                     the Wordsearch.
updated and reprinted. There have been                       1.       Felix trembled when Paul reasoned of
significant developments on this topic in                             righteousness, _______________ and
government and in the medical profession                              judgement to come. (Acts 24:25)
since the booklet was first published. The new               2.       A wise man will show his works with
issue is not being sent to everyone on the                            _____________of wisdom. (James 3:13)
mailing list but a copy can be obtained free of              3.       Thy _______________ hath made me
charge (help towards postage would be                                 great. (Psalm 18:35)
appreciated) from the CVE Secretary, address                 4.       Jesus said, These things have I spoken
below, or collected from the publications                             unto you, that my _________ might
display table at the Regional Meetings. We                            remain in you. (John 15:11)
hope it will continue to be a helpful
                                                             5.       Timothy was to exhort with all
publication, in particular to senior pupils and
                                                                      ____________________ and doctrine.
students who are faced with discussion or
                                                                      (2 Timothy 4:2)
debate on the topic at school and college.
                                                             6.       Mordecai spoke ___________ to all his
Regional Meetings:
                                                                      seed. (Esther 10:3)
We thank the friends at Ebenezer Strict
Baptist Chapel, Chelmsford for arranging a                   7.       God commendeth his _______ towards
CVE Regional Meeting for the Essex area. Mr                           us, in that, while we were yet sinners,
G Hadley gave an address on „Technology                               Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)
Today‟ covering a wide range of technologies                 8.       O Lord God, be clothed with salvation and
we use. The main theme was that technologies                          let thy saints rejoice in
are a benefit to us, but the way we use them                          _______________.(2 Chronicles 6:41)
can make them a snare.                                       9.       But the just shall live by his ________.
If the Lord will, further meetings will be held                       (Habakkuk 2:4)
this year as follows.
                                                                  B     O    L    O     E    V    O    L    K
               WEST COUNTIES
1. Saturday 6th September at 2.30 p.m.                            O     G    O    O     D    N    E    S    S
   Location: Croft Hall,                                          F     G    N    Y     A    L    S    A    T
              Hungerford, Berkshire
   Speaker: Mr. C. Richards (Protestant Alliance.)                I     A    G    N     O    S    S    M    T
   Subject: Our Christian Heritage.                               E     C    S    H     A    J    E    P    E
            „Tell it to the generation following‟
                                                                  C     T    U    E     R    E    N    F    M
              BEDS & HERTS
2.Saturday 22nd November at 3.00 p.m.                             A     I    F    V     K    E    E    V    P
  Location: St George‟s Church Hall                               E     E    F    N     R    S    L    E    E
            Letchworth, Hertfordshire
                                                                  P     S    E    T     H    W    T    E    R
  Speaker: Mr G Chewter (T.B.S.)
  Subject: Why we use the A.V. Bible.                             N     S    R    T     T    Y    N    T    A
             (Educational Perspective)
                                                                  S     W    I    O     A    N    E    D    N
                                                                  T     A    N    W     E    N    G    T    C
Previous Issue Activity:                                          F     Y    G    T     H    R    E    E    E
Genealogy of Jesus Christ                                  The remaining letters in the Wordsearch,
1. Abraham (Abram); 2. Isaac; 3. Jacob                     if read from left to right, top to bottom,
4. Judas (Judah); 5. Phares (Pharez);                      should spell out where to find the ‘fruit of
11. Booz (Boaz); 14. David; 15. Solomon;                   the spirit’ in the Bible!
18. Asa; 19; Josaphat (Jehoshaphat)
24. Ezekias (Hezekiah) 25. Manasses (Manasseh);
                                                           Write out the verses putting the words in
27.Josias (Josiah); 28. Jechonias (Jehoahaz)
                                                           the correct order and see if you can learn
6-10; 12-13; 16-17; 20-23; & 26 were given
How many further generations to Christ? – 14               them off by heart!

                Christian Values in Education. P.O.Box 273, Oakington, Cambridgeshire, CB24 5FW

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