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					                                               Expedition brief
  Guildford High School 2011 Expedition

Even the most hardened of barterers may find themselves out-haggled in the baffling
maze that is the Souk markets of Marrakesh where all sorts of weird and wonderful
crafts are to be found. Climb high into the razor peaks of the Atlas Mountains and
summit Mt Toubkal (4167m). Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture while working on
an environmental community project where you might be helping with renovations,
digging irrigation channels, teaching English or playing games with the local children.

Quality tailor-made expeditions
for schools and individuals
The objectives of your expedition are chosen by your Link Teacher. Your schools
objectives are then formed into a tailor made Expedition Brief which is detailed on page 5.

                Adventure           Combining the excitement of a physical challenge with exploration of
                inspiring environments, an adventure expedition objective enables students to test their
                limits while tackling thrilling adventurous activities. You could take on a significant peak,
                a journey through thick jungle or across vast plains or glaciers. Teams might even choose
                to learn technical skills such as kayaking, glacier walking, scuba diving or ice climbing.

                Project       Give something back to the community you are travelling through. Our
                projects range from renovation and construction in remote communities to work in schools
                or orphanages. We also work on some excellent environmental projects such as wildlife
                behavioural studies, reforestation schemes and habitat conservation.

                Green        Expeditions with a green objective are ones which are a little kinder to the
                environment and usually have an environmental project at their heart; especially projects
                that are carbon positive and help by taking carbon emissions out of the atmosphere.

                Curriculum support                 An expedition with a curriculum support objective is one
                which is tailored to relate to specific areas of the curriculum.

                Duke of Edinburgh             These expeditions can be used to complete the expedition
                section of the Gold DofE award and meet the DofE’s “20 Conditions”. The expedition
                must be approved by the relevant Operating Authority.

Expedition ratings
We have rated each of our expeditions with a physical rating and a culture shock rating.
The physical rating assesses how physically demanding the expedition is likely to be. The
culture shock rating indicates how different to normal every day life the expedition will
be. The ratings for this expedition opportunity are included on page 3 and correspond to
the symbol scales below.

Physical ratings:                               Culture shock ratings:
Limited level of physical exertion              Very similar to your normal living environment in the UK

Moderate level of physical exertion             A definite difference from the UK

High level of physical exertion                 A major change from what you’re used to

 Welcome to Morocco
The purpose of this brief is to introduce the expedition opportunity on offer to you. It will
give you a feel for the expedition destination, includes an all inclusive price and lets you
know about the type of projects and activities your group could be taking part in. We’ve
also thrown in a few interesting facts too! We hope this brief snapshot will leave you
feeling inspired and wanting more!

  This expedition opportunity
  Expedition price:       £ 1050

  Departure period:        October 2011

  Duration:                8 days


  Visa requirements:       Not needed for British Nationals

  Culture shock rating:

  Physical rating:          Moderate

 Facts and figures
 Geography Coast, desert and           Languages Arabic (official)
 high arid mountains                   and Berber dialects. Spanish and
                                       French are often the languages
 Climate Mediterranean - but           of business and government
 slightly more extreme towards the
 interior where it is mountainous      Cultural / historical
 Religion/s Muslim                     Morocco's long struggle for
                                       independence from France
                                       ended in 1956

               Visit lonely for a more in-depth guide to the destination

your objectives Explained…
The Link Teacher in consultation with the school tailor makes the school’s unique
expedition, choosing elements like the destination, duration, objectives, departure time
and training package. The page details the objectives of your expedition; these are the
activities, projects and exciting itinerary features that your Link Teacher really wants you
to experience.

 With such a variety of terrain on offer treks can be varied to suit
 everyone’s needs; explore wild, rocky landscapes and lush valleys
 that have supported an unchanged way of life for Moroccans for
 centuries. For longer treks you might even take along some mules
 to help carry your equipment and to ease those days that you are
 walking long and hard to reach summits or over passes. Spend the
 evenings camping out under the stars. Refresh yourself with
 copious amounts of hot sugary mint tea, freshly baked flat bread
 cooked on hot stones and feast on a tajine full of meat, vegetables
 and couscous.

Example tailor made itinerary
Below is an example tailor made itinerary. It includes all of the
objectives and in country activities as chosen by your Link
Teacher. Based around this, participants will be presented with a
menu of itinerary options as part of their training programme.
From this menu the team can form their own unique expedition.
They will also be encouraged to set their own personal and group
objectives about what they hope to get out of the experience.

Day       Notes

1         International flight to Marrakesh, Morocco, Africa. Spend the rest of the evening exploring the busy
          square of Djeema el- Fna and venture in to the compact yet sprawling souks. You will need to confirm
          your arrival with itinerary contacts and change some group budget in to Dirhams.
2         Make any final arrangements and transfer to the High Atlas mountains.
3-6       Spend the next four days trekking from Ait Zion to Imin Tala in the High Atlas Mountains. Take in the
          spectacular views of the Atlas Mountain valleys as you trek along various passes (the highest being
          2000m). Travelling these routes will also give you an amazing opportunity to learn more about the
          fascinating Berber people and their everyday lives. Spend the evenings camping out under the stars.
          Refresh yourself with copious amounts of hot sugary mint tea, freshly baked flat bread cooked on hot
          stones and feast on a tajine full of meat, vegetables and couscous.
7         Return to Marrakesh. In the evening experience the smells and bright lights of the Djeema el Fna
          square for your final meal together as a team. Celebrate the successful end to your expedition.
8         Depart Marrakesh and arrive back in the UK.

What Next?
The following steps are designed to help you but please give us a call if you have any

     Following the parents evening, parents and participants
     need to read:

         1.   This Expedition Brief
         2.   The Parents and Participants Brochure
         3.   Outlook’s Booking Terms and Conditions
         4.   Your joining instructions

     You can also browse our website

     Find us on

     Look at our           channel

     Participants need to decide whether going on expedition
     is something they really, really want to do. We hope it
     is! It would be great to have you onboard. Please
     follow the steps detailed in the Parents and Participants
     brochure to find out how to apply for your place on the
     journey of a lifetime.

     You are one step closer to
     your expedition!

    Money matters
    Our prices are completely flexible and reflect the tailor-made itinerary designed by you.
    After you have tailor-made your expedition you will be presented with your own
    Expedition Brief which will include an all inclusive price for the expedition you have
    designed. Booking Terms and Conditions apply; please request a copy.

What’s included in the price?                                   What’s not included in
As standard we include the following in all of our              the price?
                                                                •   Spending money for gifts /
                                                                    souvenirs whilst on expedition
•      International flights and all ‘in country’ travel (as
       per itinerary). Outlook purchases group flights          •   Inoculations, prophylaxis and
       which are highly flexible but may be more                    personal medicine; all participants
       expensive than purchasing individual flights                 receive 10% discount at Nomad
•      Airport taxes
                                                                •   Visas and passports - please see
•      All group activities listed in the itinerary including
                                                                    your Expedition Brief to see which
       park entrance fees and project fees
                                                                    visas are required
•      All food and accommodation in-country
                                                                •   Personal belongings insurance (this
•      All ‘R&R’ activities
                                                                    may be covered by your household /
•      A fully qualified and experienced Expedition                 contents insurance)
       Leader and accompanying adult places (Leader
                                                                •   Any additional insurance premiums
       Team) to fulfil requisite adult to participant ratio
                                                                    required as a result of pre-existing
•      Group camping and cooking equipment                          medical conditions
•      Outlook’s recce of the expedition destination            •   Personal equipment (e.g. rucksack,
•      Rescue and casualty evacuation for all team                  sleeping bag, waterproof clothing);
       members                                                      all participants receive 15%
•      Manned 24hr Operations Room                                  discount at ‘Cotswold Outdoor’
•      All medical treatment for non pre-existing medical       •   Transport to and from UK-based
       conditions until return to UK                                training courses, to the Final
•      Comprehensive insurance and medical cover                    Preparation Day venue and from the
•      Specialist safety and first aid equipment                    airport
•      Satellite phones and GPS equipment                       •   Food and accommodation in the
•      Fundraising and expert advice and support from our           UK, unless specified
       dedicated Expedition Programme Coordinators              •   The cost of carbon offsetting the
•      The build-up programme                                       participants’ expedition
•      Expedition handbooks and online resources
•      Leader Team Training at the Outlook Conference
•      Meetings, assembly and parents evening
       presentations involved in the expedition launch
•      Carbon offsetting of all UK operations
•      Company operating costs (fuel / property upkeep /
       ATOL licence / staff wages etc)

  Let your journey begin!
  Should you require further information relating to any section of this Expedition
  Brief or the application process please do not hesitate to contact your Expedition
  Programme Co-ordinator (detailed in your joining instructions).

Contact us                                   Head Office Outlook Expeditions                 Tel. 0044 (0) 845 900 2989
Please feel free to get in touch if you      8-9 Chestnut Court Ffordd Y Parc   
have any questions                           Parc Menai Bangor LL57 4FH         

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