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									Cures for Gout - Traditional or Natural?
There are no permanent cures for gout yet that can prevent its recurrence. However, there are new scientific studies that are being made to produce the best cures for gout. Currently, a very promising cure for gout is already in its last stage of testing to humans before the US Food and Drug Administration gives its nod to the suffering public. The said drug replicates the blood-clearing enzyme that helps in the removal of needle-like crystals that are concentrated in the body joints like fingers and toes. Gout is the inability of the kidney to effectively eliminate uric acid and excrete it in the urine. If this happens, uric acid crystals are formed and seek its place in the body joints leading to inflammation in the said area. The excessive build-up of uric acid due to the inefficiency of the kidney is called hyperuricemia. Gout may also be due to the inability of the body to properly process a certain type of protein called purines. Foods high in purines can be found in anchovies, mushrooms, mackerel, herring, dried beans/peas, shellfish, sardines, and bodily organs of animals like; hearts, kidneys, brains, livers and gravy. Aside from the foods mentioned, alcohol should also be avoided as it limits the effective function of the kidney. In the absence of any new drugs, we might as well contend ourselves with the traditional and natural cures for gout, listed hereunder: TRADITIONAL This is given in their order of ability in treating gout.

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1. The first line of treatment is the introduction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is usually given starting from low strength to high strength drugs. Low strength drugs are those over-the-counter drugs that do not need prescription like ibupropen, naproxen, and others. Conversely, high strength drugs require prescription like indomethacin if the inflammation is already severe. 2. The second line of treatment is colchicine. This is given if symptoms still exist after taking NSAIDs. This is administered via intravenous injection or can be taken orally. However, taking the drug orally may sometimes lead to diarrhea. 3. The third line of treatment in case NSAIDs and colchicine become unsuccessful is already steroids. Prednisone is the common drug but expect many possible side effects. Based on some medical observations, the use of traditional medicines in the cure for gout poses possible side effects to the sufferers. NATURAL If gout pain persists even with the use of the traditional medications, a natural change in the lifestyle of the sufferer should be initiated by: 1. Doing everything to keep the liver and kidneys healthy as they clean the blood of uric acid and toxins. Maintain a diet that consists plenty of fruits and vegetable and try to avoid meat. The forming components of uric acid are present in meat. 2. Supplement your body with plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Dehydration reduces the effective function of the kidney thereby resulting to uric acid build-up. 3. Have a regular exercise routine. However, avoid a rapid change in weight loss in order to avoid the increase of uric acid level in the blood. Reduction in weight should be done slowly and healthfully. 4. Ease out on alcohol and avoid purine rich foods. As always, the best advice is to see your doctor for the proper diagnosis and cure for gout. The best way to cure gout is within 12 hours of its attack, if possible. Copyright ©

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