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									                                                                      Shipping News
  Independent. Innovative. In touch.                                  April 2010 Newsletter

 W elcome to our A pril e dition. C onfide nce is                     This edition
 slowly re turning in conta ine r tra de , pa rticula rly in          > S hipping confide nce hits 15-month high
 C hina whe re incre a se d ca rgo volume s a re be ing               > La id-up tonnage in world box fle e t e dge s down
 re corde d a t most ports.
                                                                      > H K a ir ca rgo incre ase s 30% in F e b a nd Ma rch
 T ra nsta r De rrimut ha s smoothly ma na ge d the                   > S top press
 tra nsition to ne w pre mise s with furthe r office                  > T ranstar D e rrimut gra nted de pot lice nce
 move s a re a he a d for Hong K ong (this we e ke nd)
                                                                      > C ongratula tions on 10 ye a rs at T ra nstar…
 a nd S ydne y ne xt month. And we congratulate
                                                                      > T ranstar H ong K ong on the move
 two of our collea gues on 10 yea rs with T ra nsta r.

Shipping confidence hits 15-month high,                               Laid-up tonnage in world box fleet edges
but new-buildings cloud future                                        downward to 8.9%
C onta ine r tra de through P ort B ota ny gre w 10.7% to             La id-up conta ine rships ha ve fa lle n to 8.9% of the globa l
159,000 T E U in Ja nua ry compa re d with the sa me month in         fle e t, dropping be low 9% for the first time since F e brua ry
2009, the port's fourth conse cutive month-on-month re cord.          2009, a ccording to P a ris-ba se d A lpha line r's fortnightly
S ydne y P orts C orpora tion figure s show P ort B ota ny            surve y.
ha ndle d 1.15m T E U in the first se ve n months of the              T his is in spite of the a nticipa te d 150,000 T E U in ne w
2009/10 fina ncia l ye a r, a 2.1% growth on 2008/09 .                de live rie s this month, be ca use ne w se rvice s a nd se rvice
A shipping confide nce surve y for the ne xt ye a r from              re sumptions a re e xpe cte d to e mploy 60 ve sse ls be twe e n
shipping ta x a dvisor Moore S te phe ns' re ve a ls a 15-month       3,500-6,500 T E U .
high in confide nce , but a n ove ra ll da mpe ning of spirit on      T he re we re 455 idle ships a t the e nd of Ma rch, tota lling
fre ight ra te incre a se s on the ba ck of ne w-building tha t       1.18 million T E U , sa id the re port. T he re ce nt incre a se in
will upse t the supply a nd de ma nd ba la nce .                      de ma nd le d to a ra pid re duction of idle tonna ge with the
A ccording to its la te st re port for the diminishing orde rbook,    idle fle e t fa lling be low 1.2 million T E U for the first time in
ove rha ng a nd booming scra ppa ge will ma ke 2010 le ss             13 months.
tough tha n a nticipa te d but tha t gre e n de ma nds will be        C a rrie r-ope ra te d la y-ups fe ll fa ste r tha n the non-ope ra ting
impose d on the shipping industry with olde r a nd le ss              owne r (N O O ) ships, fa lling from a re cord 1.04 million T E U
e fficie nt ve sse ls finding it ha rd to se cure cha rte rs.         in Ma rch 2009 to 596,000 T E U toda y.
S hipowne rs, ma na ge rs a nd cha rte re rs a ve ra ge confide nce   A lpha line r a lso e xpe cts a ne w round of re a ctiva tions of
le ve l on a sca le from one to 10 climbe d up from 5.7 in            idle tonna ge a nd the coming month could se e the ca rrie r-
N ove mbe r 2009 to Ma rch's 5.9 with confide nce pe a king           controlle d fle e t fa ll be low 500,000 T E U a s ca rrie r’s
a cross the four ma in re gions cove re d by the surve y of A sia ,   line up for the forthcoming summe r pe a k se a son.
E urope , N orth A me rica a nd La tin A me rica .
D e spite shippe rs’ inve stme nts highlighting a n increa singly
bullish a ttitude , the surve y note d 45% of re sponde nts
e xpe ct a n incre a se in box ra te s of 19%.
O ne re sponde nt sa id the ove rha ng in tonna ge is ma king
for unce rta inty with too little fina nce on offe r, with one
comme nt outlining industry une a se : "T he re 's only e nough
ca sh to fund ha lf the orde rbook, so some thing ha s to give ."

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                                                                        Shipping News
   Independent. Innovative. In touch.                                   April 2010 Newsletter

Hong Kong airport's cargo increases                                     STOP PRESS
30% in February                                                         Yangzhou port container throughput surges 68%
                                                                        E a ste rn C hina 's port of Y a ngz hou lifte d 41,549 T E U in
                                                                        Ja nua ry a nd F e brua ry, shooting 67.5% up compa re d to
                                                                        the corre sponding pe riod in the pre ce ding ye a r.
                                                                        F ore ign tra de ca rgo a mounte d to 12,000 T E U , incre a sing
                                                                        by 53.6%. D ome stic tra de ca rgo re giste re d 25,639,
                                                                        up 60.9%. C onta ine r products a ccounte d for 3,444 T E U ,
                                                                        a n upswing of 358%.
                                                                        In the sa me pe riod, the port re corde d a throughput tonna ge
                                                                        of 4.14 million tonne s, soa ring 129.2%. F ore ign tra de ca rgo
                                                                        tota lle d to 700,000 tonne s, up 144%.

                                                                        Guangxi's foreign trade up 63% in first two months
                                                                        S outh-we ste rn C hina 's G ua ngxi A utonomous R e gion
T he la te st figure s from H ong K ong A irport A uthority
                                                                        re corde d a strong ye a r-on-ye a r incre a se of 63.3% in its
showe d tha t ca rgo volume surge d 30% ye a r-on-ye a r                fore ign tra de va lue to U S $2.6 billion, 18.5 pe rce nta ge
in F e brua ry to 257,000 tonne s.                                      points fa ste r tha n the na tiona l a ve ra ge le ve l.
P a sse nge r volume incre a se d 17% to 3.9 million, while             E xport va lue a mounte d to $1.5 billion, up 81.4%.
a ircra ft move me nts rose 4.9% to 22,270 flights.                     Import va lue incre a se d 43.4% to $1.1 billion.

T his is the first time since July 2008 tha t the a irport
re corde d growth in a ll thre e se ctors.                              Jiangxi's container volume up 25% in first two months
                                                                        C e ntra l C hina 's Jia ngxi province ha ndle d 15,400 T E U
Import va lue gre w 28%, export was up 44 % and tra nsit
                                                                        of inte rna tiona l conta ine rs in the first two months, up 25.1%
cargo volume incre ased 8%. In the first two months of the
                                                                        ye a r-on-ye a r. T he province 's tra de ca rgo rose 51.1%
ye a r, import volume increased more than 40% ye ar-on-ye a r           to 233,500 tonne s in this pe riod. In F e brua ry, the province
while transit cargo volume rose more tha n 10%. C argo traffic          re corde d a tra de ca rgo volume of 99,600 tonne s, up 45.7%
to and from all trade markets registered robust growth.                 compa re d to the sa me month in 2009.

H ong K ong A irport A uthority chie f e xe cutive S ta nle y H ui
sa id F e brua ry re sults we re e ncoura ging, re fle cting the        Container export quadruples in first two months
consiste nt re cove ry of world e conomy. A ccording to                 G U A N G D O N G province 's conta ine r product e xport rocke te d
sche dule s submitte d to the H ong K ong C ivil A via tion             410% to 28,000 boxe s in Ja nua ry a nd F e brua ry a s de ma nd
                                                                        for inte rna tiona l tra nsport grows. T he tota l va lue of the se
D e pa rtme nt, the re will be 15% more flights this summe r
                                                                        conta ine rs wa s U S $82.12 million, up 230%. T he price of
tha n for the sa me pe riod a ye a r a go, me a ning the industry       e a ch conta ine r a ve ra ge d a t $2,912, up 35.1%.
is incre a sing se rvice s to cope with de ma nd growth.

Late News: HK airport cargo up 30% in March                             Transtar website goes live…
                                                                        V isit our ne w we bsite a t   www.transtar.net
C a rgo volume a t H ong K ong Inte rna tiona l A irport incre a se d
in Ma rch by 30% compa re d to sa me pe riod in 2009 rising
to 347,000 tons from 268,000 tons a ttribute d to re cove ring
tra de with we ste rn countrie s with first qua rte r a lone up by
34% to 905,000 tons.
T he a irport a uthority's la te st figure s showe d pa ssenge r
throughput incre a se d by 6.5% to 4.2 million pe ople in
Ma rch. V isitors from A sia bumpe d its first qua rte r numbe rs
up to 12 million, a 6.7% incre a se on ye a r pre vious.

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                                                                           Shipping News
  Independent. Innovative. In touch.                                       April 2010 Newsletter

Transtar Derrimut granted depot licence                                    Congratulations on 10 years with Transtar…
O ur Derrimut team have settled in well at their new office and            In the past few weeks two of our Melbourne colleagues
warehouse facility and look forward to welcoming customers                 have achieved 10 years with T ranstar.
and colleagues who visit over the next few months.                         W e’d like to congratulate C hris Roe and Murra y Anderson
Recently, the y have been granted the 77G Depot licence                    on reaching this milestone and wish them all the best for
(see below), which enables them to receive and unpack                      the next 10 years!
containers under C ustoms C ontrol. W ith this licence,
T ranstar Derrimut can also hold and store freight under
                                                                                                             Chris Roe,
C ustoms control for 30 da ys.
                                                                                                             P ort Me lbourne office

                                                                                  Murray Anderson
                                                                                     D e rrimut office

                                                                           Our Hong Kong office is on the move
                                                                           O fficial moved-in date is Monda y 26 April – G ood luck!

         Me e t the T ra nsta r D e rrimut te a m

                                                    Until next month, smooth sailing

    Melbourne – Head Office                  Sydney Office                    Brisbane Office                 Auckland Office
    T +61 3 9646 7844                        T +61 2 8338 8799                T +61 7 3257 0072               T +64 9 256 2470
    F +61 3 9645 2744                        F +61 2 8338 9244                F +61 7 3257 0071               F +64 9 257 2563
    E info@ me l.tra nsta r.ne t             E info@ syd.tra nsta r.ne t      E info@ bne .tra nsta r.ne t    E info@ a kl.tra nsta r.ne t

    Melbourne – Warehouse                    Hong Kong Office                 Shanghai Office                 Shenzhen Office
    T +61 3 9334 5575                        T +852 3104 0510                 T +86 21 6341 0201              T +86 755 2396 0188
    F +61 3 9334 5616                        F +852 3104 0910                 F +86 21 6341 0210              F +86 755 2396 2236
    E info@ me l.tra nsta r.ne t             E info@ hkg.tra nsta r.ne t      E info@ sha .tra nsta r.ne t    E info@ sz x.tra nsta r.ne t

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