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					Automobile Transport Prices - The Slow Drags On The Road

Punctuality matters. Every dedicated person wants to arrive at school, at work or any
appointment right on time. This is a fast-paced world and we need to move hastily to be able to
meet the pressures of time.

We value time but how are we certain that all people cooperate? There are several slow-drivers
on the road and most of the times; you simply find yourself yelling at one of them. It is really so
blood-raising if you are beating the time and then you simply get stuck at the back of a slow
vehicle. How could you ignore such situation?

Busy streets won't allow you to sort out the good and the not-so good drivers.

Pinpointing the “slow driver” is very hard. Needless to say, we cannot judge people. Don't give
up hope, there is a newly-discovered way and that is: through identifying the car. There is a
current study that demonstrates there are really slow cars by nature! With this, you'll be able to
disregard being trapped on the back of any of these. Yes, it is true and we have the top ten slow
drags on the road:

Occupying the 10th spot for the slowest car is the CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY. It's a
minivan that was started to be produced last 1990. It was marketed by DaimlerChrysler.
Although it's been one of the best-sellers in the US when it comes to minivans, it's still one of
the slow drags on the road.

The ninth slowest is the BUICK CENTURY. Buick Century was a model name used by the Buick
division of General Motors for a line of full-size performance vehicles from 1936 to 1942 and
1954 to 1958; Buick likewise used the Century name from 1973 to 2004 for its value-added mid-
size cars.

FORD AEROSTAR comes next as the 8th slowest. It is referred to as “box with wheel”. It's the
model that represents Ford’s effort to make a minivan model. It was introduced in summer of
1985. As described, it will be a big blockade on your way.

Moving slow on the 7th spot is the CADILLAC DEVILLE. It's manufactured by General Motors
and was first produced in 1949-2005. In 2006, it is not the Cadillac flagship sedan since DTS
takes it place. Whatever it is, it's one of the ten slowest cars.

The 6th is FORD AND CHEVVY CONVERSION VANS. This is only true for old models.

A small car may seem fast. This is untrue for GEO METRO for it is the fourth slowest auto. It
first appeared in Chevrolet-Geo showrooms in 1989.The Metro was a replacement for the
Chevrolet Sprint features. The Sprint was also a rebadged Suzuki Forsa.

NISSAN SENTRA hits the third place. Old sentras are really - slow. It is a compact made by
Nissan. Generally, it is a rebadged export version of the Japanese Nissan Sunny. In Japan, it is
referred to as Bluebird Sylphy and I some Asian countries Nissan Pulsar.

A 5-mile per hour electronically is truly a slow performance. That makes TOYOTA COROLLA as
a car to be ignored. Yes, older models of Toyota Corolla. It's a compact car produced by Toyota
of Japan, known worldwide for its reliability, conventional engineering and low fuel consumption.
In 1997, the Corolla became the best selling nameplate in the world. Toyota has made 30
million cars under the Corolla name since its launch in 1966, making it the best selling car of all

By far, the slowest one and must be ignored is the TOYOTA CAMRY. Be it old or new, it's
certainly slow. It's a mid-size car manufactured by Toyota in USA, and also Australia, and
Japan. The Camry has been the best selling car, in the United States, for 8 of the last nine
years starting in 1997. That makes US streets move in a slow mode.

Upon knowing this list, be more cautious. For those who have this car models, our apologies.
For those who are planning to buy one, think more. For those who see one tightly in front of
their car, try not to be trapped.

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