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Making the right shopping cart choice


									Making the right shopping cart choice

You’re all fired up. You know the advantages of having a shopping cart
integrated on your website. You have heard of the benefits and you really
want them. If the rest of your competitors are doing it why can’t you?
And that’s what you’re going to do now. But you’re facing a major
stumbling block, what shopping cart would be the right choice? Can you go
with just the first one you see?

The answer would be no. Selecting a shopping cart is a decision that you
should mull over. It is an investment and any investment should be
approached cautiously. Sometimes you can’t afford to mess up. The same
can be said with shopping carts for your website.

Imagine purchasing from a company and it did not worked out the way you
expected. The shopping cart appears to be too complicated for your
clients. It’s not as flexible as it should be. You can’t sell anything
through it and worst of it all, your customers have gone to your
competitors. Even if you change suppliers and have a new shopping cart
out, you will still have a hard time convincing your former clients to
come back. A bad rep spells more trouble so it pays to be cautious.

We can classify a shopping cart into a merchant shopping cart service, a
hosted service, or a fully integrated shopping cart. Each one has their
own unique features which you will or will not need.

Shopping carts that are classified as merchant services involves paying a
merchant service provider for allowing you to use their bank account and
secure gateway in order of you to transact your business online.
Normally, you will have your own bank account and secure gateway. This is
quite popular for small companies or those that are just starting out.

You don’t have to worry about editing your product inventories and prices
since the businesses will be given administrative access to the merchant
account to perform updates whenever necessary. The problem in this kind
of shopping cart setup is that your business name does not appear on the
product pricing and credit card transactions. What appears on the credit
card statement is the owner of the merchant account. Sometimes, your
customers might get turned off from this or get confused and abandon the
shopping cart altogether.

This is why a hosted shopping cart   might be more advantageous to your
business. The hosted shopping cart   shares very similar aspects with a
merchant service one. But the main   difference would that your business
name can be requested to appear on   the credit card statements, pricing
and ordering information.

Plus the shopping cart itself can be customized. This time you can make
the shopping cart more in the theme of your website. Your customers will
see that it is a single entity maintaining the shopping cart and they
will not get suspicious and abandon whatever purchasing they plan to do.

But if you want to have the most control over your shopping cart, you can
acquire a fully integrated shopping cart. This kind of shopping cart will
have the same look as your website, is truly customizable, flexible, and
has a whole of features not present in merchant and hosted shopping
carts. However, the added features come with a price. These kinds of
shopping carts are far more expensive that the two previous mentioned.

Choosing the right shopping cart can bring your online business to a
whole new level of success. You might begin converting your traffic into
sales or if you choose poorly might sweep away all your efforts in the
past years.

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