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									BT Dedicated Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my Dedicated Server is available to use?
Our Virtualised Dedicated Servers are automatically provisioned once
payment has been accepted. 2 hours is quoted, however servers are
generally available to logon to within 30-60 minutes.

Who should buy BT Dedicated Servers?
Virtualised Dedicated servers are ideal for technically aware admins or
individuals looking to run secure online file store, very high traffic web sites
or web based applications such as live-databases. These servers are not
recommended for the running and distribution of licensed software
applications such as Office, Exchange or Lotus Notes.

If you are looking for simpler shared hosting solutions with built in design
tools please visit

How do I access my Dedicated Server?
Your Dedicated Server can be accessed using a browser based console access
tool, available at Once your order is
confirmed you will be provided with the necessary login credentials to access
your server using this tool. Advanced users can access their server using any
standard remote access tool by entering the IP Address and login credentials
supplied in the confirmation e-mail. The firewall allows 2 concurrent sessions.

How secure is my Dedicated Server?
Each server is provisioned in a dedicated VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)
and as such is invisible to other servers on the network. The server is also
protected by a firewall with a restricted number of open ports. All ports are
blocked other than those required for the following services:

FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, PC-Anywhere, PING, POP3, SMTP, SSH, terminal services,
VNC, IIS ADMIN, IMAP, Plesk, 8080, mySQL.

Additional security hardening at the OS level is also carried out during the
setup process to protect against common remote exploits.

Can I create custom rules on the firewall for my Dedicated Server?
No, custom rule sets are not available with the standard Dedicated Server
service. Should you have a specific firewall requirement, please e-mail your
request to

What is the minimum contract term for a Dedicated Server?
All Dedicated Servers are subject to a 12 month initial commitment, after
which a 30 day notice period applies. Notice of termination should be
submitted via e-mail to
Can I upgrade my Dedicated Server?
Currently upgrade orders cannot be placed online, however you can submit
upgrade requests via e-mail to Specification
upgrades require a server re-boot, however no data migration is required.

Can I downgrade my Dedicated Derver?
You cannot downgrade the specification of your Dedicated Server during the
12 month initial commitment.

How can I pay for my Dedicated Server?
Currently you can only pay monthly by credit or debit card.

I don’t have a domain name to use with my Dedicated Server – what
should I do?
You can register a domain name by visiting and
then configure the zone files to your server.

Can I use a currently registered domain name with my Dedicated
Yes, you will need to contact your domain registrar and provide
them with the IP address details provided in your welcome e-mail.

What happens if I use all of the storage available on my Dedicated
Storage can be upgraded in 40GB increments to a maximum of
400GB (for an additional charge, detailed on the website). Requests for
storage upgrades should be submitted to

What software is available on my Dedicated Server?
Windows Dedicated Servers are based on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003
operating system. The following services are configured by default:
• Internet Information Server (IIS)
• Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0
o www (asp & 1.1/2.0/3.0)
o FTP (anonymous access disabled)
• Microsoft IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools
• Microsoft IIS 6.0 Diagnostic Tools
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 Support Tools
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools
• Microsoft Baseline Security Advisor 2.01
• 7-zip
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition with the management
studio can be ordered online. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard
Edition with the management studio (charge applied) can be ordered
at an additional charged by e-mail (

Linux Dedicated Servers are based on the Redhat Enterprise Linux 4
Operating system. The following services are configured and available by
• Apache Web Server with PHP, Perl and Python support
• Support for secure SSL-based web hosting
• MySQL and PostgreSQL Database
• FTP Server
• Choice of Postfix or Sendmail mail servers

Can I load other software onto my Dedicated Server?
Yes, you are free to upload any application compatible with your choice of
operating system. Depending on your network it may take a long time for
larger applications to be copied onto the server.

It is your responsibility to manage the licensing of any software applications
loaded onto your server. We cannot offer any application support around the
installation and management of applications on these servers.

This solution is not recommended if you wish to run and distribute
productivity software applications such as Office, Exchange or Lotus Notes.

Linux Dedicated servers are pre-configured with permanent network-based
access to the original install media, making it possible to easily add additional
software using the yum command line tool.

Is data on my Dedicated Server backed up?
Yes, your server is backed up using the Atempo Time Navigator backup client
using a 4 x daily incremental + weekly full backup routine. Requests to
restore data should be submitted by e-mail to

How many users accounts are available on my Dedicated Server?
Initially there is only a single password & username that is issued which is an
administrator account. The administrator can set up to 4 additional users on
the server. The firewall allows 2 concurrent sessions.

Does each user have their own unique login to my Dedicated Server?
This is up to the administrator to define – good security practice dictates
that all users should have individual accounts.

How many IP addresses do I get with my Dedicated Server?
5 useable IP addresses are available with your Dedicated Server.

Is my Dedicated Server monitored?
Yes, your Dedicated Server is monitored for availability, so in the event that
your server goes unexpectedly offline, the problem will be investigated by an
engineer without you needing to notify support.

What if I cannot find the right specification of Dedicated Server on
the BT website to suit my requirement?
Please e-mail your specific request to and we will
endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Will my Dedicated Server be patched if the OS vendor releases a
security update?
Your Dedicated Server will be patched automatically without the need for
customer interaction. This will result in the server being rebooted after the
patches have been applied.

Will I have root access to my Dedicated Server?
We provide console access to the server where you can log in root as well as
remote SSH access.

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