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									                                  Volume 1 Issue 7               “BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER
                                   January 2010                          ROTARY”
                                                            Theme for month:                       Rotary Awareness Month

                                                            Hello again,                         en’s Day (IWD). The first       these. The raffle will be
                                                            We start the year with Rotary        IWD was held on 19 March        drawn at the District Confer-
                                                            Awareness Month.                     1911 when more than a           ence in March.
                                                            Rotary Awareness? This               million European women
                                                            goes two ways - How aware            united, calling for the right   James Baldwin said “Not
                                                            are you of Rotary? How aware         of women to vote, work          everything that is faced can
                                                            are non Rotarians of Rotary?         and hold public office, and     be changed. But nothing can
                                                            Despite the fact that we have        to end discrimination. .        be changed until it is faced.”
                                                            President Elect Training Semi-       Rotary International            There is a lot of facing to do
                                                            nars (PETS) and District As-         President Ray Klingin-          within the next two months
                                       9690 DISTRICT NEWS

                                                            sembly for Club officers what        smith and his wife Judie,       regarding the future of

                                                            other training do your mem-          from Missouri USA will be       D.9690. By the 14th Decem-
                                                            bers have?                           attending the Dinner. It is     ber we had 1003 official
                                                            How many of your club mem-           also hoped that Governor        members. This has given us
                                                            bers have completed the Rota-        Marie Bashir will be free       one year’s grace. It is inevita-
                                                            ry Leadership Institute train-       to attend. Will you come        ble that we will be part of a
                                                            ing (RLI). This is the way to        too? It is sure to be an        major re-districting as of 1
                                                            learn and understand Rotary.         "Inspirational" Evening.        July 2013. Many discussions
                                                            Some clubs pay the $25 for           Maybe your Club could           are taking place and a plan
                                                            each of three sessions for each      take a table. For Tickets go    must be to R.I. by 15th March.
                                                            member to attend. Just $75           to the District 9690 website    I will keep you informed re
                                                            for the full course - great facil-   www.rotary9690.org.au           developments.      Keeping in
                                                            itation; great notes; great dis-     Another happy story: I was      mind Rotary International’s
                                                            cussions; great food.                sitting writing out “Book       Future Vision Plan, and the
                                                            In September I called for            Buzz” raffle tickets beside     new Club and District re-
                                                            Clubs to identify and recog-         Dudley’s bed at Nepean          quirements from the Council
                                                            nise Inspirational Women in          Private. A newly arrived        on Legislation, we aim to do
                                                            our Community. This is an            African nurse noticed and       this once and do it well. To
                                                            initiative of the combined           asked me what it was            learn more about the Future
                                                            Rotary Districts of NSW, each        about. When I mentioned         Vision Plan try
                                                            of which has chosen its own          Rotary, her eyes widened.       h ttp ://www.rotary.o rg/
                                                            Inspirational Woman. If the          She was from Zimbabwe.          RIdocuments/en_html/

                                                            woman was a Rotarian, then           Her daughters had received      elearn_fv_overview_en.htm
                                                            the nomination was to be             much appreciated Rotary
                                                            based solely on work outside         Christmas shoe boxes a          In my rounds it is great to see
                                                            Rotary. Congratulations to our       couple of years ago. The        the results of combined ef-
                                                            9690 nominees and thank you          girls never forgot this joy     forts of our Clubs such as
                                                            to those who took time to            and are now the first to        Mount Druitt, St Marys and
                                                            nominate:                            bring items for the shoe        Wallacia Mulgoa Valley.
                                                            Judy Batson nominated by             boxes at their Primary          Their Fashion Show at Vick-
                                                            PP Sofia O’Donoughue (RC             School in Penrith. She told     ery’s Winery in aid of the
                                                            Holroyd); Carolyn Byers              me “All of the people who       $200 million Polio Challenge
                                                            nominated by P. Margaret             receive these gifts are pray-   raised over $3,780 and their
                                                            Fenech (Hawkesbury); Patri-          ing for those who have sent     Film Night purchased a Shel-
                                                            cia Joy Gillett nominated by         them. Something good may        terBox. How rewarding!
                                                            PDG Bob Aitken (RDU) and             happen in your life and you     Hope you have come back
                                                            Ellen Long nominated by PE           will wonder why. It is more     refreshed from the break,
                                                            Zena Shedden (RC Blacktown           than likely through the         ready to achieve those goals
                                                            City). The woman chosen by           prayers of grateful people      (and more) that you set back
                                                            the District Panel as Rotary         you have helped through         in June 2010.
                                                            District 9690 Representative is      Rotary, but have never          Health and happiness to you
                                                            Carolyn Byers.                       met.”                           and yours
                                                            The awards will be presented
                                                                                                 All clubs, at the Presidents’
                                                            at a Celebration Dinner to be
                                                            held at the Four Seasons Ho-
                                                            tel in Sydney on 10 March,
                                                                                                 Meeting, have been given a
                                                                                                 bundle of raffle tickets in              Marilyn
                                                                                                 aid of the Fred Hollows
                                                            2011.This is so fitting as we
                                                                                                 “Book Buzz” indigenous
                                                            will mark the Global Cen-
                                                                                                 and isolated children’s lit-
                                                            tenary of International Wom-
                                                                                                 eracy project. Please sell
        Dudley’s daze                                            Here‟s How We Do It
G’day everyone,                           At the final President’s meeting of 2010 a cheque was presented to DG
Well, it’s 29 December, about as far      Marilyn made up from proceeds of the fashion parade
into a year as you can get. To all Ro-    that St Mary’s, Mt Druitt and Wallacia Mulgoa Rotary
tarians and their Families I wish you     clubs had held. The cheques was for $3760.
a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I        Also a further$1200 was presented to go towards
am writing this Daze while sitting up     Shelterboxes a result of the St. Marys and Mt Druitt
in a hospital bed in The Hills Private
hospital for about 2 weeks of re-hab,
after a spinal fusion operation. (How                               A Sapphire Pin well deserved
is that for “Service Above Self”?
asks MMM) Everything is going fa-
                                                           DG Marilyn was more than a little surprised when Past
mously - I am already walking laps
                                                           DG Paul Reid Presented her with a PHF Sapphire pin at
of the Hospital floor for flexibility
                                                           the Christmas party.
and strength.                                               It represented her hard working efforts on the Polio Plus
I hope everyone had a Happy Christ-                        program.
mas with friends and family. Mari-
lyn, Bindi and Graham dropped in on
Christmas Day and we shared some
nibblies and drinks. Paul & Julia, and                           Ready to go in to bat.
Maree Fleetwood visited too and I         Marilyn is seen here wearing a hat and holding a cricket bat she was pre-
am getting daily phone calls from         sented with at a visit to the Bradman Oval for “Dream Cricket”,
mate Mal Roughley, to keep me up to       for children with disabilities. Being the only DG there on the
date on club matters. Thank you all       day it was a great score. The bat has been signed by all the
for the well wishes which have been       players that were there on the day.
conveyed each day by Marilyn              There’s a possibility a lucky raffle prize winner at the district
                                          Conference could go home more than a little happy. Maybe the
It’s now Saturday 010111 and al-          only thing to be happy about for a cricket enthusiast at present.
ready pretty hot. The TV is full of
scenes of terrible devastation and
people’s despair…just the situation
Rotary and Rotarians respond to so                                     Socks arrive safely
well. We have three Rotary Districts
affected at present: Queensland D.                 During the Presidents meeting in December , Julia Reid proudly
9570 and D. 9630 as well as Western                told those present that the socks from her “Sock Tree” program
Australia D. 9455. I would encourage               have arrived in Tanzania. Altogether 450 pairs of socks were de-
clubs to combine to help. Regrettably              livered by three volunteers that were going over on a project.
a thin spread sometimes has little                 They arrived on the 8th September.
effect. On the advice of the District
Governors of the three areas a Dis-
trict Fund has been set up.
(Remember 100% of the donations                                "limited edition"
given to Rotary is used for that
cause). Please send cheques made out
                                                    Shelter Box Stamp Sheets now available
to Rotary District 9690 Inc. c/- Sec-
retary Evan Whitley, 22 Diamantina        Help us raise funds for 100 Shelter Boxes
Close. St Clair. NSW. 2759. Enclose
a note re name of club and that this is   Disaster Relief: each Shelter Box provides Shelter, warmth and dignity for
for “Flood Relief”. Receipts will be      ten people in a disaster. Shelter Box has provided survival in 9 years to 1
issued accordingly.                       million people in 80 devastated countries. The Rotary Club of Dee Why
                                          Warringah is committed to raising funds for 100 Shelter Boxes, as the dis-
I hear the pill trolley at the door so    asters continue and the Shelter Boxes are desperately
I’ll sign off with a Happy New Year       needed.
wish to all.
Kindest Regards                           to order go to

                            Dudley        http://www.rotarynews.info/Club4204/r.i

                            Can Rotary Make a Difference?

ROMAC currently has seven children being treated and a further eight scheduled to arrive in the first few months of 2011. In
addition they have 59 pending, subject to a variety of confirmations and clarifications, and really need the money to continue
giving life saving treatment to these underprivileged children. If your club donates $1,000, up to two of your members could be
go going on a five-night luxury holiday at a Peppers Resort! Each $1,000 donation is entered into not one but two lucky draws! If
you can afford to donate more, each $1,000 will separately be entered into the draw thus increasing your chance of winning. To
be eligible to be in both the February and August draws your donation must be received by 5 February 2011. Presumably that
means you should authorise it at your January Board meeting or email your Directors a flying minute. To be eligible for the 2nd
draw they must receive your donation by 5 August 2011. ROMAC is a Rotary program that provides medical treatment for chil-
dren from developing countries in the form of life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home
country. It’s run by Rotarian volunteers, just like you, surgeons donate their expertise and they have minimal overheads - no of-
fice, no paid staff and even the prize holidays were donated - so you receive great value for your donations. Plus it’s heartening to
know that your donations are spent in our country supporting our local communities.
ROMAC has sent informative brochures to all clubs, but if you’d like to download one simply go to their website

                        Photo caption: Six year old Gregory was born in PNG with Crouzon’s syndrome which, in sim-
                        ple terms, is the freezing of the skull whilst the brain and other organs grow, forcing the eyes to
                        bulge and the inability to close eyelids. Eventually sight and brain damage causes a painful
                        death. ROMAC brought Gregory to Melbourne where he was operated on and subsequently had
                        his ‘mask’ (which he thinks is ‘cool’!) attached. His parents really wanted to accompany him
                        but, sadly, as they are subsistence farmers with two other children to look after they were una-
                        ble to.
                        He will return home soon.

                                           National Youth Science Forum
Once again we congratulate Barrie Britten and his Team for choosing and preparing a great group of stu-
dents to attend this month’s National Youth Science Forums. This would not be possible, except for the
generosity of our clubs who nominate and sponsor the students

Session A - Canberra January 3-15, 2011
Pankti Dalal (Lower Blue Mountains); Sophie Ung (Cabramatta); Erkan Altun (Concord); Harrison Gar-
rett (Parramatta City); Himmat Panag (Penrith Valley)
Session B – Perth January 10-22, 2011
Shaun Ross ( Nepean); Sibel Er (Granville); Christina Camilleri (Chester Hill -Granville); Ankit
Ahluwalia (Liverpool); Matthew Barman (Central Blue Mountains)
Session C - Canberra January 17-29, 2011
Krishna Kotecha (Prospect); Jake Robinson (Penrith Valley); Sarah Kirkup (Burwood);
Natasha Koelmeyer (Breakfast Point); Vicky Zhang (Holroyd); Annie Zhuo (Parramatta

                                                        Conference 2011
Happy New Year, we hope 2011 will be the year you wish for. Where has the time gone? Yes only 2 months, about 8 weeks till
the great week-end in Bathurst at the Annual Conference for District 9690. We are almost ready and very excited. Have you
made plans to join us? Please come, send in your registration to ensure you will enjoy the information, inspiration, fun and fel-
lowship with us and so many fellow Rotarians at this event. Please contact us with enquires at maree.fleetwood@bigpond.com

                   CONFERENCE UPDATE - Only 2 months to go
                                                                 Building Communities Bridging Continents
                                                                    A thought for the month
                                        “My dream for 2011 is that we will see the last case of polio! The disease has
                                        been a scourge for centuries, and now we will have an opportunity to end it
  For changes in Club
                                        forever. And, when that happy day for a polio-free world arrives, Rotarians
 information and items
                                        around the globe will be able to say „We did it‟. That will be a dream ful-
     for the District
   Newsletter contact                   RI President Ray Klinginsmith
    Newsletter editor
      Melvin Gray

                                               President Bryan Wise, Rotary Club of Parramatta
           Phone: 9622-5576
            Fax: 9920-8369
  E-mail: melvindgray@optusnet.com.au

                                                               Interested in Friendship exchange
Printed by Blacktown Image                Many Rotary Districts are very much into Friendship Exchange, District 9690 is not really
            Print                         into it.
                                          We have a request from District 6000, in Iowa in the American Breadbasket. They would
                                          like to exchange in 2012. You are hosted and taken around while you are there. You do the
                                          same in return when they come here.
                                          Interested ?
     We’re on the Web!
                                          Contact W. Bock on 9630 7440 or wbock@optusnet.com.au
  www.rotary9690.org.au                   For RI Handbook go to

                  District 9690 to hold Valentines Day Dinner Dance for ARH
On the 12th February 2011 ARH is holding a Valentines Day Dinner dance in the Ballroom of the Black-
town Workers club. Tickets are $45 each which includes a 2 course meal. There will be a cash bar and
              the entertainment will be provided by the Australian army Dance Band. Join us for a
              night the promises to be filled with fun, fellowship and a few surprises.
                      Tickets available from ARH 02-8837-1900
                      Or contact Susan Wakefield 02-4739-6087 or Mel Gray 02-9622-5576

                                          D.G Marilyn‟s diary dates
January                                                     February
       7      Dudley home from hospital
       8      RYLA welcome                                           7 GSE Richmond
      11      Upper Blue evening                                     8 GSE Lower Blue
      13      RYLA Dinner                                           11 Presidents' Meeting
      14      RDU Redistricting                                     12 ARH Dinner Dance
      15      Cousin's 103rd Party
      25      K-NR presentations
      26      Australia Day - various

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