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									                           10 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

You have a website, now what do you do? How can you increase website traffic?

If you are like most people with websites, you struggle to find ways to get traffic to your
website. A great, converting website plus traffic equals money. Moolah, cash.
Whatever you want to call it, it's what you want, and you want it by getting a lot of
targeted traffic to your website so they will click on ads or buy your crap.

Without further ado, here are 10 tips to increase website traffic.

1. Forum Marketing: I know, I know, you have heard this all before. Sounds stupid,
maybe. But I am not talking about going on a forum and spamming other members or
starting advertising threads. I am talking about finding forums that let you link to a
website in your signature and then making helpful, useful posts on the forum. You will
naturally get people clicking your signature link when they see you make good posts.
Just don't pimp your link!

2. Article Marketing: Some people love article marketing and think it's the best thing
since sliced bread, and others hate it with a passion. It can be a slow, slow way to get
traffic if you don't know what you are doing. I say, write a few great articles and then
post them to the top 10 article directories. Write a few articles a day every day for 30
days and if you do this, you will notice more traffic coming to your website.

3. Video Marketing: Go to Youtube and maybe another few top video sites and submit
videos you have made. Make them entertaining and informational. You can watermark
the videos with your website url or you can just use the description box to link to your
website. If you have a good video, you will get a lot of views, and the more you make,
the more likely you are to get clicks to your site.

4. Blog Commenting: Do not spam blogs. I repeat, do not spam blogs. But you can
find high traffic blogs relevant to your website that allow you to comment and leave a
link to your webiste when you comment. That's not spamming, it's what the blog owner
allows. Leave comments relevant to the conversation and actually read what the blog
post said. Get a gravatar picture as well so when you comment it will show a photo.
You will get traffic this way, guaranteed.

5. PPV/CPV: How about paying for it? Go to Trafficvance and set up an account. You
may need a referral from someone who's already a member. Search internet marketing
forums and make friends with others to get a referral. You may need to wait a bit to

Increase Website Traffic -- 10 Tips
make friends and educate yourself about the strategies first, but it can be an incredibly
effective way to drive traffic, and a lot of it, fast.

6. Twitter: People are on Twitter for fun so you have to try to be interesting. Make
friends with real twitter users, not just faceless advertisers. Be fun, be personable, and
find those interested in your site's content and put out ads now and then.

7. Online Classifieds: Yes, this still works, just not as effectively as before. You can
get traffic but you have to have a nice, well-written ad to get those clicks.

8. Facebook: Duh, it's only become the biggest internet phenomenon since Google
came on to the scene. The two biggest internet stories of the last 10 years, easily. Make
fan pages and drive traffic to your site from those pages.

9. Stumbleupon: You can pay for your site to be seen, or you can just join for free and
put your site out there to be stumbled. The best way to do it for free would be to
casually interact with others on the site and hope one of the big users recommends your

10. Pixelpipe: If you do not know about this website, you should. Whether it's an
article, video or status update you can do it all from here. Pay someone $10 to set up an
account for you and you will have a place to upload your video to tons of different video
sites, your article to tons of different article sites and web 2.0 sites, etc. You can save
tons of time and get more traffic to your site because you will have more out there!

If you do all of these things, you cannot help but increase traffic to your website. And there
are so many more ways than I listed here. Get started!

Author: J Bold

Increase Website Traffic -- 10 Tips

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