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									“Master	Blaster”		two blasters in one – the best of both worlds!

                                          eastwood’s “Master blaster” Dual blaster lets you switch on-the-fly
                                          between soda and abrasive media, or a combination of both!

                                                                          1   From heavy                        2    ...to gentle            3    with a twist
                                                                              rust removal...                           paint removal             of a valve !
                                                       Eastwood’s	“Master	Blaster”	Dual	Blaster	incorporates	the	patent	pending	trigger	mounted	
                                                       mixing	valve	allowing	you	to	switch	between	bicarbonate	soda	and	any	other	media	of	choice	
                                                       for	on-the-fly	removal	of	heavy	rust	on	frames	and	suspensions	to	delicate	removal	of	paint	
                                                       on	metal,	glass	or	chrome.	The	mixing	valve	also	allows	an	infinite	mixing	ratio	between	
                                                       medias	to	suit	any	job	or	coating	at	hand.	The	dual	tanks	each	hold	100	lbs.	of	media	and	
                                                       operate	on	as	little	as	10	cfM	at	90	psi.	10’	blast	hose	length.
                                                       Find more information online – keyword: DUal blaster

                                                                              “Master blaster” Dual blaster features:
                                                                                •	Exclusive	mixing	valve	offers	“on-the-fly”	control	of	each	media.	Inter-	
                                                                                  mixing	for	gentle	to	mild	blasting	or	full	force	aggressive	media	blasting		
                                                                                  for	heavy	rust	or	coating	removal.
                                                                                •	Effectively	remove	rust,	paint,	grease	and	grime	from	any	surface.
                                                                                •	Quickly	blast	away		paint	and		corrosion	on	fiberglass,	outdoor	furniture,	
                                                                                  metal	railings/doors	or	virtually	any	object	you	want	to	clean	and	refinish.
                                                                                •	Innovative	design	utilizes		bicarbonate	soda	for	gentle	cleaning	and	paint	
                                                                                  removal	along	with	aggressive	medias	for	heavy	rust	on	any	metal	surface.
                                                                                •	Mixing	valve	allows	operator	to	go	from	blasting	rust	on	cast	iron	to	paint	
                                                                                  removal	on	wood,	fiberglass	or	delicate	metals	with	a	flip	of	the	switch.
                                                                                •	Infinite	mixing	between	media	saves	cost	and	decreases	blasting	time.
 an eastwood innovation – the media mixing valve                                •	Utilize	bicarbonate	soda	for	paint	removal	on:	plastic,	fiberglass,	wood,	
                                                                                  chrome,	stainless	steel	and	any	other	soft	metal	without	damage.
  Abrasive	media
  hose and red valve                                                            •	Utilize	aggressive	media	for	heavy	rust/paint	removal	on	cast	iron,	steel,	etc.
                                                                                •	Heavy	gauge,	fully	welded	and	powder	coated	tanks	and	frame	assure	years	
                                                                                  of	service	and	heavy	wall	blast	hose	assures	safety	and	high	pressure	velocity	
                                                                                  at	the	blasting	nozzles	for	quick	coating	removal.
                                         Infinite adjustments on the            •	A		“must	have	tool”	for	any	restoration	or	maintenance	shop	where	rust	and	
                                         mixing valve allows for any
                                         ratio of abrasive/soda mix               paint	removal	is	a	problem	on	multiple	surfaces	such	as	fiberglass,	steel,	
                                                                                  aluminum,	etc.	
              Soda	media hose and green valve       U.S.	Patent	Pending       11737	 Eastwood	“Master	Blaster”	Dual	Blaster				$429.99*
                                                                                        *Special	shipping	charges	may	apply

44        abrasive blasting                                                                   Order 24/7 at eastwood.com

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