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					                                                  Soda blasters –
                                                       a must
                                                   for fiberglass
                                                  cars and boats

     NOTE: These units use specially-
      formulated Bicarbonate Soda.
   Do NOT use household baking soda!

specially                                                Portable industrial
formulated                                               soda blaster
bicarbonate                                              Great for small scale applications!
soda blast Media                                         Specifications: 10 lb. media capacity;
Designed specifically for                                5’ hose; quick connect; 7 cfm required.
blasting, this specially                                 11805	 Portable		
formulated Bicarbonate Soda is not what you              	      Soda	Blaster			$399.99s
find at the grocery or big box stores. call for
details on pallet quantity pricing.                      Heavy-duty industrial
11806	 Automotive	M	Media,	50	lb.	bag			
	      Medium-size crystals with standard
                                                         soda blaster
       moisture control for standard removal             This heavy-duty blaster has an
	      $39.99*				                                       adjustable pressure regulator that
11807	 Automotive	XL	Media,	50	lb	bag			                 allows you to blast at low pressure
	      XL-size crystals with standard moisture           for sensitive jobs or at high pressure
       control for aggressive removal 		$39.99*			       for tough applications and water spray
50494	 Rust	Removal	Profile	XL,	50	lb	bag			
	      XL-size crystals with 20% blend                   for dust control. Specifications: ASmE
       of 70 grit aluminum oxide			$59.99*		             certified tank with 110 lb. media
50895	 Flow	Formula	M,	50	lb	bag		Medium                 capacity; 25’ heavy-duty, 3/4” ID
       water-proof crystals with moisture                blast hose; minimum 18 cfm required.
       control for high humidity			$59.99*	              11804	 Heavy-Duty		                                                11805     11804
50896	 Flow	Formula	XL,	50	lb	bag		XL                    	      Soda	Blaster			$1,999.99s*
       water-proof crystals with moisture
                                                          s This item ships directly from manufacturer. Please allow 1-2 weeks
       control for high humidity 		$59.99*	                         for delivery. *Special shipping charges may apply
50417	 Galvanized	Funnel/Sifter,	8”			$17.99
                                                                        Get more info on Soda Blasters online – keyword: sOda blast
          *Special shipping charges may apply

   Order toll-free 800-345-1178                                                                                     abrasive blasting         43

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