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Vodafone Caps


									                                                      Vodafone Caps

Proposition and Subscription Option
Plan Price 24 Month
                                    $29                 $49                $79                $99        $129
Available Contract
                              0mths 24mths 0mths          24mth      0mths    24mth        24mths       24mths
Unlimited Free
                             ×                   ×                     ×

Voice Value                          $150                $340                $650             $1000       $2000
* Subject to the Vodafone Fair Use policy. BIS version of Unlimited BlackBerry

Cap Inclusions
 Price Points                       $29                 $49                $79                $99        $129

 Standard calls per 30
                                    42c                 40c                40c                35c         35c
 Flag fall                          35c                 35c                35c                35c         35c
 Video calls per 60
                                                          1.5 x standard rate (+ 35c flag fall)
 secs – Flag Fall 35c
 Standard &
 international TXT®
 Standard &
 international PXT ®
 Standard &
 International Video                                                       75c
 Vodafone Live!
                                                           Free, only pay for what you use

 National Roaming                                             See for rates

                                                               Standard Call rate.
                                                     Free if you choose the ring alert option
                                 Excluded for the $29 & $49       Included for the following plans only: $79, $99 &
 1223 ‘ask us anything’
                                                                      $129: $1.75 per 30 secs (+$3.50 flag fall)
 13 & 18 Numbers                                               Standard Call Rate
 Mobile Internet                                      2c per KB with a minimum session of 15KB
                                 $29 Cap:
                              $2.50 flat fee
                                applies for
                              enquires to a
  Customer Care Calls           Customer                                   All Other Caps: Free
                             Care agent not
                             related to bills,
                               charges or
                             billing services

Cap Exclusions – Charge above the plan price
 International calls                                 See for rates
 International Video calls                               Will be rated at 1.5 times the IDD Rates
                                       Prices range from $3.30 to $6.60 for ring tomes, wallpapers, logos and
 STK, IVR & Web Services               games. TXT alerts are charged at 50c for one off requests and 25c per
 Content Purchases                                                 subscriptions

 Premium TXT                                          Rates dependant apply dependant on Service
 International Roaming                             See for rates
 Live! Content Purchases                           See for rates
 Premium Numbers                                   See for rates
 Call Screen                                          5.5c for the first 10secs or 99c per message
                                                                 $29 Cap, $49 Cap only.
 123 ‘ask us anything’
                                                          $1.75 per 30 secs (+ $3.50 flag fall)
                                                     *All Prices Include GST

Key Features and Benefits
    •   Vodafone Caps now include our great new bonus of Unlimited Free Weekends – calls to any Vodafone mobile over the
        weekend are completely free.
    •   Vodafone Caps now include even more credit to spend on talk, TXT, PXT, voicemail and heaps more.

How does it work?
    •   Customers pay a minimum monthly spend to receive a bundle of included services.
    •   Any unused value does not carry over to the next month
    •   Usage above the included value is charged at standard rates and is charged in addition to the minimum
        monthly spend
    •   Usage for services not included in the cap value are charged in addition to the minimum monthly spend (see
        calls and services excluded from included Cap value, above)
    •   Customers must be set to default paperless billing on these plans

Vodafone Internet Caps: Add ons
The following services can be added to any of the new Vodafone Internet Caps

Internet on Your Mobile
                                             Recurring Charge (per             Data Allowance        Out of Bundle
 Bill Description
                                                    month)                      (per month)           Usage Rate

 Internet On Your Mobile                               $9.95                       100MB                 12c/MB

Note: The IOYM bundle includes off net data. Usage above 100mb will be charged at the out of bundle rate of 12c per MB not the
PAYG rate of 2c per Kb of the Cap plan.

 Current BlackBerry® Monthly                                                                         Out of Bundle
                                                    Allowance                  Blackberry term
 Charge                                                                                                  Rate

 $14.95                                               1.5MB                      24 Months              $5 per MB
 $24.95                                             Unlimited*                   24 Months                 N/A

Roaming Data Bundles
 Price Point – Per month                                    Data Allowance ( per month )

 $49                                                                       25MB
 $199                                                                     120MB

*Subject to the Vodafone Fair Use Policy

Roaming Data Bundles
 Price Point                                                       Data Allowance (per month)
 $49                                                                         25MB
 $199                                                                        120MB
MPP – Mobile Payment Plan
    •   MPP is available to credit approved customers connecting to this Contract (MPP is only available at the point of connection
        to the Contract)
    •   The MPP must be paid out in full if the customer disconnects the service.

Plan Changes
    • Customers wishing to change to Prepay or On Account plans will be charged an Early Exit Fee and a Handset Exit Fee.
        See below for Details.
    •   To process a plan change and for information on all other plan changes, call 1300424424 or email

Early Exit Fee (EEF)

    •   EEF applies when a customer wishes to move out of contract to either On Account (month to month) or Prepay
    •   EEF applies if a customer disconnects from the Vodafone network while in contract, 100% EEF applies
    •   A customer moving during the term of a contract to Prepay or Postpay On Account will be charged 100% of the month
        access fee x months remaining
    •   To change plans or cancel the contract, call 1300424424 or email

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