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					            Welcome to

 The Portsea Camp

Organiser’s Handbook
        2006 - 2008

             It contains
    everything you need to know
    to make sure that you have a
           fantastic stay.

  We look forward to your company.

In order to continue to sponsor disadvantaged and special needs children to our
school holiday camps we are asking for your support:

Perhaps you might consider raising funds at your school or workplace to assist a
child to attend camp?

It costs the Camp approximately $450 to accommodate a child at Camp for 7
nights and provide them with the most unbelievable Camp of any offered
anywhere, any time. All run by our small staff team, assisted by over 200
volunteers each season, 24 hours / day, 7-days a week.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Or perhaps you’d consider being a volunteer yourself. We are always on the look-
out for caring, considerate adults to look after children’s basic care needs, run
recreation activities, provide medical support (nurses and Doctors) or simply help
about the place – in the laundry, for instance. We’ll give you a small allowance to
cover travel and other costs and make you most welcome. For the experience of
your life, why not consider getting involved?

In anticipation, thank you for your support.
Mission Statement
The Portsea Camp is a registered children’s      The land was compulsorily acquired for use
charity whose mission is to:                     as a defence facility in the 1880s when the
                                                 Franklin Barracks Wing and Fort Franklin
“Provide a safe, caring, healthy, educational    were constructed. The barracks area has
and recreational environment for the             been converted to dormitory and en-suite
children of Victoria with a major focus on       accommodation surrounding one of the
providing subsidised holidays for children       finest examples of a parade ground, whilst
who are disadvantaged and have special           the remains of Fort Franklin are earmarked
needs.”                                          for preservation on the camp’s northern
The Portsea Camp runs 5 week-long camps
for disadvantaged and special needs
children aged between 9 and 12 years
during January, April and September school

The Portsea Camp is a non-profit
organisation with all revenue raised from
general camp occupancy being directed
towards meeting the costs of our children’s
holiday camps and, naturally, maintaining
and operating the facility.

The Portsea Camp benefits from an
enormous amount of voluntary support, with
over $1.4M received in cash donations since
1995 and with over $500,000 worth of
volunteer labour offered each year by over
500 generous Victorians. The camp’s
principal supporters include Rotary, Apex,
the RSL and the Scout Association.

The Camp is a member of the Duke of
Edinburgh Award Scheme, an Accredited
Campsite with the Australian Camps               The Camp is ideal for:
Association, the Australian Council for              •   schools wanting an educational or
Children and Youth Organisations Inc. and a              high energy camp site
member of Active Australia.                          •   religious groups looking for a
                                                         relaxing retreat destination
Your support in booking the camp is crucial          •   special interest groups wanting a
to our on-going support to disadvantaged                 mix of on-site recreation and off-site
and special needs children.                              attractions
                                                     •   cub and guide groups wanting an
The Site                                                 affordable, safe destination
The Portsea Camp is situated on 7 acres of           •   sporting groups wanting the
extraordinarily valuable real estate and has             benefits of an on-site oval, and
some of the best views imaginable. Why else          •   corporate groups wanting team
would Portsea properties feature so                      building and initiative activities
frequently in holiday accommodation
sections of the Age and Herald Sun? Why
else would some of Australia’s wealthiest        Location
people choose to have holiday homes here?            •   95 km from Melbourne
You be the judge.                                    •   Melways ref: 156 F2
                                                     •   Transport to and from the camp can
The Camp sits on historically significant land           be arranged. Groups travelling to
that was home to the Boonerwrung people                  the camp from the west of
and which was first occupied by white                    Melbourne may wish to consider
settlers when John Watson constructed a                  using either the passenger or
limestone dwelling on the site in the 1860s.             vehicular ferry from Queenscliff to
                                                         Portsea or Sorrento
Camp Staff                                      walls, Baltic pine floors and ceilings. Why not
Chief Executive Officer                         stay in a bit of history?
        Stephen Eastop
Bookings Officer
        Alex Crawford
Recreation Coordinator
        Nigel Dewar
Catering Manager
        Sandra Collins
Finance Officer
        Peter Newton
Maintenance Officer
        Ben Tyrrell

Day Visitors and Site
Inspections                                     The Boonerwrung Wing was constructed in
Day visitors are welcome however since          the 1970s and comprises 6 bunk houses
groups may be sharing the site it is            with a central shower and toilet block. Bunk
important that day visitors present at the      houses are of brick construction and have
main office to pick up visitor’s badges and a   between 22 and 26 beds in each. (The Wing
copy of the camp’s General Conditions for       features a stunning mural of over 80 metres
Day Visitors prior to proceeding.               by 3 metres painted by a local Koori artist,
Site inspections must be booked in advance      Bea Edwards, depicting various scenes
to ensure occupying groups are not              representing local plants, animals, birds and
disturbed. Sundays are usually preferable.      sea creatures).

Sharing the Site
The Portsea Camp sits on 7-acres of land
and has three discreet accommodation
areas. Small groups of less than 75 people
are usually required to share the site. We
take every measure to ensure that groups
are compatible with one another and will
discuss this with you on booking.

People with Disabilities
All communal rooms are fully accessible.
There are two very accommodating rooms
specifically for people who have a disability   The Bayside Units are positioned on the cliff
and a further two purpose built showers and     top, face north and enjoy their own garden
toilets in the Nautilus Centre.                 area to the north. Multi-million dollar views
                                                right outside your door! There are 12
                                                carpeted en-suite rooms sleeping from 4 to
Accommodation                                   8 people each. Couta Cottage, sitting right
The site comprises three discrete               on the headland is also available for rent.
accommodation areas:                            Fully self contained, the 1950s cottage
    • Franklin Barracks (sleeps 181)            sleeps 6. Sit up in bed and look down on the
    • Boonerwrung Wing (sleeps 148)             sand of Portsea front beach below!
    • Bayside Units (sleeps 78), plus
    • Couta Cottage (sleeps 6)

The Franklin Barracks / Parade Ground Wing
was constructed in the 1880s and is listed
by Heritage Victoria. There are 3 bunk
houses with 38 to 42 beds in each for
groups preferring the sense of community
and fun that large rooms inevitably bring,
and also 13 en-suite rooms for 4 to 6 people
each. All rooms are of bluestone and
limestone construction and feature 12 inch
General amenities and
The natural horseshoe contour of the land          certificates of merit when participation
ensures that almost wherever you are on            milestones are achieved - we pride ourselves
site, you’ll be taking in the stunning views       on our concern for your safety.
north over the waters of Port Phillip Bay to
the City of Melbourne on the horizon. And          Recreation on-site
like us, you’ll never tire of watching the
                                                       •   protected oval
passing parade of ships and ferries that
                                                       •   basketball court
travel right in front of the camp (particularly
pretty lit up at night) or of spotting dolphins        •   volleyball court
playing in the weed beds right in front of you.        •   Star Wars (our very own night game
                                                           for primary age children)
Large dining and function hall with stage,             •   Giant Swing
sound and light system, DVD player, data
projector and BIG screen, state of the art
kitchen, number of smaller meeting rooms,
the exceptional Nautilus Centre, equipped
first aid room, art room, large screen colour
TV, VCR/DVD, various sound systems, public
phone, bbqs, laundry and small canteen. On-
site residential staff.

Meals and menus
    •    Catered groups must discuss meal
         set up and table cleaning duties
         with the camp’s Catering Manager
         prior to arrival
    •    Meal times for catered groups are
         8am, 12.30pm and 6pm. All meals
         are served in Winwood Hall
    •    Menus are seasonal, prepared
         using much fresh produce, largely in          •   twin flying fox
         steam cooking ovens to retain                 •   numerous initiative games and
         vitamins and flavour. All special                 team building activities
         diets are catered for                         •   orienteering (compass or photo
    •    Birthday cakes are our speciality                 driven)
    •    Self catering groups must discuss             •   bouldering wall
         use of the camp’s kitchen with the            •   earth ball
         camp’s Catering Manager prior to              •   parachutes
         arrival and must keep all food                •   campfire pit and seating
         preparation areas to the hygiene              •   abseiling
         standards discussed                           •   high ropes course

Recreation Programs
Recreation programs are run by trained,
friendly and enthusiastic leaders. While
there are many activities that group leaders
can run themselves (full training provided),
there are some activities where we prefer to
run the activity for you. We firmly believe that
activities like the Giant Swing, for instance,
should not be run by people following brief
training. All Portsea Camp recreation staff
are required to maintain log books of their
involvement running each specialised
activity, participate in regular refresher
training courses and are awarded
  •   disco (the best DJs, lights, smoke,     •   canoeing
      music)                                  •   beach volleyball
                                              •   fishing (from Portsea Pier), and
                                              •   sandcastle building

                                            Recreation nearby
                                              •   passenger ferry trips to see the
                                                  seals and maybe dolphins too, or to
                                                  Queenscliff to visit the Queenscliff
                                                  Maritime Museum and Marine
                                                  Discovery Centre (10 min walk along
                                                  the beach)
                                              •   scuba diving (10 min walk)
                                              •   London Bridge natural arch (40
                                                  minutes walk)
  •   giant slide
  •   mountain and bmx bikes
  •   table tennis
  •   rollerblading, and
  •   a large assortment of bats, balls,
      tug-o-war ropes, and
  •   helicopter rescue demonstrations –
      involving you!

                                              •   numerous surf beaches, rock pools
                                                  and lookouts (40 minutes walk)
                                              •   Point Nepean National Park /
                                                  fortifications and place of Harold
                                                  Holt’s disappearance – 2 km walk
Recreation at the adjacent
beaches                                     Seasonal attractions
  •   swimming
                                              •   sea dragons can be seen by
  •   snorkelling (quality equipment &            experienced snorkelers to the west
      PFDs)                                       of Portsea Pier
  •   raft building                           •   spider crabs can occasionally be
                                                  seen in summer
                                              •   nautilus shells wash up on Portsea
                                                  beach below the camp during
                                              •   dolphins can be seen all year round

                                              Please ensure that you check on the
                                              suitability of off-site attractions for your
                                              group. You are advised to enquire about
                                              attraction’s liability policies and
                                              business registration.
Equipment                                       Power
Available to schools for loan without charge:   Groups are requested to be environmentally
    • Volleyballs, cricket stumps, bats and     and energy conscious – please turn off lights
         balls, basketballs, netballs,          and heaters when leaving buildings and at
         footballs, witches hats and cones,     night when retiring.
         and tug-o-war ropes
    • A television, VCR, loud hailer,           Waste
         overhead projector, electronic         Garbage and recycling bins are located in
         whiteboard and wide screen TV are      the Parade Ground area - please do not mix
         also available but must be booked      waste. Children should be encouraged to
         prior to arrival                       dispose of waste appropriately as all waste
                                                that hits the ground ends up in the Bay
Heating                                         where dolphins swallow it!
    •   All large communal areas are
        heated as well as bunkhouses in         All guests need to bring
        the Boonerwrung Wing. As                    •   Suitable clothing
        accommodation rooms are of either           •   Sheets or sleeping bags and a pillow
        brick or bluestone construction they            case (linen can be provided but only
        are cool in summer, warm in winter.             by prior arrangement)
        Expect the weather to be very
                                                    •   Insect repellent (mosquitos can be
        Mediterranean - cooler than
                                                        bad after rain)
        Melbourne in summer, warmer in
        winter as the camp is sheltered             •   Torch
        from prevailing westerlies                  •   Camera
    •   Please ensure heaters are not left          •   Bathers
        on when rooms are unoccupied.               •   Towel
                                                    •   Regular medication
                                                    •   Drink bottle
Telephone contact                                   •   Hat, long sleeved cotton shirts and
    •   The camp does not operate a                     sunscreen in summer
        reception for in-coming calls after
        hours. Please bring a mobile to
        camp and supply the number for the      Group Organisers Need to
        mobile to guest’s next of kin,          Bring
        parents or guardians prior to arrival       •   First Aid kit
    •   A public pay phone is located at            •   Mobile phone
        camp in the foyer to Connelly Hall          •   Staff car for emergencies
                                                    •   User Information Register
Lost Property
We hold on to property left at camp for two     General Conditions of Hire
weeks only.
                                                    •   Group Organisers must be
                                                        competent adults, take
Staff Contact during your stay                          responsibility for supervision of
    •   Please ensure you liaise with camp              group members at all times, ensure
        staff on any matters you might have             that group members understand
        during office hours                             and follow the following Conditions
    •   Office hours are Sunday to Friday               of Hire and requirements detailed in
        9am – 5pm                                       the safety briefing at all times
    •   Outside these hours IF YOU HAVE A
        GENUINE EMERGENCY you will need         Safety Briefing
        to contact ON-CALL STAFF. ON-CALL           •   All groups are to be provided with a
        staff are not ON-DUTY so please                 safety briefing within 2 hours of
        restrict contact outside office hours           arrival
        to EMERGENCIES ONLY                         •   Groups arriving together will be
    •   Phone ON-CALL STAFF on 0417 554                 provided with the briefing by camp
        834                                             staff
                                                    •   Groups arriving at various times are
                                                        to be given the briefing by the group
                                                        organiser who, on or prior to arrival,
       will be supplied with the safety                secure ‘mail’ box window in the
       briefing contents sheet                         main office wall

Emergency Procedures                             Parent / Guardian Consent
   •   Evacuation directions are placed in         •   Group Organiser’s must ensure that
       all accommodation and communal                  all people who are under 18 years
       rooms                                           of age have written parent /
   •   Fire extinguishers, fire hoses and              guardian consent forms for their
       smoke detectors are not to be                   attendance at camp and
       tampered with                                   participation in the recreation
   •   In the event of an alarm sounding               activities that are to be experienced
       all people on site are to go
       immediately to the Evacuation Area        Looking after our Camp
       on the basketball court where Group         •   The camp is to be maintained and
       Organisers are to meet a camp                   left in a clean and tidy condition
       representative and undertake a              •   All damages must be reported
       head count                                      immediately
   •   The Camp has prepared a detailed            •   No firearms, spear guns, knives or
       Emergency Management Plan that                  pets please
       you will be provided with on arrival        •   Possums and other indigenous
                                                       animals are not to be disturbed
Arrival / departure                                •   No vehicles are to be taken onto the
   •   Groups must not enter the camp                  lawns at the Bay Side Units
       prior to the booked arrival time, nor       •   All parking in the Parade Ground
       leave after the booked departure                only
       time                                        •   10kph speed limit applies – anyone
   •   On their day of departure groups                exceeding this limit will not be
       must vacate their rooms before                  permitted further access for their
       9am, leaving their belongings under             vehicle
       verandas or in their vehicles               •   No indoor furniture is to be taken
                                                       outside under any circumstances
First Aid
   •   First Aid is the responsibility of the    Accommodation areas
       group                                       •   The number of people per room
   •   First Aid officers with groups are              must not exceed the number of
       asked to acquaint themselves with               beds
       the location of the camp’s first aid        •   Mattresses are not to be placed on
       room which is available to all groups           the floor and no bedding is to be
       on site and always open. The room               taken outdoors
       is well equipped, however any               •   Food must not be taken into rooms
       supplies used must be reported to               as ants can be a huge problem
       camp staff prior to departure and
       must be paid for                          General Behaviours
   •   All serious illnesses and / or injuries     •   No swearing, abusive behaviour or
       must be reported to camp staff as               harassment of others
       soon as possible                            •   No smoking inside any building or in
                                                       front of children. Butt bins are
User Information Register                              provided throughout the site and
   •   In accordance with legislative                  must be used. Smokers are asked
       requirements, all businesses                    to be discreet and considerate of
       providing accommodation are                     the fact that a children’s camp
       required to collect information on              should not look or smell like an
       who is staying and within what                  ashtray
       rooms they are accommodated                 •   Alcohol can only be consumed on
   •   Group organisers must provide the               site with prior written approval from
       names of all guests and their room              the camp. Group Organisers must
       allocation to the camp prior to                 ensure that members of their group
       retiring on the first night.                    who have consumed alcohol off-site
       Information is to be posted in a                do not return inebriated. (People
        who have returned to camp                      booking less than 6 weeks prior to
        inebriated and whose behaviour has             their proposed arrival date
        been offensive or loud have and will       •   Full payment is required prior to
        be required to leave – whatever                departure. (Schools are asked to
        time of day or night)                          follow up on this requirement with
                                                       the school bursar prior to arrival)
Noise                                              •   School Group Organisers will be
  •     All noise must cease at 10pm                   provided with information regarding
        Sunday to Thursday and at 11pm on              food and accommodation costs in
        Friday and Saturday                            order that GST can be claimed back
  •     No noise before 7.30am Monday to               on the food component
        Friday, 9am Saturday and Sunday
                                                 Terminating the Occupancy
                                                   •   The Portsea Camp reserves the right
Out-of-bounds areas                                    to terminate occupancy without
  •     All areas with ‘staff only’, ‘danger’,         notice for breach of the General
        ‘chemical storage’ or similar                  Conditions of Hire
        signage are naturally out-of-bounds
                                                   •   Portsea Camp staff are empowered
  •     Also out-of-bounds are workshops,              to take action, as they deem
        garages, residences, sewerage                  necessary, for the proper conduct of
        treatment plant, electrical                    the camp and the safety and
        switchboards, kitchen (except with             security of all guests
        camp staff approval), and the
        timber storage area
                                                 Group Organisers Checklist
  •     The flying fox platform, ropes course
                                                   •   Confirm booking, proposed
        area, buildings, fences and Giant
                                                       numbers and any extraordinary
        Swing are not to be climbed
                                                       requests by paying deposit by due
Campfires                                          •   Discuss recreation program and
  •     The camp has a large campfire pit              equipment requirements with the
        with plenty of surrounding                     camp’s Recreation Coordinator as
        telephone pole seating. Please                 soon as possible, no later than 6
        discuss use of the campfire with the           weeks prior to arrival
        camp’s Recreation Coordinator prior        •   Discuss extraordinary meals
        to arrival                                     requirements with the camp’s
  •     Fire restriction days and days of              Catering Manager, no later than 6
        TOTAL FIRE BAN must be observed                weeks prior to arrival
                                                   •   Advise the camp’s Booking Officer
Clean Up                                               of final numbers, special dietary
  •     All relocated furniture must be                needs, estimated time of arrival and
        returned to where it was originally            departure and confirm recreation
        found                                          program, no later than 2 weeks
  •     A surcharge will apply where this is           prior to arrival (update us)
        not undertaken                             •   Provide completed User Information
                                                       Register either immediately prior to
Vacating the Camp                                      or on arrival at camp
  •     A check of areas used by your group        •   Provide payment either on
        will be conducted by camp staff                departure (small groups), on arrival
        prior to your departure                        (schools and general groups) – we
  •     An additional fee will be charged              will reimburse for non-arrivals
        where camp staff are required to           •   Provide your ‘at camp’ mobile
        perform excess cleaning and to                 number to parents and members of
        cover the cost of any damages or               your group prior to arrival, and
        lost camp property                         •   Provide camp staff with your ‘at
                                                       camp’ mobile number and chosen
Accounts                                               bedroom details on arrival
  •     A deposit is required to secure your
        booking which may be forfeited
        where the group fails to cancel their
Emergency Contact

Fire, Police, Ambulance
Ph. 000

South Coast Medical
2841 Point Nepean Rd, Blairgowrie
Ph. 5988 8604
Emergency Ph. 5986 2155

Rosebud Hospital
1527 Nepean Highway, Rosebud West
Ph. 5986 0666

Marc Clavin Pharmacy
61 – 63 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento
Ph. 5984 2196

Rosebud Specialist Centre
1533 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud
Ph. 5982 2800

Nepean Optical
2277 Nepean Highway, Rye
                                    CAMP STAFF (emergency only)
Ph. 5985 7233                       0417 554 834
                                  The Portsea Camp

                                   SAFETY BRIEFING
Note: Where possible this briefing is given to campers immediately upon arrival. If this is not
practical then the group leader will be given this briefing and must retain a copy to inform the
camper group as they arrive, or at their first meeting. Overleaf is a copy of the camp’s ‘general
conditions for hire’. Campsite staff may conduct a site tour.

     - which staff are working and where, after hours contact number system and where the
     number can be found – office door and beside Connelly Hall public phone


3.   DRINKING WATER – The camp is on town water so all water is safe for drinking, drinking
     fountain is behind main toilets. Fluids are always available at meals, morning and afternoon

4.   SLEEPING ACCOMMODATION - fire extinguishers, power points and smoke detectors (do not
     tamper with or test). Pillows at wall end of beds for top bunks. Do not take mattresses
     outside and do not move from room to room.

     eating routine, duty group required to set/clear tables. Meal times 8am 12.30pm & 6pm.
     Camp Portsea Camp staff are responsible for cleaning toilet areas. Encourage catered group
     leaders to meet kitchen staff after safety briefing.


          o    Sewerage              o    Fort Franklin            o     Tipi                o      Cliffs
               Plant                      (supervision)

          o    Neighbours            o    Outside fences           o     Workshops           o      Work sites
                                          (cliffs)                                                  (if any)

          o    Kitchen               o    Bunker roof              o     Banks beside        o      Wood shed
                                                                         slide                      (snakes)

          o    Staff                 o    Areas not booked         o     Chemical            o      Garages
               residences                                                rooms

      Specialised Activity Areas i.e.
           o Low & High               o    Flying            o   Giant          o    Obstacle/Initiative
                Ropes                      Fox                   Swing               Course

7.   CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT- national park rules apply - no littering as dolphins swallow our
     rubbish, use rubbish bins, camp planting scheme, stay off garden beds, beware snakes,
     enjoy the possums, bush rats, blue tongued lizards and fill in the dolphin watch book. Don’t
     climb trees and fences. Do not go beyond fences to retrieve balls etc.


9.   DEFINE PARKING AREAS - parking in Parade Ground area only, observe 10kph speed limit
     and watch for pedestrians when turning into the Parade Ground from the main access road.
10. CARE AND USE OF ACTIVITY EQUIPMENT – school groups receive a kit of standard bats and
    balls which is to be signed for and returned complete to office after use. Charges apply for
    replacement of lost or damaged items.

    sound and emergency assembly area at basketball court described. Advise to gather as a
    group and where more than one group on site at any time identify which part of the area to
    gather in – Bayside near volleyball court. Identify location of: emergency response sheets –
    office, Winwood Hall, Connelly Hall, Nautilus Centre kitchen, fire extinguishers and hoses
    (emergency use – do not tamper with). No smoking in buildings, use bins.

12. SELF CATERING GROUPS - responsible for cleaning, including inside amenities, and
    maintaining all areas in an hygienic manner, bringing own cleaning products and using only
    designated areas. Supervision by qualified food handler is expected.

13. HAZARDS - specialised activity areas, uneven surfaces and embankments are identified, or
    other items as they affect campers from time to time. Beach / water use discussed. Beware
    boxthorn, star pickets, do not climb on fences or structures.

14. FREE TIME - Free time must be supervised, including all activities. Leader to reinforce out of
    bounds areas.

15. GIANT SLIDE – SAFETY GUIDELINES – one only, face forward, beware of speed, do not use
    when wet as gets very fast, leader supervision of children at all times.


          o Location of                   o Out of hours staff            o Confirm user
              emergency plan &               contact                         group
              response sheets                                                responsibility
              and contents of                                                for first aid

          o Provide details of            o Care with                     o Group leaders
              injury, accident or            sleepwalkers, bed               responsible for
              illness                        wetters & under 6’s             camper
                                             on top bunks &                  supervision at
                                             pillow placement                all times except
                                                                             when Portsea
                                                                             Camp staff are
                                                                             running an
                                                                             activity – only

          o Leader supervision            o Need group leaders            o Confirm general
              when using all                 mobile number for               conditions of
              activities, including          after hours contact             hire has been
              free time                                                      signed

          o After hours staff             o Hall evacuation               o Sun smart policy

          o Accessing office and          o Disabled evacuation           o Alcohol /
             PA                                                               smoking policy
                    General Conditions for Day Visitors
All day visitors must report to the office, sign the day visitor’s book and wear a visitor’s pass at all
times. The pass must be returned to the office when you leave.
If you are visiting a group on site please seek information from the group leader regarding safety
issues and the camp’s General Conditions of Hire.
If you are a day visitor wishing to look over the site please read and abide by the following
Emergency procedure notices are posted throughout the campsite. Please make yourself familiar
with the arrangements.
      Extinguishers and smoke detectors are located throughout the site. These must not be
      tampered with in any way.
      No fires or BBQ may be lit by Day Visitors without staff approval.
All breakages to or losses of Portsea Camp property or equipment are to be reported to Portsea
Camp staff. Their replacement cost will be invoiced to the group. The Portsea Camp takes no
responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property. You are not permitted to access
buildings except with the prior approval of camp staff.
All vehicle parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and is only to occur in areas as directed or
signposted. Speed restrictions apply and are strictly enforced.
The Portsea Camp is located in a beautiful setting. No camper is permitted to bring firearms or
pets on to the property or to disturb the natural environment. There are many local creatures,
including ring-tailed possums. They are a protected animal and are not to be disturbed. Garbage
and recyclable materials are to be separated and placed in designated areas and bins.
All buildings at the Portsea Camp are smoke free zones. Smoking is only permitted away from
children. Butts are to be put out and disposed of thoughtfully, not left about the site. Alcohol can
only be consumed with written prior approval of the camp and then only in limited areas of the
camp at specified times.
All areas with staff only signs, workshops, garages, residences, sewerage treatment plant, boiler
rooms, electrical switchboards, kitchen (except on invitation of the Catering Manager), surrounding
properties and timber storage area. Other areas including worksites, flying fox platform, Giant
Swing, Ropes Course enclosure, Fort Franklin embankments, recreational equipment storage
areas are ‘out of bounds’ unless directed by Portsea Camp staff.
          Emergency Calls: Portsea Camp staff will make office phones available in the event of an
The Portsea Camp does not provide day visitors with access to first aid rooms except in an
emergency with camp staff approval. Any first aid supplies used must be paid for.
Activity programs are not available to day visitors except where this has been arranged with camp
staff before arrival.
Day visitors are not to interfere with groups on site.
The Portsea Camp reserves the right o terminate your visit at any time. Portsea Camp staff are
empowered to take action as may be deemed necessary to ensure the proper running of the
                       User Information Register
 Post in blue office mail box before retiring on first night at camp

Group Name __________________________________________
Group Organiser’s Name ________________________________
Group Organiser’s Contact Details at Camp
_____________________ (mobile)             Room ____________
(Under ‘TYPE’ please indicate: A = Adult, C= Child (under 18 y.o.)
Schools ONLY need not enter addresses – c/- school name is adequate

          NAME               ROOM                       ADDRESS        TYPE
Activities Available

   •   Abseiling                                    o Telephone Pole Shuffle
   •   Acro-balance                                 o Trolley
   •   Art and Craft Room                           o Trust Fall
   •   Badminton                                    o The Wall
   •   Ball Games                                   o Wild Woozy
   •   Basketball Court                     •   Leaky Barrel
   •   Beach Activities                     •   Low Ropes
   •   Beach Combing                                o Balance Beam
   •   Beach walks                                  o Earthquake Bridge
                                                    o Elvis Wiggle
   •   Bike education
                                                    o Mohican Walk
   •   Bike riding
                                                    o Space Prism *
   •   Bouldering wall                              o Tension Traverse
   •   Camp fire (stories, tall tales,              o The Weave *
       damper making, and more)                     o Three Line Bridge
   •   Camp – Out                                   o Two Line Bridge
   •   Canoeing                                     o Wobbly Log
   •   Concerts                             •   Meditation
   •   Crab catching                        •   Movies – DVD, data projector
   •   Cricket                                  and 5 metre screen
   •   Day walks                            •   Netball
            o Pt Nepean                     •   Night Games (STAR WARS –
            o Back beach                        our own design, guaranteed to
            o London bridge                     wear ’em out)
   •   Disco                                •   Night Walk
   •   Dolphin watching from our            •   Orienteering (Photo or
       headland                                 compass driven)
   •   Earth Ball                           •   Parachute play
   •   Ferry rides                          •   Raft Building
   •   Fishing                              •   Rollerblades
   •   Flying Fox - twin                    •   Snorkelling
   •   Football                             •   Soccer
   •   Giant Slide                          •   Softball
   •   Giant Swing                          •   Swimming
   •   Hand-ball target                     •   T-ball
   •   Helicopter Rescue Demo.              •   Table Tennis
       rescuing your teachers !!            •   Tug-o-War Ropes
   •   High Ropes                           •   Tumbling Mats
            o Heebie Jeebie                 •   Volleyball
            o Jeebie
            o Knotted Rope                  General Equipment Available –
            o Multivine                     bookings essential
            o Prusiking
            o Two Line Bridge               •   Overhead & Data Projectors
   •   Hula Hoops                           •   TV / Video / DVD
   •   Indoor Games                         •   Whiteboard
   •   Initiative and Trust Games           •   Internet access
            o The Beam
            o Leaky Barrel               All mid-week groups are loaned a
            o Nitro Swing                selection of bats and balls on arrival
            o Spiders Web
                                         * our own invention
Discos are the best!    Aerial view pre Giant Swing

Going canoeing

                        London Bridge – a short walk away

‘Our’ beach - Portsea

Giant Swing

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