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Stop Anxiety Attacks - Review

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This article is about stopping anxiety attacks

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Some people don't even realize that they are having anxiety attacks,
until they know what the definition of one is. An anxiety attack is a
strong sensation that creates fear in oneself, as the symptoms can seem
like you are actually dying. If you are someone who suffers from these
kinds of attacks, it is important to know as much as you can about them
as to help control them. Thus the more you learn and know the quicker you
can begin to control your anxiety attacks.

The cause of anxiety attacks can vary from person to person. They may be
caused by an upsetting event in someone's life or a fear of something
they have experienced growing up. Stress is a big contributor to anxiety
attacks, but the possibilities are truthfully endless. Medication is a
known trigger of an anxiety attack, and being less than active is known
to be a contributor as well. In reality, there is not a particular known
reason for people who experience these attacks, they are in short a
body's way of dealing with an overwhelming feeling in one way or another.

One of the main symptoms of anxiety attacks is extreme fear. Now, fear
may be acknowledged as a symptom of anxiety, but in reality it is just
the end result of the real symptoms. Before fear sets in, you are likely
to experience one or more symptoms of anxiety, which lead you to the
fear. Chest pain due to a racing heart, shortness of breath, and
dizziness are all symptoms you may experience before the fear sets in. In
the end, any uncomfortable sensation that is realized which makes you
become fearful for your life is considered a symptom of anxiety, and
therefore should be treated as such until you can confirm your

Because so many symptoms that are realized during an anxiety attack are
similar if not exactly like those of some other kind of condition, it is
almost impossible to determine if what you have been feeling is due to
anxiety attacks, or another condition. This is why it's important to see
a doctor and explain your symptoms, so that your physician can run the
necessary tests in determining whether you have an underlying medical
condition that needs to be dealt with or whether it is more than likely
anxiety you are dealing with at which point you can work with your doctor
in finding ways to control it.
Once you and your doctor have worked together you can be on the way to
resolving your trouble. If it is an anxiety attack there are many
approaches you can take to help. Discuss your approach with your doctor.
In many cases awareness is the first step you can take to stop your
anxiety. Check back, as I will be posting other articles on anxiety and
will include some of my own experiences.

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