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					       Execution.                       OF

   Craig & Brown.
A Full and Particular account of the Execution of John
  Craig and James Brown, who suffer'd the last sentence
  of the Law, in front of the New Jail of Paisley, for
  Breaking into the House of Mr. Robertson, at Foxbar,
  and stealing a quantity of Property, and ill-using the in-
  mates : also an account of their behaviour since their tri-
  al, and at the place of Execution.
     An Execution in Paisley is a circumstance of very rare occurrence,
 and may consequently be supposed to excite a much deeper degree of in-
 terest, than in those places where they are regularly witnessed from time
 to time with little space between. In 1765, Provan was executed at the
 Gallowgreen of Paisley, for the murder his wife under circumstance of
 deep and aggravated atrocity ; since that time down to the present, a
 period of 64 years, there has been in this town only one of these me-
 lancholy and awful lessoos to erring humanity, This was the final exit
 of Thomas Pott who was executed at the cross, (the former place of exe
 ecution having been appropriated to other purposes) in 1797 for
 housebreaking and theft, this man, with an accomplice, were tried
 for the robbery of Gryffe Castle, in the neighbourhood of Paisley,
 when Potts was found guilty condemned and executed as above mention-
 ed, since which the Gallows on which Potts ended his career would have .
 remained unemployed, had it not been required by the town of Gree-
  nock for a similar purpose, from whence it has been removed for the
  execution of these two unfortunate men, James Brown and John Craig,
 who have this day in pursuance of their sentence suffered the awful pe-
  nalty of the law. These two men we understand are natives of Ireland,
  but have for some years been resident in Johnstone; when the affair for
  which they suffer'd was concocted and which place they left shortly after
  \ill\ perpetration in order to evade the hands of Justice. They were how-
  ever both seized and brought to this country, and tried at the last assizes
  where they were condemned for the crime of breaking into the house of
  Mr. Robertson of Foxbar. On trial it appeared that these two unfortu-
  nate men along with a person of the name of Stewart (who was outlawed
  on the day of trial,) had forcibly obtained entrance to Mr. Robertson
  who is an old man upwards of 70 living with only his sister a Lady of
  nearly the same age.

   Since they were brought from Glasgow these unfortunate men have
 been regularly visited by Clergymen and other religious persons, and
 have evinced a deep feeling of contrition for their crimes, giving every
 evidence of a repentance not to be repeated of, In course of this fore-
noon they were brought into the Hall and after some pious conversation
 and pra\ill\ers they were brought out to the Scaffold, dressed in a very be-
 coming and respectable manner, from their appearance they were ear-
 nestly supplicating the almighty for pardon, and in presence of a most
 immense multitude they were launched intoeternity.
    Owing to Glasgow Fast happening on this day the concourse of people flocking into thi
 town, during the early part of forenoon, was enormous, while the influx from the towns and
 villages in the west was no less numerous, presenting as a whole, one of the most immens
 crowds even seen in this place, on any former occassion.

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