; TACH Book-keeper_ Pam Bridgen_ Wins National Award
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TACH Book-keeper_ Pam Bridgen_ Wins National Award


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									V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                           PAGE 1

                            TACH Book-keeper, Pam Bridgen,
                                 Wins National Award                                                     December 2010

                                                              support and advice has been invaluable in guiding
                                                              me to manage our budgets and providing highly
                                                              rigorous reports to the volunteer Board of
                                                              Management. However Pam doesn‘t stop at book
                                                              keeping— she provides financial advice and
       Pam Bridgen is still keeping a keen eye on the         guidance to the volunteer management committees
       books, and everything else at TACH, at 73!             we work with around Tasmania AND she is also the
                                                              (self-appointed) chief tea maker, cleaner and bottle
       The Tasmanian Association of Community Houses          washer, as well as recently rolling up her sleeves to
       is proud to announce that on Monday 19 th October      help paint our new office space. Not bad for a 73
       2010 at a gala award night in                                                     year old.‖
       Sydney, our Pam won the
       Book Keeper Award at the                                                         We value Pam highly and
       inaugural MYOB Finance,                                                          are really proud for her
       Administration and Back                                                          that she not only was
       Office (FABO) Awards for                                                         shortlisted from over 300
       Australia‘s non-profit                                                           applications, but that she
       organisations. The award                                                         won! The judges were
       recognises the efforts of                                                        unanimous in her
       thousands of book keepers                                                        selection apparently.
       employed in the back office of
       non-profit organisations                                                         Pam‘s daughter who
       across Australia.                                                                accompanied her to the
                                                                                        dinner burst into tears at
       We are so excited for Pam.                                                       the awards night, seeing
       TACH is the Peak Body                                                            her Mum‘s years of public
       organisation supporting the                                                      service acknowledged in
       34 Neighbourhood and                                                             this way.
       Community Centres working
       in some of Tasmanian‘s most                                                      Pam, being Pam,
       disadvantaged and isolated                                                       immediately rang us to
       communities. Pam has been                                                        say that ―We (as in
       our Finance/Administration                                                       TACH) won‖. She would
       officer since 2002.                                                              never put herself on a
                                                                                        pedestal but we are glad
       Pam honed her skills working                                                     that at least this once,
       at Taroona High School for                                                       she received such
       25 years as the Bursar, which                                                    accolades.
       means that the current Premier and a certain
       Princess have passed in front of her office over the   TACH is just one member of the non-profit sector
       years. Be careful not to ask her what they were like   that comprises over 600 000 organisations
       as students – she might just tell you!                 contributing $43 billion to Australia‘s GDP and eight
                                                              per cent of its employment.
       John Hooper, Executive Officer of TACH, says of
       Pam, ―Pam is a first rate book–keeper and her                                             Well done, Pam!!
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                                                                  TACH Business
                        Association of         It has been, as usual, a very busy time for TACH staff and Board
                     Community Houses          over the last six months with some big changes and great devel-
                                   Inc         opments.
                          PO Box 169           TACH Board: You will find inside some brief introductions from
                     MOONAH TAS 7009           the new TACH Board elected to serve our Members over the next
                                               year. It is of course a big change in terms of the President role,
                    Phone:(03) 6228 6515       with Ann Harrison, tireless advocate and faithful servant to Neigh-
                      Fax: (03) 6228 6585      bourhood Houses and TACH over many years, making the deci-
                                               sion to step off the Board this year. I know Houses and particular-
            Email: tach@tach.asn.au
                                               ly the TACH staff want me to thank Ann for all the unseen support,
      Website: http://www.tach.asn.au
                                               meeting, lobbying and other work that she has performed on all
                     ABN: 95 897 499 497       our behalf. Ann, we all wish you well with the new challenges that
                                               lie ahead!

                      T a s m a n i a n        TACH Board Retreat: The new Board met with TACH staff for
                      Association         of   our annual retreat, to induct new Board members, review and set
                      Community Houses is      our strategic plan for the year ahead and to conduct the last Board
                      a proud partner of the   meeting for the year. This year we used a satisfaction survey,
                      Tasmania Together
                      Progress Board.          sent out to Houses, to gain insight into how they felt TACH was
                                               meeting their needs as Houses, and to particularly explore what
                                               our Members saw as priorities for TACH as their peak body. The
Tasmanian Association                          feedback pleasingly, was very strong about the support and role
of Community Houses                            TACH has provided, but also did provide some good suggestions
gratefully acknowledges                        moving forward which we have incorporated into our strategic
the support of the
Tasmanian Government
                                               plan. Thanks to all 20 Houses that participated in the survey and
through the Department                         if there is any other feedback you would like to provide please
                                               contact your regional rep, the TACH office or myself.

                                               Consolidate and maintain was a key message the Board gave
          Executive Officer                    to TACH staff (coined by Kate our VP). It had been a year of ex-
            John Hooper                        pansion and new work, but we were conscious of stretching TACH
                                               staff and all of us too thin, particularly over the last nine months.
               Finance Officer
                                               Moving office, Governance Project, new website, a $1.5 million ten
                Pam Bridgen
                                               year TCF literacy fund, Get Healthy Project, Eating with Friends,
         Development Officer                   TACH Conference, Neighbourhood House Week TV Advertise-
           Kim Lethbridge                      ment to name just a few of the big pieces of work that have started
                                               or continued over the last period.
   Development and Project Asst.
          Leah Brightman                       Focus on our Mission: We identified that we must ensure that
                                               funding opportunities did not drive our agenda (a common issue
         Get Healthy Project                   for Houses we know). We identified key pieces of work to support
             Ron Sutton                        Houses, based on the survey, that we wanted to continue, develop
                                               and move forward, and that any funding sought would be to assist
  Eating with Friends Coordinator
            Karen Austen
                                               those. This way TACH staff have a much clearer work focus for
                                               the year ahead, and these clear agreed priorities were welcomed
          TACH Governance                      by the staff. These included, amongst other priorities:
           Project Officer                          further developing the website as a mechanism for Houses
          Malcolm McDonald                           to access and share policies and procedures, and other
                                                     tools such as induction packages;
          Newsletter Layout
           Monissa Whiteley                         pursue workforce development and general training opportu-
                                                     nities tailored for House staff, committees and volunteers,
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                                          TACH Business

           and to start by mapping the training needs of      and staff commented that while being good fun & a
           Houses across the State;                           great chance to network with other Houses, they
           promote a collective event and celebration        took away a lot of learning and information from this
           (such as a breakfast), and other joint promotion   conference. Please see the article on page 16 for
           strategies in Neighbourhood House Week;            more information.
          pursue funding to enable the collection and        TACH Budget Submission: I hope that all who
           better documentation of the community devel-       read the newsletter take the opportunity to review the
           opment work of Neighbourhood Houses, and           TACH submission to Treasury for the State Budget
           outcomes for communities;                          for 2011/12. With input from Regional Meetings and
          complete the governance project and seek re-       information from individual Houses we believe that
           sources to provide training of management          we have developed a strong evidence base for more
           committees in an ongoing way;                      sustainable resources for Neighbourhood Houses.
          prepare a State Budget Submission to seek          The analysis of individual House budgets across the
           fairer resourcing levels for Neighbourhood         state clearly demonstrates that without increased
           Houses, and advocate for it;                       resources Houses will have to reduce hours and op-
                                                              eration in the next financial year. This is a terrible
          provide effective information to our Members       outcome for communities and one we as TACH will
           on social policy changes, and gather infor-        advocate for the government to avoid.           Go to
           mation from Members to inform advocacy.            www.tach.asn.au/Library/
                                                              TACHBudgetSubmission2011-12FINAL.pdf to down-
 Even in providing this sample of our priorities the          load a copy.
 TACH Board are actioning another priority to com-
 municate more effectively about the work of TACH.            I look forward to chairing a great Board and staff
 We identified that many Management Committee                 team over the coming year and look forward to meet-
 members and volunteers of Neighbourhood Houses               ing more of you across the State in the coming
 are not often familiar with the work of TACH on their        months.
 behalf or of the benefit that work can provide their                                                     Cheers
 communities. The TACH Board and staff are hoping                                                     Simon Paul
 that in 2011 we can strengthen the relationship be-                                                    President
 tween TACH and the management committees and
 volunteers    within    Neighbourhood

  If any Management Committee
  Members wish to receive the
  TACH E- News please contact the
  TACH office with your email de-

  This is one simple way you can be
  more informed of the work hap-
  pening at a state-wide level.

 TACH Conference: Congratulations
 to the TACH staff, particularly Kim,
 Leah and the four host Neighbourhood
 Houses in West Moonah, Derwent
 Valley, Bucaan and Goodwood, on a
 great conference held at Tattersalls
 Park in September. I know that mem-
 bers of my management committee                        The TACH Board and EO at the TACH Retreat in November
    PAGE 4                                                                                    V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

                                 Meet the TACH Board

North West Region                                         behind….LOL I just love all this reporting!! Aside
                                                          from that, the interaction and involvement with
                       Kate      Beer—Devonport           members of the community; seeing their personal
                       Community House—TACH               growth; and the growing profile of House‘s State-
                       Vice President                     wide, are contributing factors to my job satisfaction.
                       My f irst contact with
                       Neighbourhood Houses was                                  Joanne Ring—Devonport
                       in Victoria 22 years ago when                             Community House
                       my daughter was born and I                                Hi all, my name is Joanne
                       used our local house for art/                             Ring. I am happily married
                       craft activities. I moved back                            and live in the beautiful little
                       to Devonport 20 years ago                                 country town of Latrobe on
                       and utilised DCH‘s school                                 the N.W. Coast of Tassie. I
holiday program for my daughter as well as doing                                 have 3 children, all grown
some work experience at the House for my Diploma                                 and living independent lives,
in Community Services. I joined the Management                                   no grandchildren yet.
Committee in 2005, then secured the job as
Coordinator when it became vacant in 2006. I feel I       I have been involved with the Devonport
have found my niche, as I still really love my job        Community House for about 20 years as a
four years later and the diversity it offers.             participant, volunteer and Board member. I work in
I joined the TACH Board two years ago as I‘ve             the community services industry and am passionate
always been interested in having a say and                about people and our communities. I am honoured
particularly to promote Community Houses (and the         to be making a contribution to the TACH Board.
North West Coast)! I asked for the position of Vice
President this year as so that I could feel confident
to step up eventually if needed, and am more than         Northern Region
happy to be guided by Simon‘s leadership.                                       Rod Crass—Tresca
                                                                                Community Centre
                      Rachael        Morr is     —                              I‘ve been involved at Tresca
                      Ulverstone      Community                                 Community Centre in Exeter
                      House—TACH Secretary                                      for many years and have
                      6ft tall; blonde; blue eyes;                              been a TACH Board Member
                      gsoh (great sense of humour)                              since 2007, previously
                      – oh not a dating profile –                               serving in the role of Vice
                      sorry. I‘d better start again                             President and Public Officer.
                      then.                                                     I have a passion for the
                                                                                Community and enjoy giving
                      Not blonde, or 6 foot tall; but I                         my time.
                      have been the Coordinator at
Ulverstone Community House for nearly 3 years
and love the job. I had not long started when I was                             Vicki Knight        —Dorset
approached to join the TACH Board by an outgoing                                Community House
NW Rep and Ann Harrison. So essentially, I was                                  I was born in Scottsdale (a
thrown in at the deep end – but very grateful for the                           few years ago) and the eldest
experience. I have been on the TACH Board for 2.5                               of seven children. You could
years, and enjoy having an input; developing a                                  say we had our own
greater understanding of other House needs/                                     community on the farm where
issues/successes; learning opportunities – e.g. how                             I was raised. My husband Ken
to invest lots of money wisely; and the support and                             is a wonderful support to me,
friendships of other Coordinators and TACH staff.                               our three daughters, one son
                                                                                in-law and an absolutely
I have a background in Community Development              beautiful 5 month old grandson.
and Youth Work, and have worked at Kentish and
Devonport Council‘s; and was excited to leave the         I have been the coordinator at the Dorset
bureaucracy and red tape within Local Government          Community House for ten years and love my job
                                                          and my community. It is exciting to be part of the
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                                    Meet the TACH Board
  TACH Board and to see the continued growth of            Working for the state-wide ―big picture‖ gives me a
  community houses in Tasmania and to be part of a         better perspective to work in my own community.
  team that aims to ensure accountability for the
  organisation as a whole.                                                         Simon Paul —Clarendon
                                                                                   Vale Neighbourhood
                            Eleanor Taylor—St Helens                               Centre—TACH President
                            Neighbourhood House                                    I am married with 2 children
                            I was born in Scotland, grew                           aged 3 and 5, have a giant
                            up in a steel mining town in                           mortgage, a couple of
                            England and my family                                  brooding chooks and a keen
                            migrated to Australia in the                           interest in seeing the lives of
                            late 1960's. I am married,                             people       in    Tasmania
                            have 3 daughters and 4                                 improved.       I first started
                            grandchildren and have lived                           working in Neighbourhood
                            in Tasmania for 25 years.                              Houses in 2005 as assistant
                                                           coordinator at Clarendon Vale employed by TACH
  I previously worked at Karinya Young Women's             after finishing a post graduate degree in Community
  Service for almost 20 years and have been                Development. It was a great start for me to be
  Coordinator of St Helens Neighbourhood House for         guided by TACH staff and also allowed me to gain a
  only a year and a half.                                  good working knowledge of TACH. At Clarendon
                                                           Vale we helped the community take over
                                                           management of the Neighbourhood Centre and
  Southern Region                                          since our incorporation I have been the
                         Leanne Doherty —Warrane           coordinator. I first joined the TACH Board to be
                         Mornington                        selfish and further the voice of our community but in
                         Neighbourhood Centre              so doing it highlighted to me we are all in the same
                         I was a volunteer at Risdon       boat. This is my third year on the Board and it has
                         Vale Neighbourhood Centre         really helped me to gain an excellent statewide
                         for 11 years till 2005 when I     perspective of the issues and needs of
                         went to work at Warrane           Neighbourhood Houses and enabled me to
                         Mornington Neighbourhood          advocate strongly, whenever I get the chance, the
                         Centre.      I‘ve been at         great work and essential function we play in
                         Warrane Mornington for 5          Tasmania and the need to better listen to the voice
                         years now and since I‘ve          of our communities and to better resource the
  been there, I‘ve completed Community Services            achievement of their goals.
  Certificate 4. I thoroughly enjoy my work and the
  community I work with. I see being on the TACH                                  Elisa Ryan —West Moonah
  Board as an extension of this.                                                  Community House
                                                                                  This is my first year on the
                            Suzi Edwards —Pittwater                               TACH Board and I am very
                            Community Centre—TACH                                 excited to be in a group that
                            Treasurer                                             lead such a great team. I
                            Happily married to      the                           hope to help achieve the
                            gorgeous John, I have seven                           goals we set out as a
                            sons and nine and a half                              Board, and also houses as a
                            grandchildren.                                        collective.
                        I have been involved with          I have been the Manager of the WMCH for 4 years
                        Community Houses for               now and am still learning and loving my job every
                        almost 20 years, first at          day.
                        Burnie, as Family Support
  Worker, then as Coordinator of Pittwater for 9           I am a mum of Nellie(13) and Calvin(8) and as you
  years. This is my 4th (non consecutive) year on the      all know love to have a good time a laugh a lot.
  TACH Board. I have learnt much and hopefully
  contributed as well.                                     I am looking forward to being the South West
                                                           representative and working with you all.
    PAGE 6                                                                                   V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

                                  News from ANHCA
                                                            Community House) and John Hooper attended the
                                                            Face to Face meeting in Adelaide. We had a great
                                                            two days hosted by Community Centres SA in their
                                                            lovely building. In the two days we were able to:
                                                            finalise the employment process for the new EO;
                                                            arrange implementation of the National Survey; Brian
                                                            Smith from LCSA facilitated a Results Based
                                                            Accountability approach to help evaluate the past
                                                            year and develop our action plan for the coming year
                                                            (which was a great and simple process we might want
TACH and the 34 Neighbourhood Houses and                    to consider in House strategic planning sessions!)
Centres across Tasmania are part of a much wider            and three of us were interviewed for a local
―community‖ of over 1000 Neighbourhood Houses               community learning radio station. Thanks to Kate for
across Australia.      ANHCA (formerly known as             her input and time. Oh we also found time for some
National Link) has never had any funding to enable it       serious networking….. (eating and beverages).
to represent and promote Neighbourhood Houses
effectively at the Federal Level or to better promote       ANHCA Survey
the work of Houses across Australia. Think about it –
1000      communities     across    Australia    have       All Houses will have received an email from TACH
Neighbourhood Houses – 1000 groups of volunteers            about the first National Neighbourhood House survey.
and staff across Australia bringing local people            ANHCA is aiming to collect data on the 1000
together to change and support their own community.         Neighbourhood and Community Houses and Centres
                                                            across Australia.
Yet our voice is seldom heard around federal issues
that directly impact on our communities – gaming            We believe that past lobbying and advocacy
machine legislation, Income Management legislation,         campaigns at a local, State and Federal level have
National Social Inclusion policy.                           been hamstrung by our lack of an accurate national
                                                            picture of our sector. For example the recent DGR
But all that is about to change………                          campaign needed data to develop an economic case
                                                            for the ―worth‖ of our sector to the economy but the
ANHCA Executive Officer!                                    information we had across the county was patchy.
                                                            This data will be able to be also broken down at a
More in frustration, the Boards of Neighbourhood            state level and will greatly assist TACH in its
House peaks across Australia have stumped up funds          advocacy and promotion of Neighbourhood Houses in
from their own reserves to fund for a minimum of six        Tasmania.
months a part time ANHCA Executive Officer.
Excitingly Merial Clark, currently the Inner East           So if each House or Centre can take the ten minutes
Networker for Community Houses in Melbourne and             we believe the survey will take to complete it will be
formerly the Executive Officer of ANHLC (TACH sister        fantastic. The more of you that complete it, the more
body in Victoria) has accepted the role and will start in   powerful the data. The survey is designed
January.                                                    electronically using Survey Monkey and can be
                                                            accessed at the following link:
Merial will do great work promoting the work of
Neighbourhood Houses and lobbying for us on                 http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/anhca_survey_2010
national issues.
                                                            Each House is asked to enter the House name with
Face to Face Meeting in Adelaide                            their data, this allows us to verify the data, but all
                                                            public reporting on the results will be de-identified.
Generally ANHCA meets by teleconference every 6-
8 weeks with an annual face-to-face meeting. This           Please contact TACH if you have any difficulties with
year,    Kate Beer (TACH VP from Devonport                  the survey.
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                        PAGE 7

                 Scottsdale Community Schools First Success
  Dorset Community House and the Scottsdale              into the curriculum.
  Primary School formed a partnership to apply for
  the National Australia Bank Schools First Seed         Through the partnership, students will experience
  Funding grant of $25,000. It was wonderful to get      hands-on learning experiences, from the initial
  the good news that the application was successful.     planning, designing and construction of the food
                                                         gardens to harvesting, cooking and eating the
  The funding seeks to improve the nutritional           produce. The project will bring benefits to the
  knowledge of students and their families. The          students, families and community by encouraging
  Australian Early Development Index showed one          greater awareness of nutritional practices and the
  third of children in the area to be developmentally    knowledge associated with sustainable food
  vulnerable or at risk in the physical health and       practices.
  wellbeing domain.
                                                         Dorset Community House will benefit from
  The school‘s own data from several different           contributing actively to messages about good
  sources also confirmed the need for an integrated      health and by seeing a reduction in the health
  program to increase students‘ nutritional              problems they currently see in the community.
  understanding. Dorset Community House, which
  already has a community garden and expertise in        Vicki Knight
  environmentally sustainable practices, will help the   Dorset Community House
  school to establish, develop and reap the benefits
  from productive food gardens. Dorset Community
  House staff and volunteers will work alongside         For more information about Schools First Funding
  teachers and parents to integrate garden activities    please visit www.schoolsfirst.edu.au
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                   Fast Forward Your Future Brighton
The Jordan River Service
Inc partnered with Max
Employment to provide a
project for the National
Green Jobs Corp titled Fast
Forward     Your     Future
Brighton. This project is
aimed at young people
aged 17-24 years. These
young people are giving
back to their community
and training at the same
time. The team have
completed their training in
Conservation and Land
Management, First Aid and
White Card.                                             knowledge learned but attitudinal changes and
                                                        improved behaviour.
We are pleased to be able to offer young people
from the community a chance to gain skills and          The Supervisor of the project is Chelsea Barnes, a
knowledge      to   increase  their  employment         terrific young woman from our community, has
opportunities. Fast Forward Your Future Brighton        developed a great rapport with the young people
involves various activities and development at          and understands their issues.          She provides
Bonorong Wildlife Park, community gardens at both       support and encouragement at all levels and has
the Bridgewater and Gagebrook Community                 established strong relationships with the group.
Centres and foreshore weeding and planting of a
section of the Jordan River.                            The NGJC is an Australian Government initiative
                                                        targeted at 17-24 year old disadvantaged youth to
Greg Irons, from Bonorong Park, spoke very highly       provide them with work experience, training and
about the wonderful achievements of the group.          work skills in the emerging Green Employment
Building animal enclosures, tree planting, weed         market.
eradication and animal rescues are all tasks that
the group worked on during their time at Bonorong       Katrina Thompson from MAX Employment said:
and all participants spoke of not only the skills and   "Max Employment was delighted to be involved in
                                                                       such a worthwhile project," She
                                                                       added that Max Employments
                                                                       mantra was "finding jobs and
                                                                       changing lives. Projects like the
                                                                       NGJC allow us to keep achieving
                                                                       this goal."

                                                                         The participants celebrated their
                                                                         graduation on Friday 15th October
                                                                         2010      at   the    Gagebrook
                                                                         Community        Centre.     The
                                                                         participants were presented with
                                                                         their Conservation and Land
                                                                         Management certificates then
                                                                         enjoyed lunch at the Pontville

                                                                                              Helen Manser
                                                                                      Jordan River Service
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                         PAGE 9

                                  Clarence Plains Festival
  Clarence Plains Festival was held on the 9 th of
  October 2010. The day was overcast but we didn‘t let
  that put us off.

  This year the theme was 150 years of Clarence
  Plains, the day Clarence became a municipality in its
  own right. We asked people to dress in period
  costume and a few did, even me, spending a half an
  hour to make an apron and the next morning at 7.00
  am made a bonnet to give the impression of a
  working class person. Our Coordinator, Simon had
  little trouble of finding a costume—he just used his
  bushranger costume from the conference in Burnie.

  There were stalls with loads of information for people.
  Clarendon Vale had a stall that promoted healthy
  eating and lifestyle. With loads of healthy recipes for
  people to take and fresh fruit for the kids and
  grownups, we talked about exercising - not many do much of that except walk to the shop, school or to
  visit friends. Even I got my exercise walking around taking photo‘s which my feet paid for later. The most
  popular was the Pinnacle of Terror and the BBQ (people were interested where to buy the veggie
  burgers), the market stalls and the fancy dress for the children, but I reckon everyone had a good time,
  with a 1000 people attending.

  It was a good day all round but I think all the workers and volunteers were glad to see the end of the day.

                                                                                          Vonnie Bradford
                                                                      Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre

                            Rokeby Welcomes New Breakfast Club
  The Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre started their Breakfast Club in early October when it was made aware
  of the need for it in the community due to a large number of children going to school without having break-

  When an enquiry was made to the school as for a reason why it their club stopped running, they explained
  to us that they did not have the Volunteers for it or the room to continue running due to an upgrade of the
  school buildings.

  When our Club was first started at the centre only two young children turned up for breakfast but now we
  have between 12 to15 children turn up for the Breakfast Club.

  Our ongoing support are from Lin Thorpe, Second Bite, and The Rotary Club in Howrah. We also have the
  dedication of two volunteers which are Kerry and Clare and of course what would a Breakfast Club be
  without the children.

  It is a fantastic program which is enjoyed by all and the satisfaction we get by suppling such a vital pro-
  gram is absolutely overwhelming, especially when a young child tells us she enjoys coming here and is
  able to pick and choose her breakfast from a wide variety of cereals and spreads.

                                                                                          Anthony Stoyles
                                                                 Coordinator Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre
    PAGE 10                                                                                        V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

                           Eating With Friends Project
                                         It has been a      represented were from Primrose Sands, West
                                         very busy few      Winds, Clarence, West Moonah, Claremont,
                                         months here at     Pittwater, Goodwood, Kingston, Hellenic & Dowsing
                                         the      EWF       Point. EWF Steering Committee and TACH
                                         office.            representatives also attended.

                                      Two lunches           The Deputy Premier, Lara Giddings, called in
                                      were held in          during the lunch break at Parliament and enjoyed
                                      October for the       dessert with the southern group. Lara has been a
                                      volunteers of         strong    supporter of the EWF Project over the
                                      EWF      groups       years, and it was much appreciated that she
                                      as a thank you        allocated time to attend in a very busy
for their time and commitment in hosting an EWF             parliamentary week.
group. The northern lunch was held at The Gorge
Restaurant in Launceston on October 14th. It was            In between the two lunches a letter was received
a beautiful day, with 27 attending. The wonderful           from the Premier, David Bartlett, thanking
setting, food and company all resulted in a very            volunteers for supporting EWF groups. A copy is
successful lunch that all participants were thrilled to     included here for all to read.
be a part of. EWF groups represented were from
Fingal, Beaconsfield & Westbury. Stella Rodriguez,          EWF sponsored morning tea at the TACH
a previous project officer for EWF, also attended,          Conference in September in recognition of the
as well as EWF Steering Committee and TACH                  partnership and commitment the TACH network
representatives.                                            has to the EWF Project. Strangely enough, another
                                                            food - centred activity! I hope you all enjoyed
The EWF 10th Anniversary Celebration booklet                morning tea. EWF also facilitated a workshop on
was finally completed and, after much to-ing and            the      benefits of social eating and the important
fro-ing to the printers, was collected only the day         role programs like EWF play in bringing people
before the northern lunch. Too close a call for me!         together,    reducing     isolation  and     forming
Copies were handed out at the lunches, and posted           friendships.
out to EWF groups that weren‘t able to attend. If
any group or individual would like more copies              It‘s rolling around to the festive season again – I
please let me know and I will send them out. I hope         hope you all enjoy the lead-up to Christmas and
groups are putting their EWF aprons to good use             have a safe and happy new year.
too.                                                                                           Cheers, Karen

The southern lunch was held at the Taroona Bowls                                  Eating With Friends Project
Club with a BBQ smorgasbord catering for 50                                                    Ph: 6228 1220
people. Again the sun was shining and the room                      www.tach.asn.au/projects/eatingwithfriends
buzzed with         conversation. EWF groups

 Fingal Valley EWF Volunteers at the Northern Anniversary          Volunteers & guests enjoying the Southern
                   lunch at the Gorge.                            Anniversary lunch at the Taroona Bowls Club.
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                      PAGE 11

                                     Get Healthy Service

  There have been some great innovative ideas from Houses to
  encourage healthy living in their communities while promoting the
  additional support that the Get Healthy phone coaching service can
  provide to help people keep up their motivation.

  TACH has provided seed money to twenty four Houses since July to
  actively promote the Get Healthy Service. In case you missed it, each
  House was entitled to $500 to run promotional events, activities or programs. To receive the seed money
  the focus needed to be on one or both of two healthy living themes. These were
        Healthy Eating
            Being Active
  By providing activities or programs around these themes, what Houses offered was already connected
  closely to the aims of the Get Healthy Service so promotion of it to participants fitted in quite well.
  Houses got to choose what would best suit their local community and benefit their health.

  To keep up people‘s motivation and support their efforts to be healthy, the Get Healthy Service is a great
  way to build on what Houses are doing, so it is worthwhile making sure people know about it.

  For a summary of the promotional activities as well as other information and some useful resources,
  check out the TACH website at http://www.tach.asn.au/projects/get-healthy-information-and-coaching-

  Early next year and through to June
  2011, TACH will again be offering
  seed money for another round of
  promotion of the Get Healthy Service
  to adults by running health activities in
  your community.        As an added
  incentive, TACH will be sending each
  House a comprehensive kit from the
  Community Kitchens program. The kit
  contains useful video training modules
  on nutrition, kitchen safety, budgeting
  and food safety as well as a recipe
  book of healthy, tasty and affordable
  meals, a booklet on how to budget and
  get the most value from food shopping
  and cooking, and a manual on how to
  set up community kitchens.
    PAGE 12                                                                                 V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

                         West Winds Community Gym
The West Winds Community Gym was started in
March 2007 and ran voluntarily through until
February of 2008. During 2008/09, a fully qualified
and insured instructor has provided strength and
conditioning classes at a cost of $5 per participant.
Most of the equipment was initially self funded and
was bought through $2 donations given to use the
gym during 2007.

During the last financial year, approximately 3,000
visits have been recorded.

1. We have been successful with a Kingborough
Council Community Grant, which will enable us to
run another Optimal Health Lecture Series in the
new year.
2. We ran stretch classes and health lectures with a    running Kids' Gym which is extremely popular and
professional from Hobart.                               also hold Kids' Running Training at the Gym and at
3. We won the Medibank Private Active Towns             Woodbridge School. We have also had two
Awards – Whole of Community Involvement                 combined events with CrossFit42s from Hobart. All
Award for Tasmania.                                     new participants are shown around voluntarily by a
4. We purchased new equipment from funds from           qualified instructor before they can join classes. We
West Winds and Kingborough Council and installed        had two articles in the Kingborough Chronicle and in
new pull up bars.                                       the Get Moving Tasmania Newsletter.

We have entered a team in the Point to Pinnacle –       The biggest success story would be the inclusion of
this will be the fourth year, had entrants in the       two Move For Life Classes that are run, with over 20
Budget Fun Run, City to Casino and Mothers' day         participants on a weekly basis. This caters for
Fun Run.                                                individuals who are interested in extending the
                                                        functionality of their life.
At present there are 8 classes running to cater for
women, men and older adults as well as additional The gym has grown from humble beginnings in a
classes when school groups come. We are now disused hall with no equipment, to it‘s current status.
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                    PAGE 13

                            West Winds Community Gym
  As seen we offer a wide range of classes and we       gym and to the amazing ladies who look after our
  play an integral role in assisting the community to   children twice a week.
  get active and stay healthy.
                                                                                            Anna Smee
  The gym has welcomed people from all                                   (Gym Coordinator and Instructor)
  backgrounds from teenagers to the older adults
  from young mums to professionals from
  diabetics to injury prone individuals from
  those with health issues to those wanting
  to meet others.

  But…most of all the gym is a vehicle
  whereby people can realise the
  possibilities of life and get the most out
  of each day whilst meeting up with

  I would like to thank West Winds staff and
  committee who have helped out with
  reduced child care costs and hall hire
  which has been invaluable and most
  appreciated, Phil and Leighann Hirst for
  their help with an endless list of ―things to
  do‖, Carloyn Carius who helps with
  classes, everyone who helped maintain the

       Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre Supporting a Healthy Community
  Its been a year of hard work along with rewards for the Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre.

  As busy as it has been we have still had plenty of time to participate in community events and outing,
  including, Shave for a Cure, Clean Up Australia day, International Women's Day and The Tasmania
  Together Forum.

  The ZNC also took over the management of the Zeehan Gym and Squash centre, The gym was built
  about 30 years ago by Renison ( mine) for the community and has always been run by a community
  committee and on a trust basis, this being you pay your monthly or yearly fee and receive a key of your
  own. therefore you can come and go as you please, this
  might be 10 times a day, once a week...This worked very
  well for many years and I have been told the squash
  courts that are part of the gym had many a season of
  squash played on them.
  In the past few years with changes at the mines and new
  faces in town the community had trouble over seeing the
  running of the gym and it was then the council stepped in
  to assist with the maintenance, rates etc..

  As the council have many community buildings and
  support various projects the gym slowly became forgotten
  as less members used it. It started to get run down and
  the trust system abused.
                                                                                      (Continued on page 14)
      PAGE 14                                                                               V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

            Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre Supporting a Healthy Community
(Continued from page 13)

Earlier this year those who were still on the gym committee approached the ZNC as they did not want to see
the gym close but felt it was not something they could manage any longer.

The ZNC and the council discussed the possibility of the ZNC taking of the management for a trial 12 month
period and were able to come to an agreement that the gym would get new locks and keys, the council
would assist with the maintaining of the building and the ZNC take over the general running including the
money side of things and the distribution of keys. This was in August and since then a cleaner has been
employed, Renison has offered support by providing employees with free gym memberships, we held an
open day and the gym is once again a thriving venue in Zeehan. For memberships or additional information
contact the ZNC on 64716108.

Along with the gym, we have assisted with the opening of the Community Op shop and also supported
sporting groups by providing insurance for the local spot hall. Kids Club now runs on a Wednesday
afternoon, Playgroup Tuesdays and we also have a new partnership with HIPPY who run wonderful training
sessions, group meetings and fun days for the children.

We are currently working on a community/memorial garden and permanent play equipment for the centre,
we have been successful in a few grants to make these projects possible. A make over also took place
earlier in the year with a front entry and paint job for the centre really bringing us back to life.

We have some new faces on the committee bringing in fresh ideas and motivation and said good bye to
some long standing members also. Kim and myself are currently working on the community cookbook we
are hoping to have out by Christmas one of our last projects for the year before we wind down.

Merry Christmas from the ZNC.
Melissa Crosbie—Coordinator
Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre

                    Federal Government Does U-Turn on
                           Supporting Equal Pay
After entering into an agreement with the Australian Services Union last year to support the Equal Pay
Case for social and community services sector workers, the Gillard Government has gone weak on that
support for equal pay. In the submission put to Fair Work Australia on November 18th, the Government
has claimed that protecting the future budget surplus is more important than finally delivering pay equity to
employees who work with the most marginalised in society.

The Government has certainly not said that there isn't a pay equity problem, on the contrary, they agree
that the problem is real and needs to be fixed. They just don't want to pay what is necessary to fix it. For
more information, check out the links below, which will be updated regularly. The ASU is asking all our
supporters to contact their federal politicians and make their concerns known.

>> You can send an online postcard to Julia Gillard showing your support for the Equal Pay Case
at http://www.payup.org.au/ - a renewed flurry of postcards will show them in Canberra that we
don't agree with their submission!

>> You can contact your local federal member of Parliament. You can find your federal electorate here:
http://apps.aec.gov.au/esearch/ and then find your local member with contact details here: http://

From the Australian Services Union Website—19th November 2010
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                          PAGE 15

               Neighbourhood Watch—”more than just
            spying on the neighbours & locking things up!”
                                                                 fairs, Christmas parades, Clean-up Australia
                                                                 Day, adoption of a municipal park and the
                                                                 like. ... their meetings ... have wine and
                                                                 cheese tasting, quiz nights, outings to local
                                                                 police station, bush dances and ... ‘meet your
                                                                 local government candidates’ meetings.‖

                                                                 Here are some specific ways Neighbourhood
                                                                 Watch groups in Tasmania are working to
                                                                 reduce social exclusion for our young people.

                                                                 Children at Shorewell Park in Burnie have
                                                                 been getting physical activities, sausages and
                                                                 hot drinks courtesy of City Mission and Senior
                                                                 Constable Ian Edwards. The initiative is now
                                                                 supported by Youth Justice, Burnie City
                                                                 Council and local schools. About 30 children
                                                                 attend weekly.

                                                                 Other community related activities include
                                                                 BBQ type meetings, bush dances with local
  To some people, Neighbourhood Watch is just               primary school, participation in Clean up Australia
  about spying on our neighbours and locking things         Day and Tidy Towns, community walks, and
  up.                                                       Christmas festivities.

  That‘s a major misunderstanding.                Whilst    At a more practical level, the Sorell Neighbourhood
  Neighbourhood Watch members like to keep an               Watch group offers a bike education program at
  eye on what‘s happening in the neighbourhood,             local primary school with a $1,000 grant from Sorell
  and they certainly subscribe to the ‗Lock it or Loose     Council and Natone runs advanced first aid course
  it‘ philosophy; there‘s a whole lot more to               for members.
  Neighbourhood Watch in Tasmania.
                                                            I hope the examples I have just given show that
  For a start, we know that simply running around           Neighbourhood Watch and Community Houses
  watching out for burglars and vandals in our              have something in common. There are already
  community is just like putting a bandaid on a cut         examples of the two working together, such as in
  finger. It won‘t stop the finger being cut in the first   Ravenswood.
  place! Far better to treat the causes of anti-social
  behaviour before those affected turn to deviance.         Why not invite your local Neighbourhood Watch
                                                            group to co-operate with you in local community
  But many young people drift into trouble because          activities?
  they feel isolated and rejected by society. Possible
  reasons for this feeling of rejection include bullying    More information is available on our website at
  at school, poor social skills, unhappy home life,         http://nhwtas.org.au
  unemployment and a lack of opportunities to
  become involved in the community through sports,          Bob Holderness-Roddam
  etc.                                                      Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania
                                                            Contacts: bobhroddam@yahoo.co.uk
  A recent copy of the Tasmanian Neighbourhood
                                                            Phone: 6230 2174 (Mondays & Tuesdays, 8:00 am
  Watch journal stated ―... the best of the area
                                                            – 4:00 pm
  committees are involved in programs that extend
  beyond crime prevention, and are to be seen               Article provided by Bob Holderness-Roddam—
  promoting the values of neighbourliness and a
                                                            Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania
  sense of community at family fun days, community
    PAGE 16                                                                              V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

    Successful Communities—TACH Conference 2010
                                                       performed a song about community, specially written
                                                       for our Conference as a part of the South West
                                                       Region of Neighbourhood House‘s Literacy Project.
                                                       Their performance drew a standing ovation from a
                                                       very appreciative crowd.

                                                 We were very pleased to welcome Brian Smith from
                                                 the Local Community Services Association (LCSA) in
                                                 New South Wales and Gill MacFadyen from the
                                                 Community and Neighbourhood Centres Association
                                                 (CANH—South Australia) who spoke about the
                                                 Neighbourhood House networks in their states and
                                                 how they run, highlighting how we all differ, but also
                                                 the similarities between our organisations. Brian and
                                                 Gill also ran workshops showcasing LCSA‘s Results
On Monday, 28th September 2010, TACH welcomed Based Accountability project and CANH‘s Workforce
over 200 delegates over three days for our State Development project, respectively.
Conference—Successful Communities—Striving and

The Tattersalls Park Function Centre at Elwick in
Glenorchy, played host to staff, volunteers and
committee members representing Neighbourhood
Houses state-wide, along with representatives of
other community and government organisations.

After many months of organisation, day one dawned
and along with some of Hobart‘s coldest and wettest
weather this year, brought with it an airline hiccup
that saw most of our interstate guests and speakers
all stranded at mainland airports.      For a few
hearbeats, there was a very real prospect of needing   Keith Godfrey from Jobs Australia returned this year
to develop several workshops on the spot which         to help us to understand the implications of changes
would fill the afternoon gaps caused by our absent     to the Industrial Award system, what‘s going to be
speakers. However, the team from Volunteering          required and how Houses can best prepare for the
Tasmania and Julian Joscelyne and David Haynes         changeover.
from DHHS saved the day by graciously stepping in
and moving their workshops to the Monday to fill the   Along with a very successful Expo supported by fifty
voids.                                                 community sector organisations, there were
                                                       workshops on offer to support programs from Sheds
A highlight of the Conference Opening, was the
performance by the Choir of High Hopes, who
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                   PAGE 17

         Successful Communities—TACH Conference 2010
                                   to Child Care    yoga blankets to alleviate frostbite, the participants
                                   and how to       gathered in Goodwood‘s community garden to hear
                                   capture your     about the partnerships they have developed and the
                                   community        programme they run that provides families with the
                                   s t o r i e s    skills to grow and cook their own food.
                                   through video.
                                   Eating    With   Our Conference Keynote Speaker, author and Brave
                                   F r i e n d s    Foundation founder, Bernadette Black, spoke of her
                                   sponsored a      journey as a teenage parent and the challenge of
                                   morning tea,     completing her education and how Neighbourhood
                                   along with a
                                   social eating
programmes. TACH Governance Project worker,
Malcolm McDonald presented a series of workshops
to support management committees in their role.
This culminated in a thought provoking keynote
address at Conference close around the tools
Committee‘s need to provide sound management for
their Centres.

A very popular workshop this year was the Garden
to Plate session held at Goodwood Community
Centre. Freezing cold and wrapped in the Centre‘s                                     (Continued on page 18)

                            TACH Conference Mosaic
                                                                             During the Conference,
                                                                             delegates were invited to
                                                                             place some tiles in a
                                                                             special TACH mosaic art

                                                                             The mosaic table became
                                                                             a popular gathering point
                                                                             over the three days with
                                                                             many new friendships
                                                                             formed and projects
                                                                             discussed as a result.

                                                                             A huge thank you to very
                                                                             talented artist Kerry
                                                                             Howlett from Okines
                                                                             Community House for
                                                                             coordinating           and
                                                                             completing the project.

                                                                             The finished mosaic is
                                                                             absolutely stunning and we
                                                                             are very proud to display
                                                                             such a beautiful artwork,
                                                                             which represents us all
                                                                             working together, in the
                                                                             TACH office.
     PAGE 18                                                                              V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

TACH Conference 2010
(Continued from page 17)
Houses have supported that journey. Often
we as Houses don‘t have the opportunity to
see the difference that we can make in
someone‘s life further down the track.
Bernie‘s story of feeling acceptance as a
young mother at a Neighbourhood House,
illustrated how powerful the small action of
providing a cup of tea and understanding can
be in supporting change in someone‘s life.

Our Conference also provided plenty of
opportunities to let our hair down and have
fun. Despite gale force winds which blew
down our marquees and made conditions pretty            Louise Sullivan singing a rousing rendition of
uncomfortable for the Rotary Club of Howrah, who        ―Happy Birthday Mr Minister for Sport and Rec‖,
provided our BBQ meal, our Barn Dance at Bucaan         Marilyn Monroe style. We do hear that the prized
Community House and Chigwell Barn gave us the           House Idol Perpetual Trophy now resides in the
chance to work up a sweat with the help of David        office of the Deputy Premier, Lara Giddings, in
―Odd Socks‖ Wanless and the Hobart Olde Time            safekeeping for next year.
String Band.
                                                        The TACH Conference is not possible without the
The Conference Dinner, A Night at the Races,            support of the many individuals and organisations
attracted a huge entry in the fashions on the field     who provide their services as either guest speakers
competition, the likes of which we‘re sure the Hobart   or expo participants or those who provide
Cup has never seen. From a ―Knight at the Races‖        sponsorship in various ways. Thank you to the
to jockeys and fashionistas, there was even a visit     Department of Premier and Cabinet, Social
from the Queen and her corgis.                          Inclusion Unit, DHHS, Eating With Friends and NILS
                                                        for their generous financial contributions. We would
House Idol, in its third year, attracted a much         also like to thank Aisin (Toyota) Sewing Machines,
smaller field, however was still a lot of fun.          Guild Insurance, Jobs Australia, WHK Denison, WIN
Congratulations to everyone who participated. The       Television. Westpac Bank Moonah Branch, Aurora
winners this year were the stand up comedy duo of       Disability Services, Rotary Club of Howrah, fudge
Sharon Stewart and Sarah Lockley from the DHHS          a‘fare for their support.
South East Partnership Team, followed very closely
by the Ravenswood Neighbourhood House with a            The Conference this year was hosted by the South
unique race calling event. Third place was won by       West Region of Neighbourhood Houses,
                                                                  represented by Bucaan, Derwent Valley
                                                                  and West Moonah Community Houses
                                                                  and Goodwood Community Centre. The
                                                                  TACH Board and Staff are very grateful
                                                                  for all of their support, work and

                                                                   Thanks also to the TACH team, the
                                                                   Board and particularly Leah Brightman,
                                                                   TACH‘s amazing Project            and
                                                                   Development Assistant, for all of the
                                                                   work they do to bring you Conference
                                                                   each year.

                                                                   North in 2011!

                                                                                           Kim Lethbridge
                                                                                       Development Officer
V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4                                                                              PAGE 19

  Sponsored by:
                                                                               WIN Toyota

                      2011 TACH
                 Community Spirit Challenge
                                                               South Australian 2009 Winner-
                                                               Renmark Paringa
                                                               Community Spirit Challenge

                                                               ―This wall hanging tells a story and com-
                                                               bines all the elements of what Renmark
                                                               Paringa is about‖.
                                                               ―The black background is very dramatic
                                                               and grabs the eye.‖
                                                               ―Lots of texture, a great fun piece.‖

        What is it about?
       Show your Community Spirit, submit your entry in the 2011 TACH Community Spirit Challenge winners
       announced during Neighborhood House Week in May 2011. Capturing the spirit of your community will
       account for 50% of the judging so you do not have to be a sewing expert.

       Think about all the groups that could contribute to your entry and make this a real community effort from
       your centre. Some of the groups that could be involve are friendship groups, playgroups, quilting or craft.

        What are the categories?

       There are 2 categories: OPEN — MOST CREATIVE

       What are the prizes?

       Aisin Australia has kindly donated:
       Wall hanging         - OPEN - a Toyota Sewing Machine valued at $499.00
                                 - MOST CREATIVE - a Toyota Sewing Machine valued at $499.00

        Conditions of entry
               Open to TACH members.
               Must predominately be made using fabrics on a sewing machine.
               Must be own work and not submitted previously.
               TACH, Hobart office is to be advised in advance of the centre‘s intention of submitting an entry.
               Competition closes 30th April 2011, all entries to be submitted to TACH, Hobart Office by this date.
     PAGE 20                                                                            V O LU M E 1 0 , ISSU E 4

    Dates to Remember                                           Resources
2011—International Year for People of                 Australian Neighbourhood Houses and
          African Descent                                 Centres Association Members

           23—30 January
         Healthy Weight Week                       ANHLC—Association of Neighbourhood Houses and
                                                   Learning Centres Victoria—www.anhlc.asn.au
             4 February
           World Cancer Day

             14 February                                    Tuggeranong Link—Australian Capital
         National Condom Day                                Territory—www.tugglink.org.au

            20 February                                       Community Centres SA (formerly CANH)
      World Day of Social Justice                             South Australia—www.canh.asn.au

            23 February
      Ovarian Cancer Australia‘s                      CCFSNAQ—Community Centres and Family Support
          Teal Ribbon Day                             Network Association Queensland—www.ccfsnaq.org

             25 February
    National Sunnies for Sight Day                           LCSA—Local Community Services
                                                             Association New South Wales—
               1 March                                       www.lcsa.org.au
        Business Clean Up Day
                                                     Learning Centre Link—Western Australia—
             1—31 March                              www.learningcentrelink.asn.au
  National Epilepsy Awareness Month

               6 March
        Clean Up Australia Day                             Friends of TACH
                8 March                        We are delighted to recognise the following individuals &
      International Women‘s Day                          organisations as Friends of TACH.

      For more dates please visit           Senator Eric Abetz             Mr Matthew Groom MP
                                            Hon Dick Adams MP              Hon Bryan Green MHA
                                            Mr Scott Bacon MP              Mrs Sandra Hodge
                                            Sen Carol Brown                Mr Daniel Hulme
      TACH BOARD 2010-11                    Senator David Bushby           Senator Christine Milne
President        Simon Paul         (S)     Senator Richard Colbeck        NILS Network of Tasmania
Vice President   Kate Beer          (NW)    Ms Julie Collins MP            Hon Michelle O'Byrne MHA
Public Officer   Kate Beer          (NW)
                                            Hon Ivan Dean MLC              Ms Jacquie Petrusma MP
Secretary        Rachael Morris     (NW)
Treasurer        Suzi Edwards       (S)     Michael Ferguson MP            Phoenix Community House
                                            Hon Ruth Forrest MLC           Hon Tania Rattray MLC
Board Members                               Hon Mike Gaffney MLC           Ms Libby Rayner
                 Rod Crass          (N)
                                            Hon Lara Giddings MHA          Mr Jeremy Rockliff MP
                 Vicki Knight       (N)
                 Eleanor Taylor     (N)     Dr Vanessa Goodwin MP          The Hon Sue Smith MLC
                 Joanne Ring        (NW)
                 Leanne Doherty     (S)    Friends receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter ATTACH and
                 Elisa Ryan         (S)    information about our forthcoming events and activities. Contact
                                           TACH on 6244 1615 if you‘d like to become a Friend for $33 pa
                                           (GST inc).

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