OCF Container Garden Contest Rules by LorieSeadale


									                                              Orleans County Fair
                                          Container Garden Competition
                                                      Silent Auction
            Participants have the option when entering their container gardens to keep them
                and pick them up at the end of the fair on Sunday or to donate them for a
                             silent auction which will last throughout the fair.
                    Bidding for silent auction items will end at 12:00 noon on Sunday.
                    Silent Auction proceeds will fund future OCF Arts & Crafts events.
                                Silent Auction winners will be responsible for the removal of
                                         their winning bids by 4:00 pm on Sunday.

                                                        Professional growers and greenhouse or
                                                        garden supply businesses are encouraged to
                                                        participate with Silent Auction donations and
                                                        will be allowed to include 8X10 promotional
                                                        signage and or business brochures with the
                                                        entry. However, judging competition is not
                                                        open to professional growers and greenhouse
                                                        or garden supply businesses.
Simon Howden
RULES for Entries:
    1.) Include a list of all plants used in the container.
    2.) All entries should state if the container is more suited for a sunny or shady location.
    3.) Container size is entirely up to the participant. If YOU can move it and position it in a designated
          spot in Floral Hall without the use of a forklift you are welcome to enter it.
          4.) Container MUST be planted and grown by the registered entrant.
          5.) Optional: NOT required, just for fun; include photos of your container garden as it develops
          throughout the growing season.
Categories to be judged:
     1.) Floral; these entries will be judged on best use of color and plant combinations.
     2.) Vegetable; to be judged on best yield potential and creative use of space.
     3.) Herb; to be judged on best variety for cooking potential.
Special Ribbons awarded for:
     1.) Most Unique Container.
     2.) Most Vigorous & Healthy Plants.
     3.) Judges Favorite for Best Overall Presentation.

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