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					                                                               WSLETTE OF THE ALDE RIVE BENEFICE
                                                         THE NEWS    ER
                                                                    TER   THE
                                                                          TH          ER
                                                                                     VER  NEFI

                           one                       people, community events and developments in the area
              Keeping everyone in touch with news of pe                         d                     area

CURIOSITY, CONCERN AND DISBELIEF Having a Mad Hatter around brings forth different emotions; on the faces of these
participants at the Great Glemham Flower Festival can be seen three of them as they take part in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
For further pictures from the event see Page 16.

     £500,000 could be spent on the school Snape owns
       nape School has taken another step towards its goal of expanding to accommodate Year 5 and 6 pupils.
       The increase from 50 to 70 pupils would require extra accommodation and remodelling of existing
       facilities and could cost up to £500,000.
   In a series of meetings, pupils and staff, parents, school governors and parish councillors have all been shown two slightly
different approaches both of which favoured a detached building at the rear of the school. In either approach improvements
would also be made to the existing classrooms.
   Sara Hinton, a school governor, says that a clear preference appeared to be emerging for the version of the new building as
illustrated on page 2.
   It would provide a hall of 90 square metres, with storage space, toilets, a changing room and a lobby cloakroom. This could
be used for PE, assemblies, worship, stage activities, and as an extended classroom.
                                                                        The hall would have a canopy outside the lobby which would pro-
On Other Pages...                                                     vide a welcoming public entrance and allow a more secure pick up
 Historic pictures plea.......................................3 and drop off point for parents
 Bigsby: all is revealed......................................5         It is estimate that the work will take five months to complete.
 Barrie’s letter....................................................7 However, it could be planned so that the most disruptive work takes
 A Century of Guiding........................................9 place during the school holidays.                    Continued on Page 2
Page 2 - EBB and FLOW

    After 800 years the Woolnough family get
     the key to the door at the Blaxhall Ship
                                                                                    They say that there have been
                                                                                    Woolnoughs living in Blaxhall and
                                                                                    Tunstall for 800 years.
                                                                                       Members of the Blaxhall Ship
                                                                                    pub crowd were delighted therefore
                                                                                    that the family should be given
                                                                                    some formal, if unusual local
                                                                                       The result is the Woolnough
                                                                                    door. An original door in the Ship
                                                                                    was in such a bad state that it could
                                                                                    not be opened. So who better to
                                                                                    replace it than two of the Ship’s
                                                                                    regulars from the building trade?
                                                                                       Landlord Terry Davey called in
                                                                                    the Woolnough’s building firm to
                                                                                    do the work and Woolnough’s
                                                                                    Colin and Clive to declare the door
                                                                                       Information from Alvar Smith,
                                                                                    who took the pictures, speaks of
                                                                                    lively jollity among “musicians,
        Snape School (Continued)                            step dancers and drinkers” which is why perhaps the
                                                            picture of the actual opening ceremony (above) has …
                                                            well, a bit of a party spirit about it.

The consultation document makes clear that in addition
to the feedback from the school the project will depend
upon the availability of funds and the necessary planning
   Although the work should be funded within the context
of the Suffolk Schools Organisation Review, it should not
be forgotten that the school building was a gift from the
Garretts and still belongs to the village.
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INDUSTRIAL DAYS AT SNAPE MALTINGS The railway steam engine was not permitted to cross the road
between the station yard and The Maltings complex. At first the job of pulling the wagons across was given to a
pair of working horses, but they gave way to the tractor, above. The driver is Herbert Smith, who lived along
The Terrace, with his wife and family. Controlling traffic with a flag is Kitty Crane, who lived along Priory
Road. The man looking on is Cyril Smith, The Maltings manager, who lived in one of the Maltings houses along
Tunstall Road.

  Just what treasures of local history have you got in your attic?

        or over five years now the main source of pictures Failing that, Brian (Tel. 688999) will always be happy
       for our ‘From the Family Album’ feature has been to advise on their historical value.
       the collection of photographs recording life in
Snape and the surrounding area for over a century which
Brian Boulton has painstakingly built up into an enviable
                                                            SNAPE                   MALTINGS
   Occasionally such prints are found on eBay, and Brian            Enjoy our Farmers’ Market on the
found one the other day when he spied an early picture of           first Saturday of each month
his own house on the internet.
   Others are given to him for preservation and protection          Come to our new ‘Malsters
(he was, after all, a Superintendent in the Suffolk police).
Typical of these are this month’s print which is one of two         Garden’ for a range of plants and
photographs donated to his collection by Raymond and                pots for your garden
Rosemary Smith of Priory Road, Snape. Raymond and
Brian attended Snape School together.                               Exhibition of works by Jason
   What appals Brian is the number of ancient
photographic prints which chronicle so many past
                                                                    Gathorne Hardy from Saturday
activities in our communities and which are just thrown             28th May – Sunday 27th June in
away or burnt – often during a move or the house clearing           the Gallery.
after there has been a death in the family.
   Brian’s plea is to think before destroying or                             Open daily from 10am
discarding old photographs. Local museums or history                 For further details, tell 01728 688 303
societies will almost certainly find them of interest.           
Page 4 - EBB and FLOW

                                   JOYCE LOVETT REMEMBERS VE DAY
On Radio and TV earlier this month, there were several          Thanksgiving for the end of the war. I was the organist. I
accounts of VE Day 65 years ago and requests for people         was only 15 but I had been organist since 1943 when Ernie
to send in their memories of the occasion.                      Bevin sent our organist down the mines! I was playing the
   I was living at Newton Green in West Suffolk. Your           voluntary at the start of the service when I heard the sound
readers may be interested to know what we did to                of marching soldiers. We had feared invasion throughout
celebrate. We heard about it on the wireless of course –        the war and now, I couldn’t believe it, the day after peace
no TV in those days – but we also read about it in the          was declared the enemy was coming.
papers; in my family we read the Daily Herald (cover               What should I do? Well, I had to carry on playing. The
price 1d). It was not called VE Day then; we were just          marching feet came nearer; they marched up the Church
told that the war in Europe had ended and that we could         path. But I played on. Then they actually marched into the
all rejoice in whichever way we could.                          Church. I couldn’t see them because, from the organ, I
   We decided to have a big bonfire on the village green.       could not see the congregation. I played on. When the
We had not been allowed to have a bonfire since 1939.           parson came out of the vestry and stood in front of the
People took along whatever they could to burn. Of course        congregation, he said, “We will sing the first hymn, Now
there were no fireworks – so we made our own, with              thank we all our God”, I played and everyone sang at the
cocoa tins and carbide. If you wetted the carbide in the tin    tops of their voices. I shall never forget the sound of all
it would give off a gas which would explode when you            those soldiers’ voices. It was wonderful and they were
put a light to it and drive off the lid of the cocoa tin with   singing in English!
considerable force and a loud bang.                                At the end of the hymn I was able to squirm around in
   We tried to set fire to the gorse bushes – but it rained.    my seat to have a look at these visitors. I recognised a few
Well, what do you expect in England? No extra rations           faces – Joe, Harry, Lionel – then I realised these soldiers
were issued for us to have a party, so to provide some food     were the Home Guard! They had never been to Church
for everyone my mother took some wild rabbits which my          because they did their training on Sundays, in the gravel
father had caught. She cooked them until the meat fell off      pit. Now here they were, looking very smart in uniforms
the bones, then minced the meat and put it through a fine       which must have arrived in time for the VE celebration.
sieve. It was then mixed with margarine and seasoning.             It was a wonderful service. The Church was full with
She made several bowls of this rabbit paste (or pâté as         everyone praising God for our safety. We saw people there
you would call it today). My mother always made her own         who normally would not have been seen dead in Church!
bread so she made dozens of bread rolls. Those rolls               My Father was not there. He had gone to catch some
spread with that rabbit paste were delicious! A feast fit for   more rabbits!
a king (King George VI!).                                          Can anyone remember what happened in the villages
   That Sunday there was a special service of                   of our Benefice to celebrate VE Day?

      Mrs. Rachel Trotman                                          TAking A STEp inTO A gREEnER fuTuRE
                   MSSCh. MBChA                                 Inspired by the screening of the film The Age of Stupid, a
                                                                group of enthusiasts have created a new environmental
  VISITING CHIROPODIST                                          initiative called GreenerSax.
                                                                   At meetings in the town’s White Hart Hotel and in
                 (Member of the HPC)
                                                                Benhall Club, the group, who live in Saxmundham and
         47 Fairfield Road, Saxmundham                          surrounding villages, have elected temporary officers, set
                                                                up a bank account, adopted a constitution and established
          Telephone 01728-604460                                a ‘marketing’ committee to work on a GreenerSax
                                                                logo/identity and set an agenda for early action.
                                                                   They hope to tour local events with a roadshow this
                                                                summer to listen to people’s concerns and share
                                                                information on green issues such as energy generation and
                                                                local food.
                                                                   Already GreenerSax is making the local area greener
                                                                and less reliant on fossil fuels, particularly oil and gas.
                                                                   The organisation aims to be relevant to all members of
                                                                the community and welcomes everyone who wants to get
                                                                involved. To find out more, contact Sarah Durrant on
                                                                01728 633196 or email
                                                                                                  EBB and FLOW - Page 5
    ChiLDREn’S REpORTS On SnApE                                                WhO WAS BigSBY?
                                                               Last month we asked, “Does anybody know who
   BASkETBALL CLuB (by Poppy Gallagher, age 7)                 Bigsby was?”
The Basketball Club                                               Jesse and Nellie Friend of Benhall Green have sent us an
is led by Mrs                                                  extract from a paper written by Michael Catchpole in 1997,
Clinton and Mr Tom                                             about Richard Stopher (born 1767), a prominent citizen of
Allen. The year                                                Saxmundham, at times its overseer, constable, assistant
three and year one                                             commissioner of taxes, auctioneer and postmaster.
children go to this                                               The paper states that William Long lived at Hurts Hall
club every Thursday                                            at the time of the 1840 census, with his wife Ellenor, five
afternoon. It was                                              children, a governess, five male and ten female servants.
really fun so far.                                             Among other things, he built Saxmundham’s Market Hall
We’ve learnt to do                                             (originally a corn exchange), the school rooms next to the
dribbling, passing, shooting and how to move. It was quite     parish church, and the Town Pump. Hurts Hall remained
tiring. We used mini basketballs because they were junior      the home of the Long family until the 1950s.
balls. Mrs Clinton and Mr Allen used big balls with               Apparently, Long commissioned various works to
hands! These are the children who did the basketball club:     improve the grounds of Hurts Hall. A new cut was dug for
Liam, Archie, Sian, Aster, Poppy, Abbie, Toby, Callum          the River Fromus and marsh ditches were filled in. A
and Saskia.                                                    number of buildings were demolished on the Aldeburgh
                                                               Road in Sternfield and along the route of London Road.
  CREATiVE WORLD DAY(by Abigail Barker age 7)                  Among the latter was a pub called The Coach and Horses,
On 4th May, Snape                                              and a house which stood, more or less, on the site of
School went to Snape                                           Potter’s Garage (now J T Pegg and Sons) which for some
Maltings for a brilliant                                       years had been the residence of a Reverend J Bigsby.
Music World Day run                                               What is not clear from Michael Catchpole’s paper is
by Phillipa Reive and                                          whether it was William Long who, having made these
Bella Scarr. It was                                            alterations to improve the outlook from Hurts Hall,
excellent. Children                                            decided that the newly aligned junction of the London and
from Snape, Coldfair                                           Aldeburgh roads should be named after the man whose
Green, Saxmundham, Yoxford, Middleton and Peasenhall           residence he had ordered to be demolished, or whether the
joined in. There were lots of groups, including African        road junction simply became known as Bigsby’s Corner
songs, junk percussion, English folk singing and traditional   through popular usage by the travelling public.
dancing. The junk percussion was fun. We learnt a dance
from Kent where we had sticks and had a partner and then
whacked each other’s sticks!
Page 6 - EBB and FLOW
           STERnfiELD ChuRCh Sign                              LEiSTOn AnD SAXMunDhAM SChOOLS
                                                                  fORM A LEARning pARTnERShip
Readers who use Church
Hill in Sternfield will                                    Leiston High School, Saxmundham Middle School, and
have noticed the very                                      Leiston Middle School have announced that they have
smart new church sign                                      now formed The Leiston – Saxmundham Learning
which was put in place                                     Partnership (LSLP) to formalise the strong working
in early May.                                              links that exist between them as they move toward the
   The more sharp eyed                                     two tier system.
observer will have                                            On Wednesday, 16th June, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm,
noticed the two serpents                                   the schools of The Partnership will hold an exciting
writhing about the top of                                  forum to collect views about the future plans to merge
the sign – giving a clue                                   the three schools.
to its provenance.                                            There will be an opportunity to hear from the Head
   Dr Charles Foster                                       Teachers of Saxmundham Middle, Leiston Middle and
lived in Sternfield for                                    Leiston High Schools. In addition there will be a series of
many years and for                                         informal activities to include topics such as Teaching and
eleven of those was a                                      Learning, Uniform and Behaviour.
Churchwarden of St                                            Additionally, during the evening there will be an
Mary        Magdalene’s                                    opportunity to meet with parents, governors and teaching
church. The sign is                                        staff from all schools in our catchment area.
erected in his memory.                                        This will be a great opportunity to contribute and feel
Charles was a distinguished anaesthetist, and was a        part of the developments to the two tier system.
consultant at St Thomas’ Hospital in London where he          Please come along. Your views and ideas are vital in
headed the anaesthetic department.                         shaping the future of our children in this area.
   Serpents and medicine have a long historical               Refreshments will be provided during the evening.
association in the Christian, Hebrew, Islamic and             Please confirm your attendance by contacting one
Classical traditions. The rod of the mythological          of the schools in The Learning Partnership by Friday,
Asclepius, a serpent-entwined staff, remains a symbol of   28th May.
medicine to this day.                                         Contact telephone numbers are:-
   The sign was made by Jonathan Lear using gilt kindly
donated by Michael Newson, while the signpost was                Leiston High School:      01728 830570
made by Creative Metal of Parham. It will be permanently         Leiston Middle School:    01728 830886
fixed and formally dedicated in the summer                       Saxmundham Middle School: 01728 602777
                                                                                                      EBB and FLOW - Page 7

                                     Barrie’s                                Letter

Dear Friends,
By the time you read this it may be summer, the wind will have moved out of the North East and so it is warm at last.
Most people feel invigorated when it is sunny and warm rather than cold and dark.
    One of the stories of Jesus’ life told in the Gospels is where Jesus, having preached to a large crowd asks his disciples,
many of whom were fishermen, to take him across the Sea of Galilee in their boat. Jesus is tired and falls asleep in the
back of the boat, probably on a pile of nets. However, as they reach the middle of the lake a storm comes up, as happens
frequently on the Sea of Galilee. This must have been a particularly bad storm as even the experienced fishermen start
to panic as water starts to fill the boat. The disciples wake Jesus pleading with him to help them as they are all about
to drown. Jesus speaks to calm the storm which duly subsides much to the amazement of the disciples.
    It is quite tempting for us to be quite snooty about the disciples panicking as we have had centuries to come to
understand the nature of God but in reality are we so different to them? Most of us are grateful to have Jesus in the
boat with us as we sail through the choppy seas of our life but we are usually quite content to leave him snoozing on
a cushion at the back of the boat, because that is where we all prefer Jesus to be, in the background, asleep, quiescent,
untroubled and untroubling. To be woken only in an emergency to sort things out for us, miraculously.
    When our lives become turbulent, when things begin to go drastically wrong, when tranquillity departs and storm
winds arise, then we shake Jesus by the shoulders and say, “Do you not care that we are perishing?” Hoping, - though
maybe only half expecting - , that he will rebuke the wild wind, pacify the roaring sea and that peace and stillness will
return to our lives. If this indeed happens and the storm does calm, then we sing him a brief hymn of relief and thanks,
but then quickly change the rhythm and tempo to what is appropriate to a lullaby to send him back to sleep again.
    However, if he fails to rebuke the wild wind when we awaken him, and the turbulence in our lives continues, then
it is we who rebuke him, and as often as not tip him overboard. We find ourselves in that large group of people who
have thrown Jesus out of their boat because he wouldn’t provide a miracle to order.
    It is often useful to remember that the authors of the Gospels are writing them years later and the stories may have
improved with the telling, so it is only speculation as to what actually happened and how quickly, because we can
never know. What we do know is that what ever did happen it reassured the disciples. Did the sea did literally die
down at once, the wind stop blowing, and all become calm? Perhaps it was rather more subtle than that; once Jesus
was awoken everything may suddenly appeared to be different, the wild weather ceased to frighten and began instead
even to exhilarate because in the company of Jesus anything, but anything can be faced.
    A child no longer fears the dark, if a parent holds their hand. It is not that the darkness has changed or become
lighter, it is just that they are in reassuring company, company that they trusts will ultimately see them right no matter
what. Having Jesus travelling with us in our lives drives out fear and calms our troubled spirits.
    Many people who throw Jesus out of their boat do so because he hasn’t miraculously calmed the troubled waters
of their life, or prevented the death of someone they love or has simply failed to deliver the demands on their “shopping
list”. Those same disciples who were in the boat with Jesus were also the disciples who witnessed Jesus’ agony on
the cross. They came to understand that some things are only achieved with difficulty and after pain but that our God
is one who walks with us and supports us in such times, rather a meddlesome, miracle-mongering God.
    As we grow in faith we are more prepared to trust God and to follow his guidance, rather than demand favours and
miracles. Everything appears to be different, wild weather ceases, the sun comes out and summer is with us; we are no
longer frightened; we can face the future confident that in the company of Jesus anything, but anything, can be faced.


                                                                              Willie Free
                                                                          Boiler Maintenance
             TV, VIDEO/DVD
                                                                            Gas and Oil (Corgi Registered)
       DIGITAL AERIAL & SATELLITE                                              Servicing Commission
        INSTALLATION & REPAIRS                                              Landlords’ Safety Certificates
                Tel: 01728 603376                                                     01728 688680
Page 8 - EBB and FLOW
                                                                       puppiES ARE A Sign Of SpRing
LETTERS TO ThE EDiTOR                                                          in fARnhAM

Dear Editor                                                    A litter of seven
   I would really like to thank all those people who have      Labrador puppies
given me sponsor money for running the London                  was born on
Marathon, despite my not asking for it beforehand. The         16th April in
total raised to date for The St Elizabeth Hospice is           Farnham.
£129.00. I completed the run in 3 hours 55 minutes 5              Their mother,
seconds, a personal best for me.                               Inca, is as pleased
                 Marion Walker, Snape                          with them as her
                                                               owner, Caroline
Dear Editor                                                    Ogilvie, though
  In 2007, I wrote to you about ‘Signs of spring’. That        Caroline admits
year I heard a cuckoo for the first time on 17th April. This   that, all together,
year, I heard it first on 22nd April.                          they are quite a
                   Robin Alderson, Snape                       handful!
                                                                  Some of them
Dear Editor                                                    may be looking
   My butterfly book states that the flight of the Orange      for homes in the
Tip is a sure sign of spring. I have a photo of a pair taken   near future. If you
on 1st May. If spring has finally arrived, can we now hope     are interested, call
for a summer to follow?                                        Caroline on 01728
                  John Grayburn, Snape                         603459.

                                                                        Andrew J Collier
                                                                                     26 Years Experience
                                                                                  Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiling

                                                                                         4 Long Row, Main Road
                                                                                         Stratford St Andrew
                                                                                         Suffolk IP17 1LF
                                                                                         Phone:   01728 603200
                                                                                         Mobile: 07850 597578

                                                                          Free Quotations, Friendly Help & Advice
                                                                                              EBB and FLOW - Page 9

It was rather a damp, grey morning on 7th May when several ladies
from this Benefice joined a coach from Framlingham for a trip to
Bury St Edmunds for the Guide Centenary Service. The event,
which was mainly for adults who were past and present members
and supporters of Girlguiding, took place in St Edmundsbury
Cathedral. The Cathedral was full to bursting, and there was an
infectious buzz of delight as old friends and fellow Guides and
Guiders from the past were re-united.
   The singing was led by the Trefoil Choir, and the Service started
with a Processional Hymn during which the colours of Girlguiding
Suffolk were brought into the Cathedral. After welcomes from the
Dean and County President Sue Greenfield, there were more hymns
interspersed with readings and prayers, all given by members, old The Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich with the
                                                                       Colours of Girlguiding Suffolk
and young from the County.
   Lady Juliet Townsend, Vice President of Girlguiding UK gave an excellent address in which she shared memories
of Guiding and pointed out how things have changed over the years.
   During the final hymn the colours were returned and the Bishop gave the Blessing. Two verses of the National
Anthem were sung and the Service ended with Taps.
   After the Service there was tea and cake in The Athenaeum, a fitting end to a wonderful occasion.
   If anyone would like to know more about Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Trefoil, or becoming a Guider or helper,
please contact Jill Smith 663767.
                                       guiDing ThROugh ThE YEARS
                                             Ebb and Flow offers its own tribute to celebrate 100 years of guiding.
                                             Thanks to Janey Hawksley and Hazel Hammond we can show a
                                             comparison of guiding in the 1930 and today. On the left are photographs
                                             of a Girl Guide Camp in Sternfield in about 1935,
                                             and on the right, pictures of Saxmundham Guides
                                             at camp last summer.

   Paul Mannall
             General Builder
   Benhall Green, Saxmundham
 Tel: 01728 603554            Mob: 07712 633098
Page 10 - EBB and FLOW

         s I write, a cool breeze is drifting in from across the fields. It feels a little harsh for May. A bit too cold. I had
         got used to writing with numb fingers in my farm office in the last days of the winter months, but it feels a
         bit odd to be cold once again in mid-May. This is despite it being a bright day. Somehow the full heat of the
sun’s rays does not seem to be reaching the earth. The hotch-potch start to Spring – a mixture of warm sunny days,
cloudy days and others which are decidedly cold – has seen the pastures stop and start. Grass likes to be warm and
nicely wet to thrive. When the temperature falls off, so too does the growth of the grass in the fields. On sunny days
the air does feel a little bit dusty – as though the light of the sun is present, but somehow a bit distant. I wonder if the
ash in the atmosphere is partly responsible.
   The hedgerows have decided to brave the weather and JASON GATHORNE HARDY’S
are laced with new leaves. The youngest tips of the
hawthorn are a waxy crimson green, carrying bundles of UPPER ALDE VALLEY DIARY
new leaves and blossom behind them. In the woods, the
looser foliage of the young hornbeams and beech trees is bright green, almost
the colour of the pure chlorophyll within them. Dangling from the dark
branches, the leaves look not so much like objects but wafer thin patches of
light intercepted. They are quite something to behold, especially in the
evenings, when the rich golden light of the sunset shafts through the trees.
   Down on the farm, things are slowly getting back to normal after the
Spring Festival. The barns have been swept, all the signposts gathered in
and the Festival Exhibition taken down. The last of the sheep are out in the
fields with their lambs at foot. The ewes have taken a bit of time to recover
from the long winter. They are all well – but it was a struggle for them to
be in the barns all the time during the long cold months of snow and frost.
One of the rams has also just returned to the paddocks after convalescing in the old bull pen at White House Farm.
He was butted by one of his companions and needed a week or two to get back to health.
   Alongside the calls of the sheep in the fields, the loudest sound around the farm house and yards is bird song. On
sunny days it feels like treasure chest has been opened. The song, the sunshine and the abundant fresh foliage on the
land all seem to bundle up into an extraordinary eruption of Spring. A chaffinch has taken up residence in a yew tree
above the back yard of the house. The cock bird chirps loudly whenever the small supply of sunflower seeds and
peanuts on the oak bird table runs out. Blue tits and coal tits are nesting in cracks and holes in the buildings. And two
families of house sparrows have taken up residence in the roof. Their day-long chatter brings back memories of the
                                                  past, when thousands of the birds used to live in the countryside. But no
                                                  swallows yet. The loft space in which they usually nest stands empty,
                                                  door open in anticipation. The absence of their swinging calls and
                                                  evening chitter is much missed. I hope they come back.
                                                     It was wonderful to welcome so many guests and visitors, families,
                                                  friends and tourists to the Spring Festival this year. The month has left
                                                  many thoughts and conversations to absorb. One of the most interesting
                                                  discussions was the Knowledge Fair on 23rd April. It changed from being
                                                  a large conference into a small working group. Two themes emerged
                                                  from the morning’s presentations and conversations: the need for land
for people to grow food on; and a need for some sort of larger gathering or conference to discuss transition plans. As
the Gulf of Mexico fills up with oil in the most tragic and messy way, with reports of submarine slicks as large as our
coastal AONB, it must, surely, be time to kick the oil habit. It’s a challenge, but how much longer can we keep doing
this? The potential benefits, opportunities and even blessings or joys seem much greater than the ‘costs’! Have a
wonderful Spring and early Summer – go green, stay warm!

                Wood Carving
              Hand Carved original pieces:
                        House Names/Numbers

     Please contact Will Newman for further details.
  Mob: 07791210665 Email:
                                                                                                      EBB and FLOW - Page 11

                                                                               hAppEningS in ThE COMMuniTY


                                                         At two events organised by the Parish Council in May,
                                                         residents in Great Glemham were consulted for their views
                                                         on the proposed Open Access area in Butchers Field behind
                                                         the Village Hall.
                                                            Christine Fisher, a landscape architect who has been
                                                         involved in a similar project in an Area of Outstanding
                                                         Natural Beauty near Waldringfield, has been appointed by
                                                         the parish council to help steer the project. She was present
                                                         at both events.
                                                            First, there was an open meeting at which Christine
explained the idea of an area of ‘playable space’ for children, which would also offer space for adults, not forgetting
wildlife. Nearly 60 residents, including 10 youngsters, took part and Suffolk Coastal’s head of planning, Bob
Chamberlain, was in attendance. At the meeting, small groups of residents discussed how they would like the space
to develop and set out their ideas on drawings of the area. At a more informal second event actually held on Butchers
Field, families and children ignored the drizzling rain and chatted to parish councillors before retreating to the village
hall for refreshments.
   A group of residents, made up of enthusiastic proponents of the scheme as well as those with concerns, will help
Christine as the design evolves. All comments will be carefully and sensitively considered.
   Further information about the parish council's plans is available, from the honorary clerk, Nicholas Redman
on 663304.
                                          DEJA Vu in ChORuS Cup
                                                                With eight groups competing this year, the Judges
                                                              admitted that it was a very difficult decision, but finally
                                                              awarded the cup to ‘The Ship’ with ‘5-In-a-Bar’ in
                                                              second place.
                                                                At the beginning of May, The Crown, Snape, was the
                                                              venue when ‘5-In-a-Bar’ performed and the end of May
                                                              saw them providing entertainment at Snape’s Golden

It was a case of deja vu when The Chorus Cup was held                                  ROSSINI
at The Ship in Blaxhall, on Sunday, 11th April.                                Petite Messe Solennelle
   The competition, part of the pub’s long-standing
tradition of folk music, was revived in 2008 having lapsed      St Michael’s Church Framlingham
for some years. On that occasion Snape’s ‘5-In-a-Bar’               Saturday 3rd July 8.00 p.m.
won the cup with ‘The Ship’ coming second. Last year                       Tickets £12, £6 (under 18’s half price)
the roles were reversed with ‘The Ship’ declared winners             from Aldeburgh Music Box Office,Framlingham Stationers,
and ‘5-In-a-Bar’ coming second.                                                     choir members or at door.
Page 12 - EBB and FLOW

MORE hAppEningS in ThE COMMuniTY

           ALDE VALLEY LunCh CLuB                                         WOMEn’S fELLOWShip

With a cold wind blowing outside, a warm welcome            Chairman, Janet Burrows, stepped into the gap when the
awaited 45 members of the Club at their lunch on            expected guest speaker, the local Community Police
11th May. They will meet again on Tuesday, 8th June at      Officer was unable to come to the meeting on 4th May,
12.00 for 12.30pm, when roast lamb with new potatoes        due to injury.
will be on the menu, followed by that all time favourite,      Instead of hearing about the role of the Community
lemon meringue pie. Please contact the Secretary, Brigid,   Police Officer, members were treated to a light-hearted
on 602030, for further information                          talk about a period in Janet and Colin’s life when they
                                                            accepted a job as gardener and housekeeper at the ‘big
    BODY ShOp BEAuTY nighT AT SnApE                         house’ in a lovely area of North Wales. Janet recounted
      COMMuniTY pRiMARY SChOOL                              how they came to apply for the job and what a happy time
                                                            it was in their lives after Colin had taken early retirement
Snape School Parent Staff Association raised a brilliant    from teaching.
£110 for the PSA at their recent Body Shop Beauty              May’s meeting also included the Large Bring and
Night, when some lovely ladies and one man (!) came         Buy stall for the Fellowship’s charity which was a
to Snape School for a great evening together. Everyone      great success.
had a good time.                                               The June meeting on Tuesday 1st June will take the
   Their next event will be a ‘HUGE’ fun afternoon on       form of a short service to celebrate the Fellowship’s
Friday, 16th July starting at 3pm. There will be lots of    birthday, conducted by the Reverend Barrie Slatter, with
exciting stalls, face painting and a grand draw.            the birthday cake, baked this year by Janet. Jane Hilaire
                                                            will also come along with her stall of birthday and other
                                                            celebration cards and wrapping paper for Phoenix Cards,
                                                            which will be on sale during the evening.

                                                                         ThE BEST Of CAkE Off!

                                                            Theo Bird, the organiser of ‘Cake Off!’ reports that the
                                                            event raised £165 in aid of Shelter. The competition to
                                                            find the best cake in the Alde Valley was held as part of
                                                            the Alde Valley Spring Festival at White House Farm.
                                                               From about twenty entries, judges Lucy Robinson and
                                                            Alfie Gathorne Hardy, awarded 1st Prize (Best Cake) to
             Cards & Celebrations                           a Chocolate Sponge by Kirsten Heckterman, 2nd Prize
             35, High St Saxmundham                         going to a Spicy Lemon Hot Cross Bun Mash-up by Cara
                                                            Bird and 3rd to a Rhubarb Delight from Lindsey Gray.
      The small shop that’s BIG on customer service
                                                            The Best Cake that’s not a Cake went to Victoria Romero
   Huge selection Everyday & Seasonal Greeting cards        for her delicious cheesecake.
    Hadleigh Maid handmade chocolates & other gifts
    Full range of Cake drums/boards in gold & silver
                                                               The event was well-attended, the cakes were fantastic
       Cake tops & mix & match Cake decorations             and everyone left very happy and well-fed. Theo thanked
   Several cake stands available for hire from £8 w/e       everyone who took part to make the event a success.
       Open: Mon 9-5, Tues-Fri 8-5.30, Sat 8-5

                                                                      Hedge Trimming
          Part P approved - All work to BS 7671
         Domestic - Commercial - Industrial                          Need a hand - Steve’s your man
           V C A Fisher C Eng. MIEE                                         Ring this number
       Chartered Electrical & Electronic Engineer                      And I will help you if I can
     Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers                       0771 6533230
                Tel/Fax: 01728 602857                                      All jobs considered
                                                                                                EBB and FLOW - Page 13

                                                                                                 COMing EVEnTS

            SnApE ViLLAgE fun DAY                                 WiLD fLOWERS TO BEnEfiT SnApE Wi

Plans are under way for this year’s Fun Day which is to       Visitors will have a breathtaking wild flower experience
be held on the Playing Field on Saturday, 7th August.         on Saturday, 5th June, when Gromford Water Meadow
Please put the date on your calendar, tell the family,        will be open to visitors between 2.00 and 6.00pm. £2.00
friends and the dog and watch future editions of Ebb and      entry will benefit Snape WI. For more details call 688673.
Flow for more information. Lots of help will, of course,
be needed to make the day a success.                             STRATfORD ST AnDREW AnD fARnhAM
                                                                         ChuRCh fETE AnD
        BLAXhALL pATROnAL fESTiVAL                                    pRinT AnD piCTuRE SALE

Blaxhall Patronal Festival will take place on 26th and 27th   The Annual Fete at The Barn, Stratford St Andrew, which
June between 11.00am and 5.00pm. Attractions will             opens at 2.30pm on Sunday 4th July, offers a chance for
include flowers, all-day refreshments, music, plants and      you to sell prints or paintings.
books sale, an art exhibition and a new, exciting WW1           A 20% commission, which goes towards Farnham
archive research display.                                     Church’s General Fund, is charged on all sales.
      Spend your pennies to fund the facilities!                Collection or delivery to The Barn, Stratford St Andrew
                                                              on Sunday 27th June between 3.00 and 7.00pm. For more
            BLAXhALL ViLLAgE fETE                             details call 605667 during office hours or 604184
                                                              evenings or weekends.
Blaxhall Village Fete will be held on the Playing Field on
14th August opening at 2.30pm.
   There will be Books, Bottles, Cakes, Ice Cream,
Produce, Tombola and White Elephant Stalls with a lot of
side shows. Refreshments will be tea, coffee, juice and
homemade cakes in the Village Hall.

              WALLED gARDEn TEAS

The next walled garden teas take place on Sunday,
13th June from 1.30pm If anyone can help by providing
cakes, manning the tea and cake stall or washing up,
please contact Carolyn Glennon on 603376.There will
also be a stall of good quality bric a brac, books, jams,
CDs and so on to raise funds for the Creature Comforts
Appeal in aid of the proposed disabled toilet and kitchen
area at the church for which they have now received a
   If you have any donations for the stall just bring them
along. Around £220 was raised at the first Teas on Sunday,
9th May. Sincere thanks to all those who came along to
support the event.

                  The Suffolk Marine Centre
                    The Showroom, Main Road,(A12) Stratford St Andrew,
                             Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1LF
                                     Tel: 01728 605522
                                Flaming June?
            We have fleeces in glorious colours just in case it isn't!!
Page 14 - EBB and FLOW

       LiTTLE gLEMhAM pARiSh ROOM –                                      ARTiSTS in gREAT gLEMhAM
               ELViS 'n' ChipS
                                                               Suffolk Open Studios promotes artists all over Suffolk. It
Simon Goldsmith, who recently achieved 35 hours of a           encourages them to open their homes and studios to the
non-stop Elvis singing marathon in aid of St Elizabeth         public to view the artists at work and encourages the
Hospice, will be coming to Little Glemham Parish Room          purchase of their paintings.
on Saturday, 19th June, to perform his hugely popular             Ken Minns who has recently moved to Great
Elvis tribute act, in the persona of Harry Isaac Presley.      Glemham is opening his studio in Chapel Lane for all of
This will be followed by a Fish & Chip Supper, and a lot       the four weekends in June. He has been a member of
of laughs. The evening starts at 7.30pm and tickets are        Suffolk Open Studios for some years but this year he was
£12, obtainable, in advance only, from the Lion Inn, Little    judged the best overall artist for his pigs which the judges
Glemham.                                                       thought were ‘great fun’, for which accolade he received
                                                               a £20 voucher.
                 gREAT gLEMhAM                                    Another Great Glemham artist, Richard Nichols, had a
                SiX ChARiTiES fETE                             surprise visitor that gave added wildlife interest to one of
                                                               his recent art sessions. A young female adder slithered in.
The Six Charities Fete will take place on Saturday,            Rather than being studied too closely, she was shown the
12th June at Stone House, Great Glemham, by kind               door. His next two art classes in June are at Snape on
permission of Mrs Barbara Richardson, starting at 2pm          Friday, 11th and Friday, 25th June. Details of these can
(if wet in the Village Hall)                                   be obtained by telephoning 663722 or emailing
   This Fete was started by Lady Foster (who lived in
Stone House) many, many years ago. Nobody is sure of
the date of the first event, but it was certainly in the
1970’s. Lady Foster was unhappy at the number of people
coming around the village collecting for various charities,
so she started the Six Charities Fete. The format has
remained much as it is today, but has grown in size. There
will be an excellent Plant Stall and large White Elephant
stall as well as Cakes, Tombola, Books and Toys, Nearly
New clothing, Raffles and delicious teas. All the money
raised is split equally between the Six Charities. This year
we are collecting for MIND, E.A.C.H., Lifeboats, Red
Cross, The East Anglian Air Ambulance and the Oncology
Department of Ipswich Hospital.
   The children from Framlingham Primary school will
be demonstrating Maypole Dancing.
   The organisers always go around the Village collecting
items for all stalls on the Wednesday before the Fete. This
year it will be 9th June, in the evening. Articles may also
be left in the porch of ‘Dumgoyne’ (opposite the Village
Hall) during the week before the Fete.
   Let’s hope for a really beautiful afternoon.

      Farmers’ Market on Saturday 26th June 9am to 1pm
           Lots of local produce plus local crafts.
         Come visit to see a wonderful array of stalls.
                                                                                    A great day out for all the family!
  Open every day from 10:30am to 6pm. Daily activities included in the entrance price such as
        pony rides, hold a chick, hug a bunny, pony and cart rides and so much more.
           We are delighted to announce the arrival of our Suffolk Punch foal.
                See our website for further details:
    Easton Farm Park, Easton, Woodbridge, Suffolk T: 01728 746475 or email:
                                                                                                   EBB and FLOW - Page 15

           On ThE LighTEr SidE                                                               fROM ThE REgiSTERS

F was the first letter of the words for last month’s quiz                             MARRiAgES
which gave you the answers: family, fidget, falcon,
famous, fillet, fender, fiddle, forgot, frenzy, figure, friend,   Karen Elizabeth BAKEr and Graham Kenneth
feeler, finger, frills and former. Did you manage to work         JOhnSOn were married at St Mary’s Church, Farnham
that out?                                                         on Saturday, 29th May.
   This month is a more difficult quiz. In each sentence a
girl’s name is hidden in anagram form, just as Thelma is                               funERALS
hidden in The malt.
   Helpful hints! The names all have six letters and the          Kathleen Elizabeth WOOdCOCK, aged 79, at The
letters are all placed adjacently.                                Church of St John the Baptist, Snape on Friday, 28th May,
    1.     She was a girl of great charm.                         followed by burial in the churchyard.
    2.     A maple leaf is the emblem of Canada
    3.     An airman leads an exciting life                                       AnnOunCEMEnT
    4.     Family harmony is good for the children
    5.     A ship on the rocks may sink                           The Funeral of Mary hAMiLTOn SMiTh from Snape
    6.     To be called to the bar is a great honour              was held in the North Chapel of Ipswich Crematorium on
    7.     A boy may be punished if he is late                    Tuesday, 4th April.
    8.     The jockey rode near to the rails
    9.     Grinding is work done in a mill
    10. Some people prefer brown bread to white
                                                                                    RAinfALL in ApRiL
                                                                              As recorded in Great Glemham
                                                                    1st - 2mm         3rd - 3½mm 26th - 3mm
                                                                    2nd - 2½mm 25th - 1½mm 30th - ½mm
4 heads of elderflowers, 1 gal cold water, 1½ lbs sugar,                    Total rainfall for the month - 13mm
2 tblspoons wine vinegar, juice and rind of 2 lemons.                              Days without rain - 24
   Mix all together. Leave to stand for 24 hours, then
bottle. Leave for two days before drinking.
Page 16 - EBB and FLOW

                                                                                       More pictures from the hugely successful Great Glemham
                                                                                       Flower Festival which included fun in the church and an
                                                                                       archive exhibition in the village hall.
                                                                                          For the children, attractions included a Mad Hatter’s
                                                                                       Tea Party and for the flower artists the theme was Once
                                                                                       Upon a Time.
                                                                                          Illustrated above is one of the flower arrangements –
                                                                                       an ugly duckling made entirely of daisies.
                                                                                          Full details of the day will be in our next edition.

 Kelsale       £147,500                        Knodishall £179,950                        Leiston £187,500                     Aldeburgh £375,000

  Semi-detached 3 bed family house              Pretty 2 bed Victorian semi-detached      Smart 3 bed end of row mews style   Detached 2 bed chalet bungalow
   with a large garden, 2 reception,            cottage with good sized rear garden.        house with garage & garden         Close to beach & town centre,

Aldringham £450,000                            Yoxford £189,000                          Aldringham £368,000                  Saxmundham £275,000

 Stunning 4 bed detached bungalow              2 bed 19th Century cottage with 2         A 4 bed detached chalet bungalow     A large 4 bed executive house with
 with a rural aspect , double garage .         reception, generous sized garden.            in large plot Ideal for coast.       3 reception, attractive garden.

     Aldeburgh 01728 454622              Saxmundham 01728 605511 Southwold 01502 722065

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