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					                                                         November 2010

                                  HOSE FITTINGS
                                  GUARANTEED TO
                                  NEVER BURST OFF!

Garden Hose Fittings and Gardening Products


QUALITY PRODUCTS       HOSES           AUTO HOSE REELS • Phone: 1300 900 617 or 02 9939 4171
Welcome                            Hoselink hose fittings...
to Hoselink                        Are you sick of getting wet from weak hose connections?
                                   Are you tired of hoses bursting off and spraying water
Hoselink is a family run, 100%
Australian-owned company
                                   all over the place? Hoselink’s unique design ensures that
specialising in premium            you’ll never experience these annoying frustrations again.
garden hoses and fittings that
we guarantee will never burst
off your hose.

Based in Sydney, we provide
quality garden products to
customers all over Australia.

We are excited to introduce
our new expanded product
range this Spring. We have
been working hard, testing
products and selecting only
those that meet our high
standards. And because you’re
buying directly from the
manufacturer, you can be sure
you’re getting outstanding
quality at genuinely low prices.

Our customers tell us they
recommend Hoselink as the
Number 1 hose connections
in Australia, and we hope you
will do the same.

Tim Kierath
Founder                             NO MORE

                                                                           with mos
                                                                        wa tering sy

To order our fantastic
products give us a call on
1300 900 617 or 02 9939 4171
or visit our website at:
                                   GUARANTEED TO                        NEVER
                                                 For first time purchasers, we recommend one or more
                                                 of our Starter Kits, listed here. For more information
                                                 about this great Australian invention and a full list of
                                                 Hoselink components, please go to page 15.

                                                    Ned Kelly Starter Kit
                                                    Our most popular Hoselink
                                                    Starter Kit. Features a 7 Function
                                                    Spray Gun. This set contains
                                                    all the components required
                                                    to set up one hose to one tap,
                                                    nothing else required. Suitable
                                                    for a standard 12mm garden
                                                    hose, will fit 2 tap sizes. Either
                                                    fit to your existing hose or for
                                                    a great match, team with a
                                                    new hose from the Hoselink
                                                    range. Complies with water use
                                                    regulations. CODE: 2260 *

                                                    Outback Starter Kit
                                                    A kit designed to meet your
                                                    basic watering needs, including
                                                    all the components required
                                                    to set up one hose to one tap,                   18.50
                                                    nothing else required. We’ve
                                                    even thrown in a twist nozzle
                                                    for free! Suitable for a 12mm
                                                    garden hose, will fit 2 tap sizes.
                                                    Either fit to your existing hose
                                                    or upgrade to one of our superb
                                                    Hoselink hoses. Suits water
                                                    tanks. Code: 2210 *

                                                    Hose Joiner Set
                                                    Perfect for joining multiple hoses
                                                    together. One set contains 2x
 Hoselink has been approved by the Smart            Hoselink Hose Connectors and
 Approved WaterMark. This is Australia’s water      will join two hoses together                 $ 9.90
 saving labeling program for products and           with a watertight seal. Fits a
                                                    standard 12mm garden hose. An
 services that help reduce outdoor water use.
                                                    identical face on each fitting type
                                                    means every hose connector
                                                    is compatible with all other
                                                    Hoselink tap, accessory and hose
                                                    connectors. Code: 2410

                                                 ORDER NOW:              
                                                                                   1300 900 617 or 02 9939 4171
                                                                                   Mail Order Form (p16)
                                                                                          *Tap not included.
Garden hoses...
                                                          A luxury in garden watering:
      Hoselink TIP                                        Imagine a beautiful, warm summer evening,
    Lengthen the life of your garden
                                                          tempting aromas wafting over from the
    hose by ensuring it is stored                         barbecue, condensation beads forming on the
    on a hose reel or hose hanger,                        chilled wine bottle, and you’ve still got time to
    out of direct sunlight. If you                        water the garden!
    experience frost in your area,
    we recommend that you empty                           Sound like a dream? Not anymore! Welcome
    the hose of water and store it in                     to the real world with Hoselink garden hoses.
    the shed, as expanding water in
                                                          No hoses blowing off the tap or sprayer and
    a hose and fittings could result
    in an unwanted hole! If your                          no getting soaked chasing the hose as is snakes
    hose is getting tangled, lay it                       furiously along the ground.
    out straight in the sun to warm
                                                          Hoselink offers an exceptional range of hoses
    it, then re-roll. It will be much
    easier to use next time.                              with outstanding durability, where quality
                                                          speaks for itself.

                             From our Professional Series, the Profirm is an
                             incredibly tough and durable hose designed to              18m          30m
                             withstand heavy use. It has a thick wall and is kink
                                                                                       CODE: 4836   CODE: 4839
                             resistant, with a firm flex. Fantastic for warmer
                             climates. This is a high quality, Australian made hose.

                                                                                       $29.90       $47.90
                             Hoselink pressure tested to 400psi (27Bar).

                            The Premiumflex is a premium quality, soft flexible
                            hose, also from our Professional Series. It will stand      18m          30m
                            up to the toughest tests and provide trouble free
                                                                                       CODE: 4840   CODE: 4844
                            watering all year round. It has a very thick wall
                            and is kink resistant. Suitable for all climates,

                                                                                       $52.90 $69.90
                            particularly in cooler areas. This is a high quality,
                            Australian made hose. Hoselink pressure tested to
                            400psi (27Bar).

     Drinking Water Hose
     This is a high quality, Australian made drinking water hose made from
     polyolefin resin. It will not impart a taint or smell into the water. This         10m          20m
     drinking water hose is perfect for caravanners! It compliments our Hoselink
                                                                                       CODE: 4110   CODE: 4120
     NO BURST hose connectors beautifully, creating a water tight connection.
     This hose is not suitable for permanent water supply installations.

                                                                                       $29.90 $49.90
                         Superb Quality Hoses!
                         Just add Hoselink Fittings for a Perfect Match!

Decorative Hose Hanger                            Hose Guide
Solidly made of moulded                           Can be mounted flat or on a
plastic with metal paint                          corner. Pull hose through the
coating. Holds up to 30m of                       rollers to protect it from rough
hose. Easy self-assembly in                       edges. Makes winding back onto
5-10 minutes.                                     manual hose reels a breeze.

   $28        BUY DIRECT: $23.50     CODE: 4560     $15        BUY DIRECT: $8.90     CODE: 4545

Basic Hose Hanger
Tough moulded plastic. Holds
up to 30m of hose. Simply screw                                  For our range of
to wall near your tap. Screws not
included.                                               Auto Rewind Hose Reels
                                                              please turn the page
   $9         BUY DIRECT: $4.90     CODE: 5518

Hose Reels...                       Auto Rewind
                                    The perfect, complete watering solution
Imagine, no more messy hoses,
no more unreliable fittings!
A Hoselink Auto Rewind Hose
Reel is the perfect, complete
watering solution.
Our sturdy and reliable hose
reels conveniently store the
hose out of sight, while at the
same time protecting it from
the elements. What’s more,
they come pre-fitted with
quality Hoselink Hose Fittings,
that are guaranteed to never
burst off your hose!
Simply pull out the hose to use
it, then allow the self-layering
mechanism to do the hard work
by neatly recoiling the hose into
the unit, when you are finished.
These hose reels will provide
great service to both gardeners
and home owners alike,
whether it be for watering the
garden, washing windows or for
washing the car.

Hoselink 10m Auto Rewind
Hose Reel Available early December                                            Complimentary Essentials...
                                  Quality hose reel that comes                                        Spray Gun with
                                  complete with 10m hose, Ned                                         Flow Control
                                  Kelly Starter Kit fitted, auto                                      CODE: 5526

                                      rewind unit and wall bracket.
                                       Ideal for patios, balconies and                                 BUY DIRECT: $13.90
                                          small gardens.
                                           Weight: 4.7kg.                                             Gear Drive Sprinkler
                                                                                                      CODE: 5636
                                             Dimensions excl.
                                             Bracket: 33cm high,
                                           44cm deep, 17cm wide.
                                          Leader hose: 1.37m.                                          BUY DIRECT: $45.00
                                        12 month warranty.
                                   Wall mount only.                                                   Spray Wand with
                                                                                                      Shower Head
                                                                                                      CODE: 5550

  BUY DIRECT                   $119.90                CODE: 3010
                                                                                                       BUY DIRECT: $21.90

Hoselink 20m Auto Rewind Hose Reel
Outstanding hose reel fitted with tough 20m hose. This
portable hose reel has an easy grip handle and can be mounted
                                                                    Includes 2 mounting options
either on a wall or on the ground—ideal for use in multiple
locations. Comes with Ned Kelly Starter Kit pre-fitted.
Weight: 7.5 kg. Dimensions excl. bracket: 43cm high, 45cm
deep, 23cm wide. Leader hose: 1.8m. 12 month warranty.

                                                                    1x Ground Driller Mounting       1x Wall Mounting Bracket
                                                                    For garden location. Driller     For standard mounting
                                                                    screws into ground 37cm          to a wall or post. Secures
                                      BUY DIRECT                    and supplies the unit with its   with a pin. Allows 180˚
                                                                    own remote mounting post.        swivel action.
                                        $149.90                     Allows 360˚ swivel action.
                                                                    Additional Ground Driller
                                                                                                     Additional Wall Mounting
                                                                                                     Brackets available.
                                            CODE: 3020
                                                                    Mountings available.             Only $19.90
                                                                    Only $29.90 Code: 3220           Code: 3120

Hoselink 30m Auto Rewind Hose Reel
Perfect for large areas
Top quality hose reel with long 30m hose, perfect
for large areas. Includes wall mounting bracket for
easy installation and comes with Ned Kelly Starter                                                        BUY DIRECT
Kit already installed — guaranteed to NEVER
burst off your hose! Weight: 12.5kg. Dimensions
excl. Bracket: 48cm high, 50cm deep, 23cm wide.                                                              $179.90
Leader hose: 1.8m.                                                                                                 CODE: 3030
12 month warranty. Wall mount only.

Essential Watering

      Hoselink TIP
    When using multiple accessories
    with Hoselink fittings, we
    recommend you leave a Male
    Connector in each one.
    This makes connecting and
    disconnecting easy and also
    helps to extend the life of
    your fittings.

                  CODE: 2470

                                                                 Using our Precious
                                                                 Water Responsibly

                                       Tap Timer                                         Digital
                         EASY TO USE – Simple and reliable. This one will
                         not self destruct after a few months of operation!
                                                                                     Water Flow Meter
                         Built to Hoselink specifications, will provide many
                         years of water saving service because it permits      Screws straight onto your
                         you to allocate just the correct amount of water to   tap. No extra fittings
                         your plants. Easy to re-set as the seasons change.    required. Measures single
                         What a beauty! Battery not included.                  use plus accumulated
                                                                               water usage up to 999
                                                                               litres. Eg. See how much
                                                                               water is required to wash
                                                                               your car, as well as the
                                                                               total water used for that
                                                                               tap in a full day (up to 999
                                                                               litres). Battery installed.
                                                                               Hoselink Tip: Wash your
                                                                               car using only 15 litres.
                                                                               See our website.

                             BUY DIRECT: $39.90              CODE: 5810           BUY DIRECT: $19.90          CODE: 5815

 Impulse Sprinkler                                           9 Pattern Metal Sprinkler
 Metal base sprinkler with wheels.                           Metal base sprinkler featuring 9
 Spray area can be adjusted to                               different spray patterns including
 desired degrees. Great for large                            180°, great near wall or fence. Our
 areas requiring heavy watering.                             most popular sprinkler.

   $46         BUY DIRECT: $39.90               CODE: 5637   $28        BUY DIRECT: $23.50              CODE: 5640

 Gear Drive Sprinkler                                        Classic Round Pattern Sprinkler
 Provides the right saturation over                          Reliable metal sprinkler in classic
 the area you need. Features 4                               design loved by generations.
 spray patterns, which can be set                            Emits fine spray up to 6m diameter.
 to 5 varying radii.
 Sturdy metal base.

   $62         BUY DIRECT: $45.00               CODE: 5636     $12         BUY DIRECT: $9.50            CODE: 5638

 2-Way Brass                                                 Front Trigger
 Tap Connector                                               7 Function Spray Gun
 Allows 2 outlets from one tap. Simply
 screw on to tap and use levers to                           7 useful spray patterns. Easy use handle
 start/stop water flow. Quality brass                        with continuous spray lock. Water flow
 fitting works great with Hoselink.                          control lever. Plastic lightweight body.

    $24        BUY DIRECT: $19.90               CODE: 5742     $19         BUY DIRECT: $14.90             CODE: 5522

 Spray Gun with                                              Basic Spray Nozzle
 Flow Control                                                An old favourite. Twist to
                                                             change spray pattern. Suits
 Solidly made of aluminium with soft grip.                   water tanks. Check your local
 This spray gun features full flow control                   water regulations before
 with a single thumb action! Great!                          purchasing this product.

    $17        BUY DIRECT: $13.90               CODE: 5526      $3         BUY DIRECT: $2.00            CODE: 5530

 Super Jet                                                   Spray Wand
 Washer                                                      – Shower Head
                                                             Easy to reach hanging baskets or
 High pressure water sprayer with
                                                             direct water where you need it in
 2 interchangeable nozzles and flow control
                                                             garden beds. Simple one finger
 lever. Perfect for washing down cars, boats,
                                                             on/off flow control lever. 42cm
 wheel arches windows and more.
                                                             long. Easy grip handle.

     $26       BUY DIRECT: $24.90               CODE: 5555     $25         BUY DIRECT: $21.90             CODE: 5550

A Garden with all
the Trimmings...
 Maintaining your garden is
 easy with Hoselink’s new
 range of quality cutting tools.
 Make light work of cutting
 and pruning, then sit back and
 enjoy the result.

                                                     Cut, Trim, Saw, Sharpen

       Lopper                                                     Pruning Saw
       Tested by Hoselink to a                                    Chop it down! Tough pruning
       massive 385KG! Cuts through                                saw with easy opening blade.
       tough branches with ease. Features                         Stores safely folded into handle
       specially designed extendable handles                      when not in use. Solid, easy grip
       from 48cm to 82cm, with 6 different setting                handle. Blade length 24cm.
       lengths. Blade made of carbon steel.

          $115       BUY DIRECT: $69.90              CODE: 6565      $34        BUY DIRECT: $24.90            CODE: 6575

       2 in 1 Hedge Shears                                        Hand Scythe Weeder
       Trim and shape hedges and bushes easily                    Best little garden tool ever! Simply
       and beautifully. Features specially                        pull through the soil to dislodge
       designed extendable handles from 35cm                      weeds or grass in one sweeping
       to 55cm, with 4 different setting lengths.                 motion, then clear. Features double
       Blade made of carbon steel.                                wooden handle for extra grip.

          $79        BUY DIRECT: $59.90              CODE: 6570   BUY DIRECT: $15.90             CODE: 6636

225mm Secateurs                                            Ratchet Pruners
Easy to hold with a razor sharp blade. Made                Perfect for when you need extra
with high carbon SK5 Japanese steel blade,                 strength to cut through difficult
with a Teflon coating. Lightweight with                    branches. Handy lubricant well on
non-slip cushion grip. Replaceable blade.                  base of handle. Carbon SK5
                                                           Japanese steel blade with Teflon coating.

  $53        BUY DIRECT: $29.90               CODE: 6552     $47         BUY DIRECT: $27.90            CODE: 6540

Mini Pruner & Floral Shears                                Sharpener
Perfect for small pruning work                             The best I’ve seen
including floral arrangements,                             yet. Sharpen knives,
bonsai and pot plants.                                     secateurs, shears, loppers,
Stainless steel blades.                                    cutters, or any blades around the house and garden!
Zinc alloy with non-slip grip.                             Handy lubricant well at base of handle.
Cuts 6mm capacity. Comes with holster.

   $38       BUY DIRECT: $26.90               CODE: 6560     $22         BUY DIRECT: $15.90            CODE: 6535

Your Garden...
                                                                Quality at LOW

     Hand Scythe Weeder
     Best little garden tool ever!
     Simply pull through the soil to
     dislodge weeds or grass in one
     sweeping motion, then clear. Features
     double wooden handle for extra grip.

                    BUY DIRECT: $15.90             CODE: 6636

     Trowell – Stainless Steel
     Quality stainless steel
     trowel with soft rubber
     handle. Extremely tough,
     this will last and last. Good size for
     proper gardeners. 36cm long.

        $15         BUY DIRECT: $9.90             CODE: 6630

     Garden Fork
     – Stainless Steel
     High quality stainless steel fork, perfect
     for serious and hobby gardeners alike.
     Superb strength. 32cm long.

         $15        BUY DIRECT: $9.90             CODE: 6632

     Weeder – Stainless Steel
     A gardener’s friend.
     Quality stainless steel fork will
     budge the toughest of weeds.
     35cm long.

        $15         BUY DIRECT: $9.90             CODE: 6634

                  Forget working in the garden
Hoselink Prices   – make it a pleasure
                  with these TOP
                  QUALITY gardening

                   Rain Guage
                   Measures up to 33mm.
                   Simply hang on a stick in a
                   clear open space and record
                   rainfall at your house.

                      $9          BUY DIRECT: $6.90          CODE: 5820

                   Garden Gloves
                   Cotton with latex to protect in the garden.
                   Just rub together under the tap when finished.
                   Sm CODE: 6640
                   Med CODE: 6641
                   Lg     CODE: 6642

                       $8         BUY DIRECT: $6.50

                   2-Way Brass Tap Connector
                   Allows 2 outlets from one tap.
                   Simply screw on to tap and
                   use levers to start/stop water
                   flow. Quality brass fitting
                   works great with Hoselink.

                      $24         BUY DIRECT: $19.90           CODE: 5742

                   4-Way Brass Tap Connector
                   Allows 4 outlets from one tap.
                   Simply screw on to tap and
                   use levers to start/stop water
                   flow. Quality brass fitting that
                   complements Hoselink.

                      $39         BUY DIRECT: $34.90           CODE: 5744

on Caravans...
 Responsible caravan and
 motorhome owners want to
 be sure their hose doesn’t
 burst off under mains water
 pressure. Hoselink provides
 the long-awaited solution to
 this frequent problem with
 hose fittings guaranteed to
 never burst off, giving you
 the peace of mind of a secure
 connection which will never
 flood your campsite.

       Hoselink TIP                                  “Hoselink is the perfect choice for all RV’s,
     If you need to transport your                   caravans and motorhomes.” Terry & Maureen, NSW
     hose in the car, caravan or
     through the house, just join the             What you’ll need…
     2 ends of your hose together to
                                                  Check the connection point on your caravan. You need to be able to remove the current
     create a watertight seal. This
                                                  fitting to reveal a thread on the van, in order to fit Hoselink hose fittings.
     will ensure there is no mess to
     clean up later!                                CARAVAN                            HOSELINK RECOMMENDS
                                                    Standard Female Thread             Starter Kit
                                                    US Female Thread                   Starter Kit & US Male Connector (2730)
                                                    Standard Male Thread               Starter Kit & Tap Connector (2320)

          Outback Starter Kit                                                US Thread Male Connector
          Provides all the connections required                              A male connector to suit a
          to attach to a tap at one end and                                  US Female Thread outlet on
          an accessory at the other. Includes                                caravans. Quick point and twist
          a basic twist nozzle.                                              to connect to your hose.

             $22         BUY DIRECT: $18.50           CODE: 2210                $8         BUY DIRECT: $5.90            CODE: 2730

          Drinking Water Hoses                                               Super Jet Washer
          Made from polyolefin resin.                                        High pressure water sprayer with 2
          Will not impart a taste or smell.                                  interchangeable nozzles and flow control
          CODE: 4110          $29.90                                         lever. Perfect for washing down caravan, cars,
          CODE: 4120          $49.90                                         boats, wheel arches, windows and more.

            BUY DIRECT:         FROM    $29.90                                  $26        BUY DIRECT: $24.90               CODE: 5555

Individual Components...
         Tap Connector                                                                     Hose Connector
         Fits both sizes of standard Australian taps.                                      Single hose connector,
         Can be used on any accessory with a                                               connects to one end of the hose.
         female thread.

            BUY DIRECT: $5.90                     CODE: 2320                                  BUY DIRECT: $5.90                  CODE: 2420

         Male Connector                                                                    Hose Joiner Set
         Fits most watering accessories.                                                   Consists of 2x Hose Connectors. Joins 2
         We suggest one for each accessory you use.                                        hoses together and will NOT burst apart.

            BUY DIRECT: $5.90                     CODE: 2470                                  BUY DIRECT: $9.90                  CODE: 2410

         Hose to Accessory Connector                                                       Tap to Hose Connector
         1x Male Connector and                                                             1x Tap Connector and
         1x Hose Connector.                                                                1x Hose Connector.

            BUY DIRECT: $9.90                     CODE: 2430                                 BUY DIRECT: $9.90                  CODE: 2310

  Click-On Adaptor                                                                   Spare O Rings                           Spare White
  Screws onto Hoselink Male Connector.                                               Pack of 3.                              Split Rings
  Allows use between Hoselink and                                                    CODE: 2720
                                                                                                                             Pack of 2.
  click-on type hose fittings.
  Not covered by guarantee. See below for more information.
                                                                                                                             CODE: 2722

       $4             BUY DIRECT: $2.50                       CODE: 2490              DIRECT: $1.90                            DIRECT: $1.90

 What makes Hoselink so SPECIAL?                                                 Using Hoselink with Your Other Accessories
                                                                                 We recommend you unscrew the click-on fitting from your accessory
 Four years of design and testing culminated in a new and                        and then screw the Hoselink male connector directly in. This applies to
 unique patented technology in the hose fitting market.                          anything you might need to connect a hose to, including:
 Hoselink’s design makes connecting and joining                                    • Pressure Washers
 easy, with a simple point and twist—easy even for
 those with arthritic hands. Each side locks together
                                                                                   • Caravans
 with a bayonet type fitting, which has an o ring to                               • Water Tanks
 o ring seal, making it watertight. The face of each                               • Hose Reels
 fitting is identical, making them interchangeable
                                                                                       (to be compatible, the connection at the side of the hose reel MUST
 with each other. Most importantly, the hose is held
                                                                                       stay stationary when hose is pulled out). If the click-on fitting is
 in place securely over a stem with a barb in it and
                                                                                       moulded in, then you can use a Hoselink Click-on Adaptor between
 with a split ring, this makes it impossible for the
                                                                                       your accessory and the Hoselink male connector.
 fitting to burst off the hose.

  Our Guarantee
  When fitted correctly, we guarantee that your Hoselink hose fittings will never burst off your hose! If it does, we will send you replacement
  connectors, provided that:
  1. Hoselink Connectors have been correctly fitted as detailed in the instructions;
  2. You have first contacted us via telephone or email to see whether it can be easily resolved; and
  3. Any faulty component is returned to Hoselink with proof of purchase. Any faulty component will be replaced.
  Our guarantee applies to any Hoselink hose fitting with the exception of the Click-on adaptor (Code 2490).

                                                                                                                                  1300 900 617 or 02 9939 4171
                                                                                                        WAYS                      Hose-Pro International Pty Ltd
                                                                                                         TO                       Unit 3/29 Mitchell Road
                                                                                                       ORDER:                     Brookvale NSW 2100
     Code Description                                      Price Qty. Total              Code Description                                  Price    Qty. Total
     HOSELINK FITTINGS                                                                   WATERING ACCESSORIES
     2210   Outback Starter Kit                             18.50                        5522   Front Trigger 7 Function Spray Gun          14.90
     2260   Ned Kelly Starter Kit                           24.90                        5526   Spray Gun with Flow Control                 13.90
     2320   Tap Connector                                    5.90                        5530   Basic Spray Nozzle                           2.00
     2420   Hose Connector                                   5.90                        5550   Spray Wand – Shower Head                    21.90
     2470   Male Connector                                   5.90                        5555   Super Jet Washer                            24.90
     2310   Tap to Hose Connector                            9.90                        5636   Gear Drive Sprinkler with Metal Base        45.00
     2410   Hose Joiner Set                                  9.90                        5637   Impulse Sprinkler                           39.90
     2430   Hose to Accessory Connector                      9.90                        5638   Sprinkler – Round Pattern                    9.50
     2720   Spare O-Rings                                    1.90                        5640   9 Pattern Sprinkler with Metal Base         23.50
     2722   Spare White Split Rings                          1.90                        5810   Tap Timer                                   39.90
     2730   US Thread Male Connector                         5.90                        5815   Digital Water Flow Meter                    19.90
     2490   Click-on Adaptor                                 2.50                        5742   2-Way Tap Adaptor                           19.90
     HOSES, HOSE ACCESSORIES & HOSE REELS                                                5744   4-Way Tap Adaptor                           34.90
     4836   Profirm Hose 18m                               29.90                         CUTTING & GARDEN PRODUCTS
     4839   Profirm Hose 30m                               47.90                         6535   Sharpener                                   15.90
     4840   Premiumflex Hose 18m                           52.90                         6540   Ratchet Pruners                             27.90
     4844   Premiumflex Hose 30m                           69.90                         6552   Secateurs – 225mm                           29.90
     4110   Drinking Water Hose 10m                        29.90                         6560   Mini Pruner and Floral Shears               26.90
     4120   Drinking Water Hose 20m                        49.90                         6565   Lopper                                      69.90
     3010   Auto Rewind Hose Reel 10m                     119.90                         6570   2 in 1 Hedge Shears                         59.90
     3020   Auto Rewind Hose Reel 20m                     149.90                         6575   Pruning Saw                                 24.90
     3030   Auto Rewind Hose Reel 30m                     179.90                         5820   Rain Guage                                   6.90
     3120   Additional Bracket for 20m Hose Reel           19.90                         6630   Trowel                                       9.90
     3220   Additional Auger for 20m Hose Reel             29.90                         6632   Fork                                         9.90
     4545   Hose Guide                                      8.90                         6634   Weeder                                       9.90
     4560   Decorative Hose Hanger                         23.50                         6636   Hand Scythe Weeder                          15.90
     5518   Basic Hose Hanger                               4.90                         6640   Garden Gloves – Small                        6.50
                                                                                         6641   Garden Gloves – Medium                       6.50
                                                                                         6642   Garden Gloves – Large                        6.50
 Postage & Handling                                                                                                                    Sub-Total
 Postage is weight based with the same rates applied Australia-wide starting
                                                                                                                            Shipping & Handling
 from as little as $6.95. For an exact postage quote, either visit our website or call
 us on 1300 900 617. As an indication, postage for up to 3 Starter Kits is $6.95 and                                                    TOTAL $
 from $12.50 for one hose and one Starter Kit depending on hose type.

 Payment Options
       Cheque                     Money Order                                            BILLING DETAILS (Please complete all sections clearly, ALL in caps)

       Bank Transfer              Credit Card                                            Name: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr
 Bank Transfer Details                                                                   City/Town:                                    Postcode:
 Name:      Hose-Pro International Pty Ltd                                               Email Address:
 Bank:      NAB
                                                                                         Contact Ph. No:
 BSB:       082-183
 Account:   18449 5393
 Include your order ID# or surname for reference                                         DELIVERY DETAILS (If different from above)
                                                                                         Name: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr
 Credit Card Payments
 To make your secure credit card payment,
 please call us on 1300 900 617 or 02 9939 4171                                          City/Town:                                     Postcode:


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