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Marketing Your

 Marc McCombs
 Corporate Communications Director
 West Virginia Medical Institute
WVMI Background

Multi-faceted organization:
  – QIO for WV, PA and DE (PA and DE through
    wholly-owned subsidiaries)
  – Medicaid prior authorization in WV and VA
  – Record abstraction services for the
    Department of Veterans Affairs and DoD
  – Analytical services for the CMS Office of
    Long Term Care
WVMI Background
Approximately 350 employees and
 contractors in seven locations
Communications serves all QIO contracts
 and corporate communication needs
Have grown from one staff person in 1995
 to 14 in 2003
Today’s Presentation

          Eight Simple Rules
     for establishing the internal
     value of the communications
Rule 1: Know Your
 Both from a philosophical and skills standpoint
 Establish departmental core values
    – “Service, Creativity, Teamwork, Innovation”
 Conduct a communications skills inventory
    – Either formal or informal
Rule 2: Know the Organization
 Know every product, every process, every
  issue and every person
 Ways to get there:
   – Work on proposals (both proofreading and
   – Participate in senior management meetings
   – Establish a working relationship, or preferably, a
     direct reporting relationship with the CEO
   – Interview/work with managers and staff
Rule 3: Define/prioritize
your internal markets
 QIO contracts
 Business development and marketing
    – Branding and proposal development
 Human resources
    – Recruiting, orientation and internal comm.
 Satellite offices
    – Communications and support
 Other contract and departmental support
    – Virtually anything for anybody at anytime
Rule 4: Provide services to
meet your “market” needs
Match services with your skills assessment,
 knowledge of the organization and marketing
Transfer your department’s skills into benefits:
   – We can help you _____________________
      “save on meeting travel costs by. . .”
      “make this understandable by. . .”
      “produce a winning proposal by. . .”
What services can we sell
 Technical writing/editing     Social marketing
 Graphic design                Process development
 Video production              Planning skills
 Audio production              Problem solving
 Web design                    Photography
 Media relations               Training/education
                                Media buying
 Public speaking expertise
                                Database/mailing list
 Facilitation                   management/procurement
 Health education              Wellness coordination
 Physician office detailing
Features/Benefits Exercise
Department Features    Customer Benefits
Video production     Alternative to
                       expensive, large

Intranet             Affordable,
 development           accessible
Rule 5: Deliver on the

     Under promise
      Over deliver
Rule 6: Build demand by
building credibility (cont.)
Deliver, deliver, deliver
Leverage external success into internal
  – Enter award competitions
  – Explore business opportunities for
  – Share successful comments from partners
Rule 7: Advertise
Communicate your projects and
 successes using your communications
 bully pulpit.
  – Employee newsletter
  – Employee presentations
  – Intranet/Internet
  – Marketing publications
Rule 8: Evaluate
Solicit feedback
Continually refine processes for providing
   – How can we do it better, cheaper and
If your policies and procedures aren’t
 meeting your customers needs, they must
   – Even turnaround times!
Anticipated result of
following the rules. . .
 A healthy, growing communications
 Department. . .
Anticipated result of
following the rules. . .
 A healthy, growing communications
 Department. . .

    Deeply routed in the organization.

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