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					                                  JACK CALVAR
                  13727 SW 152 Street, #412 - Miami, Florida, 33177
                               Phone: (786) 877-9632

PROFILE: Over 28 years experience as a law enforcement investigator with both the
State of Florida Office of the Attorney General, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the
City of Miami Police Department. Demonstrated experience in complex and high profile
investigations, data and financial analysis, intelligence gathering and task force
operations. Highly skilled in interviews and interrogation, hostage negotiations, money
laundering, organized crime investigations and complex financial fraud investigations.

Law enforcement experience at the Office of the Attorney General, Medicaid Fraud
Control Unit in healthcare fraud investigations as a member of the Major Case Squad and
Regional Intelligence Officer. Proven skills in solving problems, leading teams, and
managing staff. Strong administrative skills, able to manage office workload, prepare
correspondence, maintain records, and coordinate investigations. Excellent interpersonal,
verbal and written communication skills, able to lead change and build trust. At the City
of Miami Police Department, Homicide Unit, I was tasked to investigate high profile
cases and was a member of the police investigative shooting team. Highly successful in
investigating cold cases of unsolved homicides.


Fraud Investigator                                                 9/2009 to Present
Maya & Maya Inc.                                                   Flex hours
Florida Licensed Private Investigator
Supervisor: Daniel L. Maya (305) 232-0056. May be contacted

      Investigations specializing in mortgage and healthcare fraud. Conduct interviews
       and background investigations on individuals and corporations conducting
       business as mortgage brokers and healthcare providers.

      Consult with clients regarding issues dealing with internal fraud and theft, and
       nurture long-term business relationships with current and potential clients. Draft
       reports and conduct audits to minimize internal fraud and thefts within the
       corporate environment.

      Supervise investigations via a network of independent contract investigators.
       Conduct data and financial analysis and prepare training materials for prospective
       clients in the field of healthcare fraud within the industry.

Law Enforcement Investigator II                                    03/2001 to 9/2009
Jack Calvar                                                        Cell: (786) 877-9632

State of Florida Office of the Attorney General                    40 hours/week
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Supervisor: David Carter (305) 377-5441. May be contacted

      Regional Intelligence Officer: Was tapped to serve as the intelligence officer for
       the southern region of the State of Florida. Coordinated with Federal, State, and
       local law enforcement, as well as private sector investigative units in identifying
       individuals and corporations committing fraud to the Medicaid program.
       Maintain and update statewide database on matters relating to healthcare fraud.
       Work closely with Medicaid Program Integrity coordinating investigative
       initiatives relating to durable medical equipment companies, home health
       agencies, pharmacies and clinics.

      Major Case Squad: Member of the Major Case Squad dealing with high profile,
       complex investigations into multiple corporations defrauding the Medicaid
       program. Was instrumental in discovering the major fraud being perpetrated by
       durable medical equipment companies in Miami-Dade County in late 2003, early
       2004. Worked closely with federal agencies in assisting them on their
       investigations and eventual prosecution. Successfully apprehended dozens of
       individuals, and recovered millions of dollars for the Medicaid program.
       Recognized by State of Florida Grand Juries and Courts as an expert witness in
       pharmaceutical diversion and money laundering. Was one of the main witnesses
       in two Statewide Grand Juries investigating the black market pharmaceutical trade
       and illegal money laundering by Check Cashing stores in South Florida.

      Operation Stonecold Task Force: Founding member of a Statewide investigative
       Task Force looking into the diversion of pharmaceutical drugs paid for by the
       Medicaid program. The task force consisting of the Office of Statewide
       Prosecution, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, US Food & Drug
       Administration, Miami-Dade Police Department, Department of Health and the
       Medicaid Fraud Control Unt, successfully investigated and arrested over 100
       individuals for racketeering, money laundering, Medicaid fraud, and the unlawful
       trafficking of pharmaceutical drugs throughout the United States. Recovered
       millions of dollars of Medicaid funds which were returned to the program.

      Joint Federal, State, Healthcare Strike Force: Was specifically requested by the
       Deputy Chief of the Department of Justice Healthcare unit to be a member of the
       strike force investigating Medicaid and Medicare fraud in South Florida due to
       my expertise in healthcare fraud in South Florida. I was the lead investigator in
       the largest single durable medical equipment company fraud investigation in
       South Florida, consisting of over fifty million dollars worth of fraud being
       perpetrated by two individuals. Worked closely with the US Attorney’s Office in
       the indictment of all individuals involved in the fraud.

Key Accomplishments:

Jack Calvar                                                      Cell: (786) 877-9632

      Instrumental in saving and recovering millions of dollars from the Medicaid
       program as a result of stemming the proliferation of pharmaceutical diversion in
       South Florida and the United States.
      Instrumental in discovering the massive fraud being perpetrated by individuals in
       the durable medical equipment trade in South Florida.
      Assisted in implementing the intelligence database as a member of the statewide
       intelligence team.

Detective Sergeant                                            8/1982 to 2/2001
City of Miami Police Department, Miami, FL                    40 hours/week
Supervisor: Captain Nelson Andreu, (305) 803-9877. May be contacted

    Homicide Detective: Member of the Cold Case Squad investigating unsolved
     homicides. Also charged, by the Chief of the Investigative Division, to conduct
     high profile investigations.     Was successful, as the lead investigator, of
     investigating the serial murder case of 4 women brutally beaten and burned by
     Francisco Del Junco. Was a member of the Police Shooting Team, investigating
     firearm use of force for the department. Maintained an exceptionally high case
     clearance rate of over 90% during my tenure in the homicide unit.

    Violent Crimes Task Force: Conducted undercover operations, surveillance, and
     pro-active investigations as a member of the Violet Crimes Task Force. Member of
     the task force investigating tourist related robberies occurring within the City of
     Miami in the late 1980’s. Conducted undercover decoy operations pro-actively
     ferreting violent robbers.

    Patrol North District: Routine patrol in the north district of the City of Miami.
     Maintained the highest arrest record in the department for 2 years. Earned
     commendations and awards as the top producer in the Miami Police Department.

    Marine Patrol Unit: Patrol and enforce all applicable laws pertaining to boating
     within the waterways of the City of Miami. Member of the Underwater Recovery
     Team conducting underwater search and recovery operations as a police diver.
     Conducted safety inspections of vessels navigating the South Florida waterways.
     Was a member of the Blue Lightning Task Force, a joint U.S. Customs, Miami-
     Dade Police Department and City of Miami Police Department anti-drug smuggling
     task force. Recovered tons of illegal drugs being brought to the United States by
     maritime smugglers.

    Patrol South District: Routine patrol activity in the south district of the City of
     Miami. Earned commendations as one of the top producers in the Miami Police

Jack Calvar                                                        Cell: (786) 877-9632

Key Accomplishments
    Successfully investigated and prosecuted Dr. Ricardo Samatier, a cosmetic
      surgeon who caused the death of Claudio Martel, a Colombian artist, by
      performing cosmetic surgery. The case was the first in the United States where a
      doctor was held criminally liable for a medical procedure on a patient.
    Successful investigation into the death of four homeless woman who were
      savagely beaten and set on fire by serial murderer Francisco Del Junco.
    Designed, built and implemented the computerized cataloging of all murder cases
      within the City of Miami Police Department from 1945 through 2001.
    Was awarded the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the Florida Retail
      Federation, Citizens Crime Council, the Fraternal Order of Police and the
      Association of Chiefs of Police, and was recognized as one of the top 10 law
      enforcement officers in the United States.
    Successful investigation of Willie Falcon & Salvador Maglutta, two of the most
      notorious drug kingpins in the United States.


Sergeant, E-4                                                       1/1973 to 12/1976
U.S. Air Force                                                      40 hour/week
Supervisor: Elton Digmon, (Deceased)

Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Special Assignment Section, Maxwell AFB, AL

      Administration: Supervised two enlisted men within the section. Coordinated,
       directed, and completed full range of clerical and administrative duties in support
       of the mission of the unit. As a key member of the supervisory staff, I served as
       point of contact for executive officers and subordinate staff.
      Ensured unit adherence to policies and procedures and made final determination
       on personnel assignments.


      Barry University, Miami Shores, FL - Bachelors degree, Liberal Studies, minor in
      Troy State University, Montgomery, AL – Credits towards a Bachelors Degree in
       Criminal Justice.
      Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL – Credits towards an AA Degree.
      Coral Gables Sr. High, Coral Gables, FL – Diploma

Jack Calvar                                                      Cell: (786) 877-9632


    Analytical Investigative Techniques                                Oct 2008
     Miami, FL
     Analytical Investigative Course - 40 hours

      Digital Evidence Recovery for Law Enforcement                    June 2008
       Miami, FL
       South Florida HIDTA – 24 hours

      International Money Laundering Investigations                    May 2006
       Miami, FL
       Internal Revenue Service Course – 24 hours

      Organized Crime                                                  May 2007
       Broward Community College – 40 hours

      Line Supervision                                                 May 2005
       Tallahassee Community College
       Line Supervision Course - 80 hours

      Asset Forfeiture                                                 Oct 2004
       Duck Key, Fl
       US Food and Drug Administration – 40 hours

      Introduction to Medicaid Fraud                                   August 2003
       Tampa, Florida
       National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units

      Hostage Negotiation                                              Feb 1999
       Miami, Florida
       Certified Hostage Negotiator Course - 40 hours

      National Institute of Truth Verification                         June 1997
       West Palm Beach, Florida
       Voice Stress Analysis Course - 50 hours - Certified Examiner

      Practical Homicide Investigations Advance Course of Instruction March 1994
       Garnerville, New York
       P.H.I. Investigative Consultants Inc. - 40 hours

      Metropolitan Police Institute                                    Sept. 1992
       Miami, Florida
       Advanced Death Investigations Course - 40 hours

Jack Calvar                                                       Cell: (786) 877-9632

      John E. Reid and Associates                                       February 1992
       Chicago, Illinois
       The Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogations - 40 hours

      National Law Enforcement Institute                           November 1991
       Atlanta, Georgia
       Homicide Investigations Seminar - 30 hours

      Dade County Medical Examiner Department                      August 1991
       Miami, Florida
       Forensic Aspects of Santeria and Palo Mayombe - 40 hours

      International Association of Chiefs of Police                December 1991
       Miami, Florida
       Police/Medical Investigation of Death - 40 hours

      Scientific Content Analysis                                  January 1991
       Phoenix, Arizona
       Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation – 40 hours

      Miami-Dade Community College                                 September 1989
       SE Florida Institute of Criminal Justice
       Miami, Florida
       Criminal Law - 40 hours

      Miami-Dade Community College                                 November 1985
       SE Florida Institute of Criminal Justice
       Miami, Florida
       General Criminal Investigations Course - 40 hours

      Miami-Dade Community College                                 March 1985
       SE Florida Institute of Criminal Justice
       Miami, Florida
       Report Writing - 40 hours


Winner of the State of Florida, Davis Productivity Award
FBI Director’s Recognition for outstanding work
Florida Retail Federation Officer of the Year for the State of Florida 1990
Citizen’s Crime Council Florida Officer of the Year 1990
Rotary Club International James Griffit’s Officer of the Year Award 1989
Miami Police Department Officer of the Year 1989
Kiwanis Club of Greater Miami Officer of the Year 1989
Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police Officer of the Month (6 times)

Jack Calvar                                                        Cell: (786) 877-9632

Miami Police Department Officer of the Month (8 times)
Miami Police Department Administrative Excellence Award
Miami Police Department Community Service Award (2 times)
Miami Police Department Criminal Investigations Division Investigator of the Month
Miami Police Department Criminal Investigations Division Administrative Excellence
WPLG Channel 10 Community Service Award
City of Miami Meritorious Service Award
Fraternal Order of Police Meritorious Service Medal (Silver)
Miami Police Department Good Conduct Medal
USAF Commendation Medal

Over 150 commendations and letters of commendations will be provided upon request.


   1. Conducted Community Outreach Presentations to Law Enforcement and trade
      groups on the functions of the Office of the Attorney General, Medicaid Fraud
      Control Unit.

   2. Conducted Training Seminar on Medicaid and Medicare fraud being perpetrated
      by Durable Medical Equipment providers in the South Florida area.

   3. Conducted presentation to the Governor of the State of Florida as it pertains to the
      diversion of Pharmaceutical drugs, and how it affects the Medicaid Program in
      the State of Florida.

   4. Prepared presentation and testified as an expert witness at the Statewide Grand
      Jury Investigating Money Laundering being perpetrated by Check Cashing Stores
      in South Florida.

   5. Have been asked to speak at the Broward County Economic Crimes Association
      on the topic of healthcare fraud.

   6. Conducted training seminar to the National Home Health Association on
      healthcare fraud and it’s impact on the industry.


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