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					                                   5.1   Invitation Card and Envelope

                                         INVITATION CARD AND ENVELOPE

                                         The specifications below illustrate the positions of the information fields to
                                         appear on the Invitation Card and Envelope. Exact details are shown below.
                                         The artwork is available from Corporate Communications/Publications.

                                         INSERT AND THREAD

                                         Insert and thread are to be prepared in-house. Template for the insert is
                                         available from Corporate Communications/Publications. Thread should be
                                         in silver and 1 mm thick.

                                          49 mm

                                                                                                                                        29 mm

            S                             48 mm

                                                                                             S                                           48 mm

                                          58 mm

                                                                                                                                        33 mm

Invitation Card (Portrait)                                   Invitation Card (Landscape)
Size: 110 mm x 155 mm                                        Size: 155 mm x 110 mm

                                                             10 mm

                                                      9 mm

                                                  14 mm                                               B

    Invitation Card and Envelope

1   Address of Organising Body
    Font: Frutiger 55 Roman
    Size: 8 point
    Leading: 11 point
    Colour: NUS Blue

S   NUS Logo
    Hot Stamping (Matt Silver)

O   NUS Orange                                                    Office of Corporate Events Management
                                                                  10 Kent Ridge Crescent Singapore 119260

B   NUS Blue                                          5 mm

                                                             10 mm

                                                             Invitation Card Envelope
                                                             Size: C6 (162 mm x 114 mm)

                                                                                                            NUS Corporate Identity Manual v.1.1

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