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					                                School of Business PhD Graduates

      NAME            GRADUATED                                    THESIS TITLE                                                  SUPERVISOR

McSwan                   1984     Consequences of decline in small towns of Central Western Queensland                Professor CP Harris
David Ian
Doulman                  1985     The Development of Papua New Guinea’s Domestic Tuna Fishery: A proposal for         Professor CP Harris
David John                        future management
Moy                      1984     The political Economy of Water Resources Management: Property Rights and            Professor CP Harris
Paul John                         Policy
Teitzel                  1984     Integration of new pasture systems and cattle management options for different      Associate Professor Richard
James King                        property types in the humid tropics of Queensland                                   Monypenny/Professor SJ Rogers
Zeppel                   1995     Authenticity and the Iban. Cultural Tourism at Iban Longhouses in Sarawak, East     Professor Philip Pearce
Heather                           Malaysia. (In conjunction with the Material Culture Unit)
Aderolili                1996     Foreign Loans and Economic Performance in Uganda 1970-1990                          Professor CP Harris
Evaster Rose
Beheshti                 1996     A study of economic development in Iran during 1973-1993 with special               Associate Professor Bruce Knapman
Mohammad Baghar                   emphasis on human resources
O'Sullivan               1996     Environmental Assessment of Built Heritage Areas                                    Dr Neil Black
Robert Denis
Jackson                  1998     Stakeholder strategic management priorities and the marketing concept               Professor A Buttery
Arthur John
Kim                      1998     Korean Inbound Tourism in Australia: An Analysis of Motivation and Cross-           Professor Philip Pearce
YJ (Edward)                       Cultural Contact
Murphy                   1998     Young Budget Travellers: A Marketing and Decision Making Analysis                   Professor Philip Pearce
Laurie Elaine
Purwanto                 1998     Economic optimisation in prawn farming                                              Associate Professor Owen Stanley
Richins                  1998     Influences on Councillor Decision Making for Tourism Developments: Eastern          Professor Philip Pearce
Harold                            Australian Local Government Coastal Areas
Scarinci                 1998     The Bed & Breakfast Sector: Market Trends and Distribution Channels                 Professor Philip Pearce
Young                    1998     Motivations of nature based tourists - an exploration of authenticity               Professor Philip Pearce
Manwa                    1999     Influences on Upward Mobility into Senior Management Levels: Banking and            Dr Neil Black
Haretsebe Albertina               Hotel Industries in Zimbabwe
Rutledge                 1999     A comparative study of the status, distribution, structure and function of travel   Professor Philip Pearce
Joy Lavena                        agencies in Australia and the United States of America
Thomas                   1999     The image of towns in Australia from the perspective of tourists, residents and     Professor Philip Pearce
Michael                           local leaders
                            School of Business PhD Graduates

      NAME        GRADUATED                                    THESIS TITLE                                                    SUPERVISOR

Mallawaarachchi      2000     Economic-environmental Trade-offs in the Australian Sugar Industry. Issues of         Professor John Quiggin
Thilakasiri                   market and non-market values in land allocation
Lee                  2001     User pays Strategies in Natural Tourism Settings: Public Perceptions and              Professor Philip Pearce
Diane                         Community Attitudes
Muloin               2001     The Psychological Benefits Experienced from Tourist-Wildlife Encounters               Professor Philip Pearce
Suzanne Therese
Rutledge             2001     Tourism and Development in the Lao Peoples' Democratic Republic: Contrasts            Professor Philip Pearce
Leonard Ernest                and similarities to the Thailand experience
Lee                  2003     Visitors' Experiences of Environmental Management Practices in Ecotourism             Dr Gianna Moscardo
Won Hee (Wendy)               Accommodation
Woods                2003     Examining the Characteristics of Wildlife Tourists and their Responses to             Dr Gianna Moscardo
Barbara Anne                  Australian Wildlife Tourism Experiences
Yagi                 2004     Tourist Encounters with Other Tourists                                                Professor Philip Pearce
Ernawati             2004     Tourism Education at the Tertiary Level in Indonesia from the perspectives of         Professor Philip Pearce
Diyah Bekti                   Tourism Educators, Government Officials, Industry Professionals and Students
Son                  2004     International Students in English Language Programs: Their Images of                  Professor Philip Pearce
Aram                          Australia and Their Travel Behaviour
Benckendorff         2004     Planning for the Future: A Profile of Australian Tourist Attractions                  Professor Philip Pearce
Pierre Jacques
Coghlan              2005     Towards an understanding of the volunteer Tourism Experience                          Professor Philip Pearce
Prideaux             2005     Towards a strategy framework for voluntary membership professional                    Professor A Buttery
Murray Charles                associations in Australia. A case study of the chartered Institute of logistics and
                              transport in Australia
Pryce                2005     An Examination of the Influence of Organisational Culture on the Service              Dr Darren Lee-Ross
Josephine                     Predispositions of Hospitality Workers in Tropical North Queensland
Rocharungsat         2005     Community-Based Tourism: Perspectives and Future Possibilities                        Professor Philip Pearce
Day                  2006     Branding Nations as Tourism Destinations in the USA                                   Dr Laurie Murphy
Gordon Jonathon
Falco-Mammone        2007     Beach Images: Meaning, Measurement and Management                                     Professor Philip Pearce
Miller               2007     Towards Sustainable Wildlife Tourism Experiences for Certified Scuba Divers           Dr Alastair Birtles/
Dean Kevin                    on Coral Reefs                                                                        Associate Professor Peter Valentine
                              School of Business PhD Graduates

        NAME        GRADUATED                                   THESIS TITLE                                                    SUPERVISOR

Walker                 2007     The role of interpretation in sustainable: a qualitative approach to understanding   Dr Gianna Moscardo
Kaye Buist                      passenger experiences on Expedition Cruises
Blackman               2008     The effectiveness of business coaching: An empirical analysis of the factors that    Professor Gianna Moscardo
Anna Claire                     contribute to successful outcomes
Carmody                2008     Specialist Accommodation Operations in North Queensland: Environmental               Dr Heather Zeppel
Julie Anne                      Management, Environmental Attitudes and Ecological Sustainability
Chang                  2008     A Cross Cultural Comparison of Food Preferences Employing Risk Perception            Dr Laurie Murphy
Shu-yun                         and Sensation Seeking Influences
Al-Shboul              2008     An Investigation into the Effects of the Use of Financial and Operational Hedges     Associate Professor Stewart Alison
Mohammad                        on Australian Corporate Foreign Currency Risk Exposure
Kodoatie               2008     Tax Reform and Social Welfare in Indonesia: An empirical investigation               Dr Natalie Stoeckl & Dr Rabiul Beg
Filep                  2009     Tourists’ Happiness through the lens of Positive Psychology                          Professor Philip Pearce
Loi                    2009     Entertainment as a Tourism Development Tool in Macao                                 Professor Philip Pearce
Kim Ieng (Connie)
Chen                   2010     Asian Tourism Seasonality, with an Emphasis on China’s Golden Week System            Professor Philip Pearce
Tingzhen (Jane)
Jin                    2010     A Comparison of Tourism Crowding Management Between Tourism Sites in                 Professor Philip Pearce
Qian (Sharon)                   Cairns and Xi’an – Based on Tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment
Parjiono               2010     Economic Growth in Indonesia: Discovering the Driving Forces of the Level and        Adjunct Professor Richard Monypenny
Parjiono                        the Growth Rate of Real per Capita Income: An Econometric Time Series                & Dr Rabiul Beg
Myers                  2010     Applying Semantic Technologies and Artificial intelligence to eco-informatic         Professor Ian Atkinson
Trina                           modelling of coral reef systems