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					                                                 MATERIAL SAFETY
                                                   DATA SHEET
                                                                                                          PRODUCT/TRADE NAME:
                                                                                                           PRO-BENT 28-8-18 + 1%S
       PO Box 16458, Fresno CA 93755
I.       NAME                                                                            sure changes. Chronic exposure can cause pneumoconiosis. Pre-
         PRODUCT/TRADE NAME: PRO-BENT 28-8-18 + 1%S                                      existing medical conditions involving the above symptoms may be
         EPA REGISTRATION #: NONE                                                        aggravated by exposure.
         CHEMICAL NAME/COMMON NAME:                                                      FIRST AID: In all cases, get prompt medical attention. If ingested, give
         Potassium Chloride/Muriate of Potash                                            several glasses of water and induce vomiting. Do not induce vomiting
         Urea/Urea                                                                       if person is unconscious. For skin exposure, remove contaminated
         Potassium Nitrate/Potassium Nitrate                                             clothing and wash with soap and water. For eye exposure, irrigate a
         Monopotassium Phosphate/Monopotassium Phosphate                                 minimum of 15 minutes with water. For inhalation, remove victim to
                                                                                         fresh air, and administer CPR if necessary.
                                  CAS#     OSHA PEL                ACGIH TLV IX.         SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION
         Potassium Chloride      7447-40-7    NE                       NE                RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Wear only NIOSH/MSHA - approved
         Urea                      57-13-6    NE                       NE                respiratory protection for nuisance particulates up to 10 times the
         Potassium Nitrate        751-79-1    NE                       NE                PEL/TLV. Positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus should
         Monopotassium Phosphate 7778-77-0    NE                       NE                be used for confined space entry and high exposures above the
                                                                                         nuisance particulate PEL/TLV.
III.     PHYSICAL DATA                                                                   PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Work gloves, safety goggles
         SPECIFIC GRAVITY (H2O = 1): NE                                                  or glasses with side shields and brow protection.
         MELTING POINT: NA                                                               VENTILATION: General ventilation to control nuisance dust.
         VAPOR DENSITY (AIR = 1): NE
         % VOLATILES BY VOL.: NA                                                   X.    SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS
         ODOR:None                                                                       Keep out of the reach of children.
         APPEARANCE: Bluish Granules                                                     Read and follow all label instructions.
         FLASH POINT/METHOD: NA                                                          Moist material may be corrosive to carbon steel
         VAPOR PRESSURE (mmHg): NA
         SOLUBILITY IN H2O: Soluble                                                XI.   REGULATORY DATA
                                                                                         SARA HAZARD CLASS: [x] Acute             [ ] Chronic [ ] Flammable
IV.      FIRE & EXPLOSION HAZARD                                                                                    [ ] Pressure [ ] Reactive [ ] None
         EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: [X] Water Fog [ ] Foam [ ]Alcohol Foam                     SARA 313: [ ] Yes [X] No Chemical:
                             [ ] CO2 [ ] Dry Chemical [ ] Other                          SARA 302: [ ] Yes [X] No Chemical:
         FIRE FIGHTING PRECAUTIONS & HAZARDS:                                                     TPQ:
         Fight fire upwind. Wear positive pressure self-contained breathing              CERCLA:       [ ] Yes [X] No Chemical:
         apparatus and full protective equipment. Do not breathe smoke or                         RQ:
         spray mist. Avoid fallout and runoff. Dike to prevent entering drains,          RCRA:          [ ] Yes [X] No
         sewers, or water courses. Evacuate people downwind from fire.                   NFPA HAZARD RATING:                  NFPA HAZARD RATING SCALE:
                                                                                         Health:      [1]
                                                                                                      [1]                     0 = Minimal        3 = Serious
V.       CARCINOGEN STATUS                                                               Fire:
                                                                                                                              1 = Slight         4 = Severe
          [ ] OSHA      [ ] NTP      [ ] IARC [X] No Listing   Type                       Reactivity: [0]
                                                                                                      [ ]                     2 = Moderate
VI.                                                                                      HMIS CODES:                          HMIS HAZARD RATING SCALE:
         REACTIVITY                                                                                   [1]
                                                                                         Health:                              0 = Minimal        3 = Serious
         [X] Stable       HAZARDOUS POLYMERIZATION                                                    [1]
                                                                                         Fire:                                1 = Slight         4 = Severe
         [ ] Unstable        [ ] May Occur [X] Will Not Occur
                                                                                          Reactivity: [0]                     2 = Moderate
         AVOID: Bases, acids, oxidizers
                                                                                         DATE PREPARED: December 23, 1997
VII.     SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES                                                        REVISED DATE: November 11, 2004
         STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN CASE OF SPILL: Sweep or vacuum into                        Notice: This information was developed from information on the
         disposal container.                                                             constituent materials. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding
         DECONTAMINATION: Treat spill area with detergent and water. Re-
                                                                                         the completeness or continuing accuracy of the information contained
         peat as necessary until area is clean.
                                                                                         herein, and Wilbur-Ellis disclaims all liability for reliance thereon. The
         ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Dike to prevent entering drains, sew-
         ers or water courses.                                                           user should satisfy himself that he has all current data relevant to his
         DISPOSAL: Dispose of in accordance with Federal, state and local                particular use.
         regulations.                                                                    *Technical Material NE - Not Established NA - Not Applicable

VIII. HEALTH PRECAUTION DATA                                                                     24 Hour Emergency Phone Number
         INGESTION: Acute oral LD50 (guinea pig) 2500 mg/kg (RTECS*).
         Do not ingest. Wash thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking.                         CHEMTREC: (800) 424-9300
         INHALATION: No PEL/TLV established for this product. May be
         irritating to the respiratory tract. Wear proper respiratory protection
         for the exposures encountered.
         SKIN ABSORPTION: Can cause minor skin irritation. Wear proper
         personal protective equipment to reduce skin exposure.
         EYE EXPOSURE: May cause minor eye irritation. If exposed, flush
         eyes a minimum of 15 minutes with water. Wear proper eye protection
         to reduce exposure.
         EFFECTS OF OVEREXPOSURE: Large doses can cause GI tract                                         PO BOX 16458 • FRESNO CA 93755
         irritation, diarrhea, weakness, circulatory problems and blood pres-
                                                                                                                                       Wil-Gro MSDS’\Pro Bent 28-8-18.p65

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