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					 When Pigs Fly!: Training Success
with Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion

                A Must Read For Anyone Who Lives With A Dog!

Training Success With Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion Do you have an
impossible dog? Think again. Most dogs have many characteristics that
make them quiet trainable. Your dog is smart, a good problem solver and
posesses a strong drive to get what he wants. Learn how to make your
dog operant, a dog willing to seek out the correct behavior in return for a
reward. You dont have to constantly feed your dog for good behavior.
Learn how to use play and other activities as an effective reward. With the
Pigs Fly Training System you will: Discover how dogs learn Learn to use
the clicker Get your dog to offer to do things without being asked Learn
how to use shaping Reinforcers - find out what gets your dog really excited
Get your dog to pay attention to you How to play with your dog How to
teach your dog behaviors Living with your dog The key to training success
with difficult dogs is to figiure out what they find rewarding and then to use
those rewards to get the behavi ors you want. Youll be amazed at what
your bad dog will do when you now how he thinks and what turns him on!
(Copyright 2007, Dogwise Publishing, 192 pages, soft cover, 7 inches x 10

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First, I have to take issue with snarky reviewers complaining same old
clicker stuff. I have literally dozens of training and behavior books and yes,
some cover clicker training but NONE of them address the detailed
specifics of how to get my type of dogs to respond and KEEP their
attention . Breaking down each step in pictures and detailed explanation
eliminated the knowledge gaps from other books.

Even though I bought and studied those other books, eventually I just plain
gave up. My dogs werent motivated by food, praise, or toys and
greyhounds care even less than your average cat about what you want. I
figured I was lucky they had natural manners and were very easy to walk.

Then we added our first rescue bull terrier. Walking her was like trying to
play soccer with a bowling ball so I cracked open the books only to once
again be frustrated and unsuccessful. We simply stopped walking her wi th
any of the other dogs, but when we added two more rescues, a bully -pit
mix pup and later a pit bull, solo walks were just no longer possible. But
we HAD to walk them, so when I saw this book with a picture of what could
be my own LucyLiu soaring across the cover, I was elated.

Turns out there was nothing wrong with the other books except that they
were written for collies, shepherds, retrievers...dogs bred to look to people
all day, every day, just dying to be told what to do next and thrilled to
repeat things endlessly. Pigs Fly dogs have been bred to think and act
independently, as anyone who has one knows very well. No wonder we
were so frustrated!

Now I can walk all four (over 250lbs of muscle) at once! This book broke
everything down very thoroughly and explained the why and when of each
step. Its suitable for beginners and offers plenty of information for standard
necessities (sit, heel, lie down, etc) as well as some agility movements.
Most importantly she teaches you HOW to adapt the technique s to
whatever YOU want to do using what motivates YOUR dog, always using
positive reinforcement methods. Aggressive, harsh techniques arent
appropriate for physically powerful yet emotionally sensitive breeds and its
wonderful to find an effective manual that understands that. Its also great
to see photos of your type of dog doing things you never imagined

My dogs and I loved the beginner box exercise and I really like how
targeting was presented, neither of which ever explained in a practical way
before. My greyhound is very large and enthusiastic greeter but wont sit for
long because he misses out getting to say hi. But allowing him to jump and
aim his nose at an outstretched hand is a creative solution thats very
satisfying for him and keeps guests safe.

Great book, whether or not you have a Pigs Fly dog. If you want to clicker
train, the way its presented here makes it very, very simple and clear.

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