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					                                                        Fifth Grade
The primary focus of Fifth Grade is a strengthening of language arts and math skills in preparation for middle school.
Worksheets and workbooks are used to practice and master educational skills.


      Religion                                   Social Studies                               Music: Fifth graders are part
      Old Testament history and the              Fifth Grade social studies is a              of the 3-5 grade choir, which
      Reformation are the focus of               study of geography,                          sings at First Lutheran Church
      study at this level. Lessons are           Renaissance, Reformation,                    services, the Christmas
      taught in a life-applicable way.           Asian history and the Civil War              program, and the school
                                                 and expansion of America.                    musical.
      Reading                                    Students learn about World
      The Accelerated Reader                     Lakes, Maya, Inca and Aztec                  Physical Education
      program continues at this level            Civilizations, The Renaissance,              Agility and quickness are
      with computer-generated                    The Reformation, England                     stressed in Fifth grade team
      reading levels and                         from the Golden Age to the                   sports as students use their
      comprehension tests. Using                 Glorious Revolution, The Age                 God-given bodies in physical
      the Scott Foresman                         of Exploration, Early Russia,                education
      curriculum, we teach basic                 Feudal Japan, America’s
      reading skills through short               Westward Expansion before                    Computers
      stories and poems.                         the Civil War, The Civil War,                Building on what they have
                                                 Westward Expansion After the                 learned in lower grades,
      English                                    Civil War, Native Americans,                 students continue to use
      Grammar, parts of speech and               and Geography of the United                  technology to learn
      creative writing enhance                   States.                                      keyboarding and computer
      student ability to express                                                              skills.
      themselves in written                      Fine Arts
      language.                                  The Arts program is based on                 Spanish
                                                 the Tennessee Curriculum                     In Fifth grade, the scope
      Math                                       Standards and is taught in                   widens from listening and
      Math 6/5 expands on Math                   conjunction with Core                        speaking skills to additional
      5/4 with more advanced                     Knowledge principles. Each                   reading and writing in
      lessons on divisibility, integers,         grade level works on a                       Spanish.
      prime and composite numbers,               different curriculum that helps
      powers, roots, and probability.            enhance what they are learning               April 2007 Stanford
                                                 in the classroom. Fifth grade                Achievement Test Results
      Science                                    units include Art of the
      Curriculum from                            Renaissance, American Art:                   Area Percentile       Nat’l
      SRA/McGraw Hill teaches                    Nineteenth-Century United                    Reading     72.6      62.3
      “Real Science,” bringing                   States, and Art of Japan.                    Mathematics 68.6      59.8
      science to life in the classroom                                                        Language    72.6      62.4
      through a mixture of sight,                Beginning Band (5th                          Spelling    64.6      57.4
                                                                                              Science     76.6      65.1
      sound, and activities. By                  Grade): Students learn the
                                                                                              Social Science 79.7   67.3
      seeing, hearing, and doing,                parts of the instrument,                     Listening     62.6    56.6
      students achieve a strong grasp            instrument care and                          Thinking      74.6    63.9
      on science concepts and are                maintenance, and basics of                   Basic Battery 68.6    60.0
      able to apply them to different            how to play. We use the                      Complete      71.6    61.4
      situations.                                Essential Elements 2000 book,                Battery
                                                 which includes a DVD and CD
                                                 to help students interactively
                                                 practice at home.

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