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									                                             Randall School….
                                Serving the Children and the Community Since 1922
                                             School Year: 2009-2010

             Dear Parents,

This permission slip will cover many of the standard field trips our teachers and students take
during the year. With this “generic” field trip permission form, we will not need to ask you
every time for a separate permission slip. However, some trips will still need to have a specific
permission slip. Specific dates of the events are found on our website in our monthly

The trips covered by this permission form are:
       Fox River Environmental Education trips
               (Scheduled throughout the school year with particular dates listed on our
               ctivity calendar, monthly newsletters, and teacher newsletters)
       Planetarium trips for students in all grades except fourth
                (Horwitz Planetarium located at the Retzer Nature Center on County DT)
               (Tentatively scheduled for the second Thursday in May with a rain date
               the following Thursday – at Catholic Memorial)
       May Basket Walk into the Community
               (Scheduled for the first two weeks in May where homeroom classes walk into
               the community to deliver May baskets they have made)
       School Picnic at Buchner Park
               (Tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 7th with rain date on Tuesday, June
       Caring Place trips by our Student Council
               (Scheduled monthly beginning in October. Students will ride in parent and
               staff driven cars or walk).

To: My Child’s Homeroom Teacher(s):

 Child’s Name _________________________ Teacher Name__________________________

 Child’s Name _________________________ Teacher Name _________________________

  Child’s Name _________________________ Teacher Name _________________________

I give permission for my son(s) and/or daughter (s) to go on the above school field trips during
the 2009-2010 school year. I understand that for all trips except Student Council [2nd-6th], my
child(ren) will be taking a school bus. For trips for Student Council, students will be riding in
staff and/or parent driven cars. The dates of the trips will be in the school newsletters and
found on our website.
Parent Signature ___________________________________ Date______________________

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